Miranda Goto

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Miranda Goto
Biographical Information

Yavin 8

Date of Birth:

20 ABY

Physical Description

Human/Melodie hybrid




1.70 M


60 kg





Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information
Known masters:

Lokasena Covinus



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The Person


Miranda has long black hair reaching down to just below her shoulders. Her bright yellow eyes can be warm, but also intimidating. Three almost invisible slits on either side of her neck, just below her ears are in fact gills. When under water, she can use them to breathe. Usually they are cover by a few strands of hair.

On land she breathes like any other. Were she to undress there would be a narrow silvery line of tiny scales running from the back of her neck, all the way down her spine. Her fingers and toes are webbed slightly more than usual humanoids.

Heritage & Roots

Born from a human father and a Melodian mother, Miranda is a half-breed. The only one of her kind.

During the Galactic Civil War, her father Krios Goto, was a pilot for the Rebellion. After escaping an Empirial hunting party, he crash-landed on Yavin 8. There he met and fell in love with Liara; one of the Changeling Melodies. This all happened a year before she had to undergo the Changing Ceremony that would transform her legs into single finned tail.

Not thinking clearly about the possible consequences of their union, Krios and Liara bonded. The young Melodie became pregnant and was outcast from her society. For such a union was unnatural and could have unforeseen complications.

Just a few weeks before her 20th birthday, Liara gave birth to a beautiful girl. The infant seemed human in every way, except for her amber and yellow eyes and near to invisible gills on her neck.

However, since Melodie normally lay eggs and do not give birth to live young, there were indeed complications. Liara died from massive internal bleeding. Krios was heartbroken but still had his daughter to think about. He named her Miranda and taught her everything he knew about piloting and engineering. She grew up to become a very smart and beautiful woman.

But there was a problem. Krios did not know how much of her mother’s heritage Miranda had received. Would she also begin the transformation when she became 20 years of age?

Determined to keep her away from the creatures who had expelled his pregnant young wife, all those years ago, Krios finally repaired his ship and took Miranda of age 16 off world. Someone out there would know a solution.

Unfortunately they never got that far. Slavers captured their ship and in a valiant struggle to protect his daughter, Krios was killed.

Miranda was taken and sold to work as an engineer on board the pirate vessel Dim Purgatory. Often beaten and verbally abused, Miranda grew up with a grim view of the universe.

But slowly she started to discover her inner potential.


Apart from her growing knowledge of the Force, Miranda is also an excellent swimmer due to her genetic makeup. She is also quite a good pilot and engineer. Loyalty is a term that has great meaning to Miranda. She does not make friends easily, but when she does, then they are as family to her.

Escaping Purgatory

That vessel was a living hell for the young girl. She knew she had nowhere else to go, but anywhere had to be better than this? So she planned and schemed. Through her docile appearance and advanced engineering skills, she was able to work herself into a position of reasonable trust with the captain and crew.

She would often requisition seemingly harmless items, but in the hands of a skilled engineer, paper could be turned to knives. Miranda’s solution, however, was a lot more inventive and a lot less bloody.

She was able to convince the captain that an integrated cooling system for the primary engine’s heat-exchangers would double the time they could travel with the hyperdrive engaged. Miranda constructed two large cooling tanks and filled them with water. Then, she waited.

Knowing that a captain so arrogant as this would sooner or later meet his match, all Miranda had to do was be ready to go at a moment’s notice. After spending 3 years on the Purgatory, she got her chance.

The captain decided to attack a small corvette. The corvette however was crewed by Dark Jedi. Completely surprised by the intensity of the counter attack, the captain and crew panicked. This was Miranda’s queue to come into action. She rigged a power cable so that it would overload a few auxiliary systems, enough to be a distraction. Then she slipped out of sight and into one of the main cooling tanks. Only one tank had actually been there to cool. The other had been mixed with oxygen.

When the overload occurred, the crew on the bridge released some of the lockouts and jettisoned both cooling tanks into space. The Corvette swung round for a few more passes. Miranda could see the Purgatory go up in flames and a spectacular explosion.

The Corvette must have noticed her life signs, as they came about and picked up the tank which held the young girl. Little did Miranda know that she had been rescued by the Odan-Urr.

The Brotherhood

A new beginning.

With no loose ends to tie up, Miranda was free to join the Odan-Urr. They realized quickly that she was connected to the Force and that she was quite unique in her own way. Miranda was very grateful to her rescuers, who had been very kind to her, and decided to come with them.

Being politely greeted by her Questor Ji and Aedile Drodik, she was brought to her quarters in the main complex.

The first few weeks went rather well, already passing several tests of her abilities, competing against other journeymen and attending the Academy were a welcome challenge for her inquisitive mind. She learned quickly and was soon promoted to the rank of Novice. Her power was growing but she was taught not to work too fast. True Jedi do not crave power. She did however find herself very much alone. It would be quite a while before she would make some friends. The other members of the House were polite and friendly. But none of them seemed to take an interest in her, beyond the student-teacher relationship.

This would be a difficult time for her and she needed to stay focused on her studies, constantly being told that this was a dangerous time for someone of her age and attunement. This she did not entirely understand since there were many things she still had to learn.

Growing knowledge

Desperately wanting to know all there is about this Force-business she had now been exposed to, Miranda scoured the libraries for all the study material she could get her hands on. One day she was approached by a mysterious figure. Hooded and cloaked, he did not seem to fit in with the others of her House. Miranda had seen others like him before, often just passing through on their way to a far away world. She had seen them in spaceports and cantina’s, mostly trying to avoid conversation with the locals.

One day she was sipping a drink at the bar, alone as usual, when a man stepped up to her. He struck a conversation with her, just like that. Miranda was intrigued. Most people found her strange and left her alone. But this man did not see what the others saw. At first that made Miranda cautious and mistrusting. If others would not speak to her, why would this man? Unless he was just after one thing. She quickly found out though, that he was not interested in pursuing some sort of physical transaction. He was polite, but also seemed genuinely interested. He did not speak like the others, not so calm, but actually rather passionate. This man seemed to care about the things he said. It made her feel comfortable for the first time in a very long time. It was pleasant...

They talked for hours on end about other species, the Odan-Urr and the Force. It all seemed so real when he spoke. As if he had actually seen and done many of the things he spoke about. What better way to learn, then from someone who had really lived.

Decisions, decisions

Over the following weeks, Miranda met with the man more and more often. He was the master of crows, Lokasena Corvinus; a Krath Priest of House Taldryan. She was fascinated by his stories and the way he carried himself. Something about this man made her trust him. He even took her off world and let her pilot her first fighter. It was as if she had never done anything else. A born pilot, is what he called her. When he asked if the Odan Urr were putting all her remarkable talents to good use, Miranda looked away. They had not… They had constantly refused to see what she was capable of. Only reprimanding her on her ambition, but never complimenting her on how far she had come.

Corvinus then told her that the Odan Urr were fools to let such a valuable resource go to waste. Miranda was positively glowing at this comment. Never before had anyone seen anything of value in her. No one except her father. Miranda asked Lokasena if he would consider teaching her what he knew. The Priest warned her that she would have to leave the Odan Urr and follow him to a new life. It would be hard and often seem unfair. But in the end, she would be more powerful than she could possibly imagine. To a young girl who had been neglected almost all her life, that sounded very seductive indeed. So she joined with the Priest and left the Odan Urr behind her.

The House

Warm Welcome

Miranda had not anticipated the overwhelming feeling of contentment which she found in Taldryan. All the people, from the Summit to the rank and file members had greeted her. It was quite different from the Odan Urr. To each their own, of course. But Miranda quickly made friends within the walls of Taldryan HQ. They were all so open and willing to help her. The Shadow Academy had seen her potential and the initiates admired and envied her for her success.

She was given quarters and told to await the monumental event that would change everything she had come to expect from the Brotherhood. Priest Corvinus was to become her Master. He had chosen her, and after the ceremony, they would be as intimately linked as two life forms could be. This suited Miranda just fine, for she had taken quite a liking to the man she had come to consider as her savior.

Like a fish in water

It was as if she was made for this House, and vice versa. They all prepared her. Even the more experienced members of Taldryan assisted her. The seasoned men and women who had fought and lived beside her soon-to-be Master, could give her vital information about staying on this man’s good side.

Miranda knew that Lokasena had hand-picked her himself, but she was to be his first real student. It would be a trail for him to. But Miranda had no doubts and trusted the Priest. She would learn much from him and they would make an excellent team, one day.

The Master

Master of Crows

A mountain of a man, Lokasena Corvinus was stern and serious. Behind his eyes, wheels were always turning. Miranda had never met such a brilliant man. His ideas and views were unlike anything she had ever heard. He was certainly unique, though many would consider him strange and bizarre. One of his most prominent quirks was his pet jackdaw. The bird went where ever Corvinus did go. His bond with that animal almost seemed as close as with any humanoid, more so maybe.

At times, Miranda could swear she saw Lokasena listening intensely to the birds caws, as if it spoke to him. And in turn, the bird would look straight at the Priest whenever he called its name and spoke to it.

Corvus, as the bird was called, seemed to tolerate Miranda to a certain degree. Sometimes the young woman had the feeling it was jealous of all the attention she received from their mutual Master. But at times, it would also choose a perch close to her, and watch her train or study. Content with just sharing a warm room together. Miranda almost felt silly having such thoughts about an animal. But there it was…

The Battle Team

Miranda Goto Jedi Hunter.jpeg

Becoming the Leader of the Wardens of Unity was a great honor for Miranda. Her work in the team helped her rise to the rank of Jedi Hunter. She knew many of the members, and came to call many of them close friends. She even oversaw the acceptance of Shaz’air, former House Summit member. She trained her team and rewarded them for jobs well done.

When the Crusades drew close again, Miranda led by example. Keeping her team safe and motivated, she worked as hard as she could. A lot of experiences that came with leadership, were first had because of her position within the Wardens of Unity.