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Mejas Doto
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

19 BBY

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6' 10"


328 lbs





Personal Information
  • Astatine
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Consul of Clan Arcona


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Arcona, Dark Council, Headmaster, Krath Order, Herald

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Shadow Weaver



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"Embrace the Darkness"
―Mejas Doto, di Primus Tenebrous Arconae

Mejas Doto is a solitary, hate filled figure who is as equally revered throughout Clan Arcona as he is feared outside of the Dajorra system. One of the most highly decorated and powerful Dark Jedi in the Brotherhood, the Shadow Lord is renowned for his ferocity in battle, his malice towards all those he considers unworthy and his general lack of adherence to protocol, etiquette and rules.

Character History

The Beginning

A supposed image of Mejas Doto's father.

Born on an unknown planet in the Outer Rim nineteen years before the Battle of Yavin, Mejas Doto was the son of two Zabrak; one a Bounty Hunter and the other a Mercenary. The couple were believed to be native to Iridonia but little to nothing is known about their existence. It has been suggested that Mejas was raised in the criminal underworld as an accomplice to his parents; some have implied that the child’s father must have been Force sensitive in order to begin Mejas’s training from an early age and helped nurture such a powerful Force user. However, there is no existing evidence to support either of these claims and Mejas Doto himself has never discussed his upbringing. It can only be presumed that the childhood of the Zabrak holds some explanation to his current character, as he is even more deeply brutal, aggressive and solitary than others of his species.

Induction into the Brotherhood

The planet Loki with its moon Hodr.

On Loki in the Phare System, House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow had based their stronghold during the years of alliance with the Emperor's Hammer. It was here that Mejas was sold by the Trandoshan mercenary Zassk. The Clan summit, in a bid to revitalize their numbers and find the future of the Dark Brotherhood, had provided a variety of mercenaries (Zassk being one of them) with the task of locating any Force sensitive users and bringing them to Loki for their “initial assessments”. No questions were asked by the contractor’s and the mercenaries couldn’t care either way. The story behind Mejas’s separation from his parents, to this date, is still unknown.

Upon arriving on Loki the stolen Zabrak was resolute, silent and controlled. He had no communication with his peers and when approached was so vicious in his assaults that soon nobody pressed Mejas for anything. During training he stood out amongst all others for his physical prowess, fighting skills and callous nature. However, his control of the Force was poor due to his inability to focus, remain patient and learn to harness his skills. This was almost his undoing as the Dark Jedi of Clan Naga Sadow only wanted the “students” who could prove themselves capable across all areas. Fortunately, the House's Quaestor at the time, Trevarus Caerick, reviewed the students prior to their selection for execution or Shadow Academy training. He over ruled the training master, commenting that “such primal hatred should never be dismissed so easily.

And so, Mejas was afforded the opportunity to train at the Shadow Academy under Headmaster Kumba, as long as he agreed to return to Marka Ragnos upon his appointment to the rank of Guardian. The young Zabrak agreed – not for the sake of compliance or through fear or respect, but because he awaited the day when he could return to Loki and exact his vengeance upon all those who felt they controlled his destiny.

Infamy from the Start


Mejas's development at the Shadow Academy on Aurora Prime, went exactly as the Dark Jedi of Clan Naga Sadow had hoped. His physical abilities were honed and perfected, building upon the basic skills his family had provided him and pushing himself further and further ahead of the majority of his peers. Even the much sought after break through in the use of the Dark Side of the Force occurred, and Mejas was quickly perfecting his combination of all skills in unison.

Having reached the rank of Acolyte, Mejas was soon to be confirmed, by Headmaster Kumba, as a Guardian of House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow. In order for this confirmation to go ahead, the graduating students were called forth to put on a display of their new skills. They were instructed to defend the center ground of the arena from the oncoming attack of a squadron of battle droids. The Headmaster was of course present to decide upon the student’s progress as was the First Archon, Lord Chi-Long who had presumably be invited by the Headmaster for the event. As the melee started the seven Acolytes protected their terrain as instructed and displayed the exemplary combination of skills need for a Guardian. However, as the last droid was destroyed, Mejas Doto did not lower his training sabre like the others, he continued his assault, decapitating two students and severing another in half.

Headmaster Kumba was forced to intervene before any others were killed and he proceeded to assault the student telekinetically. Awakening in agony and in the custody of the First Archon of the Chamber of Justice, Mejas Doto was demoted to Apprentice and informed that it was only with the grace and favor of Headmaster Kumba that he had avoided execution. The First Archon commanded the Zabrak not to be as foolish again as even the visceral nature of the Headmaster could not be disrespected more than once. For the first time Mejas accepted his instruction. This First Archon was a Dark Jedi of great integrity and power, Mejas could feel it and little did he know how important this Dark Jedi would be in his career.

After demotion Mejas quickly progressed through the ranks for a second time. His plan had worked and he had survived Kumba’s wrath in order to secure further training from the Shadow Academy. Upon his return to Loki, Mejas would be nearly ready enough to exact his vengeance. Clan Naga Sadow would pay for their treatment of the Zabrak.

Movement Between the Clans

Returning to House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow as a powerful Guardian, Mejas quickly established himself within the House. He was appointed Lore Master and Roll Master before being appointed Tetrarch of the revered Night Hawks Phyle. With the growing powers and influence of Mejas Doto the House Quaestor continued his promotions and Mejas became one of the fastest trained Dark Jedi Knights in the history of the Brotherhood – even with his previous demotions. With new mastery of the Dark Side powers and his first version of the Bloodfang lightsaber constructed, Mejas knew he was ready to exact his revenge.

It was during a mission with House Marka Ragnos that he again turned against his superiors and massacred friend and foe alike. The brethren of Marka Ragnos were culled the same as the Noghri enemies. The House was severely damaged; Trevarus Caerick was made to look a fool in front of his Clansmen and the Night Hawks Phyle turned their back on the treacherous act of their leader. Mejas was expelled from the Clan instantly and deported to House Ektrosis of Taldryan where his chaotic, callous sense of being was felt to be”’’more fitting’’”.

The Clan Taldryan crest.

In House Ektrosis, Mejas once again, managed to attain a multitude of positions and establish his abilities quickly. Quaestor Alanna took the tumultuous character under her tutelage and managed to stabilize the Zabrak’s erratic behavior… at least until her resignation. Another figure who supported Mejas’s development was the Clan Proconsul, Grand Master Jac Cotelin. Both figures were extremely important in Mejas’s tenure within Taldryan, but as they faded out of the life of the Clan, so did their hold on Mejas’s behaviour.

Mejas should have been appointed Quaestoras both Alanna and Aedile Aseret Thunderhawk stepped down from their positions. His influence and work ethic within Ektrosis has been unrivaled and the amount of knowledge inculcated from the summit was enough to make him ready to lead. However, Consul Telaris “Mav” Cantor decided against this appointment and Mejas was forced into exile as the decision denied him any honor after his work for the Clan was ignored so completely.

Ordered to attend a meeting with Krath High Priest Arania Lawakiro, Mejas was instructed to take up stead in House Qel-Droma of Clan Arcona. From here Arania believed that Mejas could secure leadership of the stagnant House from Quaestor Alex and Aedile Voranyen d`Tana. True enough, the High Priest had scryed successfully and before long the House was revitalized and under the leadership of Mejas Doto. Under this leadership Mejas, the Star Chamber conferred the title of First House of the Krath, to House Qel-Droma of Arcona, for their successful exploits on K’hamar’a in project “Minds of Hate”.

With stability provided to Qel-Droma and a solid membership of powerful brethren, Mejas finally turned his focus to the area of the Brotherhood where the most powerful members were located, the Dark Council. He realized his goal and sought work as Magistrate to many of the Councilors. Eventually, Headmaster Shups appointed Mejas as Magistrate and then Praetor. Mejas felt his path to the Dark Council secured, but alas, Grand Master Chi-Long felt that the Zabrak's leadership experience was too limited, and so he was overlooked for Headmaster when Dark Jedi Master Shups retired. Instead J`lek Arcanos was appointed Headmaster while Mejas provided support as Praetor.

However, it was well known that Mejas provided more than support and was in fact running the office of the Headmaster while J`Lek Arcanos succumbed to the new powers of the Dark Side that were made readily available to him as the head of the Shadow Academy. Such weakness sickened the Zabrak and his contempt for his superior grew, to the point where J`Lek Arcanos was but the puppet to Mejas's commands. For the good of the Brotherhood, the office of the Headmaster had to be protected and it had to be held by a Dark Jedi who could manage the great responsibilities. Mejas Doto felt that he was only a step away from securing this position.

Appointment to the Dark Council


Realizing his route to office would be opened up sooner than later, Mejas accepted his appointment as Consul of Clan Satal Keto in attempt to prove to Grand Master Chi-Long that he could lead at the very top end of the Brotherhood. The Zabrak's plans unfurled to deliver exactly what he wanted and within months he had secured the office of Headmaster of the Shadow Academy on Aurora Prime.

The office provided Mejas with opportunities that were unavailable to him before and as he rose to the rank of Dark Side Adept his control of the Dark Side of the Force grew exponentially in a very short period of time. He was also honored by the Council with a Sapphire Blade and the much coveted Ruby Scepter. These awards reflect the restructuring of the Shadow Academy into the footprint of what it has now grown into. Co-ordinating with the Order Leaders, Mejas managed to implement an array of new courses into the Shadow Academy for the first time. These included, general courses such as the DSC studies and the leadership studies along with the first Krath Order studies into poetry, run-on writing and grammar. A new system was installed on Aurora Prime with the assistance of Seneschal Grail to help manage the learning, teaching and awarding of the Shadow Academy courses and the office of the Headmaster had procured its most stable holder since Headmaster Kumba.

Shattered Dreams and Broken Promises

Grand Master Chi-Long was a Grand Master of great vision who allowed his Council staff to develop and manage their affairs without micro-management. After Grand Master Zoraan he had shown himself as a true leader of the Dark Jedi, who walked amongst his brethren, reunited the Clans and lead from the front. His tenure as Grand Master allowed creativity amongst the offices and the Dark Council were loyal, true and focused on their Brotherhood. But the pressures of the Emperor's Hammer Command Fleet lead to Chi-Long's resignation.

Executive Officer Astatine feared the Brotherhood for their strength, individuality and their resistance to Imperial indoctrination. Manipulating the appointment of Sith High Warrior Firefox to Grand Master and maneuvering himself to reclaim his former position as Deputy Grand Master, Astatine, and the Fleet Commander Ronin, had crushed the heart of the Brotherhood and tightened their iron grip. One of the many to fall foul of these developments was Mejas Doto.

Having worked successfully as Headmaster the Zabrak was now met with ridiculous demands from a Deputy Grand Master who feared the success of the reformed Shadow Academy and felt its pinch on his own Imperial Weapons and Tactics School (IWATS). Taking his concerns to Grand Master Firefox, Mejas was assured his work was not going unnoticed and his position on the Council was secure. Firefox even informed the Zabrak that his promotion to Dark Jedi Master was only weeks away for his work, all he had to do was complete Astatine's latest request.

Mejas accepted his new Grand Master's words and completed the task as requested. However, instead of ascending further down the route of the Elders, Mejas was forced into direct conflict with the Deputy Grand Master Astatine, resulting in a battle where both Dark Jedi nearly died. Astatine was brought before the High Inquisitor Jedgar O. Paladin and forced into an exile from Aurora Prime for the period of a month. However, his ultimate humiliation had been what he needed most and as he publicly apologized for his conduct, he also announced the removal of Mejas Doto from office and informed the Brotherhood he would not be appointed to any leadership position higher than Aedile for the coming future...

Devastated by the treachery of his own supposed leaders, especially the silence of the Iron Throne, Mejas went into exile, his whereabouts for this exile still unknown to this day, although it is often speculated that the Zabrak journeyed to Ralltiir to take the counsel at the bequest of Dark Jedi Master Kaine Mandaala.

Herald Mandaala

Herald Kaine Archon Mandaala, the longest serving Dark Council member in the history of the Dark Brotherhood and the only "friend" Mejas Doto ever had.

Herald Kaine Mandaala was the longest serving Dark Council member at the time of Mejas's removal from the office of Headmaster. He was a Dark Jedi of incredible importance to the Brotherhood, and with his position and time spent as an Elder of the Brotherhood he was always looked upon as adviser to the Iron Throne. It is known that Master Mandaala spoke out against Primarch Astatine's treatment of the Zabrak Adept and that he voiced his concerns over the loss of such a powerful Dark Jedi due to the Deputy Grand Master's fear of the Zabrak's potential. However, such comments were ignored and the Dark Council continued as normal.

In exile, it can only be presumed that Kaine sought out Mejas, or the Zabrak heard about the Herald's defense and returned to him. As stated previously, this is still unknown, however, a great, deep and long lasting bond was formed between the two Elders and after the Brotherhood had settled from Astatine's string of maltreatment, Mejas Doto returned as Magistrate to the Herald, much to the annoyance of many on the Dark Council.

Within months he had returned to his very beginnings in House Marka Ragnos and was once again appointed Tetrarch of the Night Hawks Phyle. At this point Astatine again informed the Clan summit and the Dark Adept that he could not rise above this position, and while the Deputy Grand Master was fooled into believing this was the case, Mejas had taken an active role in developing Proconsul Xanos Zorrixor Goatham's operations and was working with summits throughout the galaxy as a support aide - abeit unofficially!

With time the grip of the Emperor's Hammer loosened and the Brotherhood regained full control of its own affairs. Mejas was awarded Sapphire Blade's and Emerald Dagger's for his work throughout the Brotherhood and eventually forced his way back into the office of Quaestor for both Acclivis Draco and House Qel-Droma. Alongside these developments on a local level, Mejas was appointed Praetor to the Herald's office and lead in the creation and archiving of the Grant of Arms of the Brotherhood members. Astatine had been a fool if he believed that he could quell the drive of the Zabrak Adept. Astatine had been a fool if he thought the Brotherhood would forget how he abused her.

The Exodus


The alliance with the Emperor's Hammer could no longer be tolerated by the majority of the Clans or the Dark Council, and for this reason, the Exodus occurred. During this reformation, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the Emperor's Hammer affiliation was abandoned, along with everything else in the Minos Cluster. Within days the Brotherhood had pulled all its brethren, all its resources and had slaughtered those who refused to secede to the Antei system with them. Astatine's forces were left decimated, humiliated and powerless. The Dark Jedi Brotherhood, however, had secured its independence and within days the rejuvenation of the Brotherhood was in full flow.

The 13th Consul of Clan Arcona

The adopted Clan Arcona logo during Mejas Doto's reign as Consul.

Within weeks of the Exodus many changes were made to the summits throughout the Brotherhood. Some had been slaughtered for their allegiance to the Hammer, others had sacrificed themselves so that the Clansmen could make it to the Antei system without EH interference. Many were lost and whole Clan's abandoned. In Arcona, Telaris "Mav" Cantor, the newly appointed Emissary, had been appointed interim Consul and with the full support of Mejas Doto and the other House summits, the Clan searched the systems near Antei so they could base themselves and begin restructuring the Clan. Awaiting announcement of who the new Clan Consul would be, it is rumored that the Zabrak "encouraged" the new Emissary not to overlook him a second time for appointment. It was well known that Mejas was a Dark Jedi who wielded even greater powers than the Emissary, however, few doubted he was the right man for the job and soon he was appointed Consul of Clan Arcona.

The initial appointment of the new Consul began with in true Zabrak fashion - Mejas lead the Clan into a war. A feud against Clan Satal Keto quickly arose when Consul Gord Darkonian had tried to trick the new Arconan Consul into giving up the vital resources in a system that both Clans had discovered. However, the Dark Adept Consul saw straight through the tricks and both Clans battled hard for the victory. In the end, Gord Darkonian's ability to manipulate the Dark Council into awarding the depleted Satal Keto the victory gave Arcona the bitter taste of Brotherhood politics. However, both Clans were awarded a variety of ships and artifacts for their troubles - believed to be suggested by the Lords of the Vendetta, the Star Chamber themselves.

With the war over, Arcona finally settled in the Dajorra system. Mejas, with his first Proconsul Voranyen d`Tana, were quick to take charge of the system with little to no resistance from the native people. It is Selenians have welcomed their Dark Jedi Master's as God's of their ancient beliefs. With no resistance and the direct rule of the "Doto Doctrine", the system was one of the first to be named as "fully functional" by the Dark Council.

Shadow Crafting

Working as Consul and providing Arcona with stability, security, leadership and action, Mejas was hailed as a successful, astute and extremely practical Clan Consul. The brethren of Arcona respected his authority and the members outside the Clan feared his wrath. As Consul of Arcona on the newly discovered Dajorra system, Mejas exploited his position to seek out and research the most powerful texts, holocrons and artifacts available to him. The Selenian leaders themselves provided the Clan with their most coveted possession, the Abyssal Tome.

The Abyssal Tome.

The Tome was a gateway into the native Selenian skill of "Shadow Crafting", a form of primordial magic that allowed the Selenian Shadow Weavers to control, manipulate and co-exist with the shadow realm. The Selenian displays enthralled Mejas and after long discussion with his second Proconsul, James Lucius Entar, Mejas passed on more responsibilities to his subordinate and ordered that all Shadow Weavers were to exist as his own personal Adepts for months of intimate training, secluded from the rest of the Clan. The Selenians taught the Zabrak the basic skills required to Shadow Craft, but with the ability to call upon the dark side of the Force, Mejas mastered the most powerful of the Selenian abilities within the initial months of his training.

Unlocking the Abyssal Tome and combining the teachings within the text, with his mastery of the Dark Side, lead to the untimely death of all the Selenian shadow weavers. During some explorative Shadow Crafting the Selenian's pleaded for their Master to take things slower, and not to rush his experiences within the Shadow Realm. However, the ever tempestuous Zabrak only fought against such requests and somehow opened a doorway into the Shadow plane itself. All those unable to control such raw, primordial energies were consumed by the great void. Mejas himself was greatly shaken by the experience. Never had he felt such total power as he had during this incident.

Although drained from the experience, the Zabrak focused his research on the Abyssal Tome and soon mastered the transition between the two planes of existence. From this day forth, his position as Consul came second to his position as Shadow Master.


With Mejas's powers growing he soon returned to his role as Consul, trying to balance his lust for Shadow Mastery, with his love for Arcona. However, it could not be and the Zabrak grew so consumed and seduced by the Abyssal Tome that he again distanced himself from the rest of the Clan. Krath Pontifex James Lucius Entar continued running Arcona, and protected his Consul from scrutiny as long as he could. But with time, the Dark Council intervened. They were sending a Council member to evaluate the Zabrak's proficiency as Consul, due to his persistent inability to communicate or meet with the Emissary, the Deputy Grand Master or the Order Leaders. In effect, they were coming to remove the Zabrak from office.

It turned out that Master Kaine Mandaala arrived to Selen on one of his few trips from Raltiir. The brethren of Arcona, and presumably the Dark Council, knew of the Zabraks kinship with the Brotherhood Herald and hoped that situation would be handled competently and most of all, peacefully. However it was not to be so. While no member witnessed the events first hand, nor have either Dark Jedi spoken of it since, the sound and sparks within the Force were impossible to ignore, a confrontation of some kind had occurred.

Departing from the meeting Kaine Mandaala spoke to nobody and returned to Raltiir. Even the Dark Council were pressing the Arconan summit leaders for answers - presumably as their Herald had provided none. But within the day all questions were answered. Mejas Doto convened his Clan in the Arconan "Great Hall of Shadows" and conferenced with leaders throughout the galaxy. He spoke at length for his devotion and lust for Arcona before announcing his retirement, appointing James as Consul of the Clan and promising his "Children of Chaos" that he would be forever watching over them from the shadows. The most legendary part of the Zabrak's speech, however, was the ending. Mejas spoke of himself as the "Guardian of Arcona", before bowing out to his brethren and dissipating into fine tendrils of shadowy sinnue. These tendrils twisted and twirled around where he stood, before merging into the great blackness of the shadow filled roof. Mejas Doto was gone.

Some believe he is stuck in the shadow plane, while others believe he resides there through choice. Many members of the Dark Council denounce the Dark Jedi Master's ability to perform such an act while others still claim to have seen the Zabrak Master all throughout the Brotherhood systems. Most disturbingly of all, however, is the fact that Clan Arcona refuse to comment on the Consul Emeritus. Perhaps this speaks for itself...

The 22nd Consul of Clan Arcona

In 27 ABY everything suddenly changed. The "Guardian of Arcona" has returned to Dajorra, his presence felt by all. With the galactic invasion of the Yuuzhan Vong, Mejas Doto played his part in the great clash. Ultimately though, the Brotherhood lost and with that loss Arcona came of one of the worst. Timeros Caesus Entar disappeared after the critical losses his Clan sustained and Proconsul Strategos could do little to circumvent the disaster. When the dust settled, the Clan was left broken and leaderless and Mejas then declared himself open to return as the Clan Consul; an invitation that Grand Master Sarin pounced upon.

There was much to be rebuilt if there was any chance of Arcona to return to her former glory under Mejas' rule as the 13th Consul. As a start, the new fleet was amassed and restructuring within the Clan began. The Shadow Master openly declared to the Brotherhood that Arcona was undergoing a "Resurrection" and all Clans would feel the impact of such upheavel.

Within days the new Consul had removed all summit leaders and exploited the inter-Clan Brotherhood communications system to lure a handful of the most eager, ambitious and ruthlesss members from the other five Clans to join Arcona. In the typical style of the confrontational leader, relations were strained and instantly the other Consul's heckles were raised. This was but the "bonus" of Project: Resurrection!

Mejas summoned all the worthy to Arconae Secondus and initiated the "Rite of Ascension". This rite followed the malicious, chaotic and absolute values of the Sith - where only the strong would rise up and all others would fail and die. Tasked with returning Ulic Qel-Droma's sabre from within the temple deep in the Arconae Secondus forest many thought the challenge was minimal. The additional threat of Soul Fire Strike Team as silent assassins and the Shadow Master's horror of "The Darkest Night" was the baptism into the reborn Shadow Clan that Mejas felt was most fitting. Many fell to their deaths, many others lost the will to live and remain tarnished and humiliated...but a few did rise up.

These few were appointed positions and after Rebirth the Clan summit stabilised the Houses, reorganised the Houses and their roles and then established the Shadow Oath for all new members - especially Journeymen fresh fromt he Shadow Academy. The disruptive and disloyal were banished from the Clan and the system; Mayda Ferium and Morg were the first to fall to the ruthless nature of the Dark Jedi Master. The Lord Justice of the Doctrine had exemplified his will and both Dajorra and the Clan fell into line within weeks of the Zabrak's actions. Relations with Scholae Palatinae were even solidified and a pact of no aggression established - something that even the Justicar's office had never managed!

With the Clan in tow and the vision of the Zabrak absolute, Proconsul Sashar Arconae was accepted as the first Shadow Scion of Mejas Doto and Clan Arcona. An apprentice of the Shadow Lord and heir to the Consul, the summit leaders complimented each other well and a variety of Great Hunts were arranged which stirred Arcona and prepared them for other Brotherhood challenges. Such events included the Independence Games, where Arcona positioned 3rd and the Inter-Clan feud with Scholae Palatinae and Plageuis.

The Uneasy Alliance feud was the end of the Mejas Doto's tenure as the 13th Consul of Arcona. The event was shambolic at the best of times and the final results questionable. The Shadow Master knew that his time as Consul was fading and the Shadow Realm had hinted at other oppertunties as he searched for clues in the whisps of darkness and chaos. With Arcona being forced from Dajorra and the Clan now homeless and floating aimlessley through space, Mejas's tenure as Consul ended. Resigning his position the Dark Jedi Master requested two things - that Sashar Arconae be appointed as his successor and that he be allowed safe passage from Antei to Korriban.

Both requests were approved by the Grand Master and the self exploration and a chance at evolution and further growth in power had presented itself to Arcona's revered leader. The Clan was now stable, strong and organised and the Shadow Scion was more than able to lead Arcona in Mejas' place. The Zabrak would forever remain as the Guardian of Arcona but once again his selfish, Sith like nature had forced his hand. The chance to strengthen himself ultimately would strengthen Arcona and in 28 ABY with this relayed to the Dark Council and his Clan, the Shadow Master set off on what could be his final journey...

DJB Facts

Positions Held

  • Tetrarch of the Night Hawks Phyle (when JH and then 2 years later as DA)
  • Tetrarch of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse Phyle
  • Rollmaster of House Ektrosis
  • Rollmaster of House Qel-Droma
  • Quaestor of House Qel-Droma (2001, 2003, 2004)
  • Quaestor of House Acclivis Draco
  • 7th Consul of Clan Satal Keto
  • 13th Consul of Clan Arcona
  • 22nd Consul of Clan Arcona

  • Member of the Chamber of Justice Appeals Panel
  • Magistrate to the Headmaster
  • Magistrate to the Herald
  • Praetor to the Headmaster
  • Praetor to the Herald

  • 11th Headmaster of the Shadow Academy



Image of Mejas Doto's dual lightsaber.

When promoted to Krath Archpriest, Mejas Doto was provided many more opportunities to excel in the Brotherhood. He was appointed Consul of, the now disbanded, Satal Keto, he was also appointed Praetor to Headmaster Shups, however, surpassing all of these opportunities, was the Brotherhod's recognition and acceptance that Mejas Doto was now permitted the use of a dual lightsaber.

Having waited for this momentous day, the Zabrak begin the construction of one the most renowned sabres in Brotherhood history. Almost as fabled in Clan Arcona as Ulic Qel-Droma's own lightsaber, there are few in the Brotherhood, let alone Arcona, who have not heard the tales of Bloodfang. The design was inspired by Ulic's own lightsaber, but elongated, with the ability to be halved and used as dual sabres. The emitter aesthetic is derived from the sharpened teeth of Mejas Doto. Completely constructed from lightweight alloys, with a balance for her user like few have managed to achieve - Bloodfang is a weapon equal in both beauty and destructive power. In the hands of her owner, she has slain many an adversary and not always in the most orthodox of manners. It is well known, that when possible, Mejas Doto prefers the use of the teeth like emmitters for laceration, puncture and evisceartion.

Image of the Modified Lancer Class Frigate named after Mejas Doto's dual lightsaber.

It should also be noted that Mejas Doto's affection and bond with his lightsaber have even been commemorated in the Arconan fleet. This was after a Great Jedi War when the Clan were awarded, among other ships, a Modified Lancer Class Frigate, which the then-Consul named "Bloodfang".

Outstanding Achievements

  • Leading House Qel-Droma of Arcona to victory in the Krath Rite of Supremacy "Minds of Hate".
  • Supporting Khobai Wrathraven and Tarkin, as Quaestor of Qel-Droma, in leading Clan Arcona to 1st place, winning position in the 4th Great Jedi War.
  • Co-ordinating, developing and managing 2 highy successful Clan feud Vendetta's. "Deception" (Arcona vs Naga Sadow vs Tarentum) and "Justice" (Arcona vs Satal Keto).
  • Establishing more diversity in the Shadow Academy with the creation and implementation of the General Studies courses (which consisted of the DSC Studies and Leadership Studies) and the Krath Order courses (which consisted of the Poetry Studies, Grammar Studies and Run-On Studies).
  • Being accredited to the success of the Antei Combat Center overhaul (along with Arcturus Gadeskin Xyler, James Lucius Entar Arconae and Trevarus Caerick as one of the vital contributants to the projects success.
  • Being the longest serving Praetor to date, having worked alongside Herald Kaine Mandaala for just over 3 years (01/06/2002 until 14/01/2005).
  • Providing a variety of graphic user interfaces for a variety of Clan's, Houses, DC Members and special projects.
  • The first Arconan to be granted the title of "Di Tenebrous Arconae"

Titles and Possessions

Clan Title

Mejas Doto is the first Arconan to be awarded the Clan title, due to his work as Consul and longterm Clan member. After conflict with Emissary Tron Sadow, Mejas rebuked the format the Clan title would take and refused to adopt Arconae as his surname. Because of this, Arconan's may choose to use their title in the following format: Mejas Doto, di Tenebrous Arconae. Mejas has since adopted the full title "Mejas Doto, di Primus Tenebrous Arconae" to reflect his appointment as the first of the Arconae.

Shadow Mastery

Mejas Doto was the first Arconan to attain full understanding of the Abyssal Tome and from this he has reached the pinnacle that is Shadow Mastery. His complete dedication to the Ways of Shadowcrafting lead to his resignation as Consul of Clan Arcona and effective retiral as a member of the Dark Brotherhood. It is believed by many that Mejas felt that the only way of attaining the position as a Dark Prophet, was to combine his knowledge of the Dark Side with the very darkness of the shadows. At this point his corporeal existence wanes in and out of being.

Arconan's have commented that the former Consul has become so heavily intertwined with the ethereal plane of the Shadows that he is believed to exist for longer and longer periods of time in this alternative plane. The Arconan official stance on Mejas's Shadowcrafting powers state that he is a Shadow Master, capable of two of the Abyssal Rites. These are Banishment and Summon the Abyss; however - it is well known that the Dark Jedi Master has surpassed such limitations and his ability to Shadow Walk and conduit between planes are examples of his continuing prowess and unmatched ability.

Tarentum Estate

Mejas Doto was granted an estate on the Tarentum planet of Yridia IV after a secret pact with former Consul Sith Bloodfyre. The exact details of this arrangement are unknown to any others in the Brotherhood and Mejas has been afforded full immunity when using the estate on Yridia IV. The estate itself is not visibe from the exterior of the planet and no knowledge of what is contained in the estate, or what it is used for, is available.

"Guardian of Arcona"

Upon retiring from the office of Consul, Mejas Doto remained ever watchful of his Clan. He is frequently called upon as an advisor to the summits and remains aware of the ebb and flow of Arcona's path. He has also stood against the summit and the Dark Council when the Clans interests are being overlooked by those who are afforded its charge. For this reason, Mejas Doto often refers to himself as the "Guardian of Arcona". It later transpired that with the Clan in need, Mejas returned to the Dajorra system and was formally appointed as the Guardian of Arcona, as an Elder and unofficial 3rd member of the Clan summit.

"Lord High Justice of the Doctrine"

When Mejas resigned from Consul the Dajorra system reacted badly to their leaders departure. Although Proconsul James was a strong and capable leader, fractures splintered the discipline and faith of both Dark Jedi Arconan's and the other inhabitants of the Dajorra system. As leaders changed new methods of rule were sought out, but none could gain control of the system as effectively or completely as the Doto Doctrine. Realizing the escalating troubles within the Dajorra system and wanting to protect Arcona from interference from the Chamber of Justcie or other Dark Council bodies, Mejas returned to aide Consul James in re-establishing totalitarian rule of the system. Anointing himself as "Lord High Justice of the Doctrine", the former Consul reinforced the brutal regime, known as the Doto Doctrine, which instantly wrested full control back to the Clan summit. Following Mejas's departure into the Shadow Realm, a body of Doctrinal Fiscals were established throughout the system and while the day to day judicial system is managed in conjunction with the Clan summit, Mejas retains full control of the systems laws through his role as Lord High Justice of the Doctrine.


Did you know that...

  • Mejas Doto was taken before the Chamber of Justice when he was a Guardian and demoted back to an Apprentice for cheating in Shadow Academy exams via IRC. How ironic he would later be the leader of the faculty he tried to dupe!
  • Mejas Doto created the Ektrosian artefact "The Orb of Pomojema" back when he was a Jedi Hunter in Ektrosis.
  • Mejas Doto was responsible for having Ass-tatine banned from IRC, after requesting the support of two long time friends (and fortunately High Court Inquisitors!) Trevarus Caerick and Chi-Long.
  • Mejas Doto created the original Crescent and Star of Eos images for the website and Dark Side Compendium.
  • Mejas Doto originally wanted to name the new Arconan system as Labia Majora, with one of the system moons/planets taking the name Labia Minora. However, after a lengthy discussion with his Proconsul, Voranyen, the name Dajorra was adopted (D from Doto and ajorra used as a variant of Majora). Mejas and Voranyen were also responsible for naming the rest of the system.
  • During the exodus, Proconsul Voranyen named the site of the new Clan headquarters, on Selen, "Doto Rock". This was in homage to Consul Mejas Doto - even although it is widely known that the area isn't very rocky!
  • Mejas Doto is the channel manager for #arcona on IRC
  • Mejas Doto is the wielder of the infamous "Doto Doctrine", a channel control policy unparalleled throughout the Brotherhood IRC network for it's brutality and totalitarian grip.
  • Mejas Doto always refers to Malik Sadow as "Manlik".
  • Mejas Doto is one of the few non-Tarenti (members of Tarentum) allowed past Yridia IX on his personal craft. Others include GM Chi-Long, GM Justinian Khyron and DJM Trevarus Caerick.
  • Mejas Doto was once defeated at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, by Korax and Chi-Long while visiting Canada!
  • Mejas Doto once earned a CF for defeating Timeros Caesus Entar at rock, paper, scissors while visiting Amsterdam!
  • Mejas Doto designed and implemented the heraldic shields of the Justicar's office. This originally started with Yacko's competition, but was further fleshed out during Kir Katarn's tenure as Justicar. All three post-exodus Justicar's (DJM Yacko, GM Firefox and DJM Kir) have had their crests created by Mejas.
  • Mejas Doto is one of the first Dark Jedi to have his own smilie created: Mejas-smilie.gif

Positions Held
Before Position After
? Tetrarch of Night Hawk Phyle
18 ABY - 18 ABY
Alex d'Tana Quaestor of House Qel-Droma
19 ABY - 19 ABY
Corran Force Consul of Clan Satal Keto
19 ABY - 20 ABY
J'Lek Arcanos Headmaster of the Shadow Academy
19 ABY - 20 ABY
Sabé Dracaena Praetor to the Herald
20 ABY - 23 ABY
Cyris Oscura
Mike Halcyon Quaestor of Acclivis Draco
20 ABY - 21 ABY
Sabé Dracaena
Anshar Quaestor of House Qel-Droma
20 ABY - 21 ABY
James Lucius Entar
Telaris "Mav" Cantor Consul of Clan Arcona
21 ABY - 22 ABY
James Lucius Entar
Vassan Rokir Quaestor of House Qel-Droma
22 ABY - 22 ABY
Denath Ciarus
Timeros Caestus Entar Consul of Clan Arcona
27 ABY - 29 ABY
Sashar Arconae