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Malodin'Blade Malodin
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Place of Birth:


Physical Description





6'5" /1.95 m


220 lbs/ 99.8 k





Personal Information

Ric "Tater" Hunter


DC17m, E11, Shortsword

Fighting Style(s):

Mandalorian Core

Chronology & Political Information

Bounty Hunter, Loyalist


Dark Jedi Brotherhood era


Scholae Palatinae

Personal Ship:

XS Light freighter

Character Sheet:


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Commander Malodin'Blade is a loyalist dedicated to his friend and business partner, Ric "Tater" Hunter. He is a very competent hunter and tactician and a very loyal member of Ric's' crew.

Early Life

Malodin'Blade was born on the Chiss homeworld of Csilla. His parents were both members of the Chiss Defense Force and had left him in the care of family soon after Malodin was born. He was raised outside of a small city by his grandparents. He doesn't have any memories of his parents other than a few holos his grandparents had saved for him. As he grew up, he learned that his parents had been killed during a skirmish with members of a human resistance force that had encroached on Chiss space. He learned that the humans had been members of the Alliance to restore the Republic and and intense hatred grew in him. He focused his energy into becoming a soldier so that he could go avenge his parents, something that his grandfather had tried to deflect. His grandfather knew that vengeance would only get his grandson killed and had tried to temper the rage into different more useful pursuits.

Once Malodin reached the age of mandatory military service, he chose to enter the Chiss Defense force as a pilot trainee. He learned to fly small craft up to and including transports. His desire was to learn as much as he could and then move on to avenge his parents in any way that he could. After three years of service, Malodins time was over and he had saved enough money to buy a small ship. He said his goodbyes to his family and headed out into the galaxy to find his destiny.

The Hunt

Malodin tracked down members of the Alliance for years. On on mission, he was after a member of the crew that had been at the battle his parents had died in when he ran into another man tracking the same target. Malodin did his best to slow the other down. He finally set a trap for his target only to find that his competitor had acted first. Enraged, Malodin attacked the cloaked figure. The man quickly overcame Malodins attacks and had him pinned to the wall. The man was Warrior Ric Hunter, a low level Dark Jedi that had been in pursuit of classified information. He needed to find a cell of agents that were threatening his house, Dorimad Sol, and this man was the only one that possessed the information. As soon as Ric learned what he needed, he let Malodin loose. Ric could feel that they men would be friends to which Malodin could only laugh. As they parted, Ric told Malodin he would see him later to which Malodin only grunted and doubted that they would.

Months went by and then became years, Malodin followed the clues he had gotten from the Alliance soldier and tracked a group of troops to a small outpost near Caina in the Judecca system. As he neared the target, he was intercepted by a small group of men and captured. As he was being interrogated, a shadow moved in and in a flash of crimson, cut down the four men holding Malodin. Once more the face of his savior was that of Ric Hunter, now a Battlelord and a Quaestor of Dorimad Sol. As he saw Malodin, he smiled and asked for his help. Since Ric had just saved his life, he figured he owed him so he agreed. The job was to take out the rest of the cell that both men had been tracking, not knowing that each had been working on the same mission all along.