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Welcome to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Wiki


The Dark Jedi Brotherhood Wiki is a informational and historical repository for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. A rich vein of information on the characters, locations, ships and more of the Brotherhood can be found here. Members new and old alike are welcome to plumb the depths of knowledge contained within.

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Setting of the Brotherhood

The current Dark Brotherhood year is 40 ABY.

To learn about the Brotherhood's place in Star Wars Canon, see the artlcle on Dark Brotherhood Canon.

Clans of the Brotherhood

This month's Featured Article

April 2022 - Teebu Nyrrire

Admiral nyrrire.png

Grand Admiral Teebu Nyrrire is an Ewok that currently serves Clan Taldryan as both Proconsul and Fleet Admiral of the Taldrya's Brotherhood Naval Fleet. He also serves the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as a Lieutenant Colonel within it's ranks, and Magistrate to the Regent of the Brotherhood, Zxyl Taldrya.

Since his acceptance into Taldryan, many began to see him as a miniature version of Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin in both his demeanor, attitude, and absolute definition of loyalty. This earned him both immense respect from his peers and the civilian populace who saw his kinder side, but also fear from others who saw his darker side and unforgiving attitude towards failure. This was especially amplified after his efforts saw the liberation of the Perune moon of Kasiya during Taldryan's war with the Arasaka Syndicate, and in the months after when he shot his executive officer in the head for refusing to obey a direct order because of his species. Consul Appius Wight chose Teebu as his Proconsul and appointed him as Fleet Admiral of the Taldryan Fleet despite objections from all of his advisors, including the Regent, for the events that took place within Plagueis. Zxyl himself felt that allowing the Ewok to consolidate the entire Navy under his control could be a fatal mistake for the Clan if his true motives were elsewhere.

To this day, none have come to truly understand what it is he wants or his endgame. But the one thing that none can his undying loyalty to Clan Taldryan, putting it above even his own life. Zxyl Taldrya, however, is the only one who questions even this...and watches him closely.

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