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The Dark Jedi Brotherhood Wiki is a informational and historical repository for the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. A rich vein of information on the characters, locations, ships and more of the Brotherhood can be found here. Members new and old alike are welcome to plumb the depths of knowledge contained within.

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February 2020 - Aliso City

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Aliso City is the primary settlement on Aliso. Under the control of Clan Plagueis, it can be described as the nucleus of the Clan's operations and presence on the planet. The city is constructed atop a plateau and extends eastward from the Clan’s headquarters, The Pinnacle. Originally comprised of utilitarian structures left behind by the forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, or CIS, new infrastructure has developed as the population has grown.

Aliso City is, for lack of a better definition, a frontier city. Before Plagueis occupied the planet, Separatist forces controlled the Pinnacle and other military buildings, outposts, and industry located along the western side of the plateau. These were ultimately abandoned during or after the Clone Wars, falling into disrepair and obsolescence before Plagueian forces arrived planetside.

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