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Taldryan Naval Service

Beginning with the Independent House Ektrosis, and continuing on within the confines the greater Clan, Taldryan earned one of the deadliest armadas within the Dark Brotherhood. Growing from an individual ship, to a Fleet that could rival that of the Pre-Exodus Brotherhood’s, Taldryan’s fleet was the envy of the all the Clans. With it, and the growing size of the other military forces granted to the Clan, it became necessary to create a new organization in order to help with the day-to-day operations.

Consul Kir Katarn was tasked with the creation of such a force, ensuring that Taldryan’s martial forces would always be ready to answer the call, and help lead the charge into the fray. The Taldryan Security Service was the answer to that, and at the forefront, the most backbone of the Service was the Taldryan Naval Service. Serving Taldryan since 22 ABY, it weathered the storm of the Third Brotherhood Civil War, and finally ended up taking severe and almost catastrophic losses during the Yuuzhan Vong war. However, the Dark Council saw fit to funnel funds to the Clans, offering reparations for the ships and men lost serving the Brotherhood's call. Using these funds, and the connections that the Council had made in Operation Tempest Bravo, Taldryan's Fleet grew once more to be the foremost of the House Navies.

Taldryan Navy

Following Tempest Bravo, Taldryan purchased a new fleet and accompanying ground forces to exert its will and reorganized the Taldryan Military into the Taldryan Expansionary Force. The new fleet was state-of-the-art, featuring a Relentless-class Star Destroyer among several other power vessels, most notably the CSD Justice. This new fleet served the clan for several years, and had three separate branches to serve it. The fleet survived several different Great Jedi Wars and crusades, standing the test of time and handling anything that was thrown at it.

And then the breaking point. One of the clan's own, a former Consul and Grand Master - Jac Cotelin - wiped the Taldryan Navy and her fleet from existence above Karufr under the impression that his home and brethren had been hiding Jedi in their ranks. For the longest time it was believed only the Dark Prophet II survived the destruction, the last surviving vessel of the entire Taldryan Expansionary Force and on the run from the Iron Throne.

Reorganization into New Taldryan Navy

Under the command of now Consul Major Rhylance, Clan Taldryan was able to procure stolen vessels and acquire additional ones to suit it's needs. Subsequently, the Chiss ordered the reorganization of the Taldryan Navy, this time under a reformed Taldryan Defense Force. The new navy had a streamlined command structure like the rest of the new force, and its primary goal became its self preservation, hoping to avoid what had happened over Karufr.

At some point prior to 37 ABY, the New Taldryan Navy was once again reorganised, this time split into four flotillas: Task Force Arbiter, the main expeditionary force; Strike Force Valiant, attached to House Ektrosis; Strike Force Vanguard, attached to House Archanis until its closure in 37 ABY; and Task Force Sentinel, Taldryan's designation for the Caelus System Council's defense fleet.