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Lyra Narix
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Lyra Narix is an auxiliary pilot with the OEF, currently assigned as a retainer to reigning Aedile, Mauro Wynter. In that capacity she has been transferred to the black ops unit Seraph Flight. A female Human born in parts unknown, she was enslaved as a child and spent her adolescence within the Imperial Remnant. Freed in her late teens along with Silvia Tanos and Mair Sal, she eventually found herself on the colonies of New Tython and enlisted with the planet's military defense force. Rising rapidly within the ranks, she became a highly skilled pilot and tactician. With the advent of Tython Squadron, she was assigned as an auxiliary pilot where she served in a supporting role. However, upon the death of Silvia Tanos, Mair became an adherent of Mauro Wynter's new esoteric cabal and is a pilot with Seraph Flight.

Early Life

Lyra does not recall her birth parents, or her early youth. She spent time being traded from criminal organization to criminal organization before being sold inside of the Imperial Remnant. Due to this traumatic upbringing she developed an icy, untrusting disposition and cold mannerisms.

By the time she was ten she was owned by a member of the Council of Moffs. Despite her improved conditions as a domestic servant of a high ranking official, she was still subject of daily abuse and social stigma. She developed a deep hatred of the Empire and slavery in general. Her master died and she found herself as the property of a mid-level officer, Tamith Rhent. Rhent was a sadistic and cruel human who beat her for the smallest slights.

Luckily, during one battle the ship she was on was captured by a group of pirates that took pity on her and her fellow slaves and allowed her to join their ranks. The pirates came to respect her determination and anger and trained her as a pilot and a warrior. By the time she was twenty she had left the group and struck out on her own, and traveled across the galaxy before making it to New Tython and settling down as a short-haul pilot.

OEF Career

During the times of trouble on New Tython she quickly came under the view of the nascent Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force and enrolled as a fighter-pilot. Her combat experience allowed her to rise within the enlisted ranks and earned her a commission. With the destruction of New Tython and the flight of the Odanite forces she became a highly sought after junior officer and trained many pilots in the way of war. When the Clan's military forces made their way to the Kiast System she was transferred to the OEF's Remembrance of Seher and served under Silvia Tanos.

Tython Squadron

When Tython Squadron was formed, Silvia Tanos was hand picked as the liaison officer and assisted Mauro Wynter in recruiting the initial batch of pilots. She hired her old confidants Mair Sal and Lyra Narix as auxiliary pilots and support staff, waiting in the wings to step up when vacancies opened. In this capacity Lyra served aboard the Hegemon and took part in many missions.

Tragically, during the events of The Shadow of the Kesaret Silvia Tanos was killed, plunging Lyra into a downward spiral and a crisis of identity. She resigned from Tython Squadron and the OEF. However, she was stopped at the last moment by the intervention of Mauro Wynter.

Heresy & Seraph Flight

Wynter had recently been promoted to Satel Shan Aedile after resigning from Tython Squadron. In turn, he had infiltrated the Inquisitorious and was serving as the Magistrate to the Voice. When Tanos' old lover discovered his Force affinities, he sought willing adherents to the heretical doctrine he had begun to follow. The shared pain over the loss of Tanos bonded Lyra with Wynter, and she began to train under him. Under his tutelage she honed her latent Force abilities to focus on warping the minds of others through terror, illusions, and mind tricks and foreswore the use of weaponry. She too took her first step to becoming a Mechu-Deru sorceress by imbuing sentience into Ghost with the help of Wynter and Sal. After the success of this trial, she followed Wynter's teaching and had her legs replaced with cybernetics and her eyes altered to a jet black color as a form of atonement.

In order to keep their heresy a secret, Narix joined the off-the-record Seraph Flight with Wynter, Sal, and Ghost. Using their contacts on the black market and within the military several heavily modified Z-95 Headhunters and a cadre of specialized IG-RM Thug Droids were diverted to the use of the group. This unit takes the mandate of Tython Squadron a step further, and serves as a partisan group that has no qualms getting involved in the petty squabbles of the Vitali Empire and striking out at the criminal elements that fall off the radar of the OEF and Clan Odan-Urr at large. Likewise, the unit seeks to further their mastery and understanding of esoteric arts and Force cults.

Silver Cloak Lieutenant

When the Vitali Empire outlawed standing mercenary groups within the Kiast System, Lyra Narix and her allies were forced to disband Seraph Flight and reevaluate their options. The nascent unit laid low for a time, allowing Lyra to further her training in the ways of a Nightsister from ancient holocrons. During their time working for the Inquisitorious assisting Mauro Wynter it was decided to form the Silver Cloaks mercenary company. While officially a combat medic unit, the force is composed of several squads of B1 Battle Droids loaded into the cargo container of a T-5 Deliverance shuttle, the heavily modified Salarious. Lyra leads one of these squads into battle, serving as a faithful lieutenant to Mauro Wynter.