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One of the key aspects of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood is gaming, and for Linux users, this is a sore subject. The goal of this page is to create a compendium of information to provide a resource for those who choose to run the Linux Operating System. For those of you who are looking for generic gaming information check out Gaming Information.

The author of this page, Omega Kira, currently runs Linux; specifically ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Solutions for gaming platforms are in reference to this system.

One of the most useful applications to help install games is a software title called PlayOnLinux. This allows you to install some games, with all the proper settings for them to function. However, not all games are supported, and step by step instructions on installing the games will be posted here.

Tier One Platforms


The in browser game works just fine with both Firefox and Chrome.

The downloaded application can be used by simply using a command line:

java -jar PazaakCantina.jar

Tier Two Platforms

Diablo 3

Diablo 3 works perfectly using PlayOnLinux.


Installation is done through the Install button for PlayOnLinux. I did have to use the original installation medium.


I have noticed quite a bit more performance with Diablo 3 in Linux over my Windows installation. Playing in Windowed Mode or Full Screen work flawlessly, however, switching between the two in game seems to cause a weird bug. I highly suggest that you pick one; and leave it. Closing and opening the game seems to redraw the screen and allows for normal gameplay.