Lilith Stormwind

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Lilith upon joining the Brotherhood

Lilith Alema'rha Versea-Stormwind
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

13 BBY (age 52)

Physical Description





5’ 6.75”




Dark Brown with Red Highlights



Personal Information

Skye O'Malley


Adam O'Malley


Janos Stormwind


Janos Stormwind

Lightsaber Color(s):

1x Arctic Blue lightsaber

Lightsaber Form(s):


  • lightsaber
  • dagger
Fighting Style(s):


Chronology & Political Information




Known masters:

Atra Ventus



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Lilith Stormwind was born Lilith O'Malley. she was raised by her Uncle Ramsey after her parents were killed. Her early life was good and she was trained in the Force by her uncle and later continued her training on Dosuun where she would meet her husband Janos. Lilith and Janos fled Dosuun after Janos killed their Master when he confronted them on their forbidden love. Lilith is also a trained healer and was able to use her skills on whatever planet she and Janos went to. Though raised to be a Jedi, Lilith understands that all things must have balance, thus, she became a Gray Jedi.

Character History

Early Life

Lilith was born on Coruscant Skye and Adam O'Malley, who where administration staff to Adam's brother, Ramsey O'Malley, who was a Jedi Consular. After Lilith's parents were killed during the Great Jedi Purge, she was raised on Taris by her Uncle Ramsey.

Lilith and her uncle wound up in a small out of the way village that backed up to some swampland that Taris had in abundance. There were also several caves in the area that made good hiding places. These were subsequently stocked with emergency supplies and equipment.

The Force was strong within Lilith, so her Uncle began her training. Teaching her Dulon style martial arts and combat fighting, both hand-to-hand and saber. Lilith understood from her Uncle all the history of the Jedi and what had happened to her family. She was taught the art of concealment and became quite proficient in it as her Uncle understood the dangers that were still to be found in being a Jedi. Lilith also learned to communicate with animals that were all around in the swamp area and the survival skills that her uncle deemed necessary.

Lilith was also taught the healing arts and meditation by her neighbor Miss Rebecca. Rebecca was the local healer and midwife. Under Rebecca, Lilith mastered the art of meditation and keeping calm in high-stress situations. She also learned the different plants in the area and their medicinal properties, keeping a journal of all she learned which would come in handy throughout her life.

At age 16 her uncle thought that she was prepared to have her own Lightsaber and gave her all that she needed to build one. Lilith headed to the most peaceful spot that she knew and spent the next few days meditating on the Force. Once the picture became clear in her head she assembled the Lightsaber. After three days Lilith returned to her Uncle's house and proudly showed off what she built. Her Uncle was a bit disappointed in it as it had an Artic Blue blade and he was counting on it having a Green blade like his as he wanted her to follow in his footsteps. Lilith however, was extremely pleased how it turned out.

All and all, Lilith had an ideal life. Learning the ways of the Jedi and training with and assisting Miss Rebecca.

Fleeing Taris

Lilith's idealic life came to an end a couple of years later. While she was out in the swamps gathering plants for Miss Rebecca, she felt a disturbance. Immediately she knew something had happened to her uncle and took off towards the village. Once she got closer, she could smell smoke and hear the screams of the inhabitants of the village. Knowing that she could go no closer without being seen, she retreated to the caves, meditated on concealing herself and waited till the next day.

With the dawn, Lilith carefully and quietly made her way back to the village. while she could still see the smoke, all was quiet. She crept into the village and took a look around, nothing was moving and there were bodies everywhere. She slowly opened her senses and could "feel" no life forms. She headed towards the house that she shared with her uncle. Upon passing the back of the house where Miss Rebecca lived, she saw her friend and mentor lying in the backdoor with a blaster wound in her back, knowing there was nothing to be done, she continued on. Once she reached her house, she again opened her senses to see if there was anyone inside and felt nothing. Very carefully she went in through the back door and cautiously made her way to the front of the house. There she found her uncle tied to a chair, she could see that he had been tortured and killed. At that point, all she could think about was "Why?" What had happened, we were living here peacefully and quietly. She remembered what her uncle had told her, "no matter what, I am still a Jedi." It was then that she understood the way of the Dark Side versus the Light Side, and how too much of one was not always a good thing. But she knew that she would try to make her uncle proud no matter what.

Lilith knew that she had no time to grieve and her intuition was telling her not to touch anything but to leave everything the way it was and to pack what she needed and to get to someone that could get her off the planet. Uncle Ramsey had always told her that when the time was right, they would be going to a place called Dossun where she would be formally trained in a small commune that was led by a friend of her Uncle's, Jedi Master C’Lacntha.

Lilith went to her room and pack a bag with a few changes of clothes, bedroll, her journals and Lightsaber, next, she went to her Uncle's room and opening the secret compartment in the floor, adding her uncle's lightsaber and all the cash that they had. Next, she went to the kitchen and added some food stuffs to her bags. After one last look around the house and saying goodbye to her uncle, knowing that he had already moved on the fade and would hear her. She next went next door to Miss Rebecca's house and added some of her herbals and some of the ready-made medicines to her satchels. Staying quiet, she made her way back to the caves and loaded everything onto a speeder bike and took off for the city in search of Niall Burke, another friend of her uncle, that would take her off planet and into the next chapter of her life.


Lilith when she was younger
Lilith finally arrived on Dosuun, escorted by Janos Stormwind who had been sent to find her after her ship had gotten off course. To say that she and Janos hit it off right away would be a contradiction in terms. Janos was rumpled and surly, where as Lilith was put together and calm. Everything that she thought would happen, actually did. When Janos found the disable ship and Lilith, he was quite put out from the search. She introduced herself and asked who had sent him. Janos replied that his Master had known that she was en route and when she didn't show up around the expected time, he was sent to find her. Janos then told Lilith that he would take her back to Dosuun and then she could begin her training. Lilith told him that she had been training for quite a while. At that, Janos looked at her with a sneer on his face and said who could have been training you? To which she responded her uncle had started her training when she was young and that she had trained up until her uncle's recent death and that she was to go to Dosuun at some point and finish her training. Janos just looked at her, with his "yeah right" stare. Lilith went on the explain that she was also a trained healer and was hoping that the commune had other healers so that she could continue her training and learn other techniques from healers in other areas. Janos snorted at that and said that they were fighters and were learning combat, they didn't have time to learn to play nursemaid. Lilith asked Janos if they were Jedi, as from what she had been taught they were about peace and mediating and not just about fighting. The arguments went back and forth all the back to Dosuun. At that point, they were both glad to be away from each other.

Lilith was introduced to Master C’Lacntha and he could "see" that the Force was strong within her. Lilith then explained the trouble of getting to Dosuun and how a bounty hunter had been after Niall Burke, the smuggler who was bringing her to them and that when their ship was attacked and disabled they split up with Niall going one way, Adrianna going another and Lilith hiding and returning to the ship after the hunter chased either of them as they knew that someone would be looking for her and that her best bet was to stay by the ship. She still didn't know what had happened to the other two and hoped they were ok. Master C’Lacntha said that he would look into it as Niall was his friend too and had done a lot to help the commune. After that, Master C’Lacntha asked how the meeting and flight to Dosuun went with Janos, to which she replied interesting. Master C’Lacntha kind of smiled at that and sent Lilith to the dorm to get some rest as the next day he wanted to put her through her paces to see how far along her training was.

The next morning Lilith met the other Padawans, some were friendly, some were stand-offish, and then there was Janos, who still had an attitude. Lilith nicknamed him Grumpy in her mind. When Master C’Lacntha joined them, he told them that he wanted to spar with Lilith to see where she was. Both bowed to each other and ignited their lightsabers. Lilith was able to hold her own in the beginning but when he started more advanced and aggressive moves she had more trouble. All and all Master C’Lacntha was pleased with her training. After that, all the students were paired up. Lilith was paired up with a Twi'lek named Ch’Cadick This was the regiment for several weeks, with all the students rotating partners. Whenever Lilith and Janos would be paired up, they would always end up in an argument. Master C’Lacntha noticed this and thought that he would try something, he decided that the padawans were ready to try attacks by multiple opponents and he would pair them, Lilith and Janos, together as he thought that their fighting styles complimented each other. He thought that maybe by learning to work together they would get along better. When they were told this, neither were real happy but knew that they had no choice.

The other students started in on their attacks and Lilith and Janos started to defend themselves and before the first fight was even half way over they were working together as a team, as though they had known each other all their lives. By the end of the melee, both were exhausted but in accord. Janos realized that he had never fought better and Lilith thought the same of herself. Master C’Lacntha was pleased, to say the least. After a couple of weeks of this, he decided that he would see if Lilith could help teach Janos better meditation techniques and to hopefully imbue him with some of her calmness. Janos thought what the hell, it couldn't hurt. He took Lilith to the serenity pond that he had created so that she could start helping him. Lilith was in awe over the pool and told him that it was the most beautiful, peaceful place that she had ever seen. Janos was very proud of the pond, as well he should be.

The weeks went on and Lilith and Janos spent more and more time together, sometimes just sitting at the pond quietly and meditating and sometimes talking about everything and anything. One day at the pond Janos leaned in and kissed Lilith, surprising her and exciting her. She kissed him back and after that, the two of them would sneak off with each other as often as possible. They both knew that their love for each other was forbidden by the Jedi code but they didn't care. Even though they were very careful, one day, one of their closest friends saw them. Ch’Cadick was jealous of the pair as they were unbeatable when they fought together and with Lilith around Janos had become calmer and was now excelling at his studies.

After seeing Lilith and Janos together Ch’Cadick immediately went to the Masters and told them. When they returned to the dorms, Master C’Lacntha confronted them and told them that this would not continue and that he was sending Lilith to another planet to continue her training. An argument then ensued. Janos drew his lightsaber and said that they were in love and that the code was ridiculous and that they weren't going to be separated. Master C’Lacntha then drew his lightsaber, deciding to teach Janos a lesson. Janos pushed Lilith behind him and engaged Master C’Lacntha, a fierce battle ensued and during the duel, the crystal in Janos' lightsaber fractured causing it to become unstable. Janos flung the saber away as it went critical and the resulting explosion caused Master C’Lacntha to falter. The momentary loss of focus allowed Janos to attack with his vibroknife and he plunged it into the heart of his former master.

After that Lilith and Janos grab their belongings and fled the commune. They eventually found a ship to take them off the planet and went into hiding, traveling to different planets taking jobs as needed, Lilith healing and Janos doing security. After years of moving about, they finally settled on Taris, where they lived very happily. During this time, they both decided that being Jedi wasn't what would make either of them happy and that balance was really what was needed. They decided to follow the Gray path, Janos still had issues and was definitely a "dark" gray where was Lilith was lighter, but together they complimented each other very well, they still are as much in love as when they fled Dosuun

Becoming Lilith Alema'rha Versea-Stormwind

At some point during her training to become a Knight, Janos' Master Bentre and his wife Tasha'Vel made the decision to bring both Janos and Lilith into the Versea family. In a very formalized ceremony both Janos and Lilith received the mark
the brand of those inducted into the family Versea
of the family in the form of a brand and a proper Twi'lek name. Lilith received her mark from Tasha'Vel and Janos received his from his master. Lilith decided to make her new name her middle name and adopt the hyphenated last name as what Janos did.

Physical Description

Lilith has yellow-green eyes, framed by long dark brown hair with red highlights that falls to her mid-back. Her long legs and curvy figure are accentuated by her ample bust. Her left ear has five earrings, while her right ear only has three, and she can be easily distinguished by a tattoo of a demon caduceus on the inside of her right forearm. She also keeps her nails long and painted.

Usually, she wears black mid-calf boots, gray leggings, and a black skirt with a slit up the left side towards the hip and a gray skirt tabard with a stylized green wolf's head (which was the O'Malley family crest)
O'Malley crest
on the front. She also wears a black sleeveless top with a black leather corset and a pauldron on her right shoulder. she wears black fingerless gloves that end by her elbow and has a leather belt completed by two pouches and rings to hang her saber.