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Koryn Thraagus
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5'6" / 1m 68cm


147 lb / 67Kg


None; flexible green spines


Deep Blue

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Chronology & Political Information

Former Bounty Hunter

  • Founder and Former Quaestor of Excidium
  • Former Rollmaster of Acclivis Draco
  • Former Tetrarch of Acclivis Draco
  • Former Aedile of Acclivis Draco

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Scholae Palatinae

Known masters:

Robin Hawk (Assassinated)

Known apprentices:


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Koryn Thraagus is a Krath Archpriest and member of Clan Scholae Palatinae. He has sworn loyalty to the House and has vowed to stay amongst its halls until the day it closes.

His history is an intriguing one. He began life on Kuat, born to a well-off family. A series of events led to their deaths. Choosing to walk the path of a bounty hunter, he travelled the galaxy working for various clientele. He was sought out by an old family friend who knew of the Force potential within him.

From a simple meeting, Koryn found his place in the galaxy in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood where he ascended the ranks with the help of his Master, Robin Hawk. He has held a number of positions and titles within his House including Aedile of the former house Acclivis Draco, Dark Paladin, and Claw of Callousness in the now defunct Order of the Dragon.

A Rodian's History

"The past holds answers, but the future is where we should set our sights."
―Koryn's philosophy on the past.

A Good Life

Koryn Thraagus started out his life as any other - a child. He was born on Kuat and lived a good life. His father was a successful merchant who many believed dealt in black market goods. His older brother was a pilot in the New Republic Defense Fleet. In his teen years, his father was embroiled in a deal that turned sour. In the hope of clearing his debt, he sold his own family to slavers and fled the planet. When the slavers came to collect their prize, an otherworldly force took control of Koryn's body. His reactions were heightened beyond what he was usually capable of and he slaughtered everyone, including his mother and brother. Koryn refuses to speak of the matter, and it is unknown whether he killed his family out of blind rage, or as an act of mercy.


After transferring credits from his families’ accounts, Koryn purchased a light freighter, dubbed The Emerald's Shadow. He traveled the galaxy from Rodia and Tatooine, to Korriban and Coruscant. But there was little luck. Eventually he received word from a contact that his father had been found on Sullust. He had gone there in hope of escaping his past life and so became a miner. When he saw the man who had caused him so much grief, the same power that took control of him before once more manifested itself and he choked his father to death. Koryn now understands this to be early evidence of his latent Force talents.

A Bounty Hunter's Life

"Death is the price we must all pay for life."

Koryn Thraagus in his bounty hunting days

When he was once again aboard the Emerald's Shadow, Koryn realized that he had a knack for hunting and decided to become a bounty hunter. Koryn's favourite weapon of choice at this time was an old DC-15A blaster rifle, a relic from the Clone Wars and the only object he had kept from his past life. It had been left to him by his grandfather who claimed it had been a reward for saving the life of a Clone trooper. Koryn was never quite sure of this as his grandfather was but a humble shopkeep; he had always presumed that it had been stolen and then sold on to his grandfather. But as a child, he had always enjoyed hearing the story.

Over the years he took on many jobs from many different clientele. None more so than the Hutts. The ruthless gangsters always wanted someone killed from rival gangs and smugglers to petty crooks and degenerate gamblers. Koryn only ever accepted half of the credits awarded to him from the Hutts though, and they loved him for it; he had no need for money as he was still comfortably living off his family's fortune. The Hutts gave him more and more assignments because of this and Koryn soon became a favoured hunter for them.

A Meeting And A Betrayal

"You have potential, but it controls you. I can help you take control."
―Torak Occassus to Koryn.

Following an assassination of one of the Hutts' business rivals on Nar Shaddaa, Koryn met someone who introduced themselves as a "client". Taking their business to a quiet corner of a cantina, the human introduced himself as Torak Occasus and claimed that he was an old friend of the Thraagus family. It turned out that Torak didn't actually have any business and it was just a ruse to get Koryn to meet with him. Torak then told him that he could feel the power within Koryn. Koryn learnt of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood of which Occasus was already a member.

Somehow, Koryn and Torak managed to get into a fight with two Humans. The pair killed the Humans; no-one really cared on Nar Shaddaa. The Humans were probably thugs or petty criminals anyway. Koryn had disarmed one of the Humans and taken the blade for his own, running the man through. Torak took his opportunity whilst Koryn was preoccupied and turned on him severing Koryn's left arm. The Rodian collapsed from the pain. When he awoke, the Rodian found that his arm had been replaced with a cybernetic model; Koryn always presumed this was the work of Torak - an apologetic gift - but he never proved it. Torak later explained that it had been Koryn's first lesson from the Brotherhood: trust was something to be earned, not given freely.

A Place in the Galaxy

Koryn remembered clearly the words Torak had said about the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He spent the next few months flying from system to system searching for information regarding the Brotherhood and his place in the galaxy. Eventually, he came upon information of the planet of Antei, the Brotherhood's home planet.

Finding Darkness

When Koryn arrived in Brotherhood space, a communication instructed him to head to Lyspair, he made his way to the Shadow Academy. He was welcomed by the Master At Arms, Kraval Novir and promptly completed the Test of Lore. Koryn was inducted into Acclivis Draco of Clan Scholae Palatinae. He spent as much time as he could at the Shadow Academy, honing his wisdom of the Dark Side. The Rodian was helped along greatly by Cuchulain Darkblade Palpatine. Cuchulain provided encouragement to the Apprentice whenever he could and soon Koryn found himself rising through the ranks.

Koryn was diligent in his studies; unusual for a Rodian. He hoped that by studying, he would be more like his grandfather, and less lke his father. He hated his father with his very essence. Every day, the memory of his father drove Koryn closer to the Dark Side. It ate into him like a plague, unearthing the true darkness within him. The more the hatred burrowed within him, the stronger and more powerful the Rodian felt; the stronger he felt, the more time he spent in the Academy, refining his knowledge of the Dark Side. Koryn had finally found a purpose for his hatred of his father, a purpose that he hoped would serve him well.

Returning Home (29 ABY)

Koryn was approached at the end of a senate meeting by Aedile Tra'an Reith. The Aedile asked Koryn to capture a Jedi Protector who held information of worth to Scholae Palatinae. The Jedi in question was currently on Kuat, Koryn's home planet. The Rodian was accompanied by his Master, Robin Hawk on the journey.

Upon landing at Kuat City, Koryn's mind was flooded with memories of his childhood, both good and bad. The Rodian felt that he should return home. Wandering the streets of the city, Koryn found himself confronted by a dilapidated shop - the shop once belonging to his grandfather. Upon entering, he realized that the exterior mirrored the interior. The shop had been ransacked and was now inhabited by a family of Borcatu. Koryn killed the Borcatu and as he did, he noticed movement in one of the back rooms.


"Whatever has you trapped is inside you. Face your past Koryn. Only you are holding the door closed."
―Robin Hawk to Koryn.

When he entered the room, the door slid shut behind him, rendering the room in darkness. He attempted to open the door with the Force but it would not move. Turning around he was faced with something he never thought he would see again; something he never wanted to see again. His father. His father's throat was mangled beyond recognition - he shouldn't have been able to breathe.

His father drew a lightsaber and engaged his son in battle. Koryn had trouble as his father appeared to be more experienced than him. Eventually, with encouragement and guidance from Robin, Koryn emerged victorious. Koryn stabbed his father through his contorted throat and the door shot open. His Master entered and found Koryn kneeling over an empty floor. She informed him that the events came from his own subconscious: he had held the door shut with the Force, the vision had manifested through him.

The Master and the Apprentice

"You Jedi are so narrow-minded. You know only what we let you know."
―Koryn to the Jedi Protector, Talar.

Koryn had a vision of the Jedi he was hunting at his home. He led Robin, once more, through Kuat City to the outskirts. Koryn was confronted by another run down building - his childhood home. The two Dark Jedi entered stealthily. They could hear two Jedi in conversation. Ironically, the Apprentice had been given an assignment to capture a Dark Jedi. Robin stepped forward to confront the Jedi Master while Koryn lured the Jedi Protector through the house. The Jedi cornered Koryn in a room and subdued him. The Jedi took the Rodian back to the main hall of the house. Upon entering, Koryn saw Robin lying at the feet of the Master, a gaping wound in her shoulder. Koryn mocked the Jedi and the Master challenged him to a lightsaber duel. Koryn was determined to avenge his Master and put up a fierce battle.

Koryn knew that defeat was inevitable. Disengaging from the Jedi Master, Koryn reached out to the Force and manifested it as lightning. However, due to his undeveloped skills, he wasn't able to control it. The Jedi Master was struck with a majority of the lightning, killing him. Koryn collapsed from the exertion but in his barely conscious state, he heard the sobbing of the Jedi Protector, Talar, at his Master's feet. The Jedi approached Koryn and pulled him up. He ignited his lightsaber and was about to end the Rodian's life. Fortunately, Robin had made her way over and stabbed Talar in his shoulder; revenge for what his Master had done to her. The Jedi collapsed from the pain, as did Robin, having used the last of her strength defending her Apprentice.

The three were out for some time. Koryn was the first to awaken from the unwanted slumber. He grabbed a vial of bacta and healed Robin and Talar's wounds. Within a few minutes, Robin was awake. She looked over and saw Talar lying unconscious beside her. She grabbed her lightsaber and was about to end the Jedi's life. Koryn parried the attack and persuaded Robin against killing the Jedi, focusing instead on the mission at hand. He then activated his comlink and requested a transport to pick them up. Koryn helped Robin out to the transport then returned to the house for the Jedi.

When Talar awoke, he was confronted by Koryn and Robin. The pair attempted to persuade the Jedi to reveal everything. But he refused to talk. Koryn and Robin returned the Jedi to Tra'an on Judecca, the scars of the journey visible but worthwhile.

Path of the Dragon (29 ABY)

"Your combat skills, even as a Guardian, are most impressive, and your actions have reflected well upon the House."
―Kalak to Koryn

Quaestor Timbal had tasked Koryn with gathering data on all life on Antenora. It was a somewhat dangerous task considering some of the species found on the planet, but was mostly boring. Adjusting the saline drip on an intravenous tree, Koryn jotted down notes on his datapad. Finishing his observations, he put all of the equipment back in its place. He was about to return to the Quaestor to report his findings for the day when he sensed a malevolence in the Force. The Rodian grabbed his lightsaber but didn't activate it; whatever it was wasn't going to attack him just yet. He checked the immediate area with both his eyes and the Force but couldn't see anything. He activated his comlink and was greeted by a high-pitched squeal that caused his antennae to twitch involuntarily. He was being jammed, and that was never good.

Suddenly and without warning, they struck. Three figures in black combat suits appeared from hidden areas. Two ignited blue lightsabers while the third activated a red lightsaber. Instinctively, Koryn ignited his own lightsaber and brought it up to block the swings that were already striking him. The attackers gave him no time to counter them. It was their speed and proficiency that surprised him more than anything. It was true he had faced talented wielders of a lightsaber before, but this appeared to be beyond anything he had been confronted by.

Unexpectedly, one of the two with a blue lightsaber reversed his grip, the blade running parallel with his forearm. The style was rare and Koryn had only seen it once; one of his Housemates had been practicing it just a few days previously. The Rodian took several steps back, disengaging himself from the fight, but still holding his lightsaber in a defensive position. The others, oddly enough, seemed to allow him to back away from them.

The Rodian examined the assailants with the Force, and he found that he recognized two of them immediately, the one with the red blade and the one with the reverse grip. The third had shrouded himself in the Dark Side, making his presence feel like a black hole in the Force. Koryn compared the presences with those he had felt before. “Tra’an? Kalak?” Asked the Rodian, not believing who had attacked him. All three removed their balaclavas revealing themselves as the House Summit: Tra'an, Kalak and Timbal.

Kalak announced that the Guardian was to be inducted into the ranks of the Order of the Dragon, Acclivis Draco's prestigious order. He was to take up the title of Claw of Callousness and was to be tasked with the Quaestor's protection and wellbeing.

Rise of a Roll Master (30 ABY)

Koryn was told by Kalak Ragnose to meet him at a cave on Antenora. He was told no other information except the coordinates of the cave.

The Rodian stumbled through the cave and eventually came upon Kalak. The Aedile turned towards him as he approached. Kalak accused the Rodian of conspiring against the House Summit. With a flick of his finger, the Aedile sent Koryn flying into the chasm with a simple display of telekinesis.

As he reached the bottom of the chasm, Koryn's descent slowed and he landed without too much damage to his body. As he pulled himself up, he heard a lightsaber ignite; A green glow enveloped the area. Three blaster rifles also clicked as a Wookiee howled. Koryn ignited his own lightsaber, casting a violet glow that mixed with the green. He charged forward and sliced the heads off the soldiers. The Wookiee roared and engaged the Rodian in a duel.

The Wookiee hit Koryn over the head with a shaggy paw, sending him flying against the wall. Koryn attempted to climb to his feet and continue the battle, but the impact almost knocked him unconscious. The Wookiee approached him, picked him up, and slung him over his shoulder. He then climbed out of the chasm and placed the Rodian at the Aedile's feet.

The Wookiee, revealed himself to be Laurus, bowed to the Aedile and left. A droid was summoned over and held Koryn up. Kalak revealed the battle to be a test and announced Koryn as Roll Master of House Acclivis Draco.

Ascendance to Knighthood (30 ABY)

"I present my pupil before you for elevation into the ranks of Dark Knights of Scholae Palatinae. He has learnt all I can teach him, he must now go forth and learn what he may for himself"
―Robin Hawk to Lucien Kaeth and Thran Occasus.

Koryn had been summoned to the Audience Chamber on Judecca with no further instructions, but his instincts told him that he would face his destiny on that day. As the great door into the chamber opened, his Master stepped out and motioned for her Apprentice to follow inside.

Inside, the entire Clan stood waiting for the ceremony to begin. Robin presented her student to Lucien Kaeth and Thran Occasus. Tra’an stepped forwards to induct the Hunter as a Knight of the Clan. Thran presented the new Dark Jedi Knight with the essential components for his lightsaber. Lucien completed the ceremony by proclaiming Koryn a Knight of the Clan.

Great Jedi War (30 ABY)

Landing on Antei

"Take out any clankers you see, men."
― Captain Kellin to his troops.

Koryn had been assigned to accompany the 2nd Battalion, 41st Infantry Division, Alpha Company of the Army of the Iron Throne. They descended to the planet aboard a LAAT/I. Before they had landed, they already encountered resistance; a T3-B Heavy Tank was waiting for the landing craft. The pilot easily dispatched the tank allowing the troops a relatively safe disembarkment.

Two squads of droids had not been wiped out by the blast from the missiles, and the troops began to rain fire down on them as soon as they left the LAAT/I. Koryn quickly grew impatient and charged the battledroids with his lightsaber drawn.

The Company had landed about a klick away from the main battle and had to march across the barren landscape of Antei. No orders had been relayed yet, so the troops set about destroying any droids foolish enough to cross them.

Securing the AA Towers

"This trench will be our graves."
―Captain Jatt Jonzz believing defeat was close at hand.

The first set of orders issued to the Clan was to establish a beachhead around the AA towers, which were stopping reinforcements being dropped in. As they were heading north towards the towers, Captain Kellin reported a distress signal from the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry Division, Charlie Company. Koryn gave the order to provide support for 2/2 C Company.

2/2 C Company were pinned down in a trench and were being overrun by the droid forces. As three B2 battledroids joined the fray and all hope seemed lost, Koryn and his Company arrived. With renewed morale, the soldiers from both Companies succeeded in wiping out the attacking forces.

Both Divisions journeyed to the AA towers and began to slaughter the droids emplaced there. It wasn’t long until the AT-ATs arrived to destroy the towers. All that was left for the various Divisions gathered there was to clean up what few droids remained.

To Catch A Jedi

The next set of orders to arrive from High Command were for the capture of Jedi. Captain Kellin and Lieutenant Caleb had little faith in Koryn’s ability to capture a Jedi, so the Rodian took the assignment alone.

Vorlyn Calthar, the Jedi captured by Koryn

It had been years since he had been a bounty hunter, but he found the hunting instinct remained. Koryn headed north to where a droid emplacement could be seen on the horizon. Before he arrived at the encampment, he was met by a Jedi. The Jedi originally claimed to be Omancor Crask, the leader of the Jedi forces; Koryn did not need the Force to see that this was a ruse. The Jedi finally admitted his name as Vorlyn Calthar.

After a long and arduous duel, Koryn succeeded in incapacitating his opponent. However, his Company was not faring as well; they were pinned down by endless waves of battledroids. Lieutenant Caleb saw the cause of the never ending stream: droid dispensers. The Lieutenant was about to plant charges on the dispensers when he received orders from Arania Lawakiro Palpatine to fall back. In her AT-ST, Arania decimated the dispensers.

Soon after, Koryn rendezvoused with the troops and Arania. He asked the Dark Jedi Master Thran’s location so that he could present the Emperor with his prize. Alone he journeyed across the continent of Adas before returning to the soldiers.

The Temple Boyna

"Honor and glory. You deserve it all, my friend."
― Koryn to an injured Captain Kellin

The final objective given to the Clan was to take back the Temple Boyna. When Koryn and the Company arrived, the battle had already begun inside. Making their way inside, they could see that the number of battledroids was immense; this was the final stand of the Jedi, their last hope of remaining on Antei. The various Battalions inside the Temple, both Iron Throne forces and the battledroids, fought fiercely for their respective Masters. But the Jedi cared little for their army. Foreseeing their defeat, the Jedi sent a wave of Force energy over the battleground. Droids went flying, crashing into Dark Jedi and soldiers. Some were crushed under the weight of the droids.

Koryn, sensing a comrade in danger, left what remained of his Company to clean up the droids that were left standing. In an antechamber on the upper floor of the Temple, Koryn found Draco Maligo surrounded by a handful of Jedi. Together, they killed all but one of the Jedi. The last Jedi standing held a certain relaxation about him, which was slightly unnerving. The pair turned on the final Jedi as other Clan members stormed into the room. By the time the Dark Jedi had finished with him, the Jedi was barely recognisable.

The Jedi had been driven from Antei, Omancor Crask had been slain, and the planet once more belonged to the Brotherhood.

The Two Dark Paladins (30 ABY)

Dark Paladin Armor presented to Koryn

Following the War, Koryn and Draco Maligo were summoned to the Emperor’s audience chamber. As the ornate wooden doors opened, they were met with the steely gaze of the elite of Scholae Palatinae – the Dark Paladins. Consul Thran Occasus – Emperor and First of the Paladins – inducted them into the Guardians of the Clan for the loyalty shown during the recent War.

Poisoned Mind (30 ABY)

Following the events of the war on the surface of Antei, Tra’an stepped down as Quaestor of the House. Kalak took his place as Lord of Antenora, with Koryn as his Right Hand and advisor. The pair accomplished great things, but Koryn’s mental health deteriorated. He was almost constantly paranoid, fearful that his position would be usurped.

One day, without warning, the Rodian left Antenora. Commandeering a transport, he sent a final message to Kalak informing him that he was stepping down as Aedile, leaving Scholae Palatinae and Brotherhood controlled space, and did not know when he would return.

For two years, Koryn travelled the galaxy. Little is known of his journeys by anyone except the Rodian himself. One of the few incidents known is that he eventually came upon the planet of Arkania where he met with Arkanian Microtechnologies. After some negotiating, they agreed to take tissue samples from the Rodian and re-grow his lost arm.

Downsizing and Unifying (33 ABY)

Koryn returned three years later to a somewhat stagnant Brotherhood. The events of war the previous year had taken its toll; many Dark Jedi either lay dead or had left Brotherhood space. Civil unrest was rampant amongst the Clans, seeking to blame the Dark Council for the lost members. A decision was made by the Council to limit the power of the Clans. Stripping them of their titles, all Clans were downsized becoming Houses.

Seeking his chance in the turmoil, Koryn took control of Acclivis Draco, taking his place as the Lord of Antenora. For many months, he ruled Antenora with a select group of loyal Dark Jedi as his vassals. Together they hatched a plot to do what none had successfully done before them: to unite the Tribes of the planet. Each member of the team was to assassinate a leader of one of the Tribes using primitive weaponry. As they conducted their business, Koryn met with the Queen of the Hoka Dachu, the most powerful – and often considered ruling – tribe on Antenora. During the counsel, the Rodian assassinated her in full view of her court without anyone being any the wiser.

The Queen’s daughter abdicated the throne shortly after being named the monarch, leaving the ruling of the Tribes to Koryn. The Rodian had many plans for change and expansion on the planet, but the Force constantly called to him. Following his years of travelling, he had wanderlust, and the months of staying in a single system had lost its novelty. Once more, he left the Cocytus system. A few short weeks later, he received word from a trusted informant: Acclivis Draco had been disbanded. What remained of Acclivis Draco left the Antenorans to rule themselves, returning to Judecca and integrating with the rest of the House.

The Last Lord of Antenora felt a twinge of remorse, but steeled himself and never looked back on his decision.

The Year of War (36 ABY)

Koryn learnt much on his travels and, in 35 ABY, felt that the time was right to return to the House. Shortly after arriving back, the Cocytus Winter Games were announced. They were a time of great merriment amongst the House, a time to celebrate past victories; to celebrate the memory of those lost. Occasions like this were fleeting, however, and in 36 ABY Scholae Palatinae once more marched to war.

Alliance against Naga Sadow

In secrecy, Quaestor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus plotted with Plagueis' Quaestor, Tra'an Reith, to invade the Orian System and in doing so destroy Naga Sadow. Their plan was to assault the Clan on two fronts, dividing the Sadowan forces.

While many members of the House assaulted Sepros, Koryn, along with his Apprentice - Zabitha - were tasked with dealing with a rebel faction on the recently occupied Aeotheran. The rebels were mostly made up of Dlarit Security Force personnel and made problems for the combined forces of Scholae Palatinae and Plagueis. After tracing one of their leaders to a cantina in the south of the city, together Koryn and Zabitha took him out while allies killed Dlarit leaders across the planet.

After all was taken care of on Aeotheran, the Rodian and his Apprentice joined the Palatinaean forces on Sepros. The pair arrived in the nick of time to find Eetherbiail, Akatsuki, Xan Phraz-Etar, and Draco Maligo cornered by two mutant Rancors. Disorienting the more aggressive of the two with a combination of smoke grenades and flash-bang grenades, Koryn proceeded to kill it by stabbing it through its head. With Akatsuki's help, the second was persuaded through the Force to leave the group be. Together, the group began their trek through the jungle towards the Temple where the Sadowan army was encamped.

As they drew deeper into the jungle, the nocturnal beasts attacked numerous times, picking off some of their troops. Eventually, as dawn broke through the canopy, they came upon the Temple. The forces of Scholae Palatinae drew their battle line, awaiting Xantros and the other strike teams to rendezvous on their position.

As they were preparing to assault the Temple, the ground forces received word of Xen's betrayal against Plagueis. They were ordered to retreat to the firebase for full evacuation and to consider any Plagueis force as hostile. Many of the Dark Jedi failed to see the logic in a full retreat; they could take the Temple in the confusion, destroying both Naga Sadow and Plagueis, facilitating their rise to power. As Dlarit artillery fire rained through the jungle, the Scholae forces sprinted back to the evacuation point. During the retreat, a number of Dark Jedi were given the order to cover the retreat. Koryn came upon Xantros, his lightsaber held at the ready and artillery fire crashing all around him. Koryn’s attempt to persuade him to retreat was futile, and he continued on to the firebase. Reaching Zabitha's position, he found that she and her troops had been ambushed by Plagueis soldiers. Killing them quickly, the pair made their way to the evacuation point where dropships were waiting to return them to the Warspite and back to the Cocytus System.

Horizon Outbreak

Soon after arriving back on Judecca, rumours began to spread of unnaturally gifted Initiates arriving at the Shadow Academy. Once inducted into the ranks of the Brotherhood’s units, a disease began to infect the Journeymen, stripping them of their connection to the Force and bolstering their physical attributes.

In an effort to appease Eetherbiail and Evant Taelyan Koryn concocted a tale of a holocron left on Antenora after Acclivis Draco’s collapse that contained knowledge of how to return one’s connection to the Force upon losing it. The trio arrived at the Dragons Citadel on Antenora to find it inhabited by one of the native tribes. Upon speaking with the ambassador, Koryn realised it was an offshoot of the Hoka Dachu. He negotiated to allow the two Knights to enter the Citadel to reclaim the relic. The two had already succumbed to the effects of the Horizon plague and anger often clouded their judgment. Usually so rational in their use of violence, they had descended into a berserker’s rage, killing many of the tribesmen that guarded the holocron.

Eventually, Koryn persuaded the tribe to allow them to stay a while. They agreed as much due to fear of Eether and Evant as due to Koryn’s silver tongue. During their time there, the Rodian also succumbed to the effects of the plague, slowly feeling his attachment to the Force waning, until it existed no more. With the loss of the Force came a lack of proficiency with a lightsaber. With a plan to rectify their weaponry situation, Koryn summoned his companions to the former Quaestor’s office. Upon arriving, he could see that the tribesmen had ‘desecrated’ the office. Flying into a rage, he slaughtered all present. As the last body fell, Koryn felt remorse at his actions; senseless violence was not an aspect of his personality.

Turning away from the scene before him, Koryn unveiled the Quaestor’s personal weapons cache advising Eether and Evant to ready some equipment. As they did, he contacted his old friend and ally, Tra’an. The Cocytus system had been invaded and there was no way to return to Judecca. The three of them were stuck alone on Antenora and they needed an ally wherever they could get one. As they were discussing the situation, sirens blared, alerting them all to intruders in the Citadel’s grounds. Koryn demanded Tra’an transmit his coordinates so they could rendezvous on his position.

Taking a Sorosuub X-45 and a Westar-34 Koryn headed to the roof to provide covering fire for his companions to get to their ship. Feeding the pair the enemies positions, they easily made it to the Lambda-class shuttle. Taking off, they manoeuvred to pick up the Rodian from the rooftop. As they left Antenora’s atmosphere, an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer moved to intercept them. The Star Destroyer launched a flight of TIE Interceptors in order to slow down their retreat. Eether and Koryn manned the turrets as Evant attempted to position the ship for the jump to hyperspace. They managed to keep the Interceptors at bay long enough for the ship to begin its journey across the sector to Tra’an’s location.

Chasing Horizons

Returning to the Cocytus system, Scholae Palatinae found their planets overrun by Zoraan’s Remnant. Koryn led Acclivis Draco back to Antenora, where the Remnant had already begun to be pushed back by the native tribes, especially in areas controlled by particularly militant tribes like the Haka Lakuis of Patz-Ah city. The battleteam deployed near Suzel where they rendezvoused with a resistance movement of Antenoran Defence Regiment troops.

The Dragon’s Citadel was the first to be returned to Draconian control – as much for strategic purposes as morale. Diplomacy with the tribes began in earnest in order to gain their support across the planet; the Dark Jedi were under no illusion that Antenora could be reclaimed alone. With the stronghold and command post of Acclivis Draco in their possession once more and the support of a number of the tribes, the Battleteam marched on Suzel proper. One by one, the Antenoran cities were purged of the invaders. But with each battle won, more of the Draconian Jedi were called off-planet: Archangel was required aboard the ISDII Warspite, Kell Dante was summoned to the defence of Judecca, with Rayne following a few days later. Eventually, all that was left of the Battleteam on Antenora was Koryn, Zabitha, Vithril, and Seider. By that point however, only Vuhm Kehs – the Scholars’ Keep – remained to be taken back. A surgical strike was planned with the assistance of Major Rett Verises, one of the greatest strategists of the Antenoran Guard. The Dark Jedi, along with a contingent of troops stormed the keep and quickly seized control. The Remnant had been pushed from Antenora, those that survived would either flee the planet or integrate into Antenoran society.

Koryn’s attention then turned to Judecca. While his focus had been on reclaiming his planet, Clan Naga Sadow had invaded the system, seeking to capitalise on Scholae Palatinae’s comparative weakness following the Horizon incident. Despite this, much of the Imperial Palace was still overrun by the Remnant army. Taking a shuttle to Ohmen, he met with Akatsuki who brought him up to speed on the situation within the palace. Of concern to her first and foremost was that Evant was pinned down following a reconnaissance mission; his intel had confirmed that the invading army were launching their attacks from the Throne Room. Swiftly a plan to retake Scholae Palatinae’s seat of power and rescue Evant simultaneously formed in the Rodian’s head.

Launching an assault on the occupying forces surrounding Evant, Koryn drew out a majority of the troops stationed in the throne room. With less resistance in the throne room, Akatsuki and Zabitha detonated remote charges in order to breach the walls. In a surprising turn of events, the Jedi of Naga Sadow were ordered to assist in the recapture of the palace. While many of Scholae Palatinae worked to regain control of the palace, the Sadowans proceeded to return control of the city of Ohmen to the Royal House. Those who had begun the day as enemies had worked some way towards becoming allies. Following these events, peace negotiations were opened up between the two summits.

Dark Crusade (36 ABY)

Prologue: Avenger II

Reporting for duty on Antei, Koryn entered the Dark Hall where already dozens of Brotherhood members were awaiting orders. When all had arrived, Deputy Grand Master Raken and the Herald's Praetor, Ekeia Iclo, gave them the mission: to capture Zoraan's flagship, the Avenger II. Along with his fellow Palatinaeans Evant and Shadow Nighthunter, Koryn was assigned to a strike team with Raiju Kang and Morotheri, both members of House Odan-Urr. Tensions were high from the outset, with the ideologies of both Houses being greatly contradictory. Nevertheless, they boarded their shuttle bound for The Shroud resolved to completing their task.

Landing in a hangar bay, klaxons immediately began blaring as they detected the intruders. Turrets took aim at the shuttle, its bolts colliding with the repulsorlifts causing them to ignite and explode shortly after the five Jedi had disembarked. It mattered little though: they would either take the Avenger II in the name of the Brotherhood or die trying. A platoon of stormtroopers and battle droids entered the fray, but their blasters were useless against those wielding lightsabers. They were soon backed up by two Sith: identical twins Reaper and Frost. The pair worked together in perfect synchronicity forcing the team onto the defensive. Eventually managing to separate the pair from each other, Raiju brought the full weight of a starfighter crashing down upon Frost. As if fated to only exist together, Reaper was distracted by the death of his brother and failed to retaliate against Shadow thrusting her lightsaber through his chest.

Before the group could continue onwards, a shuttle bearing the markings of the Dark Council touched down in the hangar bay. Raken and Ekeia emerged, handing an encoded datapad to Koryn. The message warned of a traitor within one of the strike teams. Keeping the information to himself for the time being, Koryn and the others continued onwards, taking a turbolift up to the bridge. Before it arrived, however, it slammed to a halt as security disabled it. As the durasteel doors slid open, they were immediately ambushed as a flashbang was tossed inside. Fighting their way through, they came to a terminal. The technician was swiftly dealt with and Evant went to work undoing their situation. Unfortunately the activation of the turbolift required access to three other terminals that were not networked to each other. As they were about to move out, an argument erupted over the contents of the datapad. Koryn resolved to tell them and suspicions immediately ran through the group. They were then interrupted by two Sith warriors and an Apprentice, who sought to turn them against each other. The Sith were quickly dealt with before Dantella Novae made her presence known. She was immensely powerful in the Force and she demonstrated her prowess as the group attempted to repel her.

Realising their need to escape the current level of the ship, Koryn ordered Evant to activate the remaining terminals, sending Shadow and Morotheri with him; Raiju and himself would hold off Novae. As they dueled, the Umbaran gained the upper hand by subduing Raiju. Turning to Koryn, a whisper laced in the Force bade him to take a knife from her belt: he was her puppet to do with as she wished. With a flick of her wrist, he stood over the Nautolan, blade held high; another flick and it plunged down, sinking deep into his chest just below the collarbone between two ribs. As he was about to end the Jedi's suffering, the dagger flew from his grasp. Morotheri had returned to help his friend, sensing the danger he was in. Under the Sith Adept's influence, Koryn racted by violently swinging his lightsaber at the human. Novae's attention was held as their lightsabers clashed, all of her focus placed into controlling the Rodian. She let out a scream as Raiju reached out enough to sever her right leg at the thigh. A moment later Evant and Shadow arrived. Morotheri accused Koryn - now free from his daze - of conspiring against them, even Evant turned on his comrade. Only Raiju came to his defence. They ended Novae's life before advancing on the bridge.

Arriving on the bridge, the strike team could sense the fragmented mind of Darth Necar. With their power drained the Sith Lord mistook them for crew. Wishing to destroy the ship and all aboard it, he set his Terentateks after the team. In their wearied state, the beasts proved remarkably effective and it took all of their focus to kill them. As they formulated a plan to attack Darth Necar, fatigue and mistrust finally shattered the fragile alliance: the Palatinaeans turned on the Odanites, with Shadow being the first to snap. This drew the attention of Necar who summoned them before him, seeing them as agents of the Brotherhood. Acting appropriately, Koryn made a ploy that he and the Palatinaeans had brought the Odanites before him as an act of submission to his teachings. Perhaps because of his psychosis, the Sith Lord trusted them and informed them that the ship was being piloted into a nearby asteroid field.

Necar bade his new Apprentices to kill the captives; the Jedi drew their arms against their assailants. Eventually, the Sith Lord himself entered the Fray, displaying his proficiency with Force Lightning. Seizing the opportunity, Evant began hacking into the ships navicomputer to alter their current trajectory. Recognising the betrayal, Necar turned against the team, but it was to be in vain. Evant succeeded in bringing down the shields of the bridge as an asteroid broke through the forward viewport, colliding with the Sith Lord and killing him instantly. The team had taken the Avenger II as much through luck and circumstance as skill.


Following the capture of the Avenger II, the Dark Council announced the Brotherhood was to take the war path against the One Sith who had begun to encroach upon Brotherhood territory: their actions were attributed to assassinations of key political figures and cyber terrorism acts across Brotherhood space. The Brotherhood would use a two-pronged assault against planets occupied by the One Sith. Scholae Palatinae's first target was Nfolgai.

Koryn was initially tasked with exploring the abandoned space station orbiting the planet. Finding nothing of use, Xen sent him to the planet's surface to recover missing probe droids. Arriving at the coordinates in the northern arctic regions, Koryn was met with a crashed Destroyer - the Render. Reconnaissance indicated the presence of Mrlssi living in the wreckage. Opting for diplomacy with the Mrlssi over slaughter, Koryn met with the Elder of the tribe who agreed to return the wreckage, having already drawn up schematics of the technology. During their meeting, the Elder revealed that they held blueprints of an ancient Sith weapon belonging to Lord of the One Sith, Yobd Nan. The Rodian opted to infiltrate the Render and steal the blueprints from the Mrlssi before Yobd Nan arrived. However, both the One Sith and the Mrlssi had increased their patrols in the area and Koryn was unable to gain access. Intel later reached Thraagus that Sanjuro Keibatsu of Clan Naga Sadow recovered the blueprints.


Scholae Palatinae's second target was Rhelg. Koryn was assigned to a team who would infiltrate the Fortress of Ludo Kressh along with Archangel, Kell Dante, Thran Occasus, and Evant Taelyan. The group faced down Trandoshan hunters as they explored the fortress, whilst over time, Thran slowly became possessed by the spirit of Dor Gal-Ram, an ally of Sith Lord Naga Sadow. As they attacked the former Emperor, Lady of the Sith Maxyn Vonnisia entered and challenged the ancient Sith. With both occupied, Archangel attacked, rendering both unconscious.


Appearance and Attire

Koryn is a green skinned Rodian who stands at 1.68 metres tall, appearing short to the average human, but is relatively tall for his species. His eyes are a deep blue in colour and can see a much broader spectrum of light than a human. His antennae, which sit atop his head, are extremely sensitive to a wide frequency of sound, and can judge the approximate direction that a sound is coming from. Between his antennae, a ridge of flexible spines crests his skull. His left arm was severed many years prior, and he has since had an arm cloned from his body tissue and reattached. The skin is a slightly different shade of green to the rest of his body, but is nigh unnoticeable to all but other Rodians and the most observant. A small scar – roughly an inch long – sits on his upper lip curving up towards his left eye, which he received from a mark during his bounty hunting days. Sucker-tipped fingers allow Koryn to climb with much greater ease and up harsher terrain.

Koryn will usually be clad in his robes with his lightsaber clipped to his belt, or hidden inside a pocket within his right sleeve when the need for subterfuge is required. He will also carry at least one blaster pistol with him at all times as well as a knife for when a job requires stealth rather than a frontal assault. The majority of his robes are made from a resilient cloth, while his boots are made of durable leather.


As is typical of his species, Koryn is particularly fierce in battle. Outside of combat, however, he is a stark contrast being friendly and courteous to those he meets, even those deemed an enemy of Scholae Palatinae. Koryn holds the values of the unit to heart; some would argue that he is loyal to a fault. If Scholae Palatinae is threatened, he is quick to take up arms alongside his comrades and do what must be done for the good of the unit.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Outstanding Achievements

  • Placed first overall in the Dark Tides events earning himself an Anteian Cross, a Crescent with Ruby Star, and five Crescents with Amethyst Stars.


  • Koryn was the Apprentice of Robin Hawk.
  • Can speak Rodese and Basic. Koryn speaks Basic extremely fluently for a Rodian as he does not lisp any syllable.
  • Due to his Rodian genetics, Koryn is very aggressive in battle. However, due to his grandfather's influence, he is also a keen academic.

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