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Katyusha Neige
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

13 ABY

Date of Death:

Not quite yet

Physical Description







54 Kg


Blue with Pink Highlights



Personal Information

Patience Star


Guy Neige

  • Jon Vandeus

Lightsaber, Pan,

Chronology & Political Information

Cook, Sith


Head Cook, Head of Propaganda


Clan Scholae Palatinae

Known masters:

Shadow Nighthunter



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"The air is still and I am a hunter."

-Katyusha's last words to her prey

Hunter Katyusha Neige is a Sith assassin who is part of Clan Scholae Palatinae. Katyusha or Kat as she was know to by her peers and Darth Winter by her enemies who do not understand the Sith, Is known for two things, her kindness to those she loves and her lack of mercer to those who threaten those she calls family. Kat stands to be one of the shortest in the clan, Causing her to use an appearance of innocence and purity until she strikes revealing her dark side nature. Katyusha is currently the apprentice of Shadow Nighthunter, the only Sith she would follow her hell and back if need be. Katyusha came to the clan shortly after the events of Midnight. Having little to no information, Katyusha believes the order to be too loyal due to listening to a possessed Xen'Mordin and not questioning his order to abandon their home system. She has however begun to respect them due to their retaking of their home. Katyusha is very loyal to the clan, especially Shadow since she sees them as her saviors after saving her life after being abandoned by the Jedi.



Katyusha's Homeworld, Stewjon
young Kat playing with a toy sword

Katyusha was born on the planet of Stewjon in the year 13 ABE. Katyusha was born to a Noble human couple. Her father, Abbatrov Neige; A lord and former Colonel in the Stewjonian royal speeder dragoons. and her mother, Patience Star; A Noble lady of a smaller house. Lord Neige gained his lordship when he bravely fought for the loyalists in the first Stewjonian revolution, Leading the 223rd Stewjonian Speeder dragoons. Abbatrov bravely served until the revolutionaries where quelled and sent home. After the revolution ended, The newly appointed lord moved to his holding and began learning how to be a lord. Abbatrov met Patience later in his time as a noble and fell in love with Lord her at a ball for the nobility. When Katyusha was young she heard about the legendary Jedi hero Obi Wan Kenobi. Katyusha looked up to Kenobi and hoped one day to go on adventures like him. Kat was raised as a noble, Pampered and given everything she wanted but she still wanted to go exploring, even considering to join the Stewjonian military as a pilot. When Katyusha was 15, The second Stewjonian revolution took place and the rebels won. At first, Kat's family was supposed to be let go and live in exile since her father had been a fair and humble lord over his people but the extremists had different plans. They didn't want to allow a trace of the old government to stay, the rebels killed The lord and sold Patience and Kat to a Hutt to be slaves.

Slavery and self discovery

When Katyusha reached the Hutt's palace, she and her mother were inspected to see if they would go to the work force or be used for the Hutt's more... pleasurable needs. Patience saw the inspection as an opportunity to escape. When she tried, she was shot by one of the guards and fed to the Hutt's pet Wampa. Kat, horrified and hungering for revenge, started to fill with rage, nearly deciding to try and avenge her mother. She decided that it would be wiser to play the waiting game and allowed herself to become his new dancing girl. Katyusha spent five years in the Palace, waiting to be rescued or bought to a less slimy owner. Katyusha's patience finally broke when the Hutt tried to do something Katyusha really did not want to do (you know what i mean). In this moment, Katyusha tapped into the Force for the first time, however it was not the light side that her Hero used, it was the dark side. She turned to the Hutt lord and screamed. All of a sudden, the Hutt lord was gasping for air, until he collapsed and died. Not knowing who or what killed him, the Hutt's lieutenant took control of the gang. A week later, a Republic strike force arrived to bust the illegal activities of the gang. After arresting all the criminals, a squad of Republic troopers approached Kat. In fear Kat screamed and the troopers were pushed back by a massive wave of pure Force energy. After this, a man in a brown cloak approached Katyusha, extended his arm and said he was Jedi master Jon Vandeus and that he would take her in and teach her the ways of the Force. Kat realized this was her chance to be a Jedi, just like her hero Kenobi and accepted.

Meeting the needs

When Kat was a slave, the Hutt forced her to meet his "requirements". The young woman was injected with a cocktail of drugs and enhancements, Here eyes grew larger and her skin became a snowy white. The drugs also shrunk her size as well as slightly enlarged her assets, this was all for the sickening pleasure of the hutt crime lord. The process painless for the assets and skin change, but the eye enlargement and shrinking was extremely painful as it happened slowly over the course of hours. The changes where one of the main causes Kat hated her slave master and why she turned on him and killed him by accident.

Jedi Training

After liberating Katyusha from Hutt slavery, Master Vandeus took her under his wing and taught her the ways of the Light Side on a nomadic journey across the outer rim with his small Jedi clan.The group consisted of Five Jedis including Kat. One Jedi Kat got close to was a young woman named Jemma Kelvin, who formed a close bond to and even a romance but only they knew about it. In terms of how they got around, they used an old merchant ship where Vandeus would fly and would teach Kat when she showed an interest in it. Their first mission together was to Illum to get Katyusha a kyber crystal to build her lightsaber and truly become a Jedi. When Kat emerged from the cave she came out with a blue crystal. When returning to the ship, the group were ambushed by a Giant Gorgodon and were forced to engage. When the gorgodon charged, it hit Master Vandeus and injured him severely whilst also scaring away the other padawans. This act of assault and cowardice angered Katyusha and caused her to lash out. Katyusha lifted the beast with the Force by tapping into the darker side of the Force and smashed it against the icy ground until the beast was dead. Master Vandeus and the padawans were stunned by this sudden fit of rage but dismissed it as they knew that Kat's past was full of anger and believed she would be able to overcome it. Little did they know this would not be the case.


Kat's display on Illum filled the group with worry but they did not pay mind to it. The groups next mission was to a small dark side rogue's outpost on Tattooine where they faced a group of apprentices. Katyusha charged in before her group, wanting to prove her worth in combat and show her master that she was no weakling. In fact, she wanted to prove that she was the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy or even ever, and this was not the Jedi way. When she attacked their leader, he simply shot a wave of Force lightning at her, knocking her unconscious and forcing her down to the ground. As she lay unconscious, her fellow Jedi attacked and one of the padawans, Jemma Kelvin, was struck down and killed by the leader and thrown beside Kat. When Kat awoke, she saw Jemma, who was a very close friend and had feelings further than that but never revealed them. When she saw the lifeless corpse of her best friend and lover, Kat was filled with hate, anger and other Dark Side feelings. Kat arose and extended her arm, Force choking the man who killed Jemma until she pulled him towards her and eviscerated him with her lightsaber and screaming a Scream of victory and dominance. as Master Kadeus approached Kat and touched her, she turned to him, her eyes red and orange as she was crying the loss of her friend and screaming she wanted to kill every Sith and dark side rogue ever and that she hated them. This was too much for the group. Master Vandeus Tapped Kat on the forehead using a Force ability to knock her out and put her on the ship, where they dropped her on Stewjon where there was a pilots training academy since Kat had an interest in flying.

The rise and fall of Katyusha Neige

The Rise

"It was like a watching fireworks, Explosions every where."

-Rayna Vulcanis

When Kat awoke, She saw the x-wing academy but none of her Jedi friends, She the realized they had left her due to her actions, Which angered her but she understood she needed to move on. Kat entered the academy and learned to become a pilot, where she made some new friends. After her time in the academy, Kat proved she had potential, using the force as a way to detect if she was being followed and to generally enhance her already high senses. Kat became a very successful pilot, downing 30 enemy fighters, Ranging from Crime syndicate fighters to newly discovered planet's defense fighters. Kat made several friends including the likes Jessika Pava, who later became her second in command when she was given command of Angel Squadron. Kat also became friends with other pilots like Rayna Vulcanis, Ellsworth Lockwood, Cade Gaunt, Jaina Sandwalker, Tobian Upari and Novan Skyron, who were the pilots that made up Angel Squadron. Kat also met the future poster boy of the resistance, Poe Dameron when Angel squadron and black squadron flew together to bust a apparent illegal trade between two intergalactic gangs, which turned out to be a trap left by the gangs. When the enemy fighters arrived, Katyusha and angel squadron engaged whilst black squadron escorted the fleet. In the engament, Angel squadron managed to take down three enemy fighters before suffering their first casualty. Whilst chasing an enemy vessel, Tobian Upari was shot down and killed instantly in the vacuum of space as an enemy fighter got on his six and fired upon him. Hearing the chilling last message of how he had been hit, Katyusha had felt those same feelings of hate and anger from when Jemma died, thinking how could she have let another friend die. Kat went berserk chasing down one enemy fighter after another, Shooting it down and moving on to the next one, with a chilling efficiency, Kat managed to shoot down ten of the twelve fighters. Kat realized all of this was caused not by pure skill, which in no small part helped. It was the dark side of the force which had empowered her and allowed her to be faster more perceptive and concentrate more. When Kat realized this, she decided she would not push away this power like those weak jedis and that she would embrace these emotions and exploit them. From that moment on, Kat had become an almost unstoppable force, almost rising to match the fame of such pilots like Wedge Antilles, Luke Skywalker and his father Anakin. Katyusha became the second highest scoring ace after Poe Dameron, passing him was a goal she continued to attempt. All her fame and fortune made her happy and made her forget her past as she felt at home in the cockpit of an x-wing. Everything was going well but as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

Kat in her pilot's outfit

The Fall

"I've Got a bad feeling about this..."

-Katyusha to her Astromech M1-G7

Katyusha's time as an ace pilot only lasted around a year and she still calls it the best year of her life. Katyusha's fall happened approximately 34 ABE when she was sent on a reconnaissance mission to Hoth after the New republic had heard of activity going on in the almost empty Hoth system. the republic decided to sent Katyusha alone since it was only a small recon mission. They also sent her without support because thy did not want to raise suspicion. Katyusha left. When Kat arrived in the hoth system, she was immediately greeted with a mass amount of blaster rounds and ion torpedo. Kat managed to down one of the enemy ships before being shot down. The ace maneuvered her seriously damaged ship into Hoth's orbit and tried to land. When Kat entered orbit, her X-wing crashed and was irreparable. when the craft hit the ground, it got wedged into the deep layer of snow on the planets. When Kat's x-wing crashed, Her cockpit was submerged in Snow and trapped her inside. She was barely conscious and managed to use the force to open the hatch and remove the snow. Kat crawled out of her vessel and attempted to use her holo communicator to contact the republic to bring aid but had noticed that the communicator was damaged. As Kat noticed that her communicator was broken, A giant blizzard had begun and Kat knew she wouldn't last long. Katyusha decided to use less conventional manners to get help, Kat reached out through the force to her old master, calling for him to come and pick her up, Instead of receiving an answer, all the former padawan got was silence. This silence enraged Kat, Reminding her of when she had awoken abandoned by her master and friends, she thought that they must of abandoned her because they feared her or that they were cowards. These thoughts of anger and hate festered in her mind as memories of Jemma arrived and began to think that maybe the Jedi let her die. All this hate, anger and sadness made Katyusha fully turn from the light and fully embrace the dark. Kat stopped reaching out to her master and began using the force to reach out to the nearest force sensitive beings, calling for help and only then did salvation come. When Katyusha was on the verge of freezing to death, A mysterious figure appeared and extended her arm to the barely awake Kat. The injured pilot asked the figure why she should trust her, Last time this happened she was abandoned by those Jedi. The figure scoffed and answered that she was no Jedi, she said she was a Sith and that she could teach her the way of the dark side and help her get revenge. The former Jedi agreed and grabbed her hand just like she had grabbed Vandeus's hand 5 years earlier.

Being part of the Brotherhood

Tying up loose ends

"it wasn't my fault"

-Katyusha, denying any blame for the death of her lover

After Katyusha was found, she began having recurring nightmares. The nightmares were the same and always ended in the same way. Katyusha would find herself on a Lava filled planet, on a platform where she would see her former master kill her former lover. Kat would respond in the same way, Rushing in to kill him but always failing in the end. One day, Kat realized she needed to confront this issue to end the bad dreams. Kat informed her master and after searching through the force, they headed of to mustufar to find him. when they arrived, Kat learned that her master had also seen her former Jedi master when she searched through the force. Shadow fought her master and quickly dispatched him but Vandeus was a harder Jedi to kill. Kat rushed in and tried to fight him but ended up being disarmed and knocked unconscious. Shadow tried to fight Vandeus but due to her pregnancy, she was drained of energy. All hope seemed to be lost until Katyusha snuck up behind her master and killed him by cutting his spine with a hidden blade. After this event, Kat and Shadow became closer and began to trust each other.

Spending time on Kashyyyk

After the Vandeus incident, Kat asked her master if she could go to a peaceful planet to find balance in herself when her master agreed, Kat headed to the Forest planet of the wookies. Before Heading off, Kat learned Shyriiwook to be able to communicate with the local population of Wookies. When Kat arrived on the planet she headed in to the deep woods of the planet, setting up a small camp inside of a Worshyr tree. Kat spent around a week on the planet, going into the nearby Wookie village, getting supplies survive and befriending the local Wookies. Everything was going well until a raiding party of Trandoshans attacked the village. Luckily Katyusha was in the area so she was able to stop them from doing any significant damage and in true sith fashion, killed every single Trandoshan there. After being saved, the Wookies of the village swore an oath of loyalty and agreed when the young Sith offered them a place to live on her clan's planet of operations. The Wookies moved and now reside in the same forest where Katyusha's master, Shadow Nighthunter resides.

Meeting Kiri Dawn

Katyusha found herself on Tatooine, Looking for enemy Jedi to kill. When Katyusha found the Jedi, the villagers stood in her way, arming themselves with farming tools. Katyusha offered them the chance to live if the got out of her way. When the farmers refused her ultimatum, The Sith killed every single villager who stood in her way without hesitation. When the Jedi finally came out to see what had happened, he saw Katyusha Neige killing the final villager. This action drove the Jedi mad since he couldn't handle the amount of death around him. This made the Jedi very easy for Katyusha to kill and she simply parried him and stabbed him. As Kat did this, she noticed another figure was watching. A bounty hunter by the name of Kiri Dawn watched as his bounty was stolen right in front of him. Enraged, he attacked the Sith, Kat and Kiri fought shortly until Kat simply disarmed him and knocked him down. The bounty hunter expected the Sith assassin to kill him, so he closed his eyes. Instead something unexpected happened, Kat extended her arm and offered him a place in the clan. Kiri not being a fool accepted and as soon as they're eyes locked, it was love at first sight.

The bounty hunter and Kat's second lover, Kiri Dawn

Kat's second lover

After meeting Kiri and recruiting him into Excidium, Kat began to have an interest in the mercenary. The Sith also knew Kiri had and interest in her but he liked to keep it a secret. Kat tried to approach Kiri up front but was always turned down and told to go away. After witnessing Kiri have a break down about the death of his family, Katyusha approached him and told him that there was a way he could use that pain to make him stronger. Wanting to learn this, Kiri agreed to follow the Acolyte down the path she went earlier and they went to Kashyyyk. When they arrived, Katyusha taught Kiri how to control his emotions and use them, Kiri learned quickly and this made the teaching much easier for the young Sith. After this lesson, Kat dragged Kiri to the top of the Worshyr tree to look at the beautiful sunset. This romantic moment sparked a fire of love between the two and they slept together that night and did some things. When they awoke the next morning, they agreed that they would enter a romantic relationship, one which wouldn't last long. Kat speculates that it was on that night that she had been impregnated and became pregnant with her soon to be Daughter.

The relationship and its end

Kat and Kiri's relationship was one of love and action. The two would go together on missions to hunt and kill bounties assigned by Katyusha's Battlemaster or random bounties that Her bounty hunter boyfriend would take. The two went about on this relationship for sometime, Even speculating marriage but deciding that now was not the time. the couple continued to take on missions for a while together until Katyusha was called upon by her master to continue her Sith training to better her skills. While his lover was training, Kiri continued to take bounties, Raising money to afford their wedding in the future. The hunting went well until one day, Kiri double crossed the wrong Hutt for more money and was hunted down and killed by other bounty hunters. Kat only realized this when she felt his passing in the force and was devastated. The young sith went into a deep depression, isolating herself from everyone and keeping to herself. A week into the depression Kat learned something incredible, she was pregnant with a girl. The knowledge she had a small part of her lover still alive pulled her out of her depression but she decided to only share the pregnancy with her closest allies and friends.

Joining Tacitus Athanisius

One day Kat came back from a long day of training and decided she needed a shower. When the young sith emerged from the shower, She noticed writing on the window telling her that she had a mission.

The Katyusha neige baby

One day, kat was wandering the halls of her home when she began to feel contractions. Kat called for help by sending her eagle Revenant. Help arrived in the form of Alara Deathbane, Shadow Nighthunter and Lexiconus Qu'or. They helped her give birth to the child who she named Evie. Kat decided to to something strange and gave the child her lover's last name, Dawn. She did it as a way to remember her lover since the child was the last thing she had left of him.

Loss of home

Whilst on mission, Kat heard of the destruction of CSP's home system and her home. When she heard that Pravus and his iron legion had caused the destruction of the only place left she could call home, she swore an eternal oath of enmity against Pravus. Kat swore that no matter what, she would have her revenge, no matter how small. The loss of her home devastated her and she almost lost hope until she found a certain someone.

The Crow

On her way to a bar on the Nar Shadaa, Katyusha found a mother with her young son on the ground surrounded by thugs. The Sith assassin Approached the thugs and attempted to Come to agreement. When the talks went sour, the Sith easily dispatched the thugs and approached the injured woman. In the fight the woman was stabbed and was bleeding out. She asked the Sith to take her child and Kat agreed she would. The woman handed over the 2 year old infant. Kat asked what he was named and she answered Crow. Kat took the child back home with her and introduced him to his adopted sister.

The Soldier and the Sith

After returning from a mission, Katyusha was greeted by her Butler droid Lockwood. Lockwood held a letter from the Stewjonian Queen who was an old friend of Kat's. The letter was an invitation to a ball that was to celebrate the reinstatement of the monarchy on Stewjon. When she went to the ball, Katyusha brought Shadow Nighthunter and Kylex with her as company. At the ball, she met the queen's personal guard and it was love at first sight. When the queen offered the Sith a lordship, she took time to consider it. She then spoke with the guard who introduced himself as Vaygon Jorah. The Chiss asked the Assassin why she had not taken the lordship on the spot. The Sith explained how she would have taken in it earlier in her life but she had a new home and new family. She revealed her history to the Soldier, who panicked when he heard she was a Sith. Katyusha managed to convince the Guard that she wasn't a threat and continued her story. Vaygon was inspired by the tale to ask if he could accompany the Sith away and live a life with this individual who had inspired him. Katyusha agreed, she turned down the offer and left with her master, the soldier and Kylex, who was running away with a stolen box of wine.

Katyusha wearing her Assassin Robes

Personal Info


Physical description


Kat enjoys doing many things during her free time. Kat can usually be found Cooking, acting as TA's cook and enjoys cooking for her friends. Kat also Spends her time training how to be stealthy, trying to match the skills of her master since her goal is to be a master assassin. Kat's last hobby is privateering, she enjoys the thrill of Boarding and stealing from "enemies".


When Katyusha Joined the Tacitus Athanasius, she was given the option of choosing an animal companion. Katyusha decided to choose a Eye Snatcher bird which she named Revenant. The Avian beast and the Assassin became quick friends due to Kat's natural affinity with animals.


Kat's name for her pet Eye snatcher Revenant came when Kat's other Identity(Massy) looked at his bookshelf and saw a copy of the book the Revenant.