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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Kaira Rohana
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39 ABY

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1.68 meters




strawberry blonde



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Zeon, house Odan-Urr, Ji, and Drodik


Sanguinius Tsucyra

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Battleteam leader


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Odan-Urr

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Alaris Jinn

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Kaira Rohana is a Krath Archpriest in Odan-Urr

Character History

Childhood(Birth to 16 ABY)

After hours of pain, one small child was brought into this world. A world that would soon take all that loved her the most. How could one so small ever understand such a life? The truth was she never would understand. Kaira was born into the world in the year of 8 ABY to Jouren and Mariah Rohana. She was her parents' pride and joy. They had been waiting for this day for many years. To have a child of their own one that could carry on once they were no longer part of this world. If her parents would have lived she would have learned so much about her family. Things that she now wished she had learned. If only her parents were still alive she would know just what was the reason behind so much in her life so far.

The moment her parents were killed, however, everything for little Kaira changed. It was three days after Kaira was born that her parents were killed, they owned a small shop down on a sea shore of one of the beautiful old beaches of Corellia. Her grandmother took her in and raised her, at least that was the plan. It was her grandmother's job to also run the store. Things just went from bad to worse for the Rohanas. As Kaira turned two, her grandmother also passed on and she was alone once more. Such a small child, she didn't remember her grandmother, let alone her parents. All she knew was that she was pushed into another home. These people wouldn't nice to her at all, they treated her as if she was the dirt at the bottom of their shoes or worse. It wasn't easy for her as she grew up, yet she knew some day she would get out. That day came when she turned 8 years old. This family decided to leave for a few days vacation leaving her behind with a neighbor. Well Kaira, being the rather crafty sort, soon found her opening and took it.

It was a bright clear day when Kaira had went out back to play. After a short time no one was watching her. She slipped out of the yard to a side window, where she had a bag with a few things in it. With money in her pocket she headed out down the road. She would soon get to town and find a way to make a living. There was no way she was saying with that family a moment longer. That was what she did for the next two months, get by. Soon however she didn't have any more money and she was hungry. This was the day that would soon change her life for ever.

Standing by a bread cart she swiped a small piece, just enough to get her some food in her belly. If she had learned a little better she might not have been caught but she was. So there she was now being hauled off to jail when a man who was much older than he looked stopped them. "How much to keep her out of trouble." The guards told him how much the bread was and what she had done. Shaking his head he grabbed her after paying the fine. Then he told her "You work for me." That was the only thing he said to her that day and for many days to come.

Time as a Smuggler

Finding her self on a rather old run down smuggling ship she started to learn the ways of a smuggler. The guys on board saw her as a kid sister and treated her as such. Boss as she called the captain saw to it that she had a small room to her self and that she learned how to handle her self in a fight. She soon became his right hand lady. Never any thing more than a father daughter relationship how ever. Kaira was well on her way to a life of crime. It was as she turned 15 that she met a few others that put different ideas into her head. She wanted so much to be with a man but that was never going to happen on the ship she was on. Residing her self to her studies she just stayed away from almost every one on board.

There was one time when she was around 16 that she did fall in love. Maybe it was only puppy love and it only lasted for a short two months but Kaira couldn’t help but think it was the real thing. After those two months her boss got wise and asked the new guy to leave the ship. She was told he was leaving for a better job, she had no idea he had been told he had to leave. If she knew that she might have left herself. It was as she grew she wanted off that ship but she had no where to go. Kaira had no idea that she was the rightful owner of that little ship her parents had own if she had known that she would have had a place to go. No one had told her any thing about her parents even if they knew, they weren't telling here.

Kaira's Robes

Turning 20 was a great time for Kaira, she had learned a lot in the past years but had grown very cold with people. She never let any one close to her ever. If there was a job to be done she did it with a rather cold manner. Boss had to start telling her to not kill every one they got into a fight with. The problem was he always had her there to watch his back. He didn’t trust the other crew most of the time. So when there was a deal to make she was there calmly waiting for what would happen. More times then not some one would try something and she would have to make sure Boss wasn’t killed.

It was as she was learning to fight that she also learned she had some kind of special power that the guys didn’t have. She could move things with her mind if she forced enough for got angry enough. It didn’t happen often but she could do it if she needed to. That was how she killed most of the people she fought for she would get so angry that they were trying to kill her boss that she would send them flying. Most didn’t land so great. Kaira knew she had a great power with in her she just didn’t under stand it and no one not even Boss talked to her around it. They were all very closed lips about any thing that might give her insight into who she was.

Her 21st birthday was nearing and boss seemed to be getting more nervous about it every day. Kaira had no idea why at all. They went out on a mission only months before her birthday and he told her to sit in the shadows to wait. As the deal went down the other side got cheeky thinking they could take them out quickly. Kaira and Boss took them out quickly. When Kaira was running out the back of the cantina she was pulled into a building by a dark figure. She had no idea who he was. Only that he wanted to speak with her. In the next few moments Kaira was giving a chose stay on the path she was on or chose a much harder path and learn about who she is. Quickly she chose the much harder path that soon leader her to the Dark Brotherhood and the starting at the Shadow Academy.

Coming to the Brotherhood

The day Kaira came to the Brotherhood was the start of a whole new way of life for her. Things changed quickly for the woman starting with the first moment she met that dark shadow. It turned out to be non other than Famosus Aspicio. He had been sent to bring her to the Brotherhood to be trained as a Dark Jedi. Kaira was giving the chose to keep going down the path she was on with being a smuggler or chose a harder path but with great rewards and much knowledge to gain. Well she quickly chose to be come part of the Brotherhood. Famosus of course never told who he was and had her memory not even remember how she came to be at the Brotherhood. All Kaira remembers is being given the chose. How she got there that is a mystery that she hopes to some day learn.

Time as a Novice-Acolyte

As she started her training as a Novice, she learned that there were many levels to the Brotherhood. It was at this time she also joined a clan and house. As she joined Clan Plagueis Kaira met many of the members and leaders all of whom welcomed her into their folds. It wasn't long before she had to get down to work however. Soon she was learning all she could about becoming a Dark Jedi. All she cared about was what she could learn. She wanted to learn every thing she could about the Dark Jedi and history itself. Being that she was part of the Krath order she spent most of her time learning all she could.

It didn’t take her long to make a few friends. The first person she happen to meet while doing her studies was Impetus M'Nar of Clan Scholae Palatinae. The two seemed to hit it off as Impetus took a liking to the young Corellian girl. Kaira was grateful to Impetus in many ways. There are just some things you don't learn in books. Impetus started to teach the young 20 year old Kaira how to be a lady. Taking her shopping for much more lady like clothing, all in all it made Kaira feel very loved by some one.

Kaira found it hard at times being so dark. Impetus told her that she didn’t have to always kill to be a Dark Jedi at times you can show compassion. That to Kaira seem to clash with what she had read about already. Yet she liked this knew friend and knew that maybe there was a time and place for everything. As the time grew closer for her to be come a Protector Kaira started to try and guess who her master might be from the leaders she had met in the clan. She knew already that Impetus couldn’t be her master but would be some one that influenced her life.

Becoming a Protector

The day came that she became a Protector. She had a nervous feeling as she went to meet her new master. It had been named that Alaris Jinn would be her new master. Kaira didn’t think that would be so bad, after all he was a Twi'lek just like Impetus. Yet the moment she stepped into the room with Master Alaris Jinn she knew that this wouldn’t be easy at all. The darkness she felt coming from this man seem to almost engulf her in hate and anger. It made her almost step back but she knew she had come this far and not not face him would be the wrong thing to do.

Growing in the ways of the dark side Kaira has progressed at this time. Alaris Jinn had high hopes for his young student. Some day Kaira knows that she will leave her masters side to work for the clan on her own for now how ever until she is done with her trails she works with Master Alaris reaching to learn all she can. Soon she will reach Dark Jedi Knight then and only then will she feel she truly belongs with in the clan.

Becoming a Knight

Time spent getting to Dark Jedi Knight was long and insightful for young Kaira Rohana. It took only took her months to get there but she felt that in those months she grew more than she had her whole life. She had formed friendships she hoped wouldn't die any time soon. The only thing was Kaira was only wishing for things to stay as they were, in the end she learned that nothing stays the same for ever.

Over the months she spent as a Jedi Hunter the young woman learned many things from her master Alaris Jinn. With war raging around her she had to learn how to fight and fight fast. She soon grew into a great fighter that Alaris knew wouldn't let him down. In time she learned just how much that would come in handy for her. Throughout the war her time was spent helping her house and master. Godo Norok was never more happy than when Kaira was around. The two had formed a strong bond and worked well as a group.

The months she spent with Godo soon became the happiest of her life. She had met him when she was only an Proselyte. Their friendship grew and she learned a lot from Godo. One of the many things was how to love someone. Seeing as Love is a very strong emotion the two of them were always stronger around each other. In a few battles Godo was always there watching over Kaira, not that she minded at all. There were times when she wished they could be the only two in the universe. Together they went on a few trips to deal with some personal things every time they came back a live but worst for wear. Days before Kaira would learn of her Knighthood, Godo left the clan, disappearing on them all. The day she found out she was going to become a Knight she got a letter from Godo. It only read that he wasn’t coming back and that there bond was dead. Kaira weeped opening for her loss.

In that loss how ever came another that picked up the pieces of her shatted heart. Kal Vorrac was there many times training Kaira when she had free time. The closeness that they shared was clear in their friendship. Kaira was in love with Godo however and wouldn't ever hurt him. The only thing was she had a big crush on Kal. That was why when Godo left she went and started training more with Kal in her free time. Their friendship grew and the day the letter came in it was Kal who was there to let her cry on his shoulder. Kaira knew then that it was Kal who was always there when she needed a friend. For now she is not sure what will happen with Kal but she is enjoying spending time learning from her good friend.

As the days came and went Kaira learned just months before coming a knight she had been named Prodigy of Plagueis. This was a great honor to her and she took it to heart that she had a job to do. This job was to see to it that the clan summit was kept safe. Well, that was part of the job anyway. Kaira spent time going over what the last prodigy had done but she didn't see much from him. That just ment she had an even harder job to do so she took up rains and started working as hard as she could to help her clan. It was at this time she knew she had to buckle down and do even more for Alaris Jinn.

Alaris Jinn had done a lot for her as she quickly climbed the ranks to Knight. He was there to be harsh when needed and give praise when something was done right. The hardest task Kaira had to do with him was that trip to test her self getting from one side to the other of that content. It had not been easy for her but she had made it. The other thing that had not been easy for her was dealing with Master Alaris Jinn. At times he was cold and vary harsh with her. She walked away from traing more times then not with more bruse then she thought her body could take. It was in those moments she knew that she was learning how ever from a great Master. Alaris Jinn was there the day she became a Dark Jedi Knight and was proud of her. Kaira only felt that she had done what she set out to do and that was to Make Alaris proud of her. Once that was done she knew that she knew that her time with her master was now at an end. Of couse she knew he would always be there if ever there was a need.

The Road to War

Having ups and downs was all a part of life. Some lives were harder to understand than others. Yet Kaira Rohana, Dark Jedi Knight of Clan Plagueis, was rather easy to understand. Becoming a Dark Jedi had been the road she chose to walk. Maybe she wasn't as ruthless as those around her but she wasn't a push over either. Her time with her clan had taught her a great many things about herself and about never giving up on learning. There was a drive with in her to learn all she could about the history of the brotherhood and beyond. Never letting! anything slow her down even as she met Koga Kage.

Since joining the Dark Brotherhood, Kaira had meet many men. None had the same hold on her as Koga. He was there for her in ways others never could have been. Yet he leaned on her at times for her knowledge. As war loomed the pair knew there time together could be cut short. Rather than let that stop them they drove forward pushing each other in there daily trials. The pair did enjoy sparing but not always against each other. Koga was harsh when it came to dueling. Kaira was much more fluid in her dueling! It left them at odds at times.

With her trust lost in a leader she wondered if all leaders could use her then to use her a side. There was no time to think about that as an artifact for the clan was stolen. The invasion started and her name was brought up. Quickly she did some digging. Finding out that a past contact with a group she grew up in was some how tired to this. Kaira didn't want to end up with her own loyalty in question so rather than allow those with in her clan to find out about this she and a close friend Aeshi went about trying to change some records. Seeing as the group was still under her name as owner. That was a stressful time as Cethgus found the change and had her thrown into a very dark cell.

With there past fights Kaira wanted nothing at all to do with Cethgus. He was just another man that she no longer care for. In fact she would go so far to say she hated the man and wished his death. Only thing was as she was taken to that cell and left there her life was now in his hands. Time slipped by the clan as they felt the Mirror was already gone. Kaira on the other hand was still in that dark cell and if not for Cethgus she might be dead. It the decision had been left to Viv both Aeshi and Kaira would be at least in a world of pain.

It became clear that Kaira had nothing to do with the mirror's disappearance. However War was just around the corner and the clan needed every one. Kaira left what she had know to be home for over a year now to join her clan as they went to help the Grandmaster of the Dark Brotherhood help retake the dark Jedi home world. This wouldn't be an easy job but Kaira knew it was something that had to be done.

Great Jedi War 9

This was the first time Kaira had ever felt truly uncertain about her outcome. Since joining up with the brotherhood and Clan Plagueis Kaira had felt strong and a bright future now it seemed clouded in mystery. Still she stood tall with the rest of her clan members to join the ground forces of the brotherhood on Antei. It seemed that the Force-devoid Aliens were no longer the threat. That troubled her a bit as they had prepared to fight the Aliens but it looked as if they were going up again Jedi.

It wasn't long before there new enemy was made clear to all of the brotherhood. In the few days that followed Kaira found that this enemy would be harder to face then any other. It was partly because she let her guard down ending up kidnapped for a short time. After Alaris Jinn had to come and get her back Kaira decided to lay low.

Alaris Jinn may have rescued but he distrusted her after their meeting and fight. Kaira knew that Koga Kage watching over her wasn't just because he wanted to keep her safe but also to make sure she was back on there side. Not acting to give info to the Jedi. Really Kaira didn't mind this at all it just meant that she got to spend even more time with Koga Kage.

This lead to them being shot down in a shuttle after dropping off a number of dark Jedi that were part of a planned attack on the Jedi. Kaira just hoped there mission went better than there flight back. It was Denath both her and Koga Kage might have died. He helped get them back to the plagueis beach head and treatment for there injuries. Koga healed faster then Kaira but it was also Koga’s determination that got Kaira sidelined. Being left behind in the camp up set her for a time but she knew that she was there to hold the line if something happened.

What happened next Kaira never thought would happen. Having some one give her a letter it was news to her that made her smile. Wishing she could share this news with Koga she had just been given a new Rank of Krath Priest. A short time later Koga showed back up only he had been tricked by the Jedi. They had altered his mind, leaving Kaira at his mercy as he attacked without cause and with a ruthlessness that was unmatched. Kaira tried to fight back but she couldn't bring her self to hurt Koga as he hurt her. It was Alaris who showed up at just the right time knocking Koga out as Kaira crumbled into the ground.

When they came around Koga remember little of what happened but his mind was slowly returning to normal. It was Kaira who brought him back from the darkness and showed him the truth in what had happened. Neither of them got revenge the way they wanted it but both knew in the future together they would. It was a long road but as the war came to an end with there side coming out on top Kaira knew it was time to head back home.

Trouble within Clan

After only a week back the Clan seemed to be headed for trouble of their own. Kaira could see that Braecen and Alaris were not getting on as they once had. Something was going to play out soon Kaira just was not sure what would happen. Kaira had spent a lot of time with Koga as of late and the two were talking marriage. They would have set things in motion for that if the two houses of the clan had not went to war with each other.

Kaira felt pulled into the middle of this whole feud. Her house seemed to be backing Braecen to remain Consul of the clan but her loyalty was to Alaris as he was her master. It left her wondering just who was the stronger Dark Jedi. Kaira felt that the straight lied with Alaris and that was where she stood but her house felt differently. It left her wondering if she could still fight with her house and stand with Alaris. Thought out the new few days Kaira was forced into the feud to fight but she never wanted to kill any of her fellow clan members. That did not mean she did not fight if it came to it but she tried to stop the fight with out killing so as to leave the clan a many skilled warriors as she could.

In the end Alaris came out on top and Braecen left. Only thing was her house knew how she felt. That Alaris was the one she would stand with. That meant a change of house for the young woman. The move to House Satal Keto was not easy for Kaira. She loved being in House Exar Kun but at the same time she knew for now it was not her home any longer. The hardest part was to be apart from Koga. The feud had only pushed them closer together and before she left House Exar Kun they were marred.

A new Bringing

The moment the feud was over Koga asked for Kaira’s Hand in marriage. As she stood there looking deep with in his eyes she smiled at him with a love deep with in her heart. She knew that a lot of her strength in the force came from her love of Koga. The answer she gave to him was a yes and they were soon married in a small ceremony with a few friends and clan members on hand. Octavia Morgan Kuga married the couple knowing what it was like to share a life with another.

With there wedding behind them and there honeymoon over. Kaira said her good byes to her old house and headed to Morroth. The cold weather that awaited her only made her that much more depressed to be away from Koga. But in that time away she learned a few things about herself. That she could find strength even without her husband. It was not easy but she soon learned to deal with the cold and her new house mates.

After only a few short months with them Kaira was promoted to house Rollmaster. A job she took very serenely. The moment she was promoted she shared the news with her husband how just happened to be House Exar Kun's Rollmaster. This meant the pair would be working together a lot and seeing each other even more. Kaira was much happier now and things seemed to be going well.

What will happy with Kaira in the future she dose not know for sure but what ever it is she knows Koga will be by her side. The two are working hard for there clan and keeping all the new recruits inline with there training. Soon after being made Rollmaster Kaira also found herself being moved up to the rank of Krath Archpriest. It was a shock to her but a proud moment for both her and her house. She will try very hard now to keep things moving forward to the future for both her house and clan.

A change to a new house.....

Who would have guessed that Kaira would find love in the Brotherhood? Not her when she first joined. Yet that was just what happened. She had a family now, things that she didn't want to lose. Part of her didn't trust her House however. Plagueis had changed with new leadership. She had found out firsthand that she couldn't stand by anymore, so she took her first step onto a new road for her life.

That first step was to step down as Rollmaster of House Plagueis. It wasn't an easy choice, but she did just that to help herself for once. Her family meant more to her now then her House. With this change however, also came uncertainty with this House. She felt that a bigger change was just around the corner for her but where that path was still was not clear.

Then it happened the House found a new enemy and Kaira felt the safety of her family was coming into question. First, something from Koga's past had cropped up to find them. The stress caused her to question how safe could they be in a house preparing for war. Kaira had heard news about a new House with in the Brotherhood that might hold more safety for her and her family.

With the news of the new House being a more Light side House, Kaira started to think it might be a better fit for her. So Kaira went to Koga to talk to him about a move. They talked long into the night with a fight over there loyalty to Plagueis. Kaira knew that this wouldn't be easy for either of them. Yet they had their daughter's wellbeing on their minds. It was no secret that if there was a way to use their daughter against them, Kal would use that advantage. That very fact was the deciding reason for their move.

Both Equites packed up all they could into two small fighters. Then what was left Kaira had a known smuggler friend ship the bigger items for them. It wasn't cheap, but well worth it in the long run. Then it was time for goodbyes. Kaira didn't want to just skip out on the House she had spent all of her career in, she wanted to say her goodbyes. Even with the change she couldn't just leave in the middle of battle.

Kaira took her time finding the right moment to say her farewells and leave the navy of Plagueis on a high note. She helped in their fight, while her husband watched over their daughter from afar. Her students were handed off in their studies to others within the House as well. They would do great things for plagueis, she was certain. She had always done so, since being welcomed into the Brotherhood.

House Odan-Urr was a major change for Kaira and Koga, whom were used to anger being a driving force though the Dark side. Now they were being educated of the Light side much more, as they learned more about the Force. Kaira found that she was much more of a grey Jedi then she had realised. Fighting to kill had never been something she wanted. It had been part of life in Plagueis.

Now she was going to be able to do more good then evil. This was something she would relish in with her daughter, to learn that sometimes it was better to control your anger then to just let go killing any one that got in your way. She was going to take her time now to learn more about this House and the teachings of the Jedi. This was a time of learning for Kaira once more.

Odan-Urr a new life

Odan-Urr had been the right choice for Kaira. Her daughter felt safe here. Over the course of their time with the House, however, things had changed a lot for them both. Wars had been fought and lost. Yet through all those times Kaira stuck with Odan-Urr. This place was more of a home than anywhere else she had ever been. Only trouble now was the unrest.

In the last Great Jedi War, Kaira fought as a leader of her House. Since then however she had dropped leadership in favor of being a good mother to her daughter, though she didn't exclude the possibility of leading in the future. The war had taken its toll on New Tython where they lived. Many there felt that the Jedi did not do enough to keep them safe and on top of that got a lot of them killed. It just did not sit well.

Kaira had tried hard to help rebuild but with a small child that needed her, she was always off helping her own family while leaving the rebuilding to theirs. The problem was, nothing on New Tython was the same after the war. People didn’t trust the Jedi any longer. It left them with someone else to turn to that the Jedi could not stop. Words said to crowds left many wondering if the Jedi could be trusted any more at all.

It soon became clear that the Jedi would no longer be safe on New Tython. With all the craziness with the Brotherhood running all over looking for Sith and Jedi history the Jedi were home little to keep things in check. They were on-world long enough to help settle the unrest, but were forced to leave the planet to try and stop the Dark Brotherhood's Crusade. With the Jedi gone, things seemed to settle down, though no one could be sure why.

With all this going on Kaira had left her daughter Kystal with a family that she trusted. The girl was being rasied away from the Force for now. Even so, Kaira knew that wouldn’t last long. Kystal had already shown that she was a Jedi at heart. The girl at only 6 months could move things around with the Force. It made life very interesting for those that watched her.

When the war broke out on New Tython, Kaira was offworld and had no idea if her daughter was safe. She and her fellow Jedi rushed back to New Tython to find her daughter. If the girl wasn't alive she was not sure she would be able to whole things together. That young child was her life and she couldn’t stand the thought of losing her.

Once on New Tython Kaira knew it wouldn’t be easy to find her daughter but she worked with the others that had come back as well. As a group of Jedi they would stick out so each one of them dressed as a refugee and went in search of what they could find out.

It wasn’t long before Kaira found her daughter. The girl was with the same family and the Nanny droid that the Jedi had given to her. This had been just what Kaira had wanted to see. Now that she knew her little princess was safe she could go about her Jedi business. Thing was, that business was to get offworld and fast.

Since they would be leaving New Tython, Kaira was not about to leave Kystal behind. The question became where could take the girl. Not just anyone could watch over and raise her. That left little options in the womans mind. Over the years Kaira had made a number of friends. Some had followed her to the brotherhood after she told them about it, while others had chosen to remain hidden.

There was a woman on Tatooine that had once helped her out and she in turn had done a lot to help the woman as well. Aerwin Tarven happened to be about her age and they had tried to help each other but she had gotten away from smuggling whereas Aerwin wouldn’t hear of it. Kaira knew almost at once that the woman had a gift much like hers, but it wasn’t until just a few months back that Rohana found out just what that gift was when she happened to run into Tarven. It was then she tried once more to bring the woman into the brotherhood but she said she liked her life and would not want to change it at least right now.

Maybe she would not want to change and come to the brotherhood but maybe she should take on a young child. It was the best call she could make at this time. Quickly she sent out a message to the friend. When she heard back with in just a few hours she knew that it couldn’t be what she wanted to hear. That was what Kaira thought any way. As she read the message her heart sorrowed.

Tarven had decided to build a small trade business on Coruscant in the underground market. The woman had chosen this life for one reason and one reason only; her heart went out to two small kids that were orphaned when both parents were killed in a botched job that Tarven had been on the sidelines to see. Those two little kids needed a parent and not a home that would mistreat them. Kaira was overjoyed at the thought of this.

When she told Aerwin of her problems the woman quickly told her to bring the child to her. She would watch over Kystal as well as make sure the girl kept up with her training. If that meant at some point bringing her back to the Jedi she would do it as she was starting to see that maybe her own power needed to be trained if she was to keep all the kids safe from harm. It was something she would have to think about anyway.

With her daughter now safe Kaira quickly jumped back into the swing of things with her House. That was what had to be done for now. Until she was sure things would be safe she couldn’t bring her daughter home again and that just wouldn’t do. Right now she wanted Kystal with her to train the girl and someday pass on all of her wisdom to her.

Once again the fight for survival was on for Kaira as they went to yet another planet in search of the One Sith and Sith artifacts. The Jedi of her House had decided to rid the universe of a number of these items and she was bound to see it through. This time however they were on the defense a lot of the time trying to hold their ground.

When the smoke had cleared the Jedi were once again on the run. They would be for some time, Kaira felt. On the run to the next fight, to the next person that needed them. What was next for her House? What was next for her and her daughter? Would she ever be able to relax again? She was not sure and this life was starting to get to her. Maybe it was time to take a break and leave the fight against the Brotherhood? Take the time to raise her daughter before something happened to her. What ever Kaira decided would have to be done soon. Changes were on her mind.

Death of a Jedi

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Battle team leader for Odan-Urr

Rollmaster for house Odan-Urr

Rollmaster for house Plaguies

Leader of Blades of Kun

Prodigy of Plagueis

Flight Leader in Exar's Shadow

Outstanding Achievements

Making it to Protector

Getting to Dark Jedi Knight

Winner of the three way Clan Feud, Uneasy Alliances

Created Godo Teddy Bear

Prodigy of Plagueis

9th over all in the GJW 9

Won a Sapphire Blade

First place over all in Clan Plagueis Feud

1st Annual Dictim of Two Skies Awards: Outstanding Equite/Elder There has never been a doubt, at any time, as to who is the most outstanding Equite or Elder in Clan Plagueis, and I doubt that anyone will be surprised that the Dictim goes to Kaira Rohana

First place in BattleFront 2 contest 67-31 in the month of June 2010

Won a Amethyst Kukri


Kaira is allergic to chocolate it sends her into a deep coma. Yet it doesn't kill her.