Imichua Haruki

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Imichua Haruki
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"The object of war is not to die for your cause, but to let the other bastard die for his."
―Imichua Haruki

Character History

Imichua's Childhood(4 ABY - 17 ABY)

Imichua was born on Corellia and had a hard childhood. He got abused by his father. His mother was too afraid of her husband to do anything about it. Imichua´s father was a very aggressive man; he always smacked Imichua and his mother around even when he was sober. Imichua´s thoughts about his childhood were nothing but bruises. He didn´t had many friends but he knew some people that lived near him. The people he knew were concerned about him. If Imichua had a black eye they wouldn’t stop asking him how it happened. Not long, after Imichua turned sixteen an event happened that changed Imichua´s live forever. His father came back from a local bar and yet again he was drunk. He picked a fight with his son. Imichua´s father didn´t stop insulting him and pushing him against the wall.

Corellia, the home planet of Imichua Haruki

At the moment Imichua´s father gave him a hit it happened, something snapped inside of Imichua´s mind. Imichua felt a dark energy rising from inside of him. In a blur he pulled with an invisible force a blade of the wall. With the blade in his hand Imichua walked towards his father. Imichua pointed the blade at his father and made an attempt to strike his father down. In the process Imichua´s mother came between to stop the madness. But it was too late. Imichua struck with an enormous force and the blade went right thru her chest into his father’s heart. Blood splatters flew a couple of feet and the blade went all the way in until the hilt was pressed against his mother´s chest. The blade missed her heart but she died because of the great damage that was dealt on her lungs. Imichua saw the blade pierced into his mother. Imichua pulled back out the blade and watched how his parents collapsed. Their eyes just looked into infinity. Imichua fell on his knees calling his mother´s name but she already deceased. In shock Imichua grabbed a bag, packed some stuff from his room and before leaving the house he took the money that was lying in the desk drawer. Imichua vanished like a thief in the night.

The Loner (17ABY-21ABY)

After leaving his home Imichua ran towards his dads company and took one of the YT-1250´s that was standing in the hangar. He knew how to fly with the YT because he learned it from his uncle. When Imichua was fifteen he went on a trip with his uncle that lasted four months. His uncle taught Imichua how to fly and maintain an YT-1250. He also taught his nephew how to bargain. In the four months Imichua was away from home he learned more than the last 3 years of his life together. Imichua flew towards Corellian´s other side. He knew a place there were he could spend the next day’s save and out of sight. He landed the ship near the coast, between two cliffs. The first night Imichua didn’t sleep. How could he ever forgive himself for killing his mother? The next days he tried to recreate the dark energy he felt in himself the night he killed his parents.

Imichua sat 5 feet away from a can he placed on a table and tried to pull it towards him. After 3 days trying Imichua got very angry. Imichua walked in anger towards the table and wanted to hit the can off. Just before he´s hand touched the can, it flew thru the room against the wall. Imichua didn´t understand what happened. Only if he got really angry, and the anger came out of his emotion he had pulled or pushed an item towards or away from him. Imichua stayed for three weeks at the lake. After the three weeks Imichua flew to Coruscant. There he got a job to transport goods to other planets. Mainly Imichua transported legitimate goods but sometimes did some smuggling for villain people. He met new people but kept in mind that they all could not be trusted.

One Day Imichua met a guy in a bar that had a business proposal. He needed someone with a ship to transport goods and he would pay fifty/fifty of the deal they did. He said that he also wanted to travel along with the goods so that the receivers would pay correctly. Imichua knew it could get dangerous but wanted to earn more money so he agreed with the proposal. Everything worked fine for a year. Sometimes there was a fight, even real danger for his life if the receiver changed the deal on his behave but managed to stay alive with only a few scars on his arms. On rare occasions in a fight Imichua managed to smack away his opponent with the energy he felt inside. It wasn’t rare that Imichua killed his opponent. Usually Imichua would kill them, but there were situations that called upon less violence.

After about a year his business partner double crossed him. Imichua was present on all payouts but this time he had to stay outside. He heard a couple of men that were moving the goods talking about the price their boss paid to get the goods. It didn’t match with what his partner told him. So behind the back of his partner Imichua made a call to the client and learned that his partner had betrayed him. Imichua had a plan. Right after the next job he would confront his partner with it. When he did he also found out after a fight that this job had been paid less than it should have been. Imichua got so angry he took his blaster, pointed it at his partner and killed him. After dumping his body in space, Imichua flew back to Coruscant. There he gained a more fearsome status of killing the one´s that betrayed him.

Strangers In the Night (21A BY - 27 ABY)

On a dark and rainy night Imichua got approached by a women and a man. They needed a pilot with some experience to fly to Kapsina in the Jusadih System . Imichua accepted the job, made an arrangement and told them to meet him in the morning at the hangar. After Imichua got home he took some stuff and stayed for the night in his ship. As the two strangers arrived the preflight was done and the ship was ready to leave. While walking to the ship the two strangers got engaged in a battle. Ten men with blaster rifles started to open fire upon them. In a blink of an eye one of them wielded a light saber to defend them self. The other one ran to Imichua and started to shout that he had to start the engines.

Imichua ran inside right after watching the woman throwing a barrel at the men with an invisible force and did what he was told to do. When the two got inside Imichua took off and watched blaster fire passes the ship. As the ship arrived in space the man came towards Imichua and told him to leave the planets orbit as soon as possible. Imichua started a conversation about the women´s power. Imichua asked the woman how she threw that barrel to the men. After she was done telling him about her being a dark Jedi knight he told her about his experience with the force. She listened with her full attention to what Imichua had to say. The women didn’t say much after Imichua was done telling his story. She only said that Imichua had to stay a few more days on Kapsina and that he would not regret that.

The Brotherhood (27 ABY - Present)

Imichua Haruki on Kapsina
After 3 days on Kapsina Imichua received a message to come to the Dark Tower. After asking around what the Dark Tower was he arrived just on time to see the women that invited him. She had a new mission and didn’t have much time to chat. She only wished him good luck and left him at the entrance of the Dark Tower. Imichua was impressed by the enormous size of the building. After searching for an information desk, Imichua was told to meet a man on the second floor. As Imichua arrived the man was waiting near a war banner. After a short introduction, Dismal Visutor gave a little tour. He explained the workings of Clan Plagueis. He said that Imichua needed to train hard, not only in combat but also in the force and knowledge. After running some courses with success on the Shadow Academy, Imichua was assigned to House Exar Kun. Imichua had to become stronger. After a few months training Imichua got his first mission. Together with a team including Dismal and Alaris they were send to a planet to destroy a Crimson Tide base. The mission was a disaster. They had to leave Dismal behind.

Months passed until Imichua was assigned as Kaira Rohana´s apprentice. Kaira is strong in affecting the mind and on their first meeting she used that to test Imichua. Imichua trained hard under her wings. At some point Kaira left Plagueis leaving Imichua behind without a master. One day Tiberius Di Cloud offered Imichua his services as a master. It was Tiberius who would guide Imichua towards the rank of Dark Jedi Knight. During the time as an apprentice Imichua thought allot from his Master.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

  • Member of Blades of Kun.
  • Member of Primus Pilus
  • Flight Leader of Primus Pilus.

Outstanding Achievements


  • Imichua killed his parents.
  • Imichua likes to fly ships, he also has his own ship that he modified to gain more comfort in it.