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Further development of Idris resulted in utilizing the old legends Mandalorian language, [[starwars:Mando%27a|Mando’a]], for both Idris’ CS aspect names and his last name, Adenn, coming from the word for ‘merciless’. Further tying Idris to the Game of Thrones universe, his middle name, Tyvaros, comes from the High Valyrian word for ‘serpent’.
Further development of Idris resulted in utilizing the old legends Mandalorian language, [[starwars:Mando%27a|Mando’a]], for both Idris’ CS aspect names and his last name, Adenn, coming from the word for ‘merciless’. Further tying Idris to the Game of Thrones universe, his middle name, Tyvaros, comes from the High Valyrian word for ‘serpent’.
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Rise of the Brotherhood eraExodus era.New Order era.
Idris Adenn
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

8 ABY (age 29)

Physical Description





6'0" / 1.83 m


161 lbs / 73.0 kg





Personal Information

Miradela Adenn


Vaeden Adenn †


Andias Adenn
Darven Adenn †
Brynad Adenn †
Elia Adenn †

Known Children:

Elia Adenn


Crew of The Viper Fang


Tysus Lanqor
Bjorn Celathas


2x Westar-35 Blaster Pistols
Mandalorian Vambraces

Fighting Style(s):

Mandalorian Core

Chronology & Political Information

Bounty Hunter


Rise of the Brotherhood era
Exodus era
New Order era


Clan Adenn of Mandalore
Clan Vizsla

Personal Ship:

The Viper Fang



[ Source ]

"It is a big and beautiful galaxy. Most of us live and die in the same corner where we were born and never get to see any of it. I don’t want to be most of us."
―Idris Adenn

Idris Tyvaros Adenn, also known as The Red Viper, is a cocky, headstrong, and dangerous Mandalorian Bounty Hunter and Mercenary. He was born on Mandalore to Vaeden and Miradela, the heads of Clan Adenn. He was their fourth son, but only the second to live into adolescence. He was trained to honor the traditional ways of his Mandalorian ancestors and takes great pride in his heritage and warrior ways.

Idris lives aboard his personal ship, a VCX-100 light freighter called The Viper Fang, with his daughter and a crew he considers his family. Full of swagger and a love for the pleasures of the galaxy, Idris has traveled from one end to the other fighting and partying to a notorious level. In 37 ABY, Idris became one of the founding members of Clan Vizsla within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Character History

Early Life (8 ABY - 18 ABY)


Birth (8 ABY)

Idris Tyvaros Adenn was born in 8 ABY as the cold war between the New Republic and Imperial Remnants waged, in the Mandalorian capital city of Sundari. While Clan Adenn had stood with the Rebel Alliance during the days of conflict against the Galactic Empire, Idris’ family and clan had stood down following the final defeat of the Empire at the Battle of Jakku.

Vaeden Adenn, Idris’ father and head of Clan Adenn, was a battleworn veteran by the time Idris was born. A hard man, with strict discipline and adherence to the traditions of the Mandalorians, had turned his focus back to Mandalore and the betterment of his clan, and his people.

Miradela Adenn, Idris’ mother, was more than a perfect match for Vaeden’s firm personality. A skilled warrior in her own right, by the time Idris was born she had softened greatly. This was largely due to the death of their second child Darven in 7 ABY.

The Adenns had two other living children at this time, Andias age 7, and Brynad age 3.

Growing Mandalorian (8 ABY - 18 ABY)

The first couple of years of Idris’ life were typical of a Mandalorian child. Following his birth, he was taken home to Clan Adenn’s family compound on Mandalore. Alongside his extended family members of Clan Adenn, this compound also featured a multigenerational Twi’lek family. The Kyls had once been slaves, freed by Idris’ grandfather in 53 BBY. Since that time the Kyls had lived with the members of Clan Adenn. Idris grew up along side Ashara Kyl who was just about half a year older than himself.

In 10 ABY, Idris’ sister Elia was born. Shortly thereafter, in 11 ABY, Idris’ brother Brynad died from health complications. Despite how hard Idris’ parents took Brynad’s death, they kept a calm face in front of their children. Idris’ earliest memories are of the funeral service for his brother.

For the most part, Idris liked to push the boundaries of what he would be allowed to do, but was still in general a good kid. He frequently got in trouble along side Ashara for the shenanigans they would get into. His parents, Vaeden in particular stood strict in terms of their expectations for him, as the earliest days of his training began.

Rise of the Viper (18 ABY - 33 ABY)

Kill The Boy (18 ABY - 24 ABY)

Adenn Family Heirloom - Shadowfang

At the age of 10, Idris’ Mandalorian training began in earnest. His abilities were pushed to the limits for a developing boy, with Vaeden being incredibly driven that his son respect the Mandalorian traditions, and be a capable warrior in his own right. Andias, now 16, had already come to largely reject many of the warrior customs of the Mandalorians, idolizing the peaceful pacifist movements seen during the Clone Wars.

As Vaeden’s only other living son, Vaeden placed a lot of hope and expectations upon Idris. Vaeden knew Andias might one day be the head of the Clan, but its reputation and standing would depend on if Idris would show he could be just as skilled a warrior and Mandalorian as Vaeden.

Clan Adenn’s wealth came as a blessing and a curse to Idris during these years. He was given the best training available, but also had access to luxuries that he came to very much appreciate. Idris and Vaeden would fight frequently, and at one point in 22 ABY, at the age of 14, Idris was abandoned on the streets of Coruscant, forced to show he could survive and make his way back home to Mandalore.

It was during these years that Vaeden taught Idris of Shadowfang, an ancient lightsaber with a black core and purple glow that had been a family heirloom for centuries, something that Vaeden had not even shared with Andias. Despite the tense and harsh nature of Vaeden’s treatment of Idris, it was moments like learning of Shadowfang that showed Idris that his father did care deeply for him and was trying to prepare him for the future.

Enter the Wookiee (24 ABY)

By the time he was 16, Idris’ father began taking him with him to work. They traveled far and wide across the galaxy, working as bounty hunters and mercenaries. One such job took them deep into the Outer Rim working for a capable warlord. The warlord had many Wookiee slaves. Idris’ moral compass was already well formed. While he had little issues with killing or bring in people as bounties, actually owning slaves was something he found deplorable. While his father interacted with the warlord, he spent his time with the slaves, and became close with one of the Wookiees who called himself Rayjax.

By the time their work in with the warlord was complete, Idris had formed a plan to free Rayjax and the other slaves. After leaving the planet, Idris stole a light freighter full of trade goods. In the dead of night he landed outside the warlords compound, and snuck the slaves out.

He took the slaves back to their home world of Kashyyyk. There Rayjax learned his own family had been killed in a slaver raid, and his tribe was on the brink of collapse. Idris had the Wookiees take all the trade goods off the freighter, hoping it would help them rebuild.

With his own family dead, Rayjax did not wish to remain on Kashyyyk. He attempted to swear a life debt to Idris for freeing him but Idris cut him short. Idris offered to take Rayjax home with him to Mandalore so the Wookiee could decide where he wanted to go, but only if Rayjax didn’t swear the life debt. They left together, and returned the light freighter sans cargo.

Vaeden was both furious and proud of his son’s actions. After all Vaeden’s own father had freed the Twi’lek family that still lived with them. His only punishment for Idris’ actions was making the teen work for the cost of the cargo he had given away. Rayjax ended up being welcomed by the Adenns, and despite initially expecting to leave, the Wookiee has stayed with his friend Idris ever since.

Viper’s Venom (25 ABY)

At the age of 17, Idris had become well versed in the skills of seduction. It came as natural as breathing to him. While this had led to some close encounters with trouble, it finally came to a head in 25 ABY.

While traveling with his father to Coruscant, a diplomat found him in bed with his wife. There was a short brawl, followed with Idris managing to get his hands on the dagger buried in the clothing pile he had left in the room. While security managed to get into the room to break up the fight, Idris had managed to give a small minor cut on the diplomat’s forearm.

Vaeden quickly removed Idris from Coruscant, sending him home to Mandalore while he finished his job and attempt to patch things up with the diplomat. d. Several days later the diplomat was dead. While there was no proof that Idris had poisoned his dagger and the infection wasn’t a fluke of nature, word spread, and Idris moniker of being a Viper was born.

That New Fang (25 ABY)

The Viper Fang

The events on Coruscant led to Vaeden being much more reluctant to take Idris with him in the field. With Rayjax having his back, Idris began to making his own adventure on Mandalore and its nearby systems. Rayjax had a knack for mechanics, and his years as a slave had led to him coming up with some inventive ways to jury rig items with scraps.

Together they found themselves on a largely abandoned moon used as a base for the Black Sun Crime Syndicate. Base was a generous term for what they found there, it was more a chop shop for stolen ships.

It was love at first sight for Idris and Rayjax. A VCX-100 light freighter that had been partially stripped down with its accompanying auxiliary starfighter. Rayjax set to work, while Idris blasted through a handful of security droids. Luckily it wasn’t a long hyperspace jump for the pair to return to Mandalore. By the time they landed it, life support and all but one of the secondary engines had failed.

Along with help from Ashara Kyl, the trio set to work to make the VCX-100 the renovated home base of their dreams.

Crash of the Epsilon Shade (26 ABY)

As 26 ABY began, Vaeden began to slowly start bringing Idris back with him in the field. Idris was torn between being annoyed at being taken away from Rayjax, Ashara, and their work on what the ship they had named The Viper Fang, and being grateful for once again being in the good graces of his father.

The Epsilon Shade changed everything for Clan Adenn.

The job was simple enough, Vaeden had been hired as extra protection on the freighter. The cargo wasn’t anything particularly interesting, it was just a weapons shipment. But they had been hired out by a fellow Mandalorian Clan, Clan Larjoc. Aradas Larjoc was a shrewd businessman, whose company had created several new advanced Mandalorian weaponry. Vaeden was to escort the ship, and oversee the hand off.

The exact details of how the initial explosion were never found out: sabotage, or just a faulty detonator. One of the several cargo holds was blown clean open. It cause great structural damage to the freighter. Several smaller explosions followed due to the jettisoned cargo, critically damaging the engines.

Vaeden and Idris were just outside the freighter’s cockpit when the explosion happened, talking to the ship’s captain. All three suffered head injuries and lost consciousness following the explosions. Idris’ was the least serious of the three, regaining consciousness to blood rolling down his face. He attempted to get his father and the captain to wake up, but was unsuccessful. The rest of the crew had either been killed in the explosions or had already jettisoned in escape pods. The blaring lights and warnings within the cockpit presented a horrible decision for Idris.

The ship’s engines, in a critical state, were unable to be shutdown, left at a full sub-light throttle. There was still a heavy amount of explosive weapons in the remaining cargo holds. Their trajectory had their impact on the planet before them right in the middle of a well populated city. And autopilot was nonfunctional.

Idris could drag his father and the captain to the one remaining escape pod, jettison with them, and let the ship crash into the city killing thousands. Or he could jettison them and remain on the ship, and attempt to steer it away from populated areas.

He chose the second option, securing the safety of his father and the captain before strapping himself into the pilot’s seat of the freighter. He managed to get enough directional thrust to attempt to hold the ship in a long slow descent into the planet’s atmosphere, hoping the ship would break apart enough that the explosives would be destroyed in the descent, and not in impact with the plant surface.

The structural damage to the freighter due to the original explosion cause the ship to break in half as it entered the atmosphere. With no more engines and navigational thrusters, Idris held tight and did what he could to slow the remains of the ship he was in.

The debris trail was hundreds of kilometers long. His plan for the explosives to be vaporized in the atmosphere worked and the population on the planet was safe. The front half of the ship held together surprisingly well as it finally crashed into the planet’s surface. Idris’s severely injured body was recovered quickly, and it was months before he finally awoke from his coma. As he slept and slowly healed, his name and courageous actions quickly spread. The legends of the Viper were beginning to stick.

Let the Man be Born (27 ABY)

Idris in his reforged family armor

By late 27 ABY, Idris had once again returned to full health, and helping his father work. Jobs came in specifically for Idris as well. Amidst the jobs they worked, came another one of security from Aradas Larjoc.

Aradas, to his credit, had funded the entirety of the medical expenses Idris required, and donated heavily for the completion of The Viper Fang. The job he wanted Vaeden and Idris for was straight forward enough, he was conducting a business deal with a particularly powerful and ruthless individual named Tysus Lanqor. Aradas was just looking for additional clout in his deal with Tysus. Idris’ sister begged to come along too, as she was enamoured with Aradas’ son, Rhang.

The deal went off without a hitch. Idris, bored out of his mind while the deal was going on, spent most of it making eyes at several of the servants working for Aradas. The only part of the deal he found remotely interesting was the bodyguard that Tysus Lanqor brought with him. Idris could only describe him as mountainous. Bjorn Celathas was a hulking beast of pure muscle. When the deal concluded, Tysus and Aradas suggested drinks to celebrate a deal well struck, and Idris slipped out with a couple of the servants.

Later that night, Idris returned to the Larjoc compound, which was deathly silent and still. After a scream came from deep within the compound that Idris began to panic, it sounded like his father. He found the body of Aradas Larjoc first, laying face down in a pool of his own blood. He found the body of his sister Elia next. She was naked, restrained by ropes. Her head was a smashed pool of mush, he only knew for certain it was her due to the bracelet she still had around her wrist.

As he stood helpless over his sister, Rhang Larjoc stepped out of the shadows. He mocked how much fun he and Bjorn had with her before Bjorn crushed her head in. Rhang explained how he felt his father was destroying Clan Larjoc and that he had come to a mutually beneficial agreement with Tysus Lanqor. While Rhang foolishly gloated and monologued, Idris pulled his dagger, and lunged, stabbing Rhang through his throat and into his head.

While Rhang fell to the ground and died, Idris was already tearing down the hall to find his father. Vaeden was alive, but horribly injured. By the time Idris was able to get him out of the compound and get to a medical facility, he was dead.

The Adenn’s grieved, and Idris’ elder brother Andias became the new head of the family. Andias, still largely idolizing the New Mandalorian Movement that had long fallen away, refused to take Vaeden’s armor. He didn’t want to be a warrior, he wanted to help shape the future of the Mandalorian people as a politician.

Idris took the armor and had it reforged to his specifications. He would honor the generations of Clan Adenn who had worn, fought, bled, and died in it. Having trained extensively with the blade, he also took the ancient family heirloom, Shadowfang, as his own.

With The Viper Fang completely restored Idris, Rayjax, and Ashara took to the stars looking for work, and hoping for an opportunity for revenge against Tysus Lanqor and Bjorn Celathas. Rayjax handled piloting the ship well enough, and over saw mechanical stuff, while Ashara brought her medical knowledge, having long hoped to one day be a doctor.

A Surprising Gift (30 ABY)

In 30 ABY, Idris received a surprising communication. One of his many romantice ventures had resulted in a child. Idris quickly redirected The Viper Fang to Naboo, where he met his newborn daughter. Her mother, who was just a servant, was in a panic about how to provide for the girl. Idris assumed full responsibility for the girls well being, and took her with him to The Fang.

He decided to name her Elia, in memory of his sister.

The Starbound Songbird (32 ABY)

Idris once again found himself on a job that would change his life. A king, Isaidar Kilvaari, from the planet Aeria in the Outer Rim contacted Idris about a job that could go on for months helping with raids on a rebelling tribal group on the planet. King Kilvaari was hiring dozens of mercenaries with no ties to the planet to help. The payout was too much to ignore, so Idris took the job, and had The Fang set up shop in Isaidar’s palace hanger.

This is where Idris, Rayjax, and Ashara met the princess Madeline Jisella Kilvaari. Eighteen, beautiful and a clever mind, Idris was smitten with her at first sight. Despite his many attempts to woo her, Idris for the first time ever was unsuccessful in seducing someone. She was already promised to be married off to a lord on Aeria in a traditional marriage for allegiance.

Two weeks into their job on Aeria, the trio attended an illegal late night street swoop bike race. The winner of the race was a woman who kept her face concealed even at the after party. The three found it suspicious. In the early hours of the morning, returning to the palace, Idris spotted the woman sneaking back into the palace. He realized it was none other than Madeline.

This knowledge led to frequent secret communications between Idris and Madeline, who asked him to call her MJ. Idris learned a lot about her during this time, and just how badly she wanted to escape her father and the arranged marriage. She wanted to fly and see the stars. He still failed at seducing her however, which drove him crazy.

When the job on Aeria was done, and the rebelling tribe was pacified, Idris left an encrypted communicator with MJ and began to work on plans to help her escape to live the life she wanted.

Freeing the Songbird (32 ABY)

It took several months of planning and logistical work, but eventually with the help of Rayjax and Ashara, they had come up with a way to get MJ off Aeria while not being linked with her disappearance. Idris very publically took a job in the core worlds to avoid suspicion.

Ashara and Rayjax secretly made their way back to Aeria and after borrowing some tribal transport successfully “crashed” a transport MJ was taken cross planet. The three of them smuggled themselves off planet in a container, which was dropped to float in deep space, before being picked up by Idris on The Fang.

MJ’s father King Isaidar eventually contacted Idris, requesting his help in locating MJ. Idris lied and said he would let the king know if he heard anything about MJ’s location. The Fang crew offered to drop MJ off wherever she wanted, and after some prolonged instances of her saying she would leave after the next planet, she eventually took over as the primary pilot on the ship and a full member of the crew.

The Red Viper (33 ABY - Present)

That Ewok Wok (35 ABY)

In 35 ABY, Idris found himself staring right into the face of a Terentatek. A rich game collector had owned it, and it managed to escape. His attempts to recapture it failed, as did the attempts of the first four bounty hunters he hired. Idris was unaware of the previous four hunters when he accepted the job.

The bounty was specifically to bring it in alive. The game collector had reinforced the pen it had escaped from. Despite Idris’ best efforts, it eventually came down to be eaten, or kill it. So he chose to kill it. The game collector was very upset, and refused to pay the rest of the fee to Idris.

While everyone was so focused on the Terentatek, no one noticed several other creatures the game collector owned had escaped from their pens. One was a young Ewok named Takkoo, who after smelling some of the food being cooked on The Fang snuck on board. The Fang was well on its way from the planet by the time they discovered they had gained an extra passenger.

It took some work, but eventually Idris picked up enough of the language to understand Takkoo, and Takkoo understood enough basic to stop trying to steal their food. When Takkoo came in contact with Rayjax, he seemed to believe the Wookiee was in fact a giant Ewok, and began to constantly stay by his side.

They tried several times to free Takkoo, including taking him home to the Forest Moon of Endor. Takkoo refused to leave, and instead took up studying the strange new types of food he would encounter on their travels. He has become quite a good cook.

Brotherhood in Shadows (36 ABY)

Idris eventually found himself on the nightclub station of Danktooine, located in the Caperion System. He was unaware of its affiliation with the Brotherhood, or its owner Xen’Mordin. It was just a stopping point for a job he had taken, and seemed like a fun place to spend the night.

As fate would have it, this night also saw Xen’Mordin leave his office and visit the nightclub as well. He was looking to witness the next test in a series of chemical developments to increase suggestibility in a sentient being.

These chemical tests didn’t go as planned, and in several of the unknowing test subjects at the club that night experienced increased aggression.

Idris, down for a good bar fight, immediately jumped in to subdue the aggressive test subjects/club patrons. Over the course of the fight, he tackled Xen’Mordin to the ground, saving him from a spray of blaster fire. Xen’Mordin, a bit annoyed at being manhandled in such a manner, and perfectly capable of having dodged the bolts himself, was still grateful for Idris quick actions to protect a stranger.

While the club cleaned up from the fight, Xen’Mordin ran a quick background on Idris, and upon learning he was a Bounty Hunter, offered him some money to take on some jobs for the good of the Empire.

Exciting Excidium Exposure (37 ABY)

An agent of House Excidium went rogue. The dealings of the House, and its existence within the Caperion System absolutely had to remain a secret. While Xen’Mordin knew several members of Clan Scholae Palatinae would be hunting the rogue agent, he decided to intervene by hiring a professional.

Idris took the job, shocked at the credits being offered for a simple snatch and grab mission. It didn’t take a lot of work to find the agent, Ull Domar, had run to the moon Nar Shaddaa, hoping to sell information to the Hutts. The warehouse Ull was in was well defended. Rather than shoot his way through, Idris faked it, claiming he too worked for the same cartel and was there to escort Ull to The Boss.

It worked and Idris returned Ull to the Caperion System without having to shoot a single person.

Coin Bound in Blood (37 ABY)

Idris’ name and deeds done for Xen’Mordin traveled around the Dark Brotherhood, before ultimately landing in the ears of fellow Mandalorian, Declan Roark. Idris became one of several mercenaries and bounty hunters contacted about the formation of a group of like minded individuals who were seeking a reliable way to make lots of credits.

Idris jumped at the opprotunity and was among the first to join the Brotherhood’s newest Clan, Clan Vizsla.



Idris Adenn has easy but commanding presence. His tall, lean, and lithe body is toned and muscular without being bulging, covered by bronzed skin. He is graceful and confident in his movement, calm but like his moniker, he is always coiled ready to strike. Idris has a very focused physical regiment, and while it helps keep him strong, his focus is speed and agility, not brute strength.

Considered by many to be attractive, Idris has a square face with clear cheekbones and jawline. His jawline is further defined by a tight clean chin-strap beard. He also keeps a well-maintained mustache above his thin lips, usually rocking a pearly white smile. His hair is a luscious black, kept in a short wild Caesar-cut. He has dark brown eyes, mischievous and cunning, that are set under a sharp browline.

His face is extremely expressive, typically displayed as youthful, vigorous, full of life and lust. However, Idris is capable of being serious, and his face can often be found reflecting his more calm, respectful, and insightful side. With a quick temper, his expression can change in a snap. However often found in the bouts of combat, his expression typically reflects a fierce rage mixed with deep enjoyment of combat.

His body is littered with various scars, none serious, but all clearly reflect his combative lifestyle.


Idris’ Mandalorian Armor

Like many Mandalorians, Idris’ identity is closely tied to his armor. While not his family’s oldest child, he was the one to inherit the Adenn’s primary armor from his father, Vaeden. Constructed of the incredible Mandalorian alloy beskar, it is one of Idris’ most prized possessions. The exact date of the original forging of the armor is unknown, but it is at least 600 years old and has been passed down the Adenn line that entire time.

It is of a unique construction for Mandalorian armor, with the chest piece broken into several pieces, allowing for better movement, but also making it more susceptible for damaging blows. Upon receiving it from his father, Idris had reforged, restoring its worn down appearance to a pristine condition, and painted it a metallic blood red with bright orange highlights.

Also typical of the Mandalorians, Idris utilizes a jetpack for increased mobility. He frequently has a dark brown flame-resistant cape wrapped around him. His primary weapons of choice are two Westar-35 Blaster Pistols constructed of silver and black metals that fire uniquely colored UV bolts.

Unlike many Mandalorians, Idris does take time away from his armor. Not out of disrespect of the ancient Mandalorian code, something Idris takes seriously, but out of comfort and convenience. It's much easier to get out of casual clothing than his armor, something he is quite fond of on his nights off. He has also found it is frequently easier to go home with someone when not taken as a pure Mandalorian brute.

His casual wear is simple but clearly, reflect a refined taste. A blood red undershirt with a deep cut for his neckline, black trousers, sturdy but tasteful boots. This is typically placed within a knee length black jacket featuring a stiff upright collar and red accent colors.

Personality and Beliefs

Idris Adenn is a forceful, lusty man with a quick wit and barbed tongue. He likes to fight, often spurred on by his quick temper. But he also demonstrates a keen intellect and intense carnality. Personable and what many take as an easy-going personality, many miss the serious man beneath. Most either find themselves enchanted or repulsed, with very few ever feeling truly apathetic about the Mandalorian.

Idris has ended his fair share of lives, and feels life must be enjoyed to the fullest while one can. Many would say his lifestyle is excessive, but Idris is a man who knows what he likes; be it men, women, food, drink, or a good old-fashioned fight. If it is obtainable and he wants it, he will take it and enjoy in abundance.

Arrogant is one of the most common words thrown around when people mention Idris. There is no doubt that he thinks very highly of himself. Idris never merely walks around like he owns the place, he *swaggers*. Coupled with his quick temper and flair for dramatic moments, this leads to many forms of conflict.

That isn’t to say Idris is so self-centered he doesn’t care about other people. Above all else, Idris is a passionate man, and that passion extends to those he is loyal to. Most close to the members of his crew on the Viper Fang, and his surviving family members, he will protect them above all else.

Idris is also a hardline traditional Mandalorian. He takes his Mandalorian heritage seriously, be it his honor or adherence to the Mandalorian Code. He does not buy into the newer pacifist movement of the last several decades, and maintains the old Mandalorian ways were the best, which is one of the many reasons he rarely ever returns to Mandalore. He seeks to remind the galaxy that the Mandalorians are still ready for the good fight.

Known Associates

Idris is well traveled and has connections in most parts of the galaxy. The most utilized ones, however, are listed below. Typically he can be found with the rest of the crew of his ship, the Viper Fang, a VCX-100 light freighter that has ample crew and equipment space. They can be considered Idris’ family and hiring him means their involvement as well, though typically far away from the line of fire.

Madeline Jisella “MJ” Kilvaari

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 14 ABY (age 23)

“MJ” Kilvaari is vivacious pilot of the Viper Fang. A young and naturally skilled pilot, she keeps a safe eye both on the ship and its crew. She understands the rough and morally ambiguous lifestyle that comes with being a bounty hunter and mercenary but still attempts to keep Idris and the rest of the crew on the light end of the spectrum. She continues to reject Idris’ romantic advances, but that doesn’t stop him from trying, especially given her continued playful flirting with him. She is also the only one other than Idris’ mother who can get away with calling him ‘Ty’.


Species: Wookiee
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 137 BBY (age 174)

“Rayjax” is the Viper Fang’s co-pilot and primary mechanic. He is incredibly protective of the crew on the Fang, especially Idris and Elia. Rayjax’s full Wookiee name is much longer, and too difficult for Basic speakers to pronounce. He had shorted it to Rayjax decades before meeting Idris.

Ashara Kyl

Species: Twi’lek
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 7 ABY (age 30)

Ashara Kyl is a deeply spiritual and scholarly Twi’lek. She believes in the sanctity of life, and has dedicated her life to the arts of healing, and preservation of knowledge. She grew up along side Idris, with her family having been freed by Idris’ grandfather.


Species: Ewok
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 15 ABY (age 22)

Takkoo is an Ewok who snuck aboard The Viper Fang, seeking the food he smelled onboard. Since thing he has become an avid foodie and functions as the cook for the crew. He very rarely attempts trap visitors to the Fang to roast them for a meal now.

Elia Adenn

Species: Human
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 30 ABY (age 7)

Elia is Idris’ daughter, named after his murdered sister. She stays on the Viper Fang and is learning the ways of the Mandalorians from her father.

BB-89 “Marble”

BB-89 prior to Elia expressing her art skills on him

BB-89 aka Marble is a BB Series Astromech. It has a masculine programing personality. Marble helps keep track of the workings on the Viper Fang and mission parameters. Originally painted a matte black base with metallic red accents, he has had various “Elia Adenn Originals” painted on his spherical body.

Behind the Scenes

Idris went through multiple versions before being finalized as a Mandalorian Human. With the addition of the NPC and Non-Force User options to the club, the man behind Xen’Mordin began formulating an alternative character to utilize. Originally, Idris was to be a Lasat mercenary with a sadistic streak. Idris sat largely unused at this time.

Eventually, bored with utilizing Xen’Mordin as his main character, Idris became the primary focus of development. LucasArts announced a new streaming TV series The Mandalorian. At the time, there were no confirmed castings for the show, but rumors started of Pedro Pascal being cast for the role. The idea of Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones as a Mandalorian bounty hunter was too exciting to let be, and the mercenary became Idris Adenn, Mandalorian Bounty Hunter. Idris’ appearance and personality is largely based on Oberyn Martell due to this.

Further development of Idris resulted in utilizing the old legends Mandalorian language, Mando’a, for both Idris’ CS aspect names and his last name, Adenn, coming from the word for ‘merciless’. Further tying Idris to the Game of Thrones universe, his middle name, Tyvaros, comes from the High Valyrian word for ‘serpent’.