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House Ektrosis
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Independent House Ektrosis




27 ABY


31 ABY

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House Ektrosis is the sole House of Clan Taldryan. Ektrosis' history reaches farther back than Taldryan's in all reality. It was from the original, Independent House Ektrosis that Clan Taldryan was formed.


The Emperor had many dark ventures, not all of which were revealed to his advisors. Not even his apprentice Darth Vader knew all of what went on in his Master's mind, nor what thoughts, ideas and creations were born there. One such idea was Ektrosis.

Long before the Rebellion began, the Emperor would regularly vacation on Byss and entertain his closet group of advisors and apprentices. All were brilliant minds who had proven their worth and loyalty to their Master. These beings were all introduced to power and brought into the fold of the Dark Side.

While none were permitted to reach the level of control and understanding of Palpatine himself, they were indeed powerful entities themselves. They were split into specialties dictated by their own natural abilities. Some were instructed in the combat arts and made into Dark Jedi; others became elite Imperial functionaries who traversed the galaxy enforcing the Emperor's will, and still others were put to work researching and experimenting with the "Science of Darkness".

Ektrosis was an elite group of these researchers who were given the task of creating methods to feed on and drain the life essence of the Empire's citizenry. They all had an innate curiosity about the effects of the the Force on the Human body and the galaxy as a whole. This made them the vanguard of the Emperor's plan to squeeze the entire galaxy and every being in it into submission.

The group consisted of scientists who were gifted in the Force, and who were eager to explore as well as experiment with the power and nature of the Force. Ektrosis withdrew into a secret research facility on Byss and worked tirelessly for years, virtually cut off from the rest of the universe. Rumors leaked to the rest of the Emperor's Dark Adepts told of creatures created entirely FROM the Force and beings morphed into atrocious vestiges of their former selves, and finally of techniques for using the Dark Side to drain the essence of beings from their very soul.

Ektrosis gave years of hard work conducting countless experiments, and devoted their lives to their projects. But in the end all they received was censure. This condemnation stemmed from the fact that somewhere in the course of their learning and understanding, they had crossed a line that even the Emperor would not dare approach. For all their work they were banished far from civilization and all they had ever known. There on the fringes of the Empire they continued their work as best as they could, with sub-standard equipment and improvised materials to aid them. The population near their research facility said that the land surrounding their new forced home began to wither and fade. They said that the only things able to survive were those that had been touched by the Force powers that were being experimented with. The only thing known for certain was that the locals never got anywhere near the area.

After the defeat of the second Death Star and the death of the Emperor, the Empire struggled to rebuild. Leaders grabbed power only to be assassinated soon thereafter. Warlords and Admirals fought for pieces of the once-might Empire, while the Rebellion ate away at it from the outside. Finally the return of the brilliant Grand Admiral Thrawn brought hope to the remaining Imperial forces. Thrawn wreaked havoc on the newly established 'New Republic', and would have returned the Empire to its seat of power if he had not been assassinated by his own bodyguard on his flagship.

Once again the remaining Imperial forces were thrust into civil war. Countless leaders carved out their own fiefdoms throughout the Imperial Remnant's territory. One of these leaders was the self-proclaimed Grand Admiral Ronin, who seized control of an experimental super-ship and formed his own fleet, named The Emperor's Hammer. This fleet carved out its own territory near the Minos Cluster and flourished, eventually bringing the Dark Brotherhood out of hiding to join with them.

With its numbers quickly growing, the Dark Brotherhood formed Clans and Houses. Spies employed by the Emperor's former researchers reported the existence of this group of Dark Jedi, and Ektrosis returned from the imposed exile, and joined the Brotherhood, forming House Ektrosis. No one knew from whence they had come, or what had kept them on the edge of the galaxy for so long, or even how they had gained their incredible knowledge of the Dark Side; all of these truths are uncertain. The only ones who know the whole truth are the Ektrosis members themselves, and they are reluctant to divulge the knowledge that they possess.

Ektrosis, lead by Shaitan, found acceptance in the Dark Brotherhood and flourished. The House gained many new members who were eager to learn its secrets, eventually growing strong enough to evolve into a Clan. Shaitan joined with another powerful Dark Jedi named Jarla to draw up the designs for the future Clan. Ektrosis would become the Krath House of Clan Taldryan.

In 38 ABY, Appius Wight became Quaestor of House Ektrosis. After the Collective invasion within the Caelus System, House Ektrosis' duties changed to become the public eye of Clan Taldryan. Being filled with Taldryan's elite members, the House members keep a watchful eye on Collective activity, whilst improving the Caelus System's opinion of Clan Taldryan. They are the Clan's go to for elites on missions and objectives.

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