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|founded=[[11 ABY to 19 ABY|15 ABY]]
|founded=[[11 ABY to 19 ABY|15 ABY]]
|restored=[[30 ABY to 39 ABY|36 ABY]]
|headquarters= [[House Archanis#Base Description|Mount Archanis (Outside of Yoren City)]]
|headquarters= [[House Archanis#Base Description|Mount Archanis (Outside of Yoren City)]]
|locations= [[Volcanus|Planet Volcanus]], [[Kr'Tal System]]
|locations= [[Volcanus|Planet Volcanus]], [[Kr'Tal System]]
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|era=[[Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era]]
|era=[[Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era]]
House '''Archanis''' is one of the two active houses of [[Clan Taldryan]].
==House History==
==House History==
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*First house to be reopened after the [[Exodus]]
*First house to be reopened after the [[Exodus]]
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Star of Archanis.jpg
House Archanis
General information

Acxodim Pyralis and Doni Tzu Tarentae


Mount Archanis (Outside of Yoren City)

Historical information

15 ABY


36 ABY

Other information
Notable members:

Master Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor
Andan Taldrya Marshall


Clan Taldryan


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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House Archanis is one of the two active houses of Clan Taldryan.

House History

Archanis started as a group of rogue programmers who carried technological integration beyond the moral means dictated by the Old Republic. Fearing for their lives, they took their research and several of their heavily modified ships and fled, narrowly escaping imprisonment for their work. The group came upon the planet of Dar'Telis I, and decided to make it their new home. Soon after setting up their settlement the group made a most discouraging discovery; the entire planet was covered with ferocious carnivores. The group began to load up their ships to leave only to find that something in the planets atmosphere had eaten away at the hyperdrives of their ships, making it impossible for them to flee.

Taking this unfortunate series of circumstances in stride, the group used their technology and innovation to defend their fledgling community. They were shocked with the ease with which they repulsed the creatures, and soon discovered that a strange outside force was assisting them. The group settled into their colony, and several generations passed. The strange force that the original colonists had discovered had been cultivated over time, to the point where the youngest generation could enhance their cognitive abilities, allowing them to run faster, see farther, jump higher, and generally enhance their survival skills.

While on a routine patrol, a pilot from the Dark Brotherhood accidentally exited hyperspace in the Dar'Telis system. The pilot was hurriedly attending to his malfunctioning hyperdrive when he felt strange Force impulses coming from the planet's surface. He made a log of it and then returned to his patrol, not thinking anything would ever come to it. The Sith High Warrior at the time had his suspicions however, and sent a Modified Dreadnaught to check out the planet. Upon their arrival they discovered the colony, and after a tense initial contact in which fifteen colonists were killed and one Dark Jedi Knight injured, the colonists agreed to join the Brotherhood.

Upon their arrival in Brotherhood space the colonists were examined by the Sith High Warrior who had brought them out of their exile. Interested in their heightened survival instincts and abilities, he gave several of them rudimentary starfighter training and sent them out in a training melee with other Brotherhood pilots. The former colonists quickly mastered the TIEs they were given, showing a natural aptitude for space combat. The Sith High Warrior immediately ordered the rest of the colonists to undergo similar training along with their normal apprentice studies, and they soon formed an elite cadre of Sith pilots. When Clan Taldryan was being formed, soon-to-be Consul Jarla negotiated with the new Sith warriors and arranged for them to join the independent House Ektrosis as the future Clan's Sith house. When they were asked what their House's name would be, the former colonists responded Archanis, which was the name the original outcasts had given for the planet upon which they had been unwittingly exiled. Thus House Ektrosis was joined by House Archanis and Clan Taldryan was nearly complete, the third and final piece would be an Obelisk house the rest of the Brotherhood would grow to fear: Dinaari.


In 19 ABY (December 18th, 2003), House Archanis was closed due to a lack of active membership. The Exodus had taken its toll on the membership of the Dark Brotherhood, and especially the Sith Order; House Archanis had no more than five active members when it was closed. The members were transferred to House Dinaari, the formerly Obelisk house in Clan Taldryan and the first house to become Multi-Order since the idea of Single-Order houses had become a reality.

After the Seventh Great Jedi War, talk began among Clan Taldryan's Summit to reopen the long-closed house. The push was spearheaded by House Ektrosis Quaestor Chaosrain Taldrya and Aedile Taku "Crix" Matsuki Taldrya. They quickly gained the support of the rest of the summit and once the logistical details were sorted out, House Archanis became the first formerly closed house to reopen. When the house reopened, Taku "Crix" Matsuki Taldrya was appointed to his fourth stint as Quaestor, Baron Zarco was appointed as the Aedile and Ricco Vao was appointed as the Rollmaster/Envoy.

Nearing the end of 28 ABY the House was closed once again for the betterment of the Clan as consolidation was called for going into the future. The efforts of Archanis have always been strong and the spirit of the House will never die.

Base Description

Outside Area: Volcanus is a barren planet covered with active and dormant volcanoes. One such dormant volcano houses the base of operations of House Archanis. The volcano which houses the base is on the outskirts of the city of Yoren, on the continent of Febon. As with most of the continent, the volcano is made of black volcanic glass which has been artificially hardened to increase the security of the base and prevent drilling through the volcano to reach it. The north face of the volcano has the hanger that holds Archanis’ ground-based fighter squadrons.

Level 15: VIP Hanger and Landing Platforms
The crest of the volcano is capped with a large blast door which can be shut as part of the system to completely seal off the base from the outside. When the blast door is open, this is the main entrance for all space and air vehicles. Beneath the blast door are three landing platforms which serve as the main loading docks for the house. Carved into the side of the volcano is a medium sized landing bay which is home to the Quaestor’s, Aedile’s and Rollmaster’s private ships. There is also a place reserved for the Taldryan Consul’s and Proconsul’s ships. This is also where important visitors, such as summit members from clans friendly to Taldryan, Dark Council members and other non-Brotherhood leaders are received. The hanger is normally not decorated, but when visitors are being received banners with the House Archanis and Clan Taldryan symbols are hung, as well as other decorations to show the numerous achievements of both Archanis and Taldryan and impress upon the visitors the might of their hosts.

Level 14: Cargo Storage and Trading Offices
In addition to being the command center for the military units assigned to House Archanis and the capitol of Volcanus, the base also serves as a major trading center for the region. Minerals are mined from the active volcanoes on the other continent and are transported to Eebon for processing and shipment. The mineral trade on Volcanus is highly regulated by Clan Taldryan, as it is one of the major sources of income for the clan, and all transactions are subject to a tax which is collected by agents of House Archanis and forwarded to Clan Taldryan. This level serves as temporary storage for shipments of minerals and other goods which pass through the base. In addition to storage, this level also houses the trade offices for the planet as well as a limited number of quarters which can be assigned to non-military or Dark Jedi personnel who may be trapped in the base during a conflict.

Level 13: Government Offices
The House Archanis base is the capitol of Volcanus and as such, it is home to the offices of the planetary government. The justice system of the planet is also based on this level. The highest planetary court is held here, although citizens have the right to appeal the court’s decision to the Quaestor he rarely hears cases unless he deems them to be of enough importance to warrant the time that he will have to spend hearing the case and rendering a decision.

Level 12: Training Centers
Level X of the base is dedicated to keeping the Dark Jedi and non-Jedi military units which Archanis uses are kept in top shape. Facilities include a large simulator complex where up to 36 pilots can learn to fly, or brush up on their skills, either as individuals or in groups from 2 to 36 by linking to a central computer which controls all aspects of the simulated mission. The room is in near constant use between all of the pilots assigned to the house. There are also a number of practice rooms for melee weapons training, which are most often used by the Dark Jedi for lightsaber training, in addition to a shooting range and a small room which can be set up to provide training for a single member to shoot at moving targets. Most of the blaster training takes place outside of the base, however, for safety reasons. Only Dark Jedi are allowed past this level unless they are being escorted by a Taldryan guard and authorized by the Quaestor or Aedile.

Level 11: Entertainment
This level is designed to be mostly a large, open, lounge, and is home to the things which give pleasure to the Dark Jedi. Holomovies are shown on this level and there are sabacc and holochess tables. The dining hall is also located on this level. Although they regularly eat with the other members of the house, there is a private dining room for the House Summit; the room is most often used for informal meetings during which a meal is served.

Level 10: Summit Offices
The offices of the Quaestor, Aedile and Rollmaster are on this level. The Quaestor’s office is the largest and includes a waiting room, his office and a conference room in which most of the meetings which involve house business take place. Meetings which the Quaestor holds involving the government of Volcanus are also held in this conference room. The Aedile’s office has a similar setup, only without the conference room. The Rollmaster’s office is smaller than the other two but still adequate to perform the assigned duties.

Level 9: Journeymen Quarters
The rooms which are assigned to the members of House Archanis ranked Knight or lower are located on this level. The rooms are fairly sparse; they include a bed, closet, dresser, shelves and a small weapons locker. There is also a private refresher station for each room, although this is also rather small and utilitarian. The rooms reflect the member’s position and status in the Brotherhood.

Level 8: Equite Quarters
The Equites of House Archanis are assigned upgraded rooms to reflect the fact that they have served the Brotherhood, and in most cases Taldryan, for more time and have earned some amount of luxury. The rooms are suites which include a sitting room about the size of Journeymen rooms, a small meditation chamber and a small bed room. The rooms are furnished with basic amenities and members are permitted to decorate and furnish the rooms as they please. Equite rooms also include a slightly larger and more ornate refresher.

Level 7: Elder Quarters
The Elders of House Archanis are afforded rooms to match their status in the Brotherhood. Their quarters are suites which include the amenities of the Equite quarters, only on a larger scale and much more ornate. The meditation chamber of an Elder’s room is larger than the entirety of a Journeymen’s quarters. There is also a sitting room, bed room and an office and personal library to facilitate the Elder’s continuing study of, and research into the Dark Side.

Level 6: Taldrya Quarters
Those who have been given the supreme honor of being inducted to the family of the Taldrya are assigned to the most ornate and largest quarters in the base. Rare woods and stones are used in the construction of the rooms. Each room comes with a private comm line which is connected to a secure relay in order to ensure that any communication between members of the family are not leaked to those who would see harm come to Clan Taldryan. Although all rooms are deep within the volcano and lack windows to the outside, the Taldrya Quarters are linked to cameras on the outside of the base which the occupant can switch between to display one of many views from around the volcano. These suites are also connected to a system of tunnels through the base which can be used to allow the most important members of the house to escape in the unlikely event that the base is overtaken.

Level 5: Summit Quarters
The Rollmaster, Aedile and Quaestor are each given quarters on this level of the base. The Rollmaster and Aedile’s quarters are designed with the same specifications as the Elder quarters while the Quaestor’s is on the level of Taldrya quarters. All three suites are connected to the tunnel system which allow the Taldrya to make a quick and covert escape from the base. Each suite also has a private turbolift which connects the sitting room of suite to the respective Summit member’s office.

Level 4: Great Hall
The Great Hall of the base, the meeting room which is used when the Summit wishes to address the entire house at once time, is located on the level below the Summit's quarters. It is a very ornate room with banners of House Archanis and Clan Taldryan flying from the walls. The focal point being a stage which raises above the floor where the members of the house gather; this is where the Quaestor and Aedile deliver their addresses.

Level 3: War Room
This level houses the War Room which is, as the name suggests, used to plan and command military action undertaken by House Archanis. The room is in the heart of the volcano and nearly impossible to access by anyone except those who are authorized to be there. Authorized personnel include the House Summit, Battleteam Leaders, visiting summit members from other houses of Clan Taldryan, the Clan Summit and all Taldrya. Authorization for anyone besides those must come from either the Aedile or Quaestor.

Level 2: Artifact Room
All of the Force artifacts and treasures which House Archanis has discovered, won or plundered from lesser houses and clans are stored on this secure level which is only accessible by a select few people and kept under guard at all times.

Level 1: Infrastructure
The Archanis base is completely self-sufficient and can be sealed off for long periods of time. This level contains the power generators, waste disposal and water purification systems and air scrubbers which make this level of autonomy possible. Next to the Artifact Room, this is the second most secure room in the base; without the equipment in this room, the base would not be able to operate. There are backups of every system scattered throughout the base, but the location of these systems is classified and known only by the Quaestor, Aedile and the crews who work on only those backups. This level also houses the stores of foodstuffs which are kept in the base.

  • The prison cells are also located in the base but their location is also classified to prevent attempts to break prisoners out.

Description written by Warlord Andan Taldrya Marshall, Quaestor of House Archanis, on March 13, 2007



Taku "Crix" Matsuki Taldrya / Andan Taldrya Marshall: January 10, 2007 to February 16, 2008
Taku "Crix" Matsuki Taldrya: November 8, 2003 to January 1, 2004
Taku "Crix" Matsuki Taldrya: May 14, 2003 to October 29, 2003
Rexal Qel: November 23, 2002 to April 27, 2003
Smitrock: October 25, 2002 to November 2002
Taku "Crix" Matsuki Taldrya: April 2002 to October 2002
Jeff Loruss: April 2001 to March 22, 2002
William "MiSFiT" Flechette: January 15, 2001 to March 2001
Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor: July 31, 2000 to January 15, 2001
Pluty: September 26, 1999 to July 2000
Q: July 18, 1999 to September 15, 1999


Mercur "Fire-Knight" Matsuki: December 26, 2007 to February 14, 2008
Daar Kareth: November 27, 2007 to December 23, 2007
Daniel Goad: September 4, 2007 to November 23, 2007
Ricco Vao: June 27, 2007 to August 23, 2007
Fire-Knight|Mercur "Fire-Knight" Matsuki: February 24, 2007 to June 27, 2007
Baron Zarco: January 10, 2007 to February 24, 2007
John "Backfire" Doe: October 25, 2002 to May 27, 2003
Desio Predator Palpatine: July 12, 2001 to December 2001
Doni Tzu Tarentae: July 18, 1999 to July 28, 1999

Achievements of House Archanis

  • First house to be reopened after the Exodus
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