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|captains=[[Zentru'la Palpatine]]
|captains=[[Zentru'la Palpatine]]
{{Quote|I'm not flying that thing. I heard it was possessed by a demonic AI.|Captain Rohla Trugaim, pilot}}
}}The '''''Harbinger''''' is an Upsilon Class Command Shuttle owned by [[Zentru'la Palpatine]], and serves as a base of operations for his crew.
The '''''Harbinger''''' is an Upsilon Class Command Shuttle owned by [[Zentru'la Palpatine]], and serves as a base of operations for his crew.

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Production information




Possession Item:


Technical specifications

37 meters

Max speed (atmosphere):


Hyperdrive rating:



Deflector shield generators x2



  • Sensor jammer
  • Anti-projectile deflection system
  • 2 heavy dual laser cannons




Cargo capacity:

2 metric tons

Other systems:
  • On board AI
  • Communications interception
  • High power signal jammers
  • Dedicated computers for breaking enemy encryption
  • Transport
  • Mobile base

Scholae Palatinae

Known owner(s):

Zentru'la Palpatine

Known commander(s):

Zentru'la Palpatine

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"I'm not flying that thing. I heard it was possessed by a demonic AI."
―Captain Rohla Trugaim, pilot

The Harbinger is an Upsilon Class Command Shuttle owned by Zentru'la Palpatine, and serves as a base of operations for his crew.

Role and Function


Given to Zentru'la for eliminating Elincia. Once her personal ship.


Psychotic AI



Current Members

General Zentru'la

The one man army

  • Role: Commander
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 62
  • Species: Twi'lek

Commander of The Harbinger, General Zentru'la brings decades of military experience, heavy armour, and heavy guns. Zentru'la brought the crew together as an elite strike team on a mission to deal as much damage as possible to The Collective.

Emminent Masakado

Cyborg ninja

  • Role: Infiltrator
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 24
  • Species: Togorian

This guy's gonna be an ex martial arts master that got cyborgified by the collective. He left the collective and became a mercenary, lending his sword to whoever coughed up cash. He later learned the collective tampering had left him with a neurodegenerative disease. His condition for joining Zentru'la's mission was he would find someone to heal his wounds. More machine than man, all of his limbs and lower jaw are cybernetic. He wants revenge against the Collective for what they did to him.

Vanguard Lilina Mirin

The healing mystic

  • Role: Healer
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 32
  • Species: Miraluka

A blind healer, this woman will be a light side healer that disagrees with the collective's mission statement and wants to help Zentru'la. She takes a special interest in the ninja guy's disability and wants to help him. She's an expert in defensive force powers. She doesn't like the ties with Scholae Palatinae, but believes in Zentru'la's purpose.

Captain Rohla Trugaim

Ace Pilot

"They aaaaall need my talents. And when they're done with them, they put me here, in this cold, boozeless cell. I'm done with the Navy. I need a drink."
―Rohla Trugaim
  • Role: Pilot / Driver
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 28
  • Species: Duros

A duros pilot from Scholae that Zentru'la paid to go with him, Captain Nightrunner is skilled at piloting whatever vehicle she find.


The droid sharpshooter

HK-107 is a Hunter-Killer assassin droid owned by Zentru'la and serves as a sharpshooter on missions, armed with a sniper rifle and a heavy blaster rifle.

Associated Members

Bale Andros

The Iridonian Hammer

  • Role: Weaponsmith
  • Age: 43
  • Species: Zabrak

Bale Andros is an old friend of Zentru'la. Once an infamous bounty hunter renowned for recklessness, drunkenness and havoc, Bale's physical condition and combat strength is not what it once was following major injuries, but Zentru'la calls upon his skills as a weaponsmith when available.