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=== R2-J7 "Arjay" ===
=== R2-J7 "Arjay" ===
[[Category:Odan-Urr members]]
[[Category:Odan-Urr members]

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Imperial eraRise of the Brotherhood eraExodus era.New Order era.
Gen Solari
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

5 BBY (age 43)

Physical Description

Human (Bakuran)




1.85 m


95.0 kg





Personal Information

Astori Solari


Terrian Solari (deceased)

  • R2-J7 "Arjay"
  • Straya Solari (older sister)
  • Arren Solari (older brother)
Lightsaber Color(s):

White (two beams; long and short)

Lightsaber Form(s):



Morotezuki (Lightsaber)

Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate (numerous sub-styles)

Chronology & Political Information
Personal Ship:

Delta-7B Aethersprite-class Light Interceptor, The Sprite



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"The Way is not the strike first, but to strike last."
―Gen Solari

Jedi Ranger Gen Solari is a human Shadow from Bakura and an expert in numerous forms of traditional Bakuran unarmed martial arts. During a chance encounter with several aliens and their accompanying Jedi fleeing the Battle of Florrum as "Undesirables," Gen was caught up in the cause of Clan Odan-Urr and joined its ranks. He is currently a member of The Wildcards of House Hoth.


Early Childhood (5 BBY to 5 ABY)

Gen Solari's homeworld, Bakura

Gen Solari grew up on Bakura to a middle-class family of little notability. Gen's father, Terrian Solari, was a repulsorlift manufacturing technician while his mother, Astori Solari, stayed home to raise her three children: Gen and his twin sister and brother, Straya and Arren, who were five years older. The family lived in a small apartment in the Middle District of Bakura's capitol city, Salis D'aar.

While his older siblings Straya and Arren were extremely sociable and well-liked amongst their peers, Gen struggled with bullying throughout his early education and was often left out of participating in many activities with his classmates. As such, Gen found solace in exploring the city alone and developed into a loner. In addition to exploring the metropolis, Gen would occasionally exit the city limits and explore the surrounding nature areas. Specifically, Gen found particular comfort in traveling up the shores of the East and West rivers on either side of Salis D'aar, fishing along the way and seeing how far he could go before the light would fade and he would have to make his way home.

When Bakura was annexed by the Galactic Empire in 1 BBY and the planet fell under the jurisdiction of Imperial Governor Wilek Nereus, Gen's father's company, Bakura RepulsorCorp was considered a prime target for Rebellion attack. During a security sweep of the facility upon acquisition of the company assetts in 1 ABY, Terrian Solari was identified as a member of the Bakuran Resistance and was accused of tampering with the safety of the repulsorlifts shipped to Imperial outposts. As a result, Terrian was sentenced to imprisonment at the Bakura Imperial Prison orbiting the planet. Later, in 3 ABY, the Rebel Alliance staged a raid at the orbiting detention center to rescue several dozen prisoners considered critical to the success of the Rebel Alliance cause, including Terrian Solari. During the final escape from the station one of the three GR-75 Transports used the evacuate the prisoners was destroyed, killing all passengers and crew including Terrian Solari. While the raid was considered a success by the Alliance, the loss of his father had a profound effect on Gen and would weigh heavy on him for many years.

Adolescence (5 ABY to 20 ABY)

Meeting Itosu, the Wild Master

Force Sensitivity

Embracing the Way

Adulthood (20 ABY to Present)

Master, Lost

Chance Encounter with Odan-Urr

"I am a Jedi."


Physical Attributes

Gen Solari

Gen Solari is a tall, lean human with broad, rope-like muscles laboriously crafted by many hours of repeated practice in the traditional martial arts of his homeworld. Gen's fists are dense and stone-like, with knuckles that have been hardened and calloused by thousands of hours of conditioning against striking posts. His light skin tone is contrasted by the dark brown of his carefully groomed medium-length hair and closely trimmed beard, though some streaks of gray are beginning to betray his age. His dark brown eyes are thoughtful and calm when idle, but become expressively agressive in combat, with his brow narrowing to a tight crease set between his eyes.


Gen lives by a strict personal code, beyond his actions as a Jedi, which he has declared as the following:

  1. "I shall not lie."
  2. "I shall not kill the innocent."
  3. "I shall not murder."
  4. "I shall help the needy if such action advances law and order."
  5. "I shall honor legitimate authority."
  6. "I shall follow the law."
  7. "I shall not betray others."
  8. "I shall not aid criminals."
  9. "I shall honor all oaths."
  10. "I shall promote unlimited order in society."

Fighting Style

Gen is an expert in Broken Gate martial arts, as well as numerous derivative forms taught to him by Itosu which originated on a small, isolated island on Bakura many centuries before his birth. True to the nature of Broken Gate, Gen avoids grappling and taking fights to the ground and instead will perform quick, direct strikes at vital points throughout the body with the aim of inducing as much damage with as little effort as possible. If an opponent moves in to perform a grapple, Gen will create distance with a heavy front or side kick so as to reset the distance between him and his opponent. Otherwise, if Gen determines a kick will not suffice to create distance, he will attempt to get his opponent into a standing limb lock and leverage his weight against his opponent. Against large species of significantly greater weight or size, Gen will weaken their leg (or leg-like appendage) in order to establish agility superiority.

Emblem: Triskelion

Itosu's Triskelion

Gen Solari signs important documents, embellishes important belongings and flys his warbanner with the emblem of his Master, Itosu. The emblem is a triskelion which represents the three main teachings of Itosu - strength, focus and balance. The swirling pattern brinings these teachings into a single point at the center represents the idea that one is only whole when all three of these teachings are embraced. By accepting this emblem as his personal marking, Gen carries on the teachings of his Master.

Key Possessions


Morotezuki, Gen Solari's Double-bladed Lightsaber

Morotezuki was meticulously crafted by Gen Solari with an ornate hilt of rare metals that is about one hand width longer than the average lightsaber hilt, allowing for a wider grip and more versatile techniques tailored to his traditional martial arts-based combat style. The hilt houses two identical crystals that emit a twin pair of searing white blades on either side of the hilt, but are tuned to asymmetric lengths for complex attack and defense combinations as well as creative single-bladed engagements.

Gen considers Morotezuki an extension of his own abilities, but infrequently relies on it during combat. Instead, the lightsaber is usually kept on Gen's belt while he pursues closer-ranged combat that takes advantage of his quickness and physical strength. However, when encountering a heavily armed opponent, or when using unarmed tactics would be an otherwise suicidal strategy, Gen will ignite and utilize Morotezuki with great skill.

Itosu's Last Manuscript

Itosu's Last Manuscript is a small, aged scroll with the final handwritten teachings of Gen Solari's Master, Itosu. The lesson is cryptic, perhaps on purpose, but its signifiance to Gen Solari extends far beyond the contents of the teachings.

The Sprite

Gen's Delta-7B starfighter, The Sprite with Arjay in the astromech port

Gen's starfighter, The Sprite, is a Delta-7B Aethersprite-class Light Interceptor with several modifications. Most obvious is that in keeping with his habit of embellishing his belongings with his Master's emblem, a rounded triskelion, The Sprite is proudly marked with the circular, three-part spiral pattern. The pattern is laid over a theme of dark, subdued grays in order to prevent The Sprite from standing out too much. In terms of function, The Sprite has had one of its original laser cannons replaced with an ion cannon, making the ship better equipped to disable other craft, but losing some of its destructive ability. Further, The Sprite has been fitted with additional thrusters that greatly increase its maneuverability compared to a standard Delta-7B Aethersprite-class Light Interceptor, but the power-draw decreases the overall speed of The Sprite when in use.

To achieve hyperspace travel, The Sprite must dock with a Syliure-31 long-range hyperdrive module, sometimes referred to simply as a hyperdrive docking ring. The engines of Gen's Syliure-31 were standard Class 1.0 and gave The Sprite an operational hyperdrive range of 150,000 lightyears. Gen's standard flight protocol had him leave his Syliure-31 in geostationary orbit around whichever planet he was landing on, as well as to leave it in iso-stationary anchor when required for free-space dogfighting.

R2-J7 "Arjay"

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