Gaming Nights

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Real World Perspective.
Gaming Nights are Brotherhood-wide events that run 24 hours a day from Sunday to Saturday every week and is the standard competition for when submitting matches. After completing your match(es), you and your opponent will decide who will report and that person will login to the DB Website and submit the scores from the administration option "Submit Gaming Scores". Clusters of Fire are recommended over the weekend and are rewarded depending on which platform was played and how many players were involved.

Each week a member will also be awarded a Pendant of Blood. This medal goes to the person with the best win/loss record for a given week of Gaming Night matches. The Pendant of Blood will only be awarded if participation reaches a minimum of ten players and the winner has a minimum of 10 matches. If not, the PoB will be given for a 2 week period.

Gaming Night Rules

The Rites of Combat are in effect for all Gaming Night activities.


Gaming Nights used to be a competition that was held for several hours different nights a week.