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Real World Perspective.

This page holds sections of information that will be helpful for members to find and understand better about what the Dark Jedi Brotherhood offers for gaming. The Fist of the Brotherhood oversees all things that are gaming.

Rites of Combat

The Rites of Combat apply to all Gaming Nights and other gaming competitions. - They are the rules to all gaming in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, failure to comply to these rules may result in bans from the activity.

The Tenets of Brotherhood Gaming

The Tenets of Brotherhood Gaming

1. Set Up Games Fairly

  • Ensure that you are in DB Gaming in order to participate in Cluster awarded activities. This is mandatory for all gaming during vendettas.
  • Ensure you are using the Bot correctly for PvP.
  • Announce your intention to play FFAs or Team PvP.

2. Respect the Game

  • Make sure to use the base game without mods that provide an advantage.
  • Make sure to check with your teammates or opponents before using game mode variations.
  • Make sure to game in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

3. Respect your Opponents and Teammates

  • Don’t gloat when you win or complain when you lose.
  • Make sure to treat your opponents and teammates as they wish to be treated.
  • Attempt to play with several different members to encourage participation and cooperation.
  • When playing online, remember you represent the Brotherhood. Avoid spawn camping, spawn killing, derogatory language, and play respectably.
  • If you have an issue with the way a teammate or opponent has conducted themselves, speak to them, then the Fist/P:Fist.

4. Respect the Rules

  • Adhere to the Rites of Combat.
  • Adhere to the Covenant.
  • Adhere to the Competition Details.

5. Report Fairly

  • Double check the final score with your opponent.
  • Double check your screenshots before uploading.
  • Report any mis-reporting as soon as it’s noticed.
  • Submit your screenshots in a timely manner.

Gaming Nights

Gaming Nights are Brotherhood-wide events that run 24 hours a day from Sunday to Saturday every week and is the standard competition for when submitting matches. After completing your match(es), you and your opponent will decide who will report and that person will login to the DB Website and submit the scores from the administration option "Submit Gaming Activity". Clusters of Fire are recommended over the weekend and are rewarded depending on which platform was played and how many players were involved.

Each week is also an opportunity for a member to earn a Pendant of Blood.

Supported Games

DB Gaming Telegram Rules

We have two different chat channels for gaming related activities.

DB Gaming Matchmaking Rules

This is the official channel for all club matchmaking related activities. As such, DB Gaming Matchmaking differs from the other telegram rooms in the club in that it is not for general chat. DB Gaming is specifically for members to find people to game with, set up matches, interface with the DJB Fist Bot and send friendly post-game messages to your opponent. This is also where Fister Roboto announcements now reside. This channel is heavily moderated.

  1. Posts are restricted to messages regarding looking for, setting up or otherwise organizing PvE/O/P activity.
  2. Review the [Rites of Combat] for information on what is allowed regarding PvP announcements.
  3. Post-match well wishes to your opponent(s) are allowed and encouraged.
  4. Questions to the Fist staff regarding matchmaking activities are allowed. Other questions should be directed to email (
  5. This is a text only channel, no links, pictures, or other media is allowed in order to keep the room clear for matchmaking messages.

DB Gaming Chat Rule

This is the channel for more open discussion for gaming related topics regarding supported and non-supported games, and to interact with the Fist and their staff.

  1. Topics in DB Gaming Chat should be gaming focused. You are welcome to discuss non-supported games, sales, hardware upgrades, thoughts on upcoming games, game lore, etc. Members may post links to gaming competitions they are running. All other tangential discussions should occur in DB General Chat.
  2. You are not restricted from posting links, provided they are related to gaming. Posting a link to a sale, competition you are running, official announcement on a new game, and things like that are absolutely OK. Posting a clickbait article or one filled with spoilers is not allowed. Don’t spam links. See if someone else has posted it within the last few hours.
  3. While members are encouraged to post links to their streams, repeated solicitation of viewers is not allowed.
  4. No “console war” posts. PS4 is not better than XBox, or vice versa. Consoles are not better than PCs. Those are opinions. Play on the system you like.
  5. Keep the language clean. Vulgar language will not be tolerated. Members who violate this rule will have their post deleted and receive a warning. Continued violations will result in the Member losing all posting privileges (a hard mute) for a week. Any further violations will be forwarded to the Justicar.

FIST-o-matic Bot

A bot was created thanks to James. This bot allows you to join a queue for PvP games and report scores directly from Telegram. Here are the commands for the Fist-o-matic.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Guilds and Clans

See respective platform on the Supported Games Wiki.

Gaming Submission Approval

  • All gaming activities submitted will be processed by the Fist staff in 24 hours or less.
  • The gaming period is a seven-day period that begins and ends at Site Reset on Fridays. To simplify: when you get the “Cluster and Pendant Digest” email from Fist, that means the reset has occurred.
  • At this point, all Clusters earned during the week will begin to accumulate. There are daily caps in place for all PvE and PvO activities. PvP activities reported through the Fist-o-Matic are uncapped. If you submit over the daily cap for a specific game, any clusters over the cap will roll forward to the next day.
  • Using Diablo 3 as an example (Daily Cap, 30 CE. Weekly max: 210):
    • Member submits activities that equates to 180 Clusters of Earth on the first day of the week. As Diablo 3 has a daily cap of 30 Clusters of earth, this 180 equates to six days of “max clusters”. This member can submit for the remaining 30 Clusters of fire in order to fully max the available Clusters of Earth for Diablo 3 for a single week.
    • Should the member submit for MORE than 210 Clusters of Earth, any additional Clusters earned will NOT transfer over after the weekly site reset

New Game Approval

The Fist of the Brotherhood is the proponent for all supported gamings platforms in the club. Adding a game to the DB's library is a relatively simple yet detailed process. When considering a game for support, the Fist considers the following:

  • Overall interest in a game across the club. Most of the time, this is done when a new game comes out. There have been examples of older games being added for support. The key is OVERALL INTEREST. Fifteen to twenty members playing a game regularly is a good metric for determining interest. Three people playing a game is not, no matter how much they discuss it in DB Gaming. See below for minimum standards.
  • If there is enough interest in a specific game, The Fist will look to see if it is feasibly supportable. If there are no methods for validating which members played, how long they played, whether or not they ACTUALLY played, etc, then the game will never be added to the gaming library. There must be a clear method for validating a submission, generally done by submission of a screenshot. Some games have server logs that are used in the validation process (Jedi Academy).
  • Once a game is determined to have the right amount of interest and clearly defined metrics for validation, the game will generally enter a test phase. Sometimes games bypass the test phase and have immediate support upon launch. This normally happens when a beta release was available for early testing, and very few games get this type of support (Star Wars games will always get this level of priority).
    • While the Fist monitors upcoming new releases for potential options for DJB gaming, he/she relies heavily on the community to bring potential platforms to his/her attention. Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm are both prime example of games that had a lot of community support prior to addition.
    • Sometimes support for a game goes in the other direction. The Division is a key example. It had a great deal of support and even became a supported platform. But it was almost impossible to validate screenshots, and the game itself became increasingly unpopular with the member base. It lasted about two months before it went from supported to unsupported.
    • Minimum member threshold for a poll to result in a test: 20
    • Minimum member threshold for a test to result in support: 15

Game Removal

  • If a supported game does not see sustained activity for a period of six months, the Fist will consider it for removal from the gaming library. Sustained activity is not one submission inside a six month window.
    • There will be a two to three week window where a game can be "saved" from removal. This time period is for members to re-energize interest in a platform. One match inside that window is not enough to save a game. The Fist will make the final determination on a game's status after the probationary period expires.
    • Once a game is removed, it can be returned to active status if activity begins to rise again. This normally happens when an older game releases a popular DLC or other update. If enough people want a game reinstated, the Fist will consider it based on the Overall Interest criterion.

Rites of Combat

The Rites of Combat apply to all Gaming Nights and other gaming competitions. - They are the rules to all gaming in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, failure to comply to these rules may result in bans from the activity.

Cluster Values

Clusters of Fire and Earth are earned by Gaming with other DJB members. For specific information on how to earn Clusters for each platform, refer to the Gaming Platforms page.

All games have capped daily cluster values. Star Wars games are capped at 50 Clusters of Fire and Clusters of Earth daily, Non-Star Wars Games are capped at 30 Clusters of Earth and Clusters of Fire daily. If a member exceeds the daily cap, any clusters earned will roll over to the following day. Any Clusters still in the queue at site reset (Friday) will not roll forward to the following week.

Gaming and Voice Servers

Refer to the Gaming Servers and DJB Voice Server Wiki page for a full listing of any servers which are supported by the DJB.

Grand Master's Royal Guard

The Grand Master's Royal Guard or GMRG for short, is the Dark Jedi Brotherhood's gaming society. Through gaming, you are able to earn robes, lightsabers, and fictional perks. Take the GMRG SA Course and with an 85% or higher you will become a member.

Advancement within the Guard is determined based on total Clusters of Fire and Pendants of Blood that a member has earned. Place in the top ten to earn one of the Dark Council Guardsman Accessories.