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= Notes and references =
= Notes and references =

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Imperial eraRise of the Brotherhood eraExodus era.New Order era.
Gülvyr Okami
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

17 BBY (age 55)

Physical Description





1.84 m / 6'0"


89.0 kg / 196 lbs

  • Gray
  • Braided
  • Blue
Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information
Character Sheet:


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Gülvyr Okami is a Kiffar Mandalorian hailing from the ice moon of Kaerls. He is a mercenary, leader, hunter and warrior whose life revolves around survival, his and his aliit's. Acting as the leader of the Okami Mandalorians, Gülvyr has accrued a fearsome reputation among his aliit and the Vatali Empire for being an efficient and deadly hunter with a heart of gold.


Early life {17 BBY - 1 ABY}

Born to a family of traders stranded on the junk world of Lotho Minor, much of Gülvyr's childhood was spent on the move, and in constant fear for his life. The junk world, while seemingly mundane to many outsiders, was deadly to any inhabitants foolish or unlucky enough to inhabit it. Monsters and alien creatures of every kind inhabited the junk piles and made territories out of rolling hills of trash.

Gülvyr's parents died when he was only ten years old, leaving their two children, their daughter Äya and Gülvyr himself, stranded and alone on a frightening world.

Personality and traits

For accurate descriptions of personality and traits, see the Character Sheet.

Romantic relationships

Luna Okami

Luna Okami

Luna Okami is Gülvyr's romantic interest, and his "part-time lover and a full time friend". Their relationship is complex and deep, as they shared many years together in the same combat unit. Luna's deceased husband was Gülvyr's best friend and most valued brother by bond. In the years since his death, Gülvyr had vowed not to let anything similar happen to Luna as she was the only one he had such a strong connection with.

As time went on they became romantically evolved from time to time but never made their relationship official. Luna, on the one hand, desired Gülvyr to find a younger woman who could bear him children, while Gülvyr clearly had no interest in other women besides her. Their relationship remains the same, despite Luna's retirement and Gülvyr's ascension to Patriarch.

Powers and abilities

Notes and references

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