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Outer Rim


Aurora Sector


Phare System


1: Odin

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4 Billion


Galactic Empire

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Frigg suffers from a minor greenhouse effect. The pervasive presence of oxygen-sustained algae and other flora and fauna has produced high amounts of waste carbon dioxide and methane. Although oxygen is abundant across most of the planet, visitors are cautioned to avoid low lying or poorly ventilated areas since methane (from the swamps) and carbon dioxide can accumulate and displace vital life-giving oxygen. All Imperial Citizens visiting Frigg are issued a Breathing Mask and given a 7 day survival course for dealing with potential emergencies planet-side. The nightly swamp fires are a sight to behold; blue flames burning from pools of slowly released methane in lower lying methane pockets. These fires can be seen from the parapets of many of the Frigg cities nightly.

Although the temperature on Frigg is considered somewhat high by Imperial standards, it is an exotic planet abundant with life and surprisingly untouched by the Imperial presence in the Phare System. When the Phare System was first colonized by Imperials approximately 30 years ago, the Imperial Terraformers and Scouts knew exactly what purpose to designate Frigg. A luxury and recreation planet. Its warm climate and abundance of life was claimed to aid in the healing of the sick and aged. Scientific analysis of the water and soils indicate the presence of several, as yet unidentified compounds and elements, suggesting that this claim may have some validity.

Although there has been no recorded presence of sentient species on the planet, visitors are advised that Frigg is a living "species factory" with an estimated 3,000-5,000 new biological species evolving and a similar number becoming extinct every day. Nature is working overtime on Frigg. Consequently, there may be several uncatalogued carnivorous nasties and beasties to beware of as well as the usual aquatic dangers. It should be noted that the initial surveys by Palpatine's Dark Adepts revealed this planet may have an unusually strong presence of the force, considering that the planet almost seems "alive". At any given time, several Dark Jedi can be found on Frigg, roaming the swamps and uplands of the planet; studying, cataloging, and communing with the Dark Side of the Force.

Many elaborate cities were built by the colonists to meld into the local jungles and shorelines. These were constructed either on massive supports far above the wet, swampy continental plateaus, massive repulsorlift platforms, or undersea. Many cities are partially or wholly submerged with expansive undersea viewing areas and concourses. On approach from orbit, one can hardly notice the fact that the planet has 4 billion inhabitants. Since almost 93 % of the planet is under fresh water, with negligible salt/mineral content, the amount of aquatic life on Frigg is astounding. The planet has also occasionally been used as an Aquatic Stormtrooper training area. The sunsets have epic quality, the sight of which is said to calm the most heavy of hearts. With Ullyr and Sif both occupying the dusk sky every day, and due to the close orbit to Frigg, one can almost reach out and touch the large pastel orbs in the evening sky. With the added touch of the blue-white swamp fires, a night on Frigg can be mesmerizing in its display.

Each of the floating cities operates as an independent City-State which ultimately answers to the Imperial Planetary Governor. They are primarily oriented towards entertainment, luxury trade and aquatic farming. However, some have also excelled at the fine arts such as theater, poetry, music and dancing. Frigg was becoming slowly known in the Outer Rim as one of the more popular resort planets. Unfortunately, after the Battle of Endor, the tourist trade has dropped off more than 85%. However, tourism is beginning to pick up once again, giving the beleaguered colonists hope for better days.