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* Deep in the bowels of the ''Suffering''’s engineering bay, the infiltration team is lead by an impersonator that assumed the identity of the officer killed in the opening by Lucine and Rhylance.  
* Deep in the bowels of the ''Suffering''’s engineering bay, the infiltration team is lead by an impersonator that assumed the identity of the officer killed in the opening by Lucine and Rhylance.  
* Having safely guided the sabotage team to Engineering, Bentre Stahoes of Clan Naga Sadow drops his Faceless feat’s disguise before cloaking and going to retrieve Lucine and Rhylance and prepare for extraction.
* Having safely guided the sabotage team to Engineering, Bentre Stahoes of Clan Naga Sadow drops his Faceless feat’s disguise before cloaking and going to retrieve Lucine and Rhylance and prepare for extraction.
* As the battle continues, and time ticks away for the Lotus’ gambit, Rian and Vodo speculate on the battle from the safety of their ships bridge. As they are speaking, an alarm sounds that one of the fighter squadrons deployed against their orders to stay out of the fight.
* As the battle continues, and time ticks away for the Lotus’ gambit, Rian and Vodo speculate on the battle from the safety of their ships bridge. As they are speaking, an alarm sounds that one of the fighter squadrons deployed against their orders to stay out of the fight. It's Covenant Squadron, under the command of Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj
* Back in Engineering, Jasper Arlow works her mechanical magic as she works to take down the Sufferings rear aft shields through its generator.  
* Back in Engineering, Jasper Arlow works her mechanical magic as she works to take down the Sufferings rear aft shields through its generator.  
* She manages to overload the generator, and the sabotage team scrambles to flee to the extraction point.
* She manages to overload the generator, and the sabotage team scrambles to flee to the extraction point.

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The following article catalogs the various Story Arcs that drive and motivate the Brotherhoods Fictional Updates forward. For more information, refer back to the Fiction Center

Story Arcs

Fiction Updates
Year Story Arc Fiction
30 ABY Dark Crusade
31 ABY Fading Light
32 ABY Eleventh Great Jedi War Finale
33 ABY The New Order Prologue: Undesirables
Chapter 1: A New Order
Chapter 2: Treason
34 ABY Anthology series:
Part 1 - No Return
Part 2 - Rise of the Lotus
Part 3 - Seven Strands
35 ABY Chapter 3: Reconciliation
Chapter 4: Order
Chapter 5: Endgame
Twelfth Great Jedi War: Retribution Prologue: The Collective
Chapter 1: Vengeance
Chapter 2: Impetus
Chapter 3: War
Chapter 4: Strike
Chapter 5: Riposte
Chapter 6: Finale
Chapter 7: Epilogue
36 ABY The Collective Prologue

For the formal timeline, please see the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Timeline article.

Dark Crusades, Fading Light, Great Jedi War XI

"To understand the Dark Brotherhood's current position, one would be remiss to dismiss the past. The Dark Council has seen many changes and shifts, but at its core remains the same. They might seem small at first, but overtime they have coalesced into a singular vision driven by one man’s ambition and desire for order. These are the changes that have inevitably lead us to our current course. To pinpoint their origin, one would need to go back to the start of the Dark Crusades, I suppose. That is as good of a place as any to start."
Farrin Xies, Headmaster, 35 ABY

Historical Recap

A summary of the Dark Crusade, Fading Light, and Eleventh Great Jedi War


  • The Brotherhood mobilizes against a new foe known as the “One Sith” in Muz's campaign to retake the ancient Sith Empire. This would become known as the Dark Crusades and Fading Light.
  • Dark Crusade planets: Krayiss II, Nfolgai, Bhargebba, Ch’Hodos, Ashas Ree, Athiss, Svolten, Jaguada, Kalsunor, Korriz, Dromund Kaas, Ziost.
  • Fading Light Planets: Bosthirda, Begeren, and Nicht Ka.
  • The Clans and Houses of the Brotherhood utilized all the forces at their command to decimate the One Sith forces and compete against their rivals within the Brotherhood itself. After capturing a planet and repelling the One Sith, the Dark Council was intended to award stewardship of the planets to the unit that contributed most to the victory.
  • Darth Esoteric emerges as the leader of the One Sith over the course of the Dark Crusade.
  • Muz Ashen gather artifacts from each conquered planet in an attempt to execute a sacred ritual (the Rite of Obscuration) that will alter the balance of power in the Brotherhood, with some believing it is to grant the Grand Master immortality.
  • Antei is destroyed in the Rite, devastating even several ships in orbit that ignored the Grand Master's order to retreat. A civil war between the clans erupts.
  • The Brotherhood fractures into three parts: those loyal to the Iron Throne and Muz Ashen, those loyal to Jac Cotelin in stopping Muz, and Darth Esoteric’s anarchist approach to take control away from the Grand Masters.
  • A second Rite of Obscuration is begun on Korriban as the war comes to a head. Jac and Muz make a tentative peace, but the rite is triggered anyway due to an unexpected death.
  • Resigned to the understanding that the Brotherhood will not unify in the name of conquest, Muz steps down as Grand Master.
  • DGM Pravus assumes the Throne.
  • Esoteric is revealed to be Lord Marshal Damon Nix—Pravus’ right hand and a plant within the One Sith organization that allowed the Brotherhood to win skirmish after skirmish with relatively little loss.
  • Grand Master Darth Pravus begins to lay the groundwork for his New Order.

The New Order

The following section will provide links to the relevant news posts that launched each fiction update, as well as synopses for the The New Order story arc.


"Pravus waited until the ritual to destroy Antei had been completed to reveal himself. With Muz stepping down as Grand Master, the path was clear for Pravus to assume the power of the throne, just as he had always intended. The new Grand Master wasted no time solidifying his new seat. His first act was to give the illusion of power back to the Clans by restoring the independent houses to their former positions. With the Clans back on equal footing—so to speak—a new age of growth and recovery dawned on the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. With the loss of Antei, the seven Clans and the Dark Council looked towards the future and what it could bring. The Grand Master had plans of his own, of course."
Farrin Xies, Headmaster, 35 ABY

First came the purging of the Obelisk and Krath orders. Voice Evant Taelyan formed the Inquisitorius, a network of loyal agents that would serve the Brotherhood and aide the Grand Master in flushing out and eliminating threats to the throne. The Inquisitorius then had their sights set on the task of ridding the Brotherhood of alien species of "lesser" standing. These groups, when combined with the old orders, would later come to be known as "Undesirables."

The campaign against the Undesirables set each of the Clans on edge. One by one, their fleets and systems came under scrutiny from the Inquisition. Each unit reacted in their own ways, but everything lead to the Grand Master’s Invitational Tournament. The tournament pit two champions from each unit against one another in a bracket to reach the top. In the end, the duel between Timeros Entar Arconae and Turel Sorenn gave way to the Brotherhood’s first Jedi champion.

The Jedi of Odan-Urr savored their victory, but the taste would not last for long. The Tournament had been a smokescreen to lull the Odanites into a false sense of security within the Dark Brotherhood. Then, without word or warning, Pravus launched a full scale invasion and assault on New Tython. The Odanites were forced to retreat and went into exile before eventually settling in the Kiast System, unknown to the Brotherhood.

Pravus followed the sacking of New Tython by announcing his desire to lead the Brotherhood into a “New Order.” This would motivate the Clans to begin to choose a side in a growing conflict between a rising resistance and Pravus’ New Order. Remnants of the old orders would join this growing resistance, which eventually lead to friction and fissures in the frail bonds that held the Brotherhood together.

Karufr—long time home to Clan Taldryan—was next to be sacked by the Justicar of the Brotherhood. This forced the Taldryanites to seek solace and shelter in depths of unknown space. Clan Arcona and Clan Tarentum worked through the aftermath of Wuntila Arconae’s betrayal and the subsequent end to the Krath Rebellion with his murder of Telona Murrage. The two old allies aligned with Clan Plagueis in an attempt to eliminate Darth Pravus, but were unsuccessful. Plagueis returned to their home system to recover their footing and rebuild their forces.

The resistance continued to grow with Arcona and Tarentum joining the fold to oppose the will of the Grand Master and his “New Order”. The Lotus —as the rebels now call themselves—managed to strike a major setback to the Iron Navy’s starship production by attacking a key manufacturing yard. The Grand Master was not pleased with this setback, but it did give him a target to set his sights on.

Even with the unexpected delays, reconciliation from Pravus came swiftly and without mercy. With a series of bold, calculated strokes, the remaining fleets of the Brotherhood were brought to bear against the might of the Iron Navy. Arcona, Tarentum, and Naga Sadow lost their flagships and accompanying navies, forcing them to retreat. Scholae Palatinae, despite their ties to the Imperial legacy, were hit the hardest as both their fleet and homeworld were set aflame.

The seven Clans have been forced to reevaluate their armed forces and ambitions. Meanwhile, the Dark Council stands on the precipice of revealing their new base of operations. Gone are the tethers to the mystic ways of old. Pravus’ vision has replaced them with cold, Imperial-inspired efficiency. There appears to be a method behind the madness that the Grand Master has pursued in his pursuit of forming this New Order.

With the completion of Arx, Pravus revels in his New Order coming to fruition. This leads the Lotus to organize a desperation strike to the heart of Pravus' power. The Brotherhood's combined resistance to the Iron Throne launched an attack on the Suffering, Pravus' flagship. An infiltration team goes on a dangerous mission to take out the rear shield generators of the Execturor-class Star Destroyer, creating an opening for Resistance forces to strike.

Just as the Resistance is about to secure a major victory against Pravus, however, a new challenger arrives and begins to open fire on...everything. This new enemy strikes out against the Resistance and Iron Navy sympathizers alike, using suicide bombers supported by Heavy Cruisers.

The Clans were forced to return to their respective systems to regroup and reorganize, as the Grand Master is presented with a new threat to his hard earned New Order.



  • Undesirables are revealed to be alien species of "lesser" standing in the Grand Master’s eyes. This also includes any who held true to the old orders known as the Krath and Obelisk.
  • Obelisk and Krath leaders are executed as the orders are purged from the ranks of the Brotherhood.
  • This is the prequel and set up for the New Order story arc.

Chapter 1: A New Order



  • Valhavoc files his final report and highlights the evolution of the Dark Brotherhood over the past two years, and his disappointment in it.
  • Under Grand Master Pravus' order, the eradication of the Jedi from the Brotherhood begins. New Tython is invaded and razed.
  • Forewarned by the tortured and escaped former Herald, Vorsa, Clan Odan-Urr largely manages escape, though the rest of New Tython burns. Solari is killed in a duel with the Grand Master, sending a message.
  • Clan Odan-Urr regroups and looks forward to the future and towards Resistance.
  • “Remember New Tython”

Chapter 2: Treason



  • Former Grand Master and current Justicar Jac returns home to Taldrya. Aabsdu returns home to Plagueis, unsanctioned, with part of the Iron Fleet. Rogue agents Telona Murrage, Krath paragon of Tarentum, and Wuntila Arconae assemble their secret cell of undesirables and ex-Orderlies in a resistance movement. Tensions run high.
  • Jac and Aabsdu launch attacks on their respective targets in retaliation for their Clans' betrayal of Pravus.
  • The Krath and Obelisk resistance is attacked by Iron Throne forces. Wuntila betrays Telona, murdering her, and Val Cole, agent of the Grand Master, emerges from the fray to congratulate him on his loyalty.
  • Pravus is pleased and turns his attention to other dissenters in his ranks, including “the waif” on the Serpentine Throne. He sets the stage to turn Tarentum and Arcona against each other.

Anthology Series

The Anthology series is a collection of three fictions that take place between Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 of The New Order story arc. These were done to allow more direct input from each unit in terms of crafting the larger Brotherhood storyline.

Anthology Part 1: No Return
Marick and Zakath on Dantooine


  • The Regent’s role is highlighted.
  • Senechal James Entar is punny.
  • Soon™ has been canonized.
  • An Undesirable safehouse becomes compromised when Grand Inquisitors show up
  • Zakath goes HAM on some Inquisitors.
  • Marick Arconae confronts and kills Zakath to show is dedication and loyalty to Grand Master Pravus.
  • Marick Arconae becomes Marick Tyris.
Anthology Part 2: Rise of the Lotus
Lotus graffiti


  • Mar and Corvus impersonate Iron Legion troopers to get to the control room, not unlike Luke and Han in “A New Hope.”
  • Lead by Alethia, the Resistance sets up to blast the fuel lines for Pravus’ new Fleet-maker.
  • Edgar’s team runs into trouble, gets pinned down.
  • Arcona and Odan-Urr coordinate to retrieve Edgar’s team, extraction.
  • Odan-Urr’s flagship recovers the strike teams.
  • Arcia triggers the detonators, taking out the fuel lines for the Brotherhood's Fleet-maker.
  • Pravus is not happy.
  • Pravis is very not happy. Appoints a new Fist in Dracaryis to lead the charge against the Resistance.
  • The Resistance adopts the name of “The Lotus” under the continued banner of “Remember New Tython.”
  • Pravus has his sights now on Arcona, and also realizes that Odan-Urr is a legitimate threat to his plans.
Anthology Part 3: Seven Strands
The logo's of the seven Clans.


  • A 7-part fiction from each of the 7 Clan’s perspectives of current events.

Chapter 3: Reconciliation

Darth Pravus on Arx


  • Drac decides to be more bold in how the Iron Navy fights its battles. He brings in a tactical expert.
  • Tarentum’s flagship is destroyed by the Iron Navy.
  • Damon Nix manipulates a member of Scholae Palatinae to betray them. While Scholae’s forces are spread thin, Nix attacks their homeworld of Judecca and lays waste to it.
  • Alara and Zee witness the destruction of Judecca.
  • Blade Ta’var is revealed as the traitor as she heads towards Kiast to join Clan Odan-Urr.
  • Nix reveals that he used Blade and was getting revenge for her refusing to kill her opponent in the Journeyman Tournament.
  • Former Consul Locke gets a visit from the Iron Navy, and is surprised to see Atra Ventus alive and leading the attack. CNS Flagship destroyed.
  • The Arcona Defense Force is ambushed on their home turf. They are lured into a trap, which is later revealed to be the work of Marick. The current and former flagships, most notably, are destroyed.
  • Pravus is pleased. Arx is soon ready to be revealed to the Brotherhood.

Chapter 4: Order

Grand Master's throne room, Arx


  • Howlader Taldrya hates digital technology and prefers the old ways.
  • Through Howlader, we get a recap of *The New Order* story arc, fictionally, including the in-character motivation for Fleet Resets and new home systems.
  • Kordath Bleu (Arcona), runs into Kelly Mendes (Plagueis) and reveals the conclusion to the *Undesirables* arc.
  • Pravus feels that he has won, and no longer sees profit in having Inquisitors hunt down *Undesirables*.
  • Laren Uscot (Plagueis) and TuQ’uan Varrick (Plagueis) are out past curfew in the Shadow Academy, and solemnly swear that they are up to no good.
  • The duo hack the new but still somewhat vulnerable archives for...something.
  • The Grand Master puts on a show of military strength by having the entire Iron Legion and Iron Navy assemble on their new home planet—[Arx](https://wiki.darkjedibrotherhood.com/view/Planet_Arx).
  • Pravus appoints Lena Rhell (strategist behind Fist Dracaryis’ leadership of the Legion and Navy) Moff of the Arx System, giving her the political reign of the planet while keeping her close at hand for her tactical brilliance.
  • Pravus gives a motivational speech. Eat your heart out, Hux.
  • Turel and Archenskov watch the event from a feed on the Godless Matron’s dive bar. They are not pleased that other units seem to be making nice with Pravus, even if it’s just for image's sake.
  • Turel and Arch muse over what to do for the Lotus.
  • Turel gets a priority message from an agent he feels he can trust. Could it be the two meddlesome kids that were snooping around the Shadow Academy? (*Most probably.*)
  • Turel and Arch decide it’s time to hit Pravus where it hurts, presumably using the information they got from their agents informants.

Chapter 4: Endgame

Battle for the Suffering


  • Lucine Vasano of Arcona and Rhylance of Taldryan assassinate two key officers aboard the _Suffering_, the Flagship of the Iron Navy.
  • Rhylance explains that an undercover agent will take the place of one of the assassinated officers to help with some kind of sabotage.
  • Cut to: three days later. In a modern version of the titular shuttle from the _Rogue One_ film, Kenath Zoron of Clan Odan-Urr has landed and is standing by with a team of infiltrators that are ready to take on the impossible task of disabling a section of the Suffering's shields.
  • Alarms start to go off, signaling it’s time for the team to move.
  • The Lotus fleet, composed of ships from both Clan Arcona and Odan-Urr, launch a full-scale assault on the Suffering.
  • They are not alone. A general Resistance to Pravus’ power lends support to the Lotus ships. This is in the form of unmarked ships from Clan Naga Sadow. The combined Resistance takes advantage of some delays caused by the early infiltration teams,
  • Notably absent from the battle are Clans Plagueis, Clan Tarentum, and Clan Taldrya. They are positioned nearby to watch the outcome of the battle.
  • A new set of ships arrives to help defend the Suffering. They belong to House Marka Ragnos of Clan Naga Sadow. It is revealed that Naga Sadow’s summit is divided on supporting the Lotus over the Iron Throne.
  • The Marka Ragnos ships attack the Arconan ships' flanks. Things don’t look good.
  • Clan Scholae Palatinae shows up, lending the INS Tarkin to help strike back at Pravus for destroying their former home. Aedile Dek Ironius II uses his tactical experience to help balance the scales.
  • Deep in the bowels of the Suffering’s engineering bay, the infiltration team is lead by an impersonator that assumed the identity of the officer killed in the opening by Lucine and Rhylance.
  • Having safely guided the sabotage team to Engineering, Bentre Stahoes of Clan Naga Sadow drops his Faceless feat’s disguise before cloaking and going to retrieve Lucine and Rhylance and prepare for extraction.
  • As the battle continues, and time ticks away for the Lotus’ gambit, Rian and Vodo speculate on the battle from the safety of their ships bridge. As they are speaking, an alarm sounds that one of the fighter squadrons deployed against their orders to stay out of the fight. It's Covenant Squadron, under the command of Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj
  • Back in Engineering, Jasper Arlow works her mechanical magic as she works to take down the Sufferings rear aft shields through its generator.
  • She manages to overload the generator, and the sabotage team scrambles to flee to the extraction point.
  • Back on Odan-Urr’s flagship, the Lotus forces see the opening in the shields and divert all their firepower to taking out the Sufferings rear aft thrusters in hopes of crippling its mobility.
  • They don’t have any resources to spare to go save the extraction team, though.
  • While making their way to the extraction point in the hangar bay, Lucine gets shot in the leg. She is carried back to the shuttle with the rest of the team, who manage to escape the hangar bay...only to be stopped by a squadron of Iron Navy fighters.
  • Zoron can’t do much with just the shuttle, and braces for the worst. The rogue Taldryan squadron swoops in and clears a path through the Iron Navy ships, allowing the Dawnblade to escape.
  • On Tarentum’s Titan, Scion watches the conclusion of the battle, and can’t believe the Lotus pulled their mission off. As he’s preparing the ship to turn and leave, a new battle group of ships appears out of nowhere and starts attacking everything in sight...including the previously neutral ships belonging to Tarentum, Plagueis, and Taldryan.
  • All three ships suffer damages before retreating.
  • Aboard Arcona’s flagship, the Invicta II, Atyiru and her crew watch as the new enemy deploys a strange kind of weapon in the form of Quadrijet spacetugs. They end up watching as the small cargo carriers detonate as suicide bombers, taking out one of Naga Sadow’s unmarked ships.
  • Naga Sadow ships on both sides of the conflict retreat.
  • Even on the verge of victory over Pravus, Turel orders a full retreat of the Lotus forces.
  • Odan-Urr ships begin to pull out as well, with Arcona and Scholae along with the hamstrung Scholae Palatinae ship. Arcona attempts to cover the retreat.
  • The Invicta II is the last ship to leave. Atyiru orders the retreat and rushes towards the medbay to help with the wounded.
  • As she reaches the lift, just before they jump to hyperspace, the Invicta II is hit hard by one of the new enemy's suicide bombers. The lift collapses around Atyiru.
  • The fate of Arcona’s Shadow Lord is left in limbo as the rest of the Brotherhood tries to figure out what the hell just happened, and who this new threat was.

Great Jedi War XII: Retribution

"While the Brotherhood dealt with it's own internal conflict, a new organization solidified it's power and waited patiently for the right moment to strike and reveal themselves. The Brotherhood was forced to reconsider their position internally, as their focus was forced onto an enemy that threatened them all. "
Farrin Xies, Headmaster, 35 ABY

Rath Oligard, former Fleet Admiral of the Dark Brotherhood, was declared absent without leave from the Fleet in 29 ABY. Known throughout the Brotherhood as a rising military star, Oligard abandoned his position following the tragic and unfortunate events that led to the death of his family on an uncharted planet known only as XL374. Oligard’s journey over the next six years took him from sorrow, to depression, to anger, and finally towards a single driven purpose. The galaxy had toiled under the yoke of Force users for Rath’s entire life. The Old Republic were ruled by a cadre of unfeeling and arrogant monks who sat within a temple and passed judgment upon the galaxy. The Empire ruled with an iron fist and destroyed any and all who opposed it. Now, the galaxy sat in a state of abject chaos as multiple Theocracies attempted to impose their will upon it.

The former Fleet Admiral would tolerate it no longer. He crawled from the alcoholic haze that blurred the loss of his family from his memory. He drug himself, upon hands and knees, into the dens of miscreants and criminals until he finally began to find those who understood his new found philosophical goal. The Galaxy was a miserable and contemptuous place, but it was much more tolerable when it was not oppressed by the yoke of the Jedi or Sith.

The creation of the Collective was a tedious and daunting process. Rath’s personal vanguard within the Liberation Front were the true believers. They despised Force users of all kinds and abhorred the institutions that they created. The Technocratic Guild, a series of eccentric engineers and scientists, did not harbor the same hatred for Force users, but did jealously covet their knowledge and possessions. Finally, Capital Enterprises; the mercenaries for hire within the Collective, agreed to Rath’s terms solely to eliminate the Force users from cutting into their bottom line. Rath understood Capital Enterprises greed, but he also knew their enigmatic leader, Ghafa Ordam, harbored deep hatred for the Sith and their slaver ways.

Six years, billions of credits, and the unification of multiple visions produced the organization that now opposed the Dark Brotherhood. Rath Oligard, military genius, rogue, and charismatic leader, looked forward to finally obtaining the justifiable wrath he sought for his family.

He had conducted hundreds of small scale attacks against the Dark Brotherhood fleets over the past several weeks and now he had ushered them to his front door on Nancora. Exactly where he wanted them.

Prologue: The Collective


  • Aboard the Collective flagship, the Skylla, Captain Sul Pahlee observes the spectacle of the Iron Navy's flagship in ruins.
  • Lead by a man going by the name of Rath Oligard, the Collective is revealed to be an organization comprised of three unique factions: The Liberation Front, Capital Enterprises, and The Technocratic Guild.
  • We see a glimpse into Oligard's history, granting insight into why the Collective are so hellbent on opposing the Dark Brotherhood and its population of Force Users.
  • The Collective forces destroy the crippled Brotherhood Flagship, the Suffering, while also harassing each of it's seven Clans forces.
  • The Collective gives a final middle finger to the Iron Navy as reinforcements show up, fleeing to hyperspace and leaving the Brotherhood to its next action.

Chapter 1: Vengeance

As the Grand Master of the Brotherhood witnesses the fate of his flagship, Pravus calls his many resources into action to determine the nature of this new threat. As his subjects and servants spring into action, the name Rath Oligard comes to the surface. An Imperial officer of the finest caliber, Oligard is a true threat to the Brotherhood. And, while foes of the darkness seek him out to join with him, the true intent of Rath Oligard and his Collective comes forth: the Brotherhood and all Force-users are to be exterminated.

Chapter 2: Impetus

With the seat of the Collective’s power known, the seven Clans turn their sights to Nancora and seek to retaliate against the vicious onslaught of Rath Oligard. As the Clan fleets jump to hyperspace to head to Nancora Prime, the treachery of a Dark Lord stands out against the unity of Dark and Light: Darth Pravus will offer no aid, and the forces of the Dark Council withdraw to Arx, and leave the Clans to their own fates.

Chapter 3: War

The first forces of the Brotherhood to arrive in the Nancora system are the loyal eyes and ears of the Inquisitorius. The listeners, the spies, the able hands of the Voice of the Brotherhood witness the spectacle of Rath Oligard’s plan laid out. And, as the forces of the Brotherhood enter the fray, a superweapon is unleashed, and lives are lost.

Chapter 4: Strike

The unified forces of the Inquisitorius continue to relay information both to the Clans, as well as to the Grand Master and his servants on Arx. One of the prototype weapons of the Collective falls to the agents of the Brotherhood, but as the battle in space rages on, noteworthy members fall from the sky and crash to the surface.

Chapter 5: Riposte

The forces of the Brotherhood advance and score noteworthy wins against the Collective, but this has all been according to plan. Rath Oligard drew in the forces of his enemies, and plans a retreat from Nancora with the intended goal of presenting the Clans with a Pyrrhic victory.

Chapter 6: Finale

Heroes stand out among all of the forces of the Brotherhood. The forces of the Collective witness the power of one of the Dark Lords, and yet, the homes of each Clan is not safe. Messages spread like wildfires among the Clans: the Collective fled, but with blood lust in mind. And in the midst of the retreat of the Collective, a bastion of darkness among the seven wavers and falls.



  • FLASHBACK: Pravus, not happy with how things panned out. He is probably still upset about his flagship being blown up, too.
  • SMASHCUT: Pravus in the present (of this story). He is not expecting Consul's Turel and Satsi to share the information they learn with the rest of the Brotherhood. The Sith Lord underestimated the "Light".
  • After realizing that the Collective used Nancora as a trap for the Brotherhood, Pravus prepares to deploy Dark Council and Arx assets to aide the rest of the Brotherhood.
  • Pravus tells the Dark Councilors they are free to aide their alma mater Clans. Except for Farrin...
  • Pravus tells Farrin that he is needed here on Arx, and that it is too late to save his former Clan: Tarentum.
  • Bloodfyre realizes that he is too late to save Tarentum’s homeworld. While the defensive navy manages to land some critical hits, the Collective is just too powerful and the defenses do not hold. The Collective pushes to wipe out one of the Brotherhood's oldest and darkest Clans.
  • Sith Bloodfyre, the last Consul of Tarentum, makes the choice to save his Clansman (and women) by ordering the surviving members into escape pods. The members of once Clan Tarentum will never forget, but would live on to fight future battles.
  • A Plageuis ship named the Wrath. This is amusing because that is the same name of the Fist's Flagship Resurgent-class SSD.
  • Plageuis is ready to take on the Collective on home turf. Still, there are *a lot* of Collective ships. Just as Laren muses that they might win, but at a cost, a deus-ex Dracaryis shows up to help turn the tides of battle. Surely this will lead to interesting development between the Ascendant Clan and the current Fist of the Brotherhood.
  • CUT TO: CSP Flagship, which is of course named the “Sidious”.
  • Consul/Empress Elincia ponders the state of life, the universe, and everything. While CSP is able to withdraw effectively form Nancora, they don’t have much of a home to return to. They still have to fight against the Meraxis Empire to claim a true foothold in the Caperion system.
  • To add more fuel to the fire, intel is leaked that Collective agents have made contact with the Meraxis Empire and are willing to work with them to prevent the spreading of any tricksie Jedises or Sithses.
  • Just when Elincia thought, *we’re going to need a bigger ‘boat’*, a familiar face arrives to lend a hand.
  • It’s Evant, former Proconsul of CSP and since Regent of the Brotherhood! He offers the aid of the Brotherhood’s capital resources in an olive-branch like move to help repair relations between the DC and the independent Clans.
  • Vexus, a member of the Collective, like all the good zealots in the Liberation Front, is ready to take the fight to the Clans of the Brotherhood. Their target? Sepros, the home of Clan Naga Sadow. *Dun dun dun.* Sang will pick up from this for your next event, or so I’m told. ph33r and stuff.