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Real World Perspective.

Welcome to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Fiction Center. Here you will find links to the various pages and documents that will help both new and returning members with getting caught up with the Brotherhood's current storyline. You will also find summaries and recaps of previous and current storylines and fiction updates, and person/places of interest data bank.

To get started:

  • Dark Brotherhood Canon, which looks to align with Star Wars Canon where possible, is maintained by the Brotherhood Story Group. The story group's objective is to maintain consistency with Brotherhood Lore in respects to narrative plot updates, system features like possessions and character sheets, as well as integration with new material introduced into "nu Canon". The Story Group is headed currently by the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master.
  • The Brotherhoods home rests in the Arx System. (Antei was destroyed and the Dark Council relocated).
  • To learn more about the Fiction Society, check out the Inquisitorius page on the Wiki.
  • To expand your knowledge on the Brotherhood's fiction systems, check out the Fiction Resources. This includes links to resources and documentation that covers the Character Sheet System, Competition Guidelines, Telegram Fiction Chat, a catalog of previous Voice and Combat Master Reports, and answers to the most frequently asked questions.
  • To join the ongoing discussion on original characters and fiction, check out our Fiction Chat channel on Telegram.

Fictional Timeline

  • The current DB fictional year is 38 ABY.
  • To get caught up on the latest brotherhood storyline, check out the fiction updates below. The Dark Crusade is the beginning of the contemporary storyline, so we begin there.
  • To see the different arcs, see the Fiction Updates: Story Arcs.

Current Storyline

The next story arc will pick up after the events of the Thirteenth Great Jedi War.

Previous Storyline: Fictional Recap

Previous Arc
Year Story Arc Fiction
37 ABY Great Jedi War XIII: Discord Prologue
Chapter 1: Catalyst
Chapter 2:When Words Fail
“I assure you, Mr. Daley, that the vessels you are reporting as attacking the shipyard are not from the Iron Navy, nor would any of our military personnel do anything to put the lives of Lyra Colony or the Shipyard in danger,” - Evant Taelyan
As representatives of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and The Collective met with leaders of the Severian Principate, Collective forces disguised as an element of the Brotherhood launched a false-flag surprise attack on the Principate, hitting targets across the Lyra System. The Collective feigns shock and ignorance as the Brotherhood scrambles to contain the situation and the Principate stands poised on the brink of war. Out of this discord, new opportunities have presented themselves to the Clans, from salvaging diplomatic ties with a new ally, to securing new sources of power and profit for themselves.


A decisive blow has was struck in the ongoing fued between the Brotherhood and the Collective. With the death of the Technocratic Guild leader known as Daggo Mouk—and the loss of Meridian Space Station—the Collective have scaled back their harassment of the Brotherhood. Their withdrawal gave the Dark Council some much needed breathing room to reinforce their hold on their respective territories. The continued conflicts with the Collective—combined with meeting the material needs of the Dark Council's new home world, fleet, and personnel—stretched the Regent's coffers thin. In the hopes of reaching a trade deal with a new partner, the Grand Master created an opportunity to meet with a new organization that could stand to be an invaluable partner for the Brotherhood. They call themselves the Severian Principate.

With the leadership of the Brotherhood shifting gears, Evant Taelyan was appointed Deputy Grand Master. His first task? Assemble a group of delegates from the seven respective Clans, and take them to the Lyra-3K-a system to meet with representatives from the Severian Principate.



If you want peace, prepare for war...

The Deputy Grand Master has assembled his team of diplomats that represent each of the Brotherhood’s seven clans. Their destination? The Lyra-3K-a star system to meet with diplomats from the Severian Principate with the hope of forging a mutually beneficial alliance between the two powers. While the Iron Forces make their way towards the locations of interest, however, the Collective makes a bold move to disrupt diplomacy as discord looms on the horizon...

[Chapter One] Catalyst

"Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony.”

Just as the Brotherhood begins a historic diplomatic meeting with the Severian Principate, the Collective has made a hard move to sow discord and disrupt the potential alliance. Under the disguise of Iron Forces ships and pilots, they have launched multiple false-flag attacks on key locations in the Lyra-3K-a system. In a desperate attempt to prevent the deal from falling through, Deputy Grand Master Evant Taelyan has sent out an encrypted, coded message across the Advanced Inquisitorius Network (AIN) calling on all Brotherhood personal to lend aid. The fate of this potential alliance now hangs in the hands of the Seven Clans of the Brotherhood.

[Chapter Two] When Words Fail

"Truth is stranger than fiction because we don’t meet it as often.”

Although the Brotherhood has produced evidence of the Collective false-flag attack, the Severian Principate remains skeptical of the Brotherhood's motivations. To make matters worse, elements of the Principate 5th Fleet have taken up arms against the Brotherhood system-wide.


"False dichotomies are often at the heart of discord."

For all their attempts at a peaceful resolution, three galactic powers had become entwined in a war for the truth behind the seeds of discord. The blurred line between truth and fiction had caught the loyal supporters of the Severian Principate in the crossfire of the Collective’s feud with the Dark Brotherhood. Across the Lyra-3K-a system, three theaters of war entered the final chapters of their respective battles and conflicts.

Inquisitorius Archive

Official Fiction Updates for both the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the independent Clans can be found here in the Inquisitorius Fiction Archives.

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Databank: Brotherhood Universe

The following data bank provides a quick reference to information about persons, locations, and organizations of interest that show up in the Dark Brotherhood storyline.

Logos-fiction-center-Collective.png The Collective The Collective is a powerful organization that has chosen the recent events of the conflict between the Brotherhood’s Resistance and the Iron Throne to make its presence and purpose known.
Logos-fiction-center-Principate.png The Severian Principate The Severian Principate is a rare Imperial Warlord state which not only endured but thrived following the Empire’s collapse. Originally a network of mining worlds and orbital facilities in the Kastolar Sector, it existed to fuel the Empire’s war machine. This changed with the governorship of Lucian Niatinus, a commander disillusioned with the Emperor’s self-destructive policies. Devoted to improving the lives of his citizens and secretly allying with the smugglers and pirates from the nearby Hutt Space, he sought to create an ordered state free of the tyranny which inspired the Rebellion.
Darkcouncildblogo.png The Dark Council The Dark Council serves the Grand Master of the Brotherhood, and governs the various elements of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.
7clans.png The Seven Clans The seven Clans of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood all hold different motivations and personalities.

Arcona, Naga Sadow, Odan-Urr, Plagueis, Scholae Palatinae, Taldryan, Clan Vizsla.

A member of each respective unit is referred to in the following manner:

  • Arconan
  • Taldryanite
  • Sadowan
  • Palatinaean
  • Odanite
  • Plagueian
  • Member of Clan Vizsla

Former members of Clan Tarentum identify as Tarenti.

Picture-emblem1.jpg Iron Forces The Iron Forces are divided into two divisions: The Iron Navy, and the Iron Legion.
Logos-fiction-center-ACE.png Arx Capital Exchange The Arx Capital Exchange, or ACE, is the financial and industrial apparatus of the Arx System and the Dark Council as a whole.
Logos-fiction-center-INQ.png Inquisitorius The Inquisitorius are the Grand Master’s covert network of agents. They represent the Brotherhood's strength outside of the Iron Legion and Iron Fleet. While not all that are enrolled are aligned with the Grand Master’s visions, many compete for favor and to rise in the rankings. The Society offers various awards and incentives and is headed by the Voice of the Brotherhood.
Logos-fiction-center-Syndicate.png Shroud Syndicate The Shroud Syndicate is the premiere criminal organization operating in Dark Brotherhood space. It involves many smaller gangs, crews, and criminal combines within its area of operation, it is lead by the Herald, and operates from the Shroud Nebula where their massive ship, the Godless Matron, makes berth. The organization is involved in almost every major black market deal that happens in Dark Brotherhood space.
Arx-system.png Arx System The Arx System is located in the depths of Wild Space, far away from the core worlds and isolated from the galaxy at large. The planet Arx — or more commonly simply called "Arx" — now serves as the current seat of power for the Dark Brotherhood.
Canon galaxy map.jpg Outer Rim Territories The Outer Rim Territories, also known as the Outer Rim or Outer Systems, was a sparsely populated region of the galaxy located outside the Mid Rim before Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. The largest region in the galaxy, it was home to diverse worlds and rugged, primitive frontier planets. It is here that the bulk of the Brotherhood’s storyline evolves.
Antei.jpg Antei The former home system and planet of the Dark Brotherhood. Destroyed by former Grand Master Muz Ashen in a destructive ritual to gain immortality.
Mav-wiki.png Telaris
Grand Master
The Grand Master occupies the The Iron Throne, which is the seat of power for the Dark Brotherhood. They control the Dark Council, as well as the combined Iron Forces.
EvantHeadshot.jpg Evant Taelyan
Deputy Grand Master

Character Sheet
Evant has long worked to carry out the vision of the Brotherhood and Grand Master, and is constantly active in establishing networks and organizations to further those goals. This has earned him a high level of trust with the Grand Master and Dark Council, furthering his level of responsibility influence. Evant is brash, egotistical and absolutely loyal to the Dark Council.
JustiniosHeadshot.png Justinios Drake
Fist of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
Supreme Commander of the Iron Legion and Navy, head of the Grand Master's Royal Guard.
IdrisHeadshot.png Idris Adenn
Voice of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
Known as an outgoing and accomplished Bounty Hunter, Idris Adenn stepped into the role of Voice of the Brotherhood as a stark contrast to the master assassin who previously held the role.
Logos-fiction-center-Selika.png Selika Roh
Herald of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
Head of diplomatic relationships between the Clans of the Brotherhood, and leader of the Shroud Syndicate.
James-wiki.png James Lucius Entar
Seneschal of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
The enigmatically eccentric, ever endearing Seneschal heads up the Brotherhood’s Research and Development and also maintains sovereignty over cyber security thanks to his unique artificial intelligence, Construct dbb0t. James has a penchant for riddles and rarely involves himself in political matters, claiming to serve the Brotherhood and the Galaxy at large. He is most often left to his own devices out of both respect and fear.
DSImage.jpg Daniel Stephens
Headmaster of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
The Master Archivist overseeing the Shadow Academy and all of its secrets.
Dacienheadshot.png Dacien Victae
Justicar of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
The new Justicar replacing Jac Cotelin.
Howladerheadshot.png Howlader
Master at Arms

Character Sheet
Howlader is rarely seen in his office, but his work always seems to get done. Overseeing the ceremony and record keeping of the Brotherhood’s dossiers, Howlader’s allegiance seems to be more to the position he holds than to any one leader or even his home unit.
AtraHeadshot.png Atra Ventus

Character Sheet
The former Combat Master and Praetor now serves as Lord Regent. Atra detests the title, but has made quick work of stepping into the role and has a vested interest in the negotiations between the Severian Principate and the Brotherhood.
Nixheadshot.png Damon Nix
Lord Marshal
The enigmatic strategist behind the Iron Legion looks to ensure that Pravus’ plans proceed as intended. A master of subterfuge and deception, the man who had previously lead the Dark Crusades by posing as the mysterious Darth Esoteric is one of the most dangerous Sith in the Brotherhood for his unpredictable methods and lethal cunning.
Rhellheadshot.JPG Lena Rhell
Grand General
Character Sheet
The leader of the Iron Navy, Rhell serves as the Fist's chief advisor on naval warfare and strategy. In a dual role as a Moff, she is also tasked with the operation and defense of the Arx System.
MorganHeadshot.png Morgan Sorenn
Former Herald and Deputy Grand Master

Character Sheet
Starship captain, pirate, mercenary, and crime boss currently serving the Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood. She is a Nar Shaddaan by birth, spacer by choice and mercenary by necessity who leads a life devoid of restrictions or bylaws. The only loyalty she holds is the one that is earned, and not many deserve that privilege.
Pravus3.png Darth Pravus
Grand Master

Character Sheet
Former Grand Master of the Brotherhood and architect of the “New Order”. Manipulative, cunning, and utterly dedicated to his vision of a clean, pure, and efficient Brotherhood.