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Welcome to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Fiction Center. Here you will find links to the various pages and documents that will help both new and returning members with getting caught up with the Brotherhood's current storyline. You will also find summaries and recaps of previous and current storylines and fiction updates.

  • The current DB fictional year is 37 ABY.
  • Dark Brotherhood Canon, which looks to align with Star Wars Canon where possible, is maintained by the Brotherhood Story Group. The story group's objective is to maintain consistency with Brotherhood Lore in respects to narrative plot updates, system features like possessions and character sheets, as well as integration with new material introduced into "nu Canon". The Story Group is headed currently by the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master.
  • The Brotherhoods home rests in the Arx System. (Antei was destroyed and the Dark Council relocated).
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Previous Storyline: Fictional Recap

A detailed view of the Brotherhood's previous storylines can all be found on the Fiction Updates: Story Arcs page.

Current Storyline: Fictional Recap

The Collective — Rite of Supremacy: Meridian

"Following the Twelfth Great Jedi War and the Battle for Nancora, Darth Pravus's departure from the Brotherhood left more questions than answers hanging in the air. How would Grand Master Telaris Cantor's reign differ from Pravus' New Order, and how much would remain unchanged? Whatever the answers might be, the War taught us one harsh lesson: the Brotherhood is not as safe or secure as we once believed it. With only six clans remaining, The Collective have shown themselves to be a true threat. Even with their defeat, they do not seem deterred from their pursuit of purging the Brotherhood from the Galaxy. We will not win this fight alone or divided. As my duty as Master Archivist comes to and end, however, the rest of this story will fall to the next Headmaster. May the Force guide us forward into a stronger Brotherhood. "
Farrin Xies, Headmaster Emeritus, 36 ABY

"The Collective called it 'Meridian', a space station, a prison, and a research facility. One of our top agents in the Shadow Academy Society, Vance Kordall, was captured and taken to this place. This action, while not the sole catalyst for Brotherhood action, did indeed help spark the discovery of this outpost. It will be up to the Clans, united if only temporarily against a common foe, to take the station and strike a decisive blow to the Collective. "
―[Ness'arin Ohnaka]], Director of the Inquisitorius 36 ABY

Fiction Update Summaries

The following section will provide links to the relevant news posts that launched each fiction update, as well as synopses for The Collective story arc.

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[The Collective] Prologue


  • A gathering of bureaucrats, nobles, merchants, and dignitaries is being hosted at the Dark Ascent on Arx.
  • In private, Grand Master Pravus reveals that he is stepping away from the throne.
  • Deputy Grand Master Telaris is told that his time has come. Long may he reign.
  • Back at the gathering, the various leadership representatives of the Clans are present: with the exception of Odan Urr.
  • Telaris appears where Pravus should be, shocking many of the gathered to different degrees.
  • Telaris is the new Grand Master, and he says that in order to reforge the Brotherhood in the face of the threat that is the Collective, the Brotherhood needs to be unified.
  • Telaris states that the Council will continue to bolster and support the Clans territories.
  • Jac Cotelin has been replaced as Justicar by Dacien Victae diPlagia.
  • Selika Roh has become the new Herald.
  • Morgan Sorenn has become the new Deputy Grand Master.
  • Later: It is revealed that a Collective spy was able to record the exchange and share it with the Collective leadership.
  • Ghafa and Daggo argue over their mixed success and failures against the Brotherhood so far.
  • Rath quiets them, and admits to not predicting that Pravus would just walk away from everything.
  • Rath resolves that this will not stop him from achieving his goals. The Collective will not stop until the Brotherhood is eradicated from the face of the Galaxy.

[The Collective] Chapter 1: Counterpoints


  • Rath Oligard broadcasts a propaganda message cross all Brotherhood channels, offering a pledge of defiance and issuing a decree that the Collective will not relent until the Jedi are broken.
  • On Arx, the Voice and Director of Inquisitorious Operations, Ness’arin Ohnaka discuss Oligard’s new tactics, gleaning the Collective is using the growth of the First Order and the internal conflicts of the Brotherhood to its advantage in order to gain support in Wild Space and the Unknown Regions.
  • The Inquisitorious, eager to step out of the shadows and directly engage the Collective, launches Operation Tempered Iron.
  • Seemingly one step ahead, the Collective’s Aleena Demolition Squad secretly infiltrates Psi Termina I, Inquisitorious Listener Ship in Wild Space.
  • Voice Marick Tyris addresses the Brotherhood, indicating the purpose of the Inquisitorious and its role in the war to come.
  • In response, Varryn Antillus – the mastermind behind Capital Enterprises – gives the signal for the Collective to continue its offensive.
  • A squadron of spacetugs, led by Bifrost I, piloted by Reiko Minkara of the Liberation Front Partisans launches a successful suicide attack on Psi Termina I.

[The Collective] Chapter 2: Executive Action


  • In Wild Space, Collective forces continue their suicide attacks on Brotherhood assets.
  • Vera Wright, Halcyon Taldrya, and Arx Capital Exchange pilots successfully escort the Portly Dewback on a resupply mission to Mattock Station.
  • On Etti IV, in the Corporate Sector, Wyndell Tyris, Kojiro Keibatsu, and Inquisitorious Operators intercept a shipment of capital ship plating from Ghaffa Ordam, gleaning critical information on the location of Collective assets.
  • Mimic Team and Wyndel Tyris prepare to execute Phase-Three of the Inquisitorious’ plan.
  • On Mattock Station the Board of Arx Capital Exchange and the Dark Council meet under the aegis of CEO Rhent Ghosen to discuss the course of the war and its impact to the Brotherhoods’ economy and infrastructure.

[The Collective] Chapter 3: The Hunt


  • Voice Marick Tyris discusses the dissatisfactory ACE Board meeting with Regent Evant Taelyan.
  • Additional Listener Ships dispatched to replace Psi Termina I while the strength of the AIN is revealed.
  • Vance Kordall and Grot, under contract with the Inquisitorious, infiltrate the Lost Caverns of Ulmatra seeking to retrieve an artifact.
  • The Shikari Huntresses, led by Kendra Icasta, track Kordall and Grot.
  • The Inquisitorious retrieve the artifact as the Shikari Huntresses arrive.
  • After a furious assault in the Lost Caverns, Kordall and the artifact are taken by the Shikari Huntresses.
  • Grot, beaten but not broken, begins to track Kordall.


[RoS: Meridian] Prologue: The Search for Meridian

"It all leads into the Wild..."
―Headmaster, 36ABY

In an attempt to stop the Brotherhood from finding out about Meridian, the Collective launched an assaulted on an Inquisitorius listener ship, the Psi Termina I. The ship’s Captain, Dalla Fenn, transmitted the data Just before the ship was destroyed by suicide bombers, resulting in the sacrifice of not just her life but also the lives of all those on board the ship. Vance Kordall, an agent for the Shadow Academy Society, was captured by the Collective while on a mission on Ulmatra to track down an artifact on unknown interest to the Collective. Following the events on Ulmatra, Deputy Grand Master Morgan B. Sorenn summoned the Consuls of each Clan in the Brotherhood in an attempt to rally them once again to combat the Collective threat.

United once again—even if only temporarily—the Brotherhood enters into another uneasy alliance as they prepares to battle the Collective.

[RoS: Meridian] Chapter 1: Edges of Wild Space

"A prison break, my how intriguing..."
―Headmaster, 36ABY

An unnerved Evant Taelyan calls a meeting between the consuls on behalf of the the Deputy Grand Master, whom is away coordinating the Shroud Syndicate in an attempt to aid the Dark Brotherhood tackle the Collective. Tempers flared between two of the Consuls but are quickly ignored as the importance of Meridian took precedence. They are told many things about Meridian, but many already had that information due to their own intelligence units. What does gather their attention is the fact the the station serves many important roles for the Collective, most of all as a prison holding many soldiers of the Iron Legion and of the Clans. The leaders make a plan to save their comrades and also take the fight to the enemy once again. Other notes detailed during the meeting are the destruction of the dreadnaught Akan and the death of its captain, as well as the successful rescue of Vance Kordall. After the meeting, Evant returns to his duties; now slightly more angry at Morgan.

[RoS: Merdiain] Chapter 2: Decisive Blow

The Clan leaders meet once again, but are briefed by acting Director of the Inquisitorius, Ness’arin Ohnaka, on the progress of their assault on the Meridian station. The operation is detailed to be a success as video feeds show both Iron Legion and various clan forces engaging Collective units throughout the station. Ohnaka remembers the shortcoming of the Inquisitorius and the destruction caused by the Collective.

Meanwhile, on Meridian, Daggo Mouk has accessed a case containing an artifact that he has been searching for quite some time. Mouk is disheartened by the deaths of his experiments, but finds solace in the thought of the Brotherhood forces having to deal with their unpredictability. He contacts Gwendolyn, his apprentice, and instructs her to destroy the facility. Mouk is angry on goes on a rant about the Brotherhood’s reasons and Capital Enterprise’s place with the Collective.

Finally he secures a shuttle and instructs Gwendolyn to detonate the explosives on the station once cleared.

[RoS: Meridian] Epilogue: Pillar Broken

Timeline: Fiction Updates

To get caught up on the latest brotherhood storyline, check out the fiction updates below. The Dark Crusade is the beginning of the contemporary storyline, so we begin there.

To see the different arcs, see the Fiction Updates: Story Arcs.

Fiction Updates
Year Story Arc Fiction
30 ABY Dark Crusade
31 ABY Fading Light
32 ABY Eleventh Great Jedi War Finale
33 ABY The New Order Prologue: Undesirables
Chapter 1: A New Order
Chapter 2: Treason
34 ABY Anthology series:
Part 1 - No Return
Part 2 - Rise of the Lotus
Part 3 - Seven Strands
35 ABY Chapter 3: Reconciliation
Chapter 4: Order
Chapter 5: Endgame
Twelfth Great Jedi War: Retribution Prologue: The Collective
Chapter 1: Vengeance
Chapter 2: Impetus
Chapter 3: War
Chapter 4: Strike
Chapter 5: Riposte
Chapter 6: Finale
Chapter 7: Epilogue
36 ABY The Collective Prologue
Chapter 1: Counterpoints
Chapter 2: Executive Action
Chapter 3: The Hunt
36 ABY Rite of Supremacy: Meridian Prologue
Chapter 1: Edges of Wild Space
Chapter 2: Decisive low
Epilogue: Broken Pillar

For the complete timeline, please see the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Timeline article.

Inquisitorius Archive

Official Fiction Updates for both the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the independent Clans can be found here in the Inquisitorius Fiction Archives.

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Comics created for the DJB

Databank: Brotherhood Universe

The following data bank provides a quick reference to information about persons, locations, and organizations of interest that show up in the Dark Brotherhood storyline.

Collective logo.png The Collective The Collective is a powerful organization that has chosen the recent events of the conflict between the Brotherhood’s Resistance and the Iron Throne to make its presence and purpose known.
Inquisitorius logo.gif Inquisitorius The Inquisitorius are the Grand Master’s covert network of agents. They represent the Brotherhood's strength outside of the Iron Legion and Iron Fleet. While not all that are enrolled are aligned with the Grand Master’s visions, many compete for favor and to rise in the rankings. The Society offers various awards and incentives and is headed by the Voice of the Brotherhood.
6clans.JPG The Six Clans The six Clans of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood all hold different motivations and personalities.

Arcona, Naga Sadow, Odan-Urr, Plagueis, Scholae Palatinae, and Taldryan.

A member of each respective unit is referred to in the following manner:

  • Arconan
  • Taldryanite
  • Sadowan
  • Palatinaean
  • Odanite
  • Plagueian

Former members of Clan Tarentum identify as Tarenti.

Arx-system.png Arx System The Arx System is located in the depths of Wild Space, far away from the core worlds and isolated from the galaxy at large. The planet Arx — or more commonly simply called "Arx" — now serves as the current seat of power for the Dark Brotherhood.
Canon galaxy map.jpg Outer Rim Territories The Outer Rim Territories, also known as the Outer Rim or Outer Systems, was a sparsely populated region of the galaxy located outside the Mid Rim before Wild Space and the Unknown Regions. The largest region in the galaxy, it was home to diverse worlds and rugged, primitive frontier planets. It is here that the bulk of the Brotherhood’s storyline evolves.
Antei.jpg Antei The former home system and planet of the Dark Brotherhood. Destroyed by former Grand Master Muz Ashen in a destructive ritual to gain immortality.
Darkcouncildblogo.png The Dark Council The Dark Council serves the Grand Master of the Brotherhood, and governs the various elements of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.
DracaryisHeadshot.jpg Dracaryis Sunstrider
Fist of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
Supreme Commander of the Iron Legion and Navy, head of the Grand Master's Royal Guard.
Marick1 -1975526829.jpg Marick Tyris
Voice of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
After going undercover within the Collective ranks, Marick has returned to Arx to continue to lead and direct the Inquisitorius. The Master Assassin continues bring a heightened level of efficiency to the office but faces everyday challenges as both an administrator and bureaucrat, especially when dealing with his former home Clan who still have not forgotten what he did.
Selika Roh Head.jpg Selika Roh
Herald of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
Head of diplomatic relationships between the Clans of the Brotherhood, and leader of the Shroud Syndicate.
James-wiki.png James Lucius Entar
Seneschal of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
The enigmatically eccentric, ever endearing Seneschal heads up the Brotherhood’s Research and Development and also maintains sovereignty over cyber security thanks to his unique artificial intelligence, Construct dbb0t. James has a penchant for riddles and rarely involves himself in political matters, claiming to serve the Brotherhood and the Galaxy at large. He is most often left to his own devices out of both respect and fear.
DSImage.jpg Daniel Stephens
Headmaster of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
The Master Archivist overseeing the Shadow Academy and all of its secrets.
EvantHeadshot.jpg Evant Taelyan
Regent of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
Evant has long worked to carry out the vision of the Brotherhood and Grand Master, and is constantly active in establishing networks and organizations to further those goals. This has earned him a high level of trust with the Grand Master and Dark Council, furthering his level of responsibility influence. His vast network currently operating under the banner of Arx Capital Exchange brings resources, tools, credits, kyber crystals and other materials vital to operations. Evant is brash, egotistical and absolutely loyal to the Dark Council.
Dacienheadshot.png Dacien Victae
Justicar of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
The new Justicar replacing Jac Cotelin.
Howladerheadshot.png Howlader
Master at Arms

Character Sheet
Howlader is rarely seen in his office, but his work always seems to get done. Overseeing the ceremony and record keeping of the Brotherhood’s dossiers, Howlader’s allegiance seems to be more to the position he holds than to any one leader or even his home unit.
MorganHeadshot.png Morgan Sorenn
Deputy Grand Master of the Brotherhood

Character Sheet
The new Deputy to Telaris, next in line to the throne.
Mav-wiki.png Telaris
Grand Master
The Grand Master occupies the The Iron Throne, which is the seat of power for the Dark Brotherhood. They control the Dark Council, as well as the combined [[Iron Forces]
Picture-emblem1.jpg Iron Forces The Iron Forces are divided into two divisions: The Iron Navy, and the Iron Legion.
Nixheadshot.png Damon Nix
Lord Marshal
The enigmatic strategist behind the Iron Legion looks to ensure that Pravus’ plans proceed as intended. A master of subterfuge and deception, the man who had previously lead the Dark Crusades by posing as the mysterious Darth Esoteric is one of the most dangerous Sith in the Brotherhood for his unpredictable methods and lethal cunning.
Rhellheadshot.JPG Lena Rhell
Grand General
Character Sheet
The leader of the Iron Navy, Rhell serves as the Fist's chief advisor on naval warfare and strategy. In a dual role as a Moff, she is also tasked with the operation and defense of the Arx System.
AtraHeadshot.png Atra Ventus
Praetor to the Grand Master

Character Sheet
The former Combat Master now serves as Grand Master Telaris' Praetor.
Pravus3.png Darth Pravus
Grand Master

Character Sheet
Former Grand Master of the Brotherhood and architect of the “New Order”. Manipulative, cunning, and utterly dedicated to his vision of a clean, pure, and efficient Brotherhood.