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January 2017 - Godless Matron


The Godless Matron is a Lucrehulk-class battleship in the service of Dark Council, more specifically the Herald. It is a ship out of time, far beyond its former glory, serving as a base of operations for the Shroud Syndicate, and their crews of cutthroats and brigands.

To its enemies it is a visage of terror, emerging from the darkest parts of the galaxy. For its allies, it is, at best, an ill omen and a sign of trouble to come. The Matron constantly spreads her influence across Dark Brotherhood space, ready to engulf its next victim.

The Godless Matron is a dated design, more than fifty years old, which is very rarely used in the galaxy anymore, if ever. She has been in active service for a short time before being crippled during the Clone Wars. It was only returned to active service forty years later as a base for an illicit smuggling ring, lead by a human pirate named Jom Ferran. While its engines were still functional, as were most of her essential systems, her auxiliary generators, and weapons, including the droid assembly facilities were largely damaged, under-used and under-powered.

February 2017 - Tasha'Vel Versea


Tasha’Vel Versea is a former Obelisk Assassin in Clan Naga Sadow, currently serving House Marka Ragnos. She worked hard to push herself, studying in the Shadow Academy and training rigorously beneath her former Master Marcus Kiriyu. As she grew up, she came from a family that expected her to uphold the family’s honor by walking the footsteps of a warrior. Never desiring to be held back by others, Tasha tends to shy away from crowds and groups, preferring to work alone- at least when she is not acting in her proper office. She seeks to gain further honor for her family and to improve her battle techniques. This desire extends to her House and Clan as well as her family.

Tasha excels in martial arts training and specializes in combative telekinesis. One of her early missions was to assassinate a person stealing documents about her clan’s plans for the different house squadrons. While successful it came with a price. For a time she was hunted the shuttle owner, until the heat finally blew over. This acted as the first step in a long walk from the Dark Side to a more moderate position. In time, she would even start to edge, if not completely cross over toward the Light.

March 2017 - Sky Breach Base


Sky Breach Base is the ground-side station for JTF Satele Shan’s space elevator, and it serves as the operational headquarters of the battleteam Garza’s Pathfinders. It is a primary node of defense for the JTF, as it represents the Satele Shan compound’s first and only access point through the chaotic electrical storms that envelop Daleem. The Base is also the continent’s primary transit hub, both in terms of goods and commerce and in terms of intelligence and operational opportunities. Outwardly, the Pathfinders and adjutant Base personnel act as garrison and local security. In reality, the battleteam takes full advantage of the information flow that passes through the Base, allowing them to intervene in Daleem and Vatali affairs to the benefit of the JTF. The Base is designed such that the battleteam shares most of its living and working spaces with travellers and Base workers. Whether they are playing dejarik with a freighter captain, chilling at the Havoc’s bar or assisting a P&C team with a difficult surgery, the Pathfinders are always “on the job,” gathering intelligence for the next assignment.

April 2017 - None

May 2017 - Ka Tarvitz


Ka Tarvitz is a Human male and a recent addition to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Sired by Alderaanian survivors, he was raised by the Jensaarai and taught their ways, serving first as an Apprentice and then a Defender. Despite being a devoted believer in their teachings, he proved to be extremely reluctant to draw upon the raw aggression which balanced the Light against Dark, and constantly questioned their insular role within the universe.

Eventually joining several like-minded Defenders, he set out to visit a number of distant worlds to return with word of rumoured galactic events which could threaten them. This, combined with their self-appointed role of recovering lost Jedi relics, eventually brought him to the worlds ruled by the Brotherhood, and into conflict Clan Odan-Urr while investigating New Tython's destruction. Despite their initial hostilities, upon realising the threat which beset the Jedi, Tarvitz quickly pledged himself to their service. Honing his abilities under the guidance of Edgar Drachen, he proved his worth to the Clan and currently stands at the rank of Knight.

June 2017 - Seraph


Seraph is a moderately sized terrestrial planet in the Caperion System. It is the planet third closest to the star, Caperion. Seraph is a world perfect for life to flourish, with a variety of terrains, a breathable atmosphere and oceans of water. It is the only heavily inhabited planet in the Caperion System.

Seraph is the third planet from Caperion, a terrestrial planet of mixed terrain orbiting at a distance of 324 million km. Temperatures on Seraph range from 0 to 30 degrees, depending on latitude and season. The planet is 13742 km in diameter, with a gravity of almost exactly standard and a day length of 24 hours. One year on Seraph lasts 450 standard days.

July 2017 - Aliso City

Aliso City.jpg

Aliso City is the primary settlement on Aliso. Under the control of Clan Plagueis, it can be described as the nucleus of the Clan's operations and presence on the planet. The city is constructed atop a plateau and extends eastward from the Clan’s headquarters, The Pinnacle. Originally comprised of utilitarian structures left behind by the forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, or CIS, new infrastructure has developed as the population has grown.

Aliso City is, for lack of a better definition, a frontier city. Before Plagueis occupied the planet, Separatist forces controlled the Pinnacle and other military buildings, outposts, and industry located along the western side of the plateau. These were ultimately abandoned during or after the Clone Wars, falling into disrepair and obsolescence before Plagueian forces arrived planetside.

August 2017 - None

September 2017 - None

October 2017 - The Collective

Collective logo.png

The Collective is a powerful organization that has chosen the opportunity presented by the conflict between the Brotherhood’s Resistance and the Iron Throne to make its presence and purpose known.

As reflected in the iconography of their organizations emblem, the three pillars of ‘’’The Collective’’ represent the three distinct factions that have united under the charismatic vision of Rath Oligard and his Liberation Front. Both The Technocratic Guild and Capital Enterprises follow the the lead of their central pillar while each maintaining their own unique motivations and machinations.

November 2017 - Nancora


Nancora Prime is a barren, terrestrial planet located in the Nancora system on the eastern edge of the Outer Rim. It is a small industrial planet with a surface scorched by a dying red star. Today it is one of the bases of the The Collective.

Nancora, once a powerful industrial world, has turned barren over the last several millennia as its sun slowly shifted into its red giant phase. Once, during the time of the Old Republic, it was a world full known for its natural resources. A world of industrial complexes, huge cities, soaring skyscrapers and a booming population. However, as the centuries went on its sun had expanded rapidly, pushing the habitable zone with it and vaporizing what little surface water there remained on the planet. Plant and animal life crumbled and civilization eventually with it, its cities left abandoned and crumbling. Warm breeze turned to dust storms and pleasant sunshine into unbearable heat. Once filled with beautiful cities, the surface turned into a wasteland, forcing those survivors that could to leave while others built shelters underground.

December 2017 - Arx


Arx is the current seat of power for the Brotherhood residing in the Arx System. Reforming the Brotherhood after the destruction of Antei, Darth Pravus set his sights on the Star Chamber's long-term plan to move to a populated, industrial planet able to meet the needs of a New Order. Using an existing infrastructure that was built under the guidance of the Star Chamber’s subordinates, he established an immediate and total rule over Arx. Militaristic governments were formed under the Star Chamber’s guidance, making way for Grand Master Pravus’ New Order in 35 ABY.