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January 2014 - Eighth Great Jedi War


The Eighth Great Jedi War, is a conflict that occurred over six days in 27 ABY between naval forces of the Yuuzhan Vong and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Immediately after the Second Darkness military exercise had concluded, the Yuuzhan Vong attacked a Brotherhood fleet of combined Clan warships on the edge of the astronomical object known as the Shroud.

The initial assault was a crushing defeat for the Brotherhood that splintered the fleet and forced the Clans to flee into the Shroud to fend for themselves. Following the bloodiest battle in the Dark Brotherhood's history, and the subsequent internecine struggle, the Dark Council was forced to abandon the Antei system with Grand Master Darth Sarin initiating the Braata Option and signaling a full retreat.

February 2014 - 1st AAC "Kota's Fist"


1st Armored Assault Column Kota's Fist (or Kota's Fist for short) is a militia unit and part of the K.U.D.F. military. Created in 37 ABY in the reorganization of the KUDF forces, Kota's Fist is commanded by Militia General V'yr Vorsa and various other commanders.

Kota's Fist is a combined arms formation, having both tanks and infantry as organic components, along with the usual assets of artillery, anti-aircraft, signals, etc.

March 2014 - Chaf'arha'nuruodo

Tal NPC-Farhan 1.jpg

Admiral Chaf'arha'nuruodo (who goes by the core name: Farhan) is serving as an Admiral in the Taldryan Navy. A Chiss trained military officer, he is one of Taldryan's most able and gifted military commanders. Currently, he serves as the commanding officer aboard the CSD Justice, and Battle Group Commander of Taldryan Battle Group I.

April 2014 - A'lora Kituri

Born A'lora Kituri on the planet Shili, A'lora Kituri is a spirtualistic Togruta and Light-Sided Jedi. Raised within the New Jedi Order, A'lora was taught how to harness the power of the Force. Her special talents as a Seer and Healer make her well aware of both the Unifying Force and the Living Force, as well as a major asset to the Brotherhood. Her longstanding light-sided alignment have caused her to remain neutral to all major conflicts until her discovery of House Odan-Urr through a vision that led her to Liam Torun. A'lora Kituri currently resides with House Odan-Urr serving the Odanites as a Councilor.

May 2014 - Teylas Ramar


"A true victory is to make your enemy see they were wrong to oppose you in the first place. To force them to acknowledge your greatness."
―Teylas Ramar, 47 BBY

Teylas Ramar is an Anzat Sith who currently serves as the Left Wing of Dread of Clan Plagueis within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Throughout his long life he developed a formal education as an engineer, later developed skills as a trained pilot and eventually returned to his homeworld to experiment in the realm of politics.

Teylas would quickly describe himself as a self-centered, narcissistic and sarcastic insufferable genius. His wit has been described as deceptively cunning, with a sense of humor to match. In any combat situation, his nature as a strategist becomes apparent as he prefers to allow his opponent to make the first move. This allows him to both judge the combat effectiveness and tactics of his enemy while also allowing his opponent to become the aggressor. Ramar is an adherent of the recorded teachings of Darth Tyranus particularly his mastery in the art of dueling.

June 2014 - Emilie Lauraugina


"What keeps me going in life? Well, you know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you accomplish something? I live to squash that feeling."
―Tactical Analyst Emilie Lauraugina

Emilie "Voidheart" Lauraugina is a female Human from the planet Eldar. She holds the rank of Vice Admiral and acts as defacto commander of Arcona's Armed Forces when the Consul is away from the Dajorra System. She previously served as Chief Tactical Analyst aboard the BAC Shadow before taking command of the Dajorra Defense Force. When the Arconan military was reorganized, she remained in command of the newly formed First Fleet.

July 2014 - Faehtal


"For my tribe... for the Clan!"

Faehtal was a Massassi Warrior and the first of his kind to be born on Karufr. Faehtal was a member of the Derriphan Tribe of Massassi bound in service to the Dark Jedi of Clan Taldryan. He was widely considered to be the first of a new generation of Massassi, whom many had believed were extinct. A natural and cunning warrior, Faehtal quickly gained recognition and honor and became the youngest Tribal Chief of the Derriphan. Like most of his kind, Faehtal had a natural Force sensitivity, though no practical training in its use. However, he spent a great deal of time training against members of Taldryan and eventually formed a friendship with Aidan Kincaid.

August 2014 - Jonathan deLuce

Jonathan deLuce.jpg

"You're to be a pilot, a commander and a dedicated one at that. End of discussion."
―Jonathan to his Son.

Jonathan deLuce is currently the Wing Commander of the Arcona Starfighter Corps and loyal servant of the Arcona Fleet. His son, Wesley deLuce serves as the Commander of the Silver Light Squadron in the Arcona Expeditionary Force. Moving to Selen after the Exodus this decorated Pilot acted as a cornerstone of the Expeditionary Force himself, before retiring in 26 ABY to pursue a career as a piloting instructor. His hard-edged, traditional approach to tutoring was not deemed a success to the younglings who enrolled, pushing Jonathan back to the Starfighter Corps to retain his previous mantle. His son aided him in his quest, providing the avenues required to enter the Arconan Naval Forces. He soon shot to the fore, before being given the opportunity to lead the new Arconan Starfighter Corps.

September 2014 - Aidan Kincaid


"He won't be the same. He can't be. Shadow Taldrya was killed..."
―Jac Cotelin, discussing the birth of Aidan Kincaid[src]

Aidan Kincaid was a powerful Human Dark Jedi serving under the tutelage of Jac Cotelin, a former Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood. He was difficult to read and, unlike most Dark Jedi, based his powers on cold, calculated logic rather than relying on bursts of negative emotion. He was a skilled tracker and investigator, and served as his master's operative in missions ranging across the galaxy.

In truth, "Aidan Kincaid" was an artificial persona created by Cotelin to replace the ravaged mind of Shadow Taldrya, who had succumbed to torture by the One Sith and turned against the Brotherhood. Using powerful Sith magics, Cotelin restructured both mind and body to create a new identity for the fallen Shadow known as Aidan Kincaid. To keep a close watch on Kincaid, Cotelin introduced him to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as a secret apprentice to explain his power and skills. The memories of Kincaid's past life were utterly destroyed in the process, and all but a handful of people believed that Shadow Taldrya was killed in action on Rhelg at the hands of a Sith Lord known as Darth Silas. Out of fear of Kincaid walking the same path as his former self, Cotelin instilled in him a powerful hatred towards the One Sith.

Due to Kincaid's inherited combat prowess and strength in the Force, which wrought havoc in the Shadow Academy, Cotelin was forced to pull some strings with the Dark Council to elevate Kincaid to the rank of Dark Jedi Master. This strange elevation, coupled with his identity as a "secret apprentice" earned Kincaid no small amount of grief and suspicion amongst his peers. Despite the issues between himself and others, Kincaid currently serves as a member of Taldryan at his master's command, where he remains an outsider due to his antisocial personality and the unusual situation surrounding his transfer.

October 2014 - Connor Grey


"You ever stumble across a Sith Relic in an ancient cave infested with sisthpawn and deadly traps? It's a rush."
―Connor Grey

Connor Grey was a professional con man and Dark Jedi. Born on Dantooine, Grey was the grandson of the Jedi Master Falon Grey. However, due to a hard life and lack of proper training, Grey misused his gifts and instinctively learned to use the Force for his personal gain. Using his own, innate charm and the powers of the Force, Grey became a con man and was able to earn enough credits to get off Dantooine and explore the Galaxy. He made powerful allies and enemies during his travels, using his skills to learn about long lost secrets and to finance crazy expeditions.

During a dangerous quest to acquire an ancient Sith Relic, Grey stumbled across members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood who, after attempting to kill him outright, discovered he had potential and inducted him into the Brotherhood. After joining, Grey kept to the fringes of the organization, but advanced through the ranks mostly because of his flair for finding artifacts and understanding Sith sorcery. Grey was considered a Rogue Jedi, as he never committed to any single House or Clan.

November 2014 - Turel Sorenn


Turel Sorenn is a Human male Jedi Ranger currently serving as Proconsul of Clan Odan-Urr and a ranking member of the Sentinel Network. Turel grew up on Nar Shaddaa and spent most of his adult life working for the Hutt Cartel and later sought redemption in the Jedi of Odan-Urr.

December 2014 - Nap Time!