Erik Cato

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Erik Cato
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY. Currently 25 years old.

Physical Description





1.82 m / 6'0"


83.9 kg / 185 lbs




Light Blue

Personal Information




Known Children:





Clan Naga Sadow


Small sect of wealthy slavers and gamblers known as the Initiative.

Lightsaber Color(s):

A knight's lightsaber with a red blade. The two-handed hilt is of dark steel.

Lightsaber Form(s):



Knight's Lightsaber, Scattergun and Knuckle-Plate Vibroblade.

Fighting Style(s):

Defensive saber tactics. Dirty close range fighting utilizing Mandalorian Core.

Chronology & Political Information

Former Duelist/Bounty Hunter




Exodus era


Clan Naga Sadow

Personal Ship:

HH-87 Starhopper

Known masters:

Lilith Stormwind-Versea.

Known apprentices:




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Pre-Brotherhood History

Early Life

Eric Cato doesn't remember much of his past, including his parents or homeworld. He was kidnapped at a young age and brought to a mobile dueling facility being run by an elite crime organisation known as the Initiative. It moved from one location to another to avoid detection, having discovered an astrogation list of dozens of usable landing areas. He was raised as a dueling slave, forced constantly to prove himself in battle or suffer heavy consequences and possibly death. As he survived his trials and grew into a capable warrior, he discovered his powers with the Force despite not knowing its name.

By his late teens he was devising ways to escape using his new abilities. After a year of planning, he and several other slaves formulated a way to break free and murder their captors. They broke out of their cells, captured a small but fast freighter and left a path of destruction behind them as passing revenge.

Entering Adulthood

As a young adult he worked as a barman and bouncer near the Marina District in Keren on Naboo. His rough upbringing made him an asset to the bar when situations were explosive. Pay was little but as a benefit he stayed in one of the rooms above the bar. He earned a strong reputation within a year as damages were at an all time low. The owner of the establishment, a Twi'lek named Dell, hired him on in a new business venture as bounty hunter with a crew of 6 in exchange for a substantial debt. An impounded Ghtroc Class 720 freighter was purchased and designated The Ryloth Damsel. The name was to add further insult to injury as the previous criminal owner had painted a giant risque Twi'lek on the side of the ship. The crew started with local bounties until drawing too much attention to themselves. Wanting to keep discrete, they moved business off-world and traveled the galaxy shipping goods, passengers and serving bounties wherever they could find work. A large portion of profits went into improving the freighter and over the next several years Erik would call it his home.

Thirst for Knowledge and Power

As the years passed, Erik excelled as a seasoned spacer and traveled to many worlds. He discovered clues about the Force mostly through spoken legend and unique bounty listings. His developing powers and galactic adventires would ultimately lead him to be seduced by the dark side. He valued Sith knowledge and artifacts over the lives of others and this created a rift between him and the rest of the freighter's crew.

At 24 he finally found information relating to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He sold most of his belongings to clear all debts and parted ways from the Ryloth Damsel. With his remaining resources he made arrangements to seek out the brotherhood. His presence in the force made him easy to spot and he was soon discovered by Sadowans on the jungle planet of Aeotheran. His apprenticeship in the ways of the force began under the tutilage of Lilith Stormwind-Versea.

Early Service in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Trials and Initial Training

As soon as he was inducted into the clan he went through a series of difficult trials to determine various levels of skill. His combat prowess was deemed to be very advanced for an initiate however he lacked in many other fundamental areas. He was dispatched to the Paladin under an accelerated Shadow Academy program to make up for his shortcomings. He progressed quickly in a variety of subjects and took very well to using a lightsaber. As Naga Sadow was experiencing a tumultuous time it was deemed necessary to bring Erik Cato to combat status ahead of schedule during states of emergency.

Pirates of Aeotheran

Erik's first mission was part of an offensive against an illegal mining base on Aeotheran. The base was built over several years by a pirate group known as the Flaming Gizkas. The apprentice would join Jurdan Krennel and a squad of warhost solders to break through the perimeter defenses and disable the anti-air systems. Although casualties were very high they did manage to open a path for their incoming air support. The surviving pirates fled the system with the Dlarit fleet in full pursuit.

The Abomination Crisis and Rise to Knighthood

Shortly after the conflict with the pirates there was trouble in the industrious city of Seng Karash. The industrial sector was subject to a series of terrorist attacks involving large groups of mercenaries and monstrous abominations. He was stationed with his master at a warhost medical facility as both guardian and force healer. The facility was nearly overrun by a group of blaster resistant abominations during the height of the conflict but the two sadowans and few remaining soldiers were able to hold their ground until the horrific invaders were defeated. After the events of the terrorist attacks Erik was granted the rank of knight for his exceptional service and given a small starfighter to carry out further orders in.

The Knight's Errands

Below Zero

Shortly after knighthood Erik joined Jurdan and a squad of warhost to recapture a Dlartit military research base in the frozen, southern continent of Tarthos. They found little resistance at first. A Dlarit experiment had broke free and hunted down any occupants it found within the base, including a Dlarit scouting team. Erik was able to slay the powerful creature and the base was cleared of any remaining survivors.

Scouting Report

Despite a lack of experience with espionage, the Sith knight was ordered to undertake a scouting mission to assess the strengths and weaknesses of another clan in preparation for the Twelfth Great Jedi War. The Sith knight assumed the identify of a Dlarit corporate executive on a trading mission. He smuggled out a large amount of encrypted data without compromising his true identity.

Physical Description

Though athletically toned his tall height gives a perception of some lankiness. He is usually dressed in fitted matte-black armour with a cloak for further concealment. His face is recognizable by its tiny scars, facial piercings, prominent cheek bones and thin lips. Short, militaristic black hair is combed back to reveal a sharp under-shave. Tattoos cover a large portion of his upper body including arms, back, shoulders and above the collar bones of his chest. The eyes are pale blue when not bearing the mark of the dark side. His voice carries a broken, aristocratic lilt and a low tone as part of his forced upbringing.