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*Atmospheric Assault Lander Flight
*Atmospheric Assault Lander Flight
*Imperial Dropship Transport Flight
*Imperial Dropship Transport Flight
*Garnet Squadron (TIE/SA Bomber Squadron)
*Jasper Squadron (TIE/SA Bomber Squadron)
*Rust Squadron (TIE/SA Bomber Squadron)
*Ochre Squadron (TIE/SA Bomber Squadron)
*Scarlett Squadron (TIE/D Defender Squadron)
*Crimson Squadron (TIE/D Defender Squadron)
*Ember Squadron (TIE/SF Starfighter Squadron)
*Ruby Squadron (TIE/SF Starfighter Squadron)
*Vermilion Squadron (TIE/FO Starfighter Squadron)
*Cinnabar Squadron (TIE/FO Starfighter Squadron)
*Carmine Squadron (TIE/FO Starfighter Squadron)
*Cardinal Squadron (TIE/FO Starfighter Squadron)
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[[Category:Dark Council starships]]

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Production information

Kuat Entralla Engineering


Resurgent-class Star Destroyer



Technical specifications

2,915 Meters

Engine unit(s):
  • KDY Destroyer Ion Engines
  • Gemon-8 ion engines
Hyperdrive rating:


Power plant:

SJFS III-a1a primary hypermatter-annihilation reactor


Deflective Shielding

  • 1,500+ turbolasers, point-defense laser cannons and ion cannons
  • Point-defense quad concussion missile emplacements
  • Tractor beam projectors
  • 2 starfighter wings
  • TIE/fo space superiority fighters
  • TIE/sf space superiority fighters
  • AAL-1971/9.1 Troop Transports 100
  • Numerous Ground vehicles
  • Prefabricated ground base 1
  • Officers 19,000
  • Enlisted 55,000
  • Stormtroopers Over 8,000

Planetary Bombardment


Iron Throne

[ Source ]

The Endeavor is the flagship of the Iron Forces. The Endeavor is one of the two Resurgent-class Star Destroyers under the command of the Iron Forces. Sister ship to the Wrath, the Endeavor represents the sheer power of the Iron Throne and inspires awe in its foes and confidence in its allies.

More powerful than most fleets in its own right, the Endeavor is a front line assault craft designed to single-handedly bring star systems into line and is well suited for planetary bombardment as well as a capable starfighter carrier and troop transport. Aided by its support craft comprised of a TIE Reaper flight, Atmospheric Assault Lander flight, and Imperial Dropship Transport flight, the Endeavor is capable of subjugating planets at will and maintaining space superiority in any engagement.

Vessel Info


Created in quasi-secrecy by the illustrious Kuat-Entralla Engineering conglomerate, the Endeavor, like all ships of her class were specifically constructed for use by the First Order. However, Kuat-Entralla Engineering continued its long history of providing vessels to all political factions with ample supply of credits. The Iron Throne contracted the construction of the Endeavor after the details of the class' sheer power and performance became known to the greater galaxy at large. The knowledge of this was kept from the First Order, as agents of the Inquisitorious clandestinely infiltrated the organization and with the use of bribery and blackmail the Endeavor was transferred to the Iron Forces. So secret was her construction few within the Dark Council were aware of her existence until she arrived in the Arx System.


The Endeavor shares a similar history to her sister ship, the Wrath. Although the Resurgent-class Star Destroyers were commissioned under the aegis and designed to the specifications of the First Order, the line was never truly intended to be solely for that faction or a closely held secret. Kuat-Entralla indeed worked closely with agents of the First Order to tailor the weapons packages, defensive capabilities, and other specifications of the class, but industry best practices and an eye for economy and future sales dictated the production and delivery of these powerful warships. As such, after the first batch of Resurgent-class Star Destroyers were delivered to the First Order, the cost of acquisition was lowered as Kuat-Entralla struggled to keep the production line operating at full capacity. Taking advantage of this, agents operating at the behest of the Dark Council imbedded within Kuat-Entralla syphoned funds from Arx and transferred them via bribes and proxy-company contracts to the shipbuilder firm. Indeed, the most heavily guarded secret of the entire acquisition process for the Iron Forces was transiting from Kuat-Entralla to Arx without being spotted and covering the record trail of whom exactly the vessel was built for.


  • Current Commander TBD


Equal parts political statement, seat of governance, instrument of fear, and a capable warship the Endeavor fills many roles within the Iron Forces. Specifically, the Endeavor provides unmatched abilities to bombard any enemy planet or installation and can fight most enemy fleets to a standstill. Along with this, her ample flight decks and troop berths allows her to be a remarkably capable troop transport and fighter carrier.


The Endeavor, like the rest of the newly constituted Iron Forces, was reorganized to face the threat of the Collective. As such, she has yet to take part in any battles of renown or earn for her exploits in war. However, like all Iron Forces capital ships, she has been actively engaged in the defense of the Arx System and has been used to keep the various Clans in check.

Vessel Complement

  • Tie Reaper Flight
  • Atmospheric Assault Lander Flight
  • Imperial Dropship Transport Flight
  • Garnet Squadron (TIE/SA Bomber Squadron)
  • Jasper Squadron (TIE/SA Bomber Squadron)
  • Rust Squadron (TIE/SA Bomber Squadron)
  • Ochre Squadron (TIE/SA Bomber Squadron)
  • Scarlett Squadron (TIE/D Defender Squadron)
  • Crimson Squadron (TIE/D Defender Squadron)
  • Ember Squadron (TIE/SF Starfighter Squadron)
  • Ruby Squadron (TIE/SF Starfighter Squadron)
  • Vermilion Squadron (TIE/FO Starfighter Squadron)
  • Cinnabar Squadron (TIE/FO Starfighter Squadron)
  • Carmine Squadron (TIE/FO Starfighter Squadron)
  • Cardinal Squadron (TIE/FO Starfighter Squadron)