Disciples of Dakhan

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Disciples of Dakhan
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Evelynn Wyrm


Locke Sonjie



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35 ABY

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"These priceless artifacts and the arcane power they possess cannot be allowed to linger in the hands of the clumsy and ignorant. They are ours by birthright as disciples of Sadow, and ours to defend as disciples of Shar Dakhan."
―BTL Locke Sonjie, 37ABY

The Disciples of Dakhan are an elite team of members from House Shar Dakhan of Clan Naga Sadow. Founded in 35 ABY by Evelynn Wyrm, and subsequently enacted by Aul Celsus. Their original purpose was to assist Naga Sadow in combating the forces of the Inquisitorius and the Lotus Resistance. However, in 37ABY the team was re-tasked to seek out, safeguard, and protect ancient Sith knowledge, artifacts, and locations.

The team is currently made up of several veteran experts in Sith lore and history, as well as newer members who possess a useful array of talents helpful to the team's mission. While Clan Naga Sadow is generally interested in the Ancient Sith and their artifacts, the Disciples of Dakhan specialize in locations and lore that cannot be relocated to a safe library, are located in a hostile environment, or are themselves highly dangerous.

The current leader of the Disciples of Dakhan is Locke Sonjie


The Disciple’s original mission, given to them by Evelynn Wyrm, was to provide a counter to the various conflicts created by the Lotus resistance and the Inquisitorius. In every situation, these men and women were trained to assess the situation, and decide on the best course of action which would benefit their House or their Clan.

As the Inquisitorius and the Lotus Resistance faced off throughout the galaxy, Quaestor Evelynn Wyrm saw her missions going awry with increasing frequency. To combat these failures, she decided to enact Order 78. Under Order 78 the Disciples of Dakhan were created, an elite task force for which one had to qualify in order to become a member. The requirements for admission were harsh: 97% mission completion and only 2% collateral damage on completed missions.

In 36 ABY, Naga Sadow was forced from their homes in the Orian System by a sneak attack from the Collective. At first, chaos and disorder caused Naga Sadow to lose personnel and material. The Clan soon regrouped and began consolidating resources to organize themselves and eventually strike back at the Collective.

In 37 ABY, having lost much of their old resources and many members, the Disciples of Dakhan reorganized with a new purpose: to protect and secure any location or arcane knowledge important to Naga Sadow that cannot be brought safely into the Clan's threshold. The team collected resident members who were both experts on ancient Sith lore and skilled warriors.

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