Del Jantsk

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Del Jantsk
Biographical Information

Prefsbelt IV

Date of Birth:

18 BBY

Date of Death:


Physical Description





1.87 meters





Personal Information
Chronology & Political Information

Military Officer


Commanding Officer



Personal Ship:

Majestic-class Heavy Cruiser Corsair

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Captain Del Jantsk is the Commanding Officer of the Majestic-class Heavy Cruiser Corsair.

Family and Early Life

Del Jantsk was born on Prefsbelt IV during the height of the Galactic Empire, his father was an Instructor at the Naval Academy and his mother was a member of the planetary government. Naturally growing up in a household with such prominent members of Palpatine's New Order, Del's childhood was very disciplined but as he grew older wanted badly to join the Imperial Navy and command a warship of his own. Del excelled in school and graduated first in his class, this alone would have gotten him an appointment to the prestigious Naval Academy but it also did not hurt that his father was a prominent instructor at the school.

Naval Academy and Early Naval Career

Del thrived at the Academy, he was always at or near the top of his class in every subject. After graduating 3rd in class Del was assigned to the Strike Cruiser Thrush as junior tactical officer. At the time of the Emperor's death at Endor, Commander Del was serving as the executive officer of the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Pathfinder.

Mutiny on the Pathfinder

When word reached the Pathfinder of the Emperor's death, an officer's meeting was called and after a few hours of deliberating the officers agreed to head to the nearest Imperial Stronghold and await further orders. While in route a mutiny broke out among the enlisted crew of the ship, while the majority of the crew wanted to continue being in the true Imperial Navy, a select few members of the special boarding section wanted to go rogue and decided to try to take over the ship. During the ensuing short conflict to quell the mutiny the captain was killed and the hyperdrive unit sabotaged. With no choice but to drop out of hyperspace and with a heavy hand Commander Jantsk rounded up all the mutineers and summarily executed them to drive home the point that the Pathfinder was now his ship.

Dark Jedi Brotherhood and Clan Tarentum Service

Having effected repairs to the hyperdrive unit, Commander Jantsk ordered the Pathfinder to the nearest Imperial base so they can make the necessary repairs to bring the ship back to 100% and to receive further orders. They where able to find a very old Imperial code being broadcast, with no other choice the Pathfinder made the jump to hyperspace. When the Pathfinder reverted to real space Jantsk and his crew where shocked and surprised to see a full Task Force Group waiting for them weapons charged and shields up.

Joining Tarentum

Battle of Yridia IX

To call this a battle is a bit of an overstatement, it was more like a one sided whipping. The daily training and the abilities of the crew saved the Pathfinder from complete destruction, immediately upon reversion Jantsk took stock of the situation and ordered shields up and to have the ship rotate to shield the loading bay from the incoming fire. After a couple minutes of intense fighting the Pathfinder was listing and leaking atmosphere in several different spots. Realizing the situation was hopeless, Jantsk opened a channel to the enemy commander surrendering his ship.


After much discussion and deliberations by Clan Tarentum's ruling body it was decided that Commander Jantsk and his crew where to valuable an asset to just execute and they where given positions within the Tarentum Navy. Jantsk and his crew where assigned to the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Corsair.

Naval Service

Captain Del Jantsk has served the Tarentum Navy honorably and loyal since that fateful day in orbit of Yridia IX. Having participated in almost every major engagement and performing brilliantly countless times, Jantsk has earned a reputation as one of the smartest, most skilled and a brilliant tactician. He was rewarded for his hard work and dedication to Tarentum by being named Commanding Officer of the Majestic-class Heavy Cruiser Corsair

Personality and traits

Captain Del Jantsk is a hard nosed, old school Imperial Naval Officer. While he does not conform to the hardliners stance on non-humans that most members of the New Order do, he will more often than not choose a human over a non-human for command positions. He is a strict disciplinarian and does not hesitate to berate any subordinate in front of the crew.