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General information

Tor Vizsla


Appius Wight





Historical information
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Other information
  • Clan Vizsla
  • House Wren
  • Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era
  • New Order Era
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"The Deathwatch is reborn out of necessity. Both for House Wren and Clan Vizsla. We are descendants of that Mandalorian culture and nightmares to scum like you."

- BTL Appius Wight, 37 ABY.

The Deathwatch are an elite group of members from House Wren of Clan Vizsla. Originally a Mandalorian splinter group that was anti pacifist founded by Tor Vizsla and led by Pre Vizsla before and during the Clone Wars. The original purpose of the Deathwatch was to retake Mandalore both to govern and reinstate their warrior culture. However, they did not succeed and were eventually disbanded in 2ABY.

In 37 ABY the Deathwatch was given rebirth in House Wren with a new purpose. To protect its citizens as well as the Aedile and Quaestor. To conduct secret missions into and above the underworld to eliminate targets and destroy unwelcome trades such as weapons, drugs, child labor and human trafficking.

At face value, the Deathwatch acts like a security force. They are the weapon of House Wren to prevent would be attackers from invading their territory and defend its citizens. However, secretly, there is so much more to them than that.

Secret missions involving the collection of scum with prices on their heads. Heists into banks of literally anyone else which includes, but is not limited to, the Collective as well as other rival clans of the Brotherhood. It is also not unheard of for those who have gained the attention of this Deathwatch to suddenly "disappear."

Combat specialists are not the only members that make up this new Deathwatch. Pilots, intelligence agents, saboteurs, diplomats and more. If you have the skills to provide to the Deathwatch you could be accepted amongst its ranks provided you passed initiation. Whilst the Deathwatch is primarily a security force, they understand that not every mission can be completed with brute force. This mentality makes this Deathwatch a powerful ally and a dangerous enemy.

The current leader of the Deathwatch is Appius Wight.


Upon the creation and rise of House Wren in 37ABY just a few short months after Clan Vizsla's inception, many began to become concerned with how powerful the group was becoming after such a short space of time. As an attempt to weaken the newly founded House and Clan Vizsla as a whole, attacks on House Wren became a frequent occurrence. Including the slaughter of civilians, kidnappings and assasination attempts on both the Aedile and Quaestor. This resulted in the leaders of House Wren calling for the creation of a new Battleteam.

Taken by surprise and not expecting retaliation, the Deathwatch, led by Appius Wight, was successful in repelling numerous attacks from the Collective and rival clans upon House Wren territory and citizens. The Battleteam was made official afterwards and has become the go to task force and security for House Wren ever since.

Notable Activities

Clan Vizsla
Units Clan: Vizsla
Leadership Clan Summit: Consul: Declan RoarkProconsul Val Cole Rollmaster: Montresor
Territory Zsoldos
We don't fight wars. We sell victories.