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|region=[[starwars:Unknown Regions|Unknown Regions]]
|region=[[starwars:Unknown Regions|Unknown Regions]]

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The Cor'neria System is located in an uncharted sector in the Unknown Regions. It does not appear on any star charts or archival records, too small to be registered in the galactic database but enough to support a small planet and a few satellites. It is the current base of operations for The Collective.


Unknown Regions

  • Nei'kapo
  • Elizabeth-I
  • Elizabeth-II
  • Isabella Space Yard
Native species:
Immigrated species:
  • Various Species
Official language:



The Collective

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Cor'ena is the yellow dwarf star at the center of the system. It is a near-perfect sphere of plasma and gas that produces the majority of the energy needed to sustain life on the surrounding planets. Orbiting around it is the system’s capital: Nei'kapo, its moon: Isabella-I, and the Lizbethia Space Yard


A temperate planet mostly consisting of farm land, small villages, and some relics from long forgotten wars. It is home to the Oligard Estate, constructed by Rath Oligard


Named after Rath Oligard's late daughter, Isabella-I is a small satellite moon that houses a hidden base of operations for Capital Enterprises.


A second satellite moon that houses both the primary research and development facilities as well as the Technocratic Guild's warrior development foundry. The former was once home to the late Daggo Mouk's laboratory, now operated by his protege, Gwendolyn "Sparks". The later is where the Technocratic Soldiers are outfitted with cybernetics and implants to combat enemies of the Collective.

Isabella Ship Yard

Isabella Ship Yards is the Collective's primary shipyard orbiting Nei'kapo. It is fully automated and requires no more than a skeleton crew of overseers to operate. Massive docking arms lead to the larger vessels undergoing construction or maintenance while starfighters are assembled within an inner manufacturing line dedicated to the mass production of TIE fighter models. It possesses automated defensive systems; turbolasers, laser cannons and tractor beams act as deterrents to those able to slip through the ever-present fleet of operable fighters and Star Destroyers.