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She's Got It Where It Counts, Kid.
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Coop Ter'An
Biographical Information

Glee Anselm

Date of Birth:

16 ABY

Date of Death:


Physical Description









blue tentacles with black tattoos



Personal Information

Fremoc Pepoi Taigikori Aybara

Lightsaber Color(s):

one green, armory saber, one blue, stole from brother

Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Banlanth
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

none held


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Known masters:


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"If you stand with me I will be your greatest ally, if you stand against me I will lay your remains across the rocks at my feet"
―Coop Ter'An

Coop Ter'An is a blue skinned nautolan from Glee Anselm. He was born into a clan that had a reputation for a large population of blue skinned nautolans. Coop is a tall muscled nautolan. One of his sensory tentacles has a split tip. His eyes are a deep black, and he has no hair.

Character History

Coop grew up in a small village just south of the Pieralos, the capital city of the Nautolan race and the planetary capital. His small town upbringing kept him from worrying or concerning about the greater galaxy. Coop rarely saw humans out by his little village but when he did they were usually fishing and had the common decency to drop a pulser into the water that the nautolans sensory tentacles can pick up about fifty yards from their boat to warn of a hook or net in the water. Coop had two brothers and three sisters. He was one of the few blue skinned nautolans in his clan and the only one in his family’s history.

Coop Ter'An.jpg

Bad happenings

28 ABY Coop’s childhood was spent swimming around in the deep underwater caverns created by the vast oceans and swamp meeting. He often went swimming in these caverns with his brothers. That was the reason he was out on this fateful morning. “Let’s GO COOP!!!” Coog was standing at the door as Coop tied his headband on his head and slipped on his shorts. “Slow down guys I’m coming,” Coop came sprinting out of the door past his dad who just smile to his wife who looked back at him. “They get it from your side of the family.” Coops father gave a mocking look at his wife before looking back at the three boys diving into the lagoon.

Coop was the faster of the three brothers at swimming but he was not the stronger of the three. His twin Coog was the strongest swimmer by far. Unfortunately for Coop the ocean outside their lagoon was very active today. The three brothers entered the underwater jet stream and shot off towards their village mainstay where the bulk of the village lived and where all the children played. The village was surrounded by a vast network of reefs and small islands and the fast moving current worked perfectly for getting them to town.

Coop struggled most of the way to town because the current was abnormally strong that day so when they arrived in town Coop took several minutes to recuperate before he ran after his two brothers. They were talking with some men in cloaks who were standing next to the village elder. Coop found this curious because Caas hated humans and both cloaked figures had the faces of humans. As Coop arrived the two boys waived him on. Coop looked from his brothers to the two people they were talking to. A face shone in the sunlight from beneath the cloak. It made Coops heart skip a beat. He had never seen any women of any race so visually attractive. Coop shook it off as his brothers yelled for him to follow.

Coop met up with them as they met up with some friends and began their usual day of races and feats of amazing swimming. Coop went undefeated in the races but he was always second or third in stuff like log pulls or other events that didn’t give him a chance to use his uncanny speed. Coop soon got tired of watching the events he didn’t like participating in and took a nap. Coop woke up to a sudden shake by the village elder who was huddled over him with a few others from the clan Coop sat up and looked around and saw destruction. There were blaster bolt burns and two dead nautolan children that Coop was good friends with. “Did you see who did this?” The elder pulled Coops attention back to the old nautolan. “, no sir,” Coop was still curious as to what was going on, “I got tired of watching people do stuff so I crawled in that log and took a nap.” The elder let out a sigh, “We need to let the Authorities know raiders kidnapped our children and killed two.” Coop looked over the elders shoulder and laying on the ground was a young female Nautolan, her mother crying and screaming as the girls father was trying to contain her and his own emotions.

Six months later the authorities had not found a thing and it was chocked up to slavers getting lucky. Coop was infuriated at the thought of that so he began physically training himself and learning on the fly how to defend himself. He became known for being the only youngling able to take down a grown man in a full on fight. Coop continued to expand his knowledge so one day he could rescue his family and friends and bring them home. Every person that lived in Coops village knew why he trained so hard and felt sorry for him but felt more sorry for the people who picked fights with him.

Drunken Disaster

31 ABY Coop sat there after a prosperous fishing trip cleaning his catches with his brothers knife. Suddenly off in the distance Coop hear a Commotion. He could hear two voices arguing about something. Coop stood from his stool in the family shop and made his way out the doors where a human of no impressive stature was screaming at Coops father. The man was flanked by three other humans who all seemed to be as drunk as the next man. Coop gave his knives a quick look over to make sure they were sharp. Suddenly a bottle appeared flying in at his father. Coop didn’t get a chance to scream out as the bottle collided with the side of the older nautolans head. Coop was already in a dead sprint as the men descended upon Coop’s father. As Coop came within a few paces of his father and his assailants Coop left his feet in a charging leap. Without a second thought to why, Coop brought his feet up to his chest and as he came up to the biggest man he pumped them out hard and smashed against the mans head sending him sprawling out on the soft dirt.

Coop landed on his feet above his father with his knife out. He began pumping his fist outward and turning his body to force the men to retreat in the fear of getting cut. Coops father was conscious but barely as he stumbled to his feet and Coop helped him make his way into the Hut. They men shot insults and remarks at Coops father as the made their way to the door. Coop stopped once he let his father get to the door. He turned around and picked up a hatchet the family used in wood chopping. These men would learn their lesson if Coop had to teach them.

As Coop came down the hill none of the drunk men wanted to fight him after they had seen what he did to their big friend. The min still have never come near the Ter’an Lagoon.

One fateful Afternoon

32 ABY Coop eyes opened and he took a deep breath as he looked around him at his bed room. Something caught his attention on his dresser. It was a package with his name on it. Coop scrambled across the room and picked up the package that began to glow slightly as he picked it up. Coop was mesmerized by the box and he had yet to remove it from the package. As coop walked back to his bed he could hear someone walking down the hall towards his room. Coop’s heart jumped into his throat as he looked around for somewhere to hide the box but it was too late as Coop’s father burst through the door with two men following behind him.

“Son,” Coop’s dad bellowed at his son, “You need to give that thing to me.”

“No,” Coop’s father stopped and looked at his son like he had just been slapped, “why should I?”

The two men standing behind Coop’s father stepped between Coop and his father. Both of them were wearing weird clothing and had lightsabers hanging off their belts.

“Young man that Holocron is from a sith who was seen in these parts and threatened your daddy so just give it to…” Coop’s glare stopped the jedi’s baby talk in its track.

“I am sorry master Jedi but I believe this package has MY name on it.” The two Jedi looked at each other. The younger of the two Jedi walked Coop’s dad out of the room as the older of the two Jedi who had yet to speak knelt before Coop.

“Then what do you say you open it so we can get a better look at it.” The Jedi’s voice was soothing and relaxing and Coop found a genuine smile come across his face as he nodded to the older man.

Coop tore the packaging apart to reveal a fist sized cube with no markings on any part of it. The old man looked at it with a curious look. Coops heart jumped into his throat as all he could think of was this man was powerful and interested in something that had to do with him. The man reached out and lifted the box and closed his eyes. Suddenly an image of a war coming to an end and a temple came to show from the top of the box.

“Oh wow,” The Jedi pronounced with a smile on his face, “It is a very rare type of holocron that shows one memories through meditation.” The other Jedi entered and seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. “The man that brought this was probably someone who had heard about what happened and wanted to make your son feel better, all though rare to find they are relatively cheap when you find them.” The two Jedi bid Coop farewell and left their home. Coop’s father didn’t even return to bring up Coop’s outburst earlier. Coop set the block on his desk across the room and began performing his daily chores. Later on that night Coop sat down with the instructions that the older Jedi had written down while the young Jedi was talking with Coops father.

Coop sat with his legs cross with the Cube in his hand before him. He made sure his door was barred from any “unwanted” intrusion. Coop slowly shut his eyes and tried to concentrate on a memory of his brothers. Coop slowly opened his eyes to see them in the holo before him. Coops eyes began to water as his lower lip quivered as he attempted to hold back the tears over his two lost brothers. Suddenly a black cloud began to swirl in the image and a man appeared in a black cloak. Coop jumped to his feet and back away from the box expecting it to shut off but it did not shut off.

“Mister Ter’An, I am a representative of a group of likeminded individuals that I believe you should meet with. If you are interested in finding your brothers then meet at the coordinates on the map. Do not tell anyone where you are going.”

Coop stood up and looked around to make sure there were no prying eyes. His heart was racing at the thought of finding his brothers and Coop made his way over to his bag and packed a couple changes of clothing along with the metal box.

Coop clamored out of his window and landed on the soft earth with a thud. He spun up to his feet and looked around before bolting for the tree line. Coop kept moving through the trees before he came to a stop at a tree and looked around. He reached down and pulled a cover off of a water filled tunnel and with a smile he grabbed the cable attached to the lid and dove head first into the hole. The rope soon went rigid and the lid snapped back shut tight. Coop pulled the line tight and tied it tight so that it would require a substantial amount of force to remove the lid from the surface. Coop smiled at his handy work and began down the tunnel that he and his brother had used to hide from their father.

A few moments passed as the Nautolan dove into the hole before the two Jedi appeared in the small clearing. The two men exchanged worried looks at the recent turn of events.

“Master, do you not think we are putting the child in too much danger by allowing him to use that sith holocron for us to track down this sith?”

“I have second guessed myself since we left that home without the holocron my young padawan.” The two jedi approached the covering that had snapped shut and attempted to move it. It didn’t budge even a little for either of the grown men. “Well master,” the padawan offered a smile, “at least he can tie a heck of a knot.” “I am astounded he knew we were following him.” “Master I don’t think he knew we were following him, I think it was a wild guess that he got right.” The two shrugged at each other and the padawan put his hand on the cover and felt out for the high tension of the rope and its potential energy that was resonating from it. Suddenly a snap was heard under the cover and water could be seen seeping out around the seams. The two Jedi removed the cover and looked at each other while they produced their rebreather units. With a nod the two Jedi entered the massive tunnel system one a t a time. The cover easily slid across the grass and back on top of the entrance. The padawan gave his master a nod letting him know he had replaced the cover before they moved on.

Coop could sense the two jedi in the water. Their horrible attempt to swim could be detected throughout the small underwater eco system. Coop’s movements were eloquent and never wasted excess energy. He was taught since childhood how to swim like a fish. Coop was quick and deliberate like a blue shark in the murky green swamp. He soon reached the location he was looking for. As he neared the surface Coop slowed his swim and he came up under some foliage to disguise him. There was a single ship. Four people were standing around it in dark robes looking menacingly in four different directions. They seemed to be waiting for something and Coop knew the Jedi would catch up with him soon he had to leave the safety of the water.

Coop waded slowly up to the bank as to not draw attention to the foliage that he was using as camouflage. He couldn’t hear them saying anything because they were all standing there silent as the night. Coop slowly ducked back under the water and looked back through the murky swamp. He could make out the two Jedi swimming his direction he had to act fast. He didn’t want them to interfere with Coop finding his brothers. Coop pulled himself out of the water and to his surprise the four men were only a few paces removed from where Coop was now standing.

“Do you have the holocron?” one of the cloaked figures asked in a harsh tone. “Yes sir,” Coop felt sheepish under the gaze of these four figures. “Respect,” A female voice came from one of the smaller cloaked figures, “It’s a rarity among people these days.” “Enough chatter,” an older more experienced voice piped up, “let me see it.” Coop reached in his pocket and presented the cloaked figure with the holocron they all stood around it looking deeply into the images on it with vast intrigue. Suddenly all four looked at him in unison. The one with the women’s voice raised her hand and Coop suddenly lifted into the air above them and then she gently lowered him behind the group. The two Jedi had just emerged from the water with lightsabers in hand.

“Master Jedi, we were just leaving, sorry to disappoint you,” The older voiced man motioned for the group to fall back to the ship and Coop was swept along with them onto the small shuttle. His last glimpse of his home world was of two Jedi standing next to a swamp soaked in its contents with looks of sadness on their faces.

Faithful Clash

Coop looked around him as his haze of intoxication finally wore off. Coop looked around at the windowless room. 'Where am I?' Coop thought to himself as he rubbed his eyes and took account of all of his equipment. Once Coop took a full account of himself and his surroundings he realized the only thing he was missing was a very large sum of credits.

Coop scratched his face as he knelt down to assess the extent of the damage on the Twi'Lek's body. Coop could tell this man was viciously assaulted with a lightsaber and the deep burn in his upper right arm coincided with damage created by a standard issue military sniper rifle system. Coop was surprised the Twi'Lek wasn't missing that arm entirely.

Coop investigated the Twi'Lek's pockets and discovered a substantial amount of credits on him. 'Hmm, this will almost double the losses for the night,' Coop thought to himself as he counted it. Coop remembered seeing this armor around. 'I know this armor,' Coop dug through his memories before it came back to him. Coop felt dumb for not recognizing the armor at first.

“A merc,” Coop said aloud as he rose and made his way to the door where the distant sound of speeders humming through the atmosphere could be heard. As Coop reached down he realized the door did not have any form of handle or access pad. Coop could feel his annoyance and rage begin to boil.

Coop thought maybe the pad was hidden for some form of sleekness. Coop reached out with the force to see if he could detect anything in the walls or on the other side of the wall. Coop fell a sudden wall in the force around him. 'What in the...' Coop thought to himself. He had never been stopped so abruptly and suddenly.

“Well door,” Coop said with a smile, “you have elected to open by the way of pain.”

With a flip of his wrist coop produced his emerald lightsaber and gave it a violent spin before he plunged it hilt deep into the metal door with a wry smirk. Coop was surprised to find that the door was not that thick and that it cut easily. Coop had a medium sized doorway cut out before he stepped back and deactivated his emerald blade with a whiz and a light pop from the release of the arc. Coop gave the mercenary one last glance over his shoulder before he made his way through the door.

Coop exited the doorway where he found five men who were brandishing lightsabers and in the attire of a Jedi. Coop's wry smirk returned as he reached out with the force to assess the power of the men standing before him. Coop recognized one of the men as a Nautolan from his childhood. 'Small galaxy,' Coop thought to himself as he reignited the saber and stood before the men with it pointed down and away with his feet shoulder width apart. Coop couldn't feel much control of the force or emotion from any of the men so they couldn't be more than padawan learners or newly appointed Jedi knights.

“So,” Coop paused and looked around, “You may want to go get someone who knows what they are doing.”

“Look again sith,” one of the men piped up and said, “there are four of us and one of you.”

“Yeah,” Coop bowed his head as he shook it and pinched the bridge of his nose, “now go get someone who knows what they are doing with a lightsaber it will be a fair fight.”

“Your arrogance will be your und…” Before the man talking could finish his sentence Coop cleared the expanse between the men and plunged his lightsaber deep into the man’s throat. He quickly bounded back and away from his four comrades who seemed stunned at the sudden attack by the outnumbered sith.

Coop knew which one was going to attack him first just by reading the anger and the force that emanated off him. Coop's constant training of his precognitive abilities was finally paying off. Coop deflected the novice downward slash with a slight flick of the wrist bringing his lightsaber from his right to his left in front of him. After batting the man’s attack aside Coop stepped to his right and spun back to his left bringing his lightsaber across the man’s shoulders. The man's face was still a look of bewilderment as his head rolled across the floor to a stop at the Nautolan Jedi's Feet.

“Quick, if you don't scurry back to your master,” Coop's smirk reemerged as he waded towards them over the body of their fallen comrades, “You may end up like your friend here, lacking in the head department, and I hear they are an important appendage to keep attached.”

The three remaining men tossed glances back and forth before they all nodded. The one to Coop's far right charged in for a stab that a blind Wookie could have seen a mile off. Coop stepped to his left and spun to his right with his lightsaber following through his spin with haste. The lightsabers collided in a blinding flash which allowed Coop to quickly step into the charging man with his lightsaber at the point. The man that charged in at Coop didn't even realized that there was a lightsaber buried hilt deep in his chest, until he fell slain at Coop's feet.

“Next.” Coop’s evil smile spread wide across his face as he waded towards the remaining Jedi. Coop’s smile intensified when he felt their concentration and control over the force begin to waver. Coop changed his tactics and charged the two. As he charged Coop hit the Nautolan Jedi in the chest with a force push that sent the man flying into the wall behind him. Coop could sense the remaining Jedi's swing and easily dodged to his left. The man's swing flew wildly past Coop which caused him to stumble past him. Coop came in fast behind the man, grappling him to the ground and then plunging his emerald blade through the Jedi’s throat with a defining gurgle as padawan’s life force faded from existence.

The Jedi's passing was not quick nor was it painless as he lay on the ground gasping in agony as his life faded from existence. Coop squared off with the final combatant. The Nautolan was named Glik Ter'An. He was one of Coop's classmates from childhood. Coop was not impressed with Glik’s ability. His rudimentary knowledge of banlanth was a joke. The Nautolan didn't even have a strong connection with the force. This fight wouldn't even provide Coop with a smidgen of entertainment, let alone a test of skill.

Coop spun to his left with his saber out wide, smacking Glik’s lightsaber out wide to his left. Coop just spun his saber in circles as he waited for Glik to attack. Glik stood there looking from his fallen comrades to his old classmate who stood there shrouded in black standing over their corpses. Glik’s grip tightened on his lightsaber as he delved deep within himself for the coming fight.

Coop began to pace back and forth with his lightsaber in one hand and his other hand on his chin as he inspected his handy work on Glik’s fellow jedi. “So,” Glik flinched as Coop broke the silence, “You have three options,” Coop paused to wait for Glik to tear his gaze from his dead friends, “Glik isn't it?” Glik nodded without looking away from the bodies, “option one is you can flee as fast as you can, you may survive,” Coop paused as Glik looked up at him, “depends if I feel like chasing you across this planet, the second option is you attack like these three idiots and I kill you,” Glik's eyes locked on to Coop's lightsaber, “or you could give in to your grief and hate and join the winning team.” Coop changed his stance with his hands out wide with a big smile across his face. Coop was goading Glik into attacking him and any Jedi worth his weight in credits would never fall for this little trick. Glik apparently was not worth his weight in credits.

Glik's look of fear changed to a smirk and a thin resolve. Coop knew Glik had taken the bait as the nautolan charged in at Coop with a downward slash. Coop smiled as he burst into motion. He stepped to his left as he swiped Glik's attacked to the side. This movement put Coop's emerald saber behind the light cyan blade of Glik, and with a light pull from Coop's left to his right Glik fell to his knees as his head bounced across the floor. Glik’s face still holding onto the look of confusion and amazement, as Coop deactivated his lightsaber and made his way to a data screen. He opened the user logs and began searched the names and dates before he came upon something that bothered him immensely. Coop read the info out loud to ensure he was reading it right.

“Log 382, Jedi Knight Coog Ter'An, Capture of Lord Macron Goura Sadow's Apprentice.” Coop felt like he had just been hit by a runaway speeder. There had to be a mistake. His brothers were supposed to be dead or sold into slavery. Not Jedi knights attacking him and trying to imprison him.

Coop took several moments before he gathered his thoughts of his brother and the feeling of elation that welled up inside him and the feelings of rage at the Clan leaders.

As Coop exited the corridor he walked out on to a shuttle landing pad. There was one definitive problem as Coop looked around with irritation. There was no shuttle to steal and this shot Coop’s plan to pieces as he stood there looking around. Coop knew he couldn't pull a shuttle down while it moved at top speed, so he would have to improvise. The problem was Coop couldn't concentrate on the task at hand. His thoughts on his brother being a Jedi were too much to concentrate through.

Coop finally decided to sit and meditate to see if he could calm his nerves. Suddenly the steady hum of a shuttle's approach broke his concentration. Coop knew that this was not a shuttle he wanted to have to confront but the fight was inevitable. Coop rose and brandished his emerald lightsaber as he paced back and forth bringing back all the memories of hatred, of anger, and emotion he could use to win this fight.

The shuttle came to a hovering halt as the bay door lowered and a single form descended to the landing pad. The man turned and brandished his blue lightsaber and took a combat stance. Coop still could not see the man's face but he knew it was Coog. As the shuttle ascended to a safe distance Coop's adversary was revealed. The green skinned Nautolan that stood across from him was his older brother Coog Ter'An. Coop's emotions went from a raging storm to a solid concentrated pin point. He would either turn his brother to the dark side of the force or he would destroy him.

“Well ain't this an unpleasant surprise,” Coop announced to his brother, “two brothers pitted against one another in a live or die scenario, man this is really going to suck to have to put you down.”

“Coop, it's not too late to change your wa...” Coop's upraised hand silenced his brother. “No need to even try, I am quite happy where I am Coog,” Coop could not hold his smile in any longer, “See I enjoy destroying things and not being looked down on for it.” “Coop, if you will not listen to me then listen to our older brother,” Coog relaxed his stance as he looked for some sort of sign of Coop's reaction. Coop’s body was tense as his whole body looked like it was flexing in preparation for the conflict. “So where is our older brother Coog?” Coop asked as he began to pace back and forth slowly, “and by the way, what’s with the dead mercenary back there?” “He tried to defend you when we took you into custody.” “Really,” Coop said with a chuckle, “I have no idea who that merc was but he looks like you guys had a hard time with him.” “Yes, he fought like one possessed, he kept saying that we would regret the day we tried to cross the dark brotherhood.”

“So where is Caas?” Coop asked as he slowly felt his irritation boiling over. “He will be here momentarily,” Coog replied with a smirk, “patience little brother.” “See patience is not,” Coop's voice began to grow a threatening tone as his emotions fine tuned into a solid rage, “one of my strong suits!” Coop crouched suddenly and pounced, clearing the distance between the two nautolans almost instantaneously. Coop lead with a downward swing that his brother easily blocked. Coop turned to his right, putting his back to his brother and spun his emerald blade out wide with his left hand as he ducked down dodging his brother's horizontal slash from Coop's left to his right as he spun around to attack him again. Coop brought his blade up in a diagonal slash that Coog dodged by ducking to his left. Coop could sense his brother's next move as he brought his saber in a full circle to block his brother's horizontal slash. With a push Coop disengaged the two lightsabers which fed into his brother's momentum as he spun around to try the other side. Coop's emerald blade was waiting for him as it collided with Coog's sapphire blue lightsaber. The ensuing sparks from the collision caused Coog to retreat quickly out of range of his brother so that he could re-attain his full visual spectrum. Coop didn't waste any time as he erupted with a burst of speed towards his brother and aimed a dual-handed downward slash at his disoriented brother. Coop's emerald blade was stopped just shy of his older brother's head by a lavender blade. Coop looked to his right where a cloaked figure stood holding the lightsabers intricate hilt. “That is no way to treat your twin brother Coop,” The man's voice soothingly slipped from beneath the cloak and like tendrils bored their way into his subconscious mind. Coop shook it off as he realized who the man was. Coop spun to his right bringing his lightsaber across the throat of the cloaked man. The man was fast but not fast enough to keep from having the fastener to his hood removed. The cloak lay clumsily over the man's face as he stared at Coop from beneath the folds of the hood.

“You show some skill with a lightsaber little brother.” “And you show none Caas,” as Coop called his oldest brothers name the cloaked figure tossed his shroud to the ground behind him. “I bet you want some answers,” Coop stopped Caas with an upraised hand. “How many Jedi do I have to humiliate and kill for you to get the clue, I like where I am at,” Coop reached his hand out and could feel the tendrils of energy course down his arm as he wrenched Coog's lightsaber from his hand, “Oh, and I was wondering, is that your weakness or something, I think I have shut up two of you today with just my upraised palm, are you that weak willed that you would just shut up, is my palm that scary?!?” Coop was using this diversionary tactic as not only a way to gain a little time now that he had caught the attention of some onlookers with speeders, but also a way to build up his rage just in case he had to actually stand and fight both of his brothers. Coop's waste of time paid off as a lone speeder came within his jumping distance. Coop didn't squander the chance.

Coop burst into a sprint towards the craft. With a flick of his wrist Coop threw a crate toward the incapacitated Coog and leaped the expanse, landing on the civilian craft. Coop lifted the lone driver and plunged his lightsaber through his chest, wounding him mortally and then threw him at his older brother who would have to give up the pursuit to save the man's life.

As Coop sped off towards the safe house Caas helped Coog up to his feet. “Juliet one, we need emergency personnel at holding area Zulu, one civilian with a lightsaber wound to the chest,” Caas turned to the four dead bodies, “also inform the council that we have four funeral rights to perform, Master Caas out.”

“Master Caas,” Coog approached his older brother, “I am sorry I was not strong enough, he has been lead to far off the path to be brought back to the light.” “It’s sad,” Master Caas replied, “it was our fault for keeping him in the dark about us leaving.”

Coop's mind was racing as he arrived at the safe house and gave them his entrance codes. His brothers were both alive and both Jedi. How did they get to where they were and why did they not contact him or his family. Coop could only think of one reason.

It all came together as he sat down in the interrogation room. His family and clan all knew they had left and that telling him would only make him want to leave and join them. What good that did for them to keep this secret. He had just left anyway. Coop was infuriated at the notion that his entire clan had deceived him. They would meet their reckoning day, Coop would ensure that. Coop looked up at the man before him. A human female with brown hair and blue eyes sat across from him.

“So,” The woman looked into a file before her, “my name is.” “Teu Pepoi, Rollmaster of Clan Naga Sadow, I know of you,” Coop stared evenly into the womans blue eyes. “Well, Protector Ter'An you have some explaining to do as to why you disappeared for a week,” Teu stopped for a second and produced Coog's lightsaber that Coop had taken from his brother, “and why you have the weapon of a Jedi on your person.” “Yes ma'am I do,” Coop took a deep breath as he explained the incident that took place and all the details of what happened.


Coop exited the barracks with his duffel bag over one shoulder and his lightsaber hanging from his hip next to his brothers lightsaber. Coop had done a lot of soul searching and after consulting the dark council he would exile himself to his home world of Glee Anselm. Where he would send any force sensitive Nautolans he could find in the direction of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

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