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{{Main|Caelus System}}
{{Main|Caelus System}}
After being forced to leave their historical dominion in 35 ABY, Taldryan re-settled in the Caelus System.
After being forced to leave their historical dominions, Taldryan re-settled in the Caelus System in 36 ABY.
==  Possessions  ==
==  Possessions  ==

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Political Information
Founding Document:

Declaration of Clanning

Head of State:

Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama

Head of Government:

Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama

Executive Branch:

Taldryan Summit

Legislative Branch:

Taldryan Conclave

Societal information


Official Language:

Galactic Basic



National Holiday:

Domination Day, Valoris "Day of Valor"

Historical information
Formed from:

Independent House Ektrosis, House Archanis, House Dinaari

Date of Establishment:

13 ABY


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

[ Source ]

"Taldryan: A brotherhood within a brotherhood"
Sharad Taldrya Hett

Note: For material previously included on this page, see Clan Taldryan/Archived.

Taldryan is a Clan of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The Clan was initially founded from Independent House Ektrosis, at which point House Archanis and House Dinaari joined with them to complete the structure of what would be the most dominant Clan in the Brotherhood's history. For over a decade Taldryan was the first clan of the Brotherhood and winner of five successive Great Jedi Wars. While not the juggernaut it once was the Clan still maintains a proud culture of teamwork, community, and competition.

Brief History

Main article: Clan Taldryan history

Clan Taldryan was formed from Independent House Ektrosis in 13 ABY, several years before the great Exodus. It was made into a Clan and joined by House Dinaari and House Ektrosis upon settling in the Kr'Tal System. Taldryan occupied the Kr'Tal System for 15 years before abandoning the system in the wake of Justicar Jac Cotelin's surprise attack upon the Taldryan Dominions in 35 ABY. From Kr'Tal Taldryan set about consolidating its place at the forefront of the Brotherhood and at the top of the Clans by providing several Deputy Grand Masters, Justicars, Tribunes, Dark Councilors, and Combat Masters. Sons and Daughters of Taldryan served as heads of Societies, Orders, and facilitated inter-club gaming opportunities with those organizations allied to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. After a year spent on the run from the Justicar's minions and Inquisitors Taldryan settled into the Caelus System in 36 ABY.

Government and Politics

Internal Governance

As in most Clans of the Brotherhood, the Consul of Taldryan has absolute authority over the Clan's affairs, and the Consul and Proconsul jointly oversee the Clan's day-to-day affairs. Major changes to the Clan's structure and function are sometimes voted on by the Taldryan Conclave, consisting of the Sons and Daughters of Taldryan, the House Summits, Battle-Team Leaders, and occasionally other well-respected members of Taldryan invited by the Clan Summit.

Auxiliary Divisions

Main article: Taldryan Auxiliary Divisions

In 37 ABY, then-Proconsul Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama established Taldryan's Auxiliary Divisions: bodies that contributed to Taldryan's development and influence, but fell outside the normal sub-unit structure of Houses and Battle-Teams. Some of these divisions already existed in some form or another within the Clan, while others were created entirely anew. At their inception, there were eight Auxiliary Divisions: Community Outreach, the Force Mystics, the Military Prefecture, the Office of Secret Intelligence, the Sphere of Research and Intelligence, TEAD Technologies, and the Vornskr Battalion (a Taldryan-sponsored private military company), with the Clan's Battle-Team's making up the eighth division in their own right.

External Relations

Following their arrival in the Caelus System, Taldryan was in the unfamiliar position of not being entirely in control of their home system's government. Following the overthrow of the Caelus Cartel, control of the system passed to the newly-formed Caelus Council. Although the Council was effectively installed by then-Consul Rian Taldrya, there were no official links between it and Taldryan.


Society and Culture


Main article: Sons & Daughters of Taldryan

The Taldrya are members of the Clan who have sacrificed much in the name of their Brothers and Sisters. They have taken the Clan's motto and internalized it, living and breathing its meaning. Among the Clans of the Brotherhood no honor is so sought after as the prestigeous recognition of the Sons and Daughters of Taldryan and to bear the name of the Clan itself as their own. Members are considered on their years of contributions, activity, and leadership spent in service of the Clan. New inductees are considered only after recommendation by present Taldrya and internal, secret debates among the whole of the Taldrya. Once it is decided to bestow the honor of the name Taldrya upon a member they are inducted into the secrets and rites which are the sole possession of the Brotherhood's most exclusive club. Taldrya are expected to continue in their service to the Clan and are often called upon by the current Summit to weigh in on matters of importance or to clarify records of the past.

The Sons and Daughters of Taldryan exemplify the virtues and qualities sought after in all members of the Clan. They are drawn from all walks of life be they Gamers, Writers, Roleplayers, or Leaders.


The Taldryanites are the many members that belong to the Clan, positioned in all levels, from new Apprentices, Battle Team Leaders, and those armed forces that have declared allegiance to Taldryan, serving in the Security Service. Members of this class have much more access within Taldryan - more locations in the system than the average person, but still subject to limited access on Fleet vessels, as well as any other stipulations set in place by the Summit.


Main article: Taldryan Military

Intelligence Service

Main article: Office of Secret Intelligence

The Office of Secret Intelligence is the Clan's intelligence gathering and counter-intel apparatus charged with providing the Consul the very best up-to-date information. Under the directorship of Vodo Biask Taldrya it was firmly established in 36 ABY in the Caelus System and quickly set to work normalizing realtions between the native population and the Clan.


Main article: Caelus System

After being forced to leave their historical dominions, Taldryan re-settled in the Caelus System in 36 ABY.


Taldryan over time has collected a vast assortment of artifacts and other such possessions that add to its prestige and power.

Rites & Deeds

Crystals, Medallions, Etc.


Allies and Enemies


Taldryan currently holds no official alliances with any of the Clans in the Brotherhood, nor does Taldryan have any future plans for an alliance. To many, the other Clans are seen as inferior next to the might of Taldryan and there would be no benefit for the Clan to ally. None can match our strength in military, nor the dedication found in our membership.


Neither enemy nor ally, Taldryan has a different relationship with neutral Clans. Ever suspicious and distrustful, Taldryan views neutrality as a lack of immediate conflict. As long as they remain non-threatening to Taldryan interests, the Clan chooses not to provoke them.

  • Naga Sadow - Pompous and overconfident, Naga Sadow has always nipped at the heels of Taldryan's greatness. The bitter rivalry between the two Clans formed ages ago and reached a climax during the Sixth Great Jedi War. Since that time the Clans formed a brief alliance with the threat of the Yuuzhan Vong being greater their the rivalry. The alliance shortly fail and conflict returns as the Battle of Antei struck. Following the Incursion the Clan has decided to stay on neutral terms with them.
  • Plagueis - While Plagueis has been seen as an enemy since their inception, the Summit now takes a neutral position. Many still see Plagueis as the weakest and most pathetic Clan in the Brotherhood.


Taldryan has become one of the most feared and hated Clans of the Brotherhood due to its near-flawless record of victories in major wars. Because of this the enemies of Taldryan are numerous, though most are too cowardly to admit to open hostility. Regardless of this, certain Clans have managed to earn the wrath of Taldryan.

  • Arcona - Arcona was long thought of as Taldryan's biggest rivals, but during the reign of Halcyon Taldrya relations between the two Clans took a turn for the better. They have since been through several new leaders and have continued to revert to enemy status.
  • Scholae Palatinae - Scholae Palatinae is seen as little more than an annoyance that needs to be ended in the most brutal of fashions. Past and current leaders of the Clan have strengthened Taldryan's belief that they should simply be wiped off the face of the galaxy. In more recent times they have shown signs of growth, daring to even battle Taldryan in conflict. This has served to further Taldryan's desires for their destruction.
  • Tarentum - For years Tarentum was considered an enemy Clan, but the two found a common enemy in Scholae Palatinae. It wasn't enough to bring the Clans together as allies, though they did manage to declare dual neutrality. After the blatant assault on Taldryan during the Vong Incursion, the Summit considers Tarentum a hostile entity.

Typical Actions/Reactions

Taldryan carries the motto of the Brotherhood within a Brotherhood. This holds true in all they do, safeguarding the Kr'Tal System and its boundaries from unwanted guests. Normally the Clan's first interest is increasing its many assets, but they spend an equal amount of time securing their current holdings, as well as maintaining a strong sense of Clan unity. When provoked their actions are swift and vicious, always with the entire strength of the Clan behind any action taken.

Taldryan has always had a strong sense of loyalty towards the Dark Brotherhood, more so since they participated in the Exodus that separated them from the tyranny of the Empire's Hammer. While Taldryan would never follow blindly, there is a bond between Clan and Brotherhood due to having had many prominent members serve in various positions on the Dark Council, including the seat of Grand Master. When other Clans rebel, Taldryan is usually the first to stand up for the unity of the Brotherhood - whatever the cost.

Important Figures

  • Jarla - The first Consul of Clan Taldryan
  • Jac Ae-Sequira Cotelin Taldrya Cantor - Former Consul, Grand Master, Justicar, and Deputy Grand Master
  • Telaris "Mav" Taldrya Cantor - Current Grandmaster of the DJB, Former Consul and Deputy Grand Master
  • Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor - Former Proconsul, Sith High Warrior and Justicar
  • Kir Taldrya Katarn - Former Justicar, Lead the Clan out of the Emperor's Hammer during the Exodus.
  • Rian Taldrya - Longest serving Consul of Taldryan, over 4.5 non-consecutive years spent in service of Taldryan

Sons and Daughters of Taldryan

Main article: Sons & Daughters of Taldryan
Sons & Daughters of Taldryan
Taldrya Induction
Kir Taldrya Katarn 11/22/2003
Mordin "Apo" Malchia Taldrya 11/22/2003
Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin Taldrya-Cantor 12/11/2003
Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor 12/11/2003
freshjive Taldrya 01/08/2004
William Fletchette Taldrya Cantor 02/02/2004
Shadow Taldrya 02/21/2004
Sharad Taldrya Hett 02/21/2004
Benevolent Taldrya Whiner 01/19/2005
Alanna Taldrya 10/01/2005
Dark Sabre Taldrya 10/01/2005
Andan Taldrya Marshall 05/22/2006
Duga Taldrya Arkarso 05/30/2006
Sithspawn Taldrya 12/30/2006
Chaosrain Taldrya 12/30/2006
Telaris "Mav" Taldrya Cantor 07/31/2007
Bubbles Taldrya 07/31/2007
Swiper Taldrya 07/31/2007
NexusMage Taldrya 07/31/2007
Hel-Pa Taldrya Sklib 11/06/2008
Kraval Taldrya 11/06/2008
Vodo Biask Taldrya 06/30/2009
Vladet Taldrya Xavier 06/30/2009
Tarax Eosphoros Taldrya Kor 06/30/2009
Halcyon Taldrya 06/30/2009
Shaz'air Taldrya 02/14/2010
Vardar Fen'Amar Taldrya 02/14/2010
Rian Aslar Taldrya 02/25/2014
Howlader Taldrya 02/25/2014
Raistline Taldrya Majere 05/04/2015
Justinios Taldrya Drake 12/25/2018
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Houses Ektrosis
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Clan Consul: Seraine "Erinyes" TénamaProconsul: Zxyl VenzosRollmaster: TBD
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