Clan Scholae Palatinae

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Clan Scholae Palatinae
General information
  • Commander Wrath of Praetorian Squadron
  • Maverick
  • Assorted members of Praetorian Squadron

Ragnath, Caperion System

Historical information
Formed from:

House Scholae Palatinae


13 ABY


To Clan level 19 ABY and 38 ABY


To House level 33 ABY

Other information

Dark Brotherhood


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Clan Scholae Palatinae is one of the original units of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and one of the first that had been made into a Clan in 19 ABY. Independent and proud, today, it plays the game of thrones to become the ruler of the Caperion System, its dominion-to-be. It traces its roots back to Emperor Palpatine himself, and rules its territory in the Caperion System as a tribute of the Great Empire he built. The Empire, although small, is an important and historic force within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.


Main article: Clan Scholae Palatinae history


During the reign of the Galactic Empire, Emperor Palpatine tasked specific Dark Jedi within his intelligence division to serve as guards to the greatest secrets and storehouses the Empire had. They would be known as the Emperor's Guards. After the battle of Endor, the intelligence division lay in partial ruin. When the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet formed out of the collapsing Empire, intelligence on the Emperor's Guards were salvaged and from this new information a new unit would be born. This unit was House Scholae Palatinae.

The logo of the Emperor's Hammer

Scholae Palatinae quickly gained many members, attracting those who valued the secrets of the dark side, and even some of the light This influx of membership allowed the House to be formed quickly into a Clan, bringing with it three houses below it; House Dorimad Sol, House Acclivis Draco, and House Caliburnus. From this membership, Clan Scholae Palatinae was able to obtain the Victory-class Star Destroyer Excidium and a Modified Corvette, Victory. With these new ships, Scholae Palatinae was able to move from their increasingly harsh world onto a world that was better off, keeping itself alive.

However, the liveliness would be in vain. The Star Chamber decided to destroy Clan Scholae Palatinae for reasons that have never been fully revealed. While the members of Caliburnus had been decimated, the members of Dorimad Sol and Acclivis Draco were placed into Clan Arcona and had dangerous experiments were performed on them. Soon after though, it was discovered House Caliburnus had not been destroyed and was a thriving society instead. Surprising the Star Chamber, Caliburnus was allowed to regain its former members and given the ability to rebuild Clan Scholae Palatinae again. Thus ended the first Great Jedi War for the Clan, and the beginning of Scholae's hatred for Arcona.

The Exodus

Outside Clan Scholae Palatinae, the dark side was changing. The Star Chamber had rumblings of change, and the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet was slowly become corrupted with greed and power from the inside out. Rumors of "unfortunate accidents" and strange power plays consumed the dark corners of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Inside Scholae, similar events occurred. Apprentices and other Journeymen were chastised quicker, and punished frequently. Equites were given either nothing to do out of spite, or many things to do out of malice, But the leadership knew what was going on. Thus would begin the Exodus. The Seven along with most of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood would help evacuate all of its holdings along with most of the loyal members. And when they left their system, they demolished everything behind them, as to make sure the Emperor's Hammer could not find out where they went; the Shroud. And for Scholae Palatinae specifically, the Cocytus System.

Judecca, Scholae Palatinae's homeworld


Over the next many years, Clan Scholae Palatinae would enter or be pulled into many conflicts to aid the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. During the War of the Star Chamber, Scholae was influenced by a corrupted Jac Cotelin, but they were able to reclaim their honor. During the Third Brotherhood Civil War, Scholae would unite reluctantly with Clan Arcona and Clan Taldryan to defend against an exact clone of then Grand Master Jac Cotelin.

But it would be during the military preparedness exercise, Second Darkness, that the Clan would finally get its long time revenge on Clan Arcona. During the victory celebrations, the Yuuzhan Vong had entered Brotherhood space. It was during this time that Consul Braecen Kaeth had fired upon the Arconan vessel, Eye of the Abyss, in order to leave it as fodder for the Brotherhood's escape. But the Arconans, instead of going back to their own system, attempted to regroup and tow themselves to the Cocytus System in order to conquer it from a weakened Vong and Clan Scholae Palatinae.

Although fighting did occur, the Vong were overwhelming. Clan Arcona and Clan Scholae Palatinae both had to fight off the Vong in an alliance of sorts in order to save themselves and escape to the Shroud. It would be during the following months that each Clan would attempt to take back their systems from an overconfident Yuuzhan Vong. The Reclamation of Judecca was an official retaking of most of the Cocytus system as well as Judecca, the Scholae base planet.

Under Grand Master Sarin, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was united and was tasked with taking back Antei. Clan Scholae Palatinae was given both the tasks of clearing out the Shroud as well as landing Dark Jedi ground troops in order to attack specific locations. Scholae knew going through the Shroud would mean definite casualties, but the Grand Master and Clan Arcona thought of it as justice for the disabling of Eye of the Abyss. However, when the Brotherhood arrived at Antei, the Vong were utterly destroyed by a Jedi Master known as Omancor Crask. Him, his students, and many war droids fought off the Vong and claimed Antei as their own. The original plans were still in place, but now the Dark Brotherhood would be fighting off rogue Jedi. Scholae aided in the defeat of the Jedi as well as the reclamation of different special places on Antei.

New Life and Death

Many different conflicts erupted after the events of the Yuuzhan Vong and Crask. The Dark Council tasked the Clans in killing the Killiks on Salas V. The victor, who would end up being independent House Revan, would claim ownership of the planet.

When a rogue Grand Master Zoraan arrived to attempt to retake the Brotherhood, Clan Scholae Palatinae had helped to fight off the former Grand Master, and when the One Sith attempted to destroy the Brotherhood shortly after from the inside, Scholae aided Grand Master Muz Ashen in his crusade against the One Sith, claiming the planet Korriz in the process for themselves. However, Muz Ashen had also attempted the Rite of Immortality, destroying Antei in the process and almost destroying Korriban.

However, in the middle of the Dark Crusade, the Cocytus system went through some troubles. The government of the system saw an opportune time to take over the monarchy and establish a personal dictatorship. With the aid of Imperial Intelligence and Battleteam Caliburnus, Emperor Xen'Mordin Vismorsus was able to assassinate the rogue leader and his followers as well as establish a new order in the system severely loyal to the Consul and Dark Jedi of Scholae Palatinae.

In the destruction of Antei's surface, the surviving members of old enemies came out from the shadows. Old members of the Cause, people who had spied for or worked with the Yuuzhan Vong, or those who believed in the corrupted teachings of Jaac Cotelin, the One Sith, or former Grand Master Zoraan had come together to form a militia that would attack the Cocytus system (the first in a long line of systems they wanted to cause destruction in). However, the Clan united and easily put a stop to the terrorist threat.


Under Emperor Xen'Mordin, Clan Scholae Palatinae went through a mass restructuring after all these crises, remodelling itself to further reflect the ideals of the Galactic Empire, abolishing the monarchy entirely. The current battleteams were absorbed into the Clan structure itself and new Houses were established; Excidium and Imperium. House Imperium gained a battleteam by the name of Shadow Guard, with battleteam Acclivis Draco remaining a separate entity within the Clan.

The Scholae Empire

Government and Politics

The Scholae Empire, modelled on the workings of Palpatine's Galactic Empire is the frontal governmental system operated by Clan Scholae Palatinae. The Scholae Empire is public knowledge to inhabitants of the Caperion System, while the Dark Jedi clan, the shadow government, operates in the shadows, unknown to all but the top military, economic and political leaders, those who are familiar enough with the Empire to know that disclosing its secrets is unwise. Currently, the Clan's only territory is the City of Caelestis, the biggest city on Ragnath.

Headquartered in the City of Caelestis, the Imperial Government is led by the Emperor of the Scholae Empire. The Emperor rules de facto over the territory claimed by the Scholae Empire. The appointed officers, and below them the Senate, help alleviate some of the duties of the Emperor. Advisors within the Imperial Palace handle the functioning of the realm so that the Emperor has the time to direct and control as he wills.

The Emperor of the Scholae Empire and the Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae form a singular role. While this subjects the system to more frequent changes in Emperor, it is not enough that it causes major alarm for the citizens, who fear the title more than the man himself. These leaders became known as the Tyrants. It is the Tyrant of the Clan who rules as the public face of the system, totally intertwining the fates of both the system and the Clan to the politics of the Brotherhood, without ever making its presence known.

The current Emperor of the Scholae Empire is Elincia Rei, who goes by the title of Empress.

Appointed Officers

The appointed officers of The Scholae Empire are hand-picked and answer only to the Emperor.

Grand Vizier

The most powerful of these appointed officials is the Grand Vizier, who is widely seen as the second in command of the territory. The Grand Vizier is always an experienced Brotherhood member who is capable of accepting the responsibilities of maintaining home security in addition to the role of Proconsul. While the public still recognizes the Emperor's direct authority over the politicians of the system, it is the Grand Vizier who keeps them all in line per orders from the Emperor. It is the Grand Vizier who will stand in to lead the clan and the empire if the reigning Emperor is unable to fulfil their duties. In the Galactic Empire, this position was held by Mas Amedda, the right hand of Emperor Palpatine.

The current Grand Vizier of the Scholae Empire is Braecen Kaeth.

Grand Admiral

The second crucial position beyond the Emperor is that of Grand Admiral. The Grand Admiral is the structural keystone to keep all of the government running. Ultimately reporting to the Emperor the Grand Admiral is utilized as the main controller of all the clan military. The Grand Admiral is the one who mobilizes the system’s forces every time there is an attack, either from out of system or from within. While many like to believe that the police force is an independent force, they too are ultimately under the control of the Grand Marshal.Coupled with the fact this position also deals with the duties of Clan Rollmaster, the Grand Admiral plays a very important role to ensure that both the Clan and system continue to function.

The current Grand Admiral is Mune Cinteroph, the master of both the current Empress and Grand Vizier.

The Imperial Senate

The Imperial Senate, comprised of Dark Jedi members of Clan Scholae Palatinae and civilian politicians, is an advisory body to the Emperor. Members of the Imperial Senate meet regularly to discuss various matters, which have crucial meaning for functioning of the Empire. However, the Scholae Empire is not a democracy and The Imperial Senate has no power to make any real decisions. It may provide opinions on certain matters or its own ideas for bills, but they still need to be reviewed and approved by the Emperor himself, and are frequently overruled. Nevertheless, the Senate serves the function of making people think that they have an influence on how the Empire is ruled.


Scholae Palatinae is new to the Caperion System, and as a result is still establishing itself as a functional economy in its new home. The Caperion System is home to five different factions all with various cultures and needs, which provides a rich array of options for Scholae to exploit from its super-rich capital, Caelestis City.

Imports / Exports

Galactic Goods: The Scholae Empire has a better understanding of the Galactic economy than its neighbours in Caperion, housing members from all across the Galaxy. As a result, it knows where to find all the best stuff. Scholae Palatinae maintains a healthy trade partnership with its neighbours by purchasing luxury items from across the galaxy and selling them on to Elaya, the UCE and Nayama for a profit.

Military Protection: The military force of Scholae Palatinae can compete with the strongest forces in Caperion. As the military is rarely fully engaged due to its primary enemy being occupied on many fronts, there is spare capacity within the Imperial Scholae Navy and Imperial Scholae Army to provide support to its neighbours, for a fee.


Points of Interest: Caelestis City was the jewel of the Meraxis Empire, a technological masterpiece, and now belongs to Clan Scholae Palatinae. Under Meraxis control, the city was extremely difficult to visit for any non-Meraxis citizen, and always had an air of mystique about it. As Scholae Palatinae maintains friendlier relations with its neighbours, the city, as well as the natural beauty of the Nethal Archipelago, is now open for tourism. Scholae Palatinae maintain a fabrication of Meraxis culture and museums of its own history to encourage tourism from its allies.

Health Tourism: Tipoca Station is a state-of-the-art hospital in space allowing for up to 80.000 patients to be treated at once. That is more capacity than Scholae Palatinae’s navy crews, ground forces, auxiliaries and Clan members combined could occupy, or not far off. The surplus capacities are privatised and used by citizens of the Scholae Empire and its allies for those who can afford the best healthcare the system has to offer. Frequently, this is used by wealthy businessmen from the United Corporations of Elaya.


Taxation: Caelestis City, due to its technologically advanced state, houses many big businesses and is the home to many rich and famous individuals. As a result, gross domestic product is very high, and Scholae Palatinae exploits this using a high taxation rate of its people.

Loans: The move to Caperion was expensive for Scholae Palatinae, but it has found itself a home with some rich individuals. As a short term economic plan, Scholae has encouraged its citizens to loan some of their personal wealth to the empire in exchange for Imperial favour. If some of these people, and their descendants, mysteriously disappear one day, all the better.

Future Plans

Mining on Balaerion: The Meraxis Empire have long held a prison mining colony on the icy world of Balaerion. Scholae eventually plans to take control of that colony, and hijack the trade of the raw materials, to boost its economy.

Other Clans: Scholae Palatinae also hope to establish a military alliance and trade partnership with another clan in the near future.

Clan Scholae Palatinae Structure

Clan Scholae Palatinae is the shadowy organisation, mostly of Dark Jedi, that uphold the Empire in secrecy. Their existence is only known to a select few that can be trusted to have the wisdom not to leak confidential information. Led by the Consul, also the Emperor of Cocytus, and supported by the Grand Vizier(Proconsul) and the Grand Admiral (Rollmaster), Clan Scholae Palatinae is divided into two forces, both equally important arms of the Empire. Imperium enforces Imperial rule within the laws of the Empire, while Excidium operate entirely within the shadows as they perform tasks that the Emperor cannot be associated with.

Chain of Command

House Excidium

House Excidium is known for their wild cards of dubious character, some even outright criminal, but this is exactly what Excidium needs to watch over the Scholae Empire. This group uses a wide variety of skills to ensure that the Empire is protected from internal and external threats that the Clan either can’t see or can’t fight due to more delicate reasons, such as politics or public image. As a result, it is publicly disassociated from the Clan itself and its loyalties may appear to be less than dependable, but in reality its fealty is to Cocytus Empire above all else.

Battleteam Tacitus Athanasius

House Excidium houses Tacitus Athanasius. A secretive group, the battleteam serves as a silent dagger to enemies of the House and its leaders. Very little if known of the unit to the outside world, and secrecy is one of its most deadly weapons. The members go after mostly special targets, and take out possible threats that remain hidden in the shadows. As the name says, they are the silent death to all who oppose the House, and by extension the Scholae Empire.

Battleteam Vindictae Immortalis

Excidium’s less subtle and more action-hungry members are concentrated in Vindictae Immortalis. The unit is involved in gang wars, heists, abductions, sabotage, and other high-profile operations which draw attention away from the Empire’s activities.

House Imperium

House Imperium is know that lay back and view things from afar. They have patience and care for knowledge and the context within a conflict. To Imperium, combat on the front lines is important, but what happens behind the lines is even more important to Imperium. When war breaks out, Imperium will be the first to know and the first to lay out a plan. In relative peace, they perform more operational duties. Members of Imperium can fight boldly when necessary, however they would rather define themselves by their ability to overpower the enemy through forethought and knowledge. What drives them is understanding; knowledge in the world around them and knowledge in the eyes of others.

Battleteam Krennic

Battleteam Krennic is the more military-minded arm of House Imperium's battleteams. They carry out duties similar to special teams forces. When there is a high-value target that needs to be attacked, an enemy that needs to be captured or taken out, or something just needs to be done quickly and effectively, Krennic gets sent in to do the job. They go in, take care of business, and get out - making sure to be as efficient as possible in their work.

Battleteam Pellaeon

Battleteam Pellaeon is part of the military intelligence arm of House Imperium. Officially, members of Pellaeon source and evaluate potential threats to the house through use of covert operations and intelligence gathering. Unofficially, members have been suspected of much more proactive "assignments" against the enemies of House Imperium.

Battleteam Acclivis Draco

Former Battleteam and House within Clan Scholae Palatinae.

The Tyrannical Legacy

It has become a tradition that the Consuls of Scholae Palatinae be given a secondary title as a description of their personality. These titles are not given lightly and are earned by the actions and demeanor of each. After their reign has finished, the title remains in the history books as the legacy of what their rule brought to the system.

The Tyrants of Scholae Palatinae:

  • Karva The Ceaseless
  • Timbal The Relentless
  • Dakari The Merciless
  • Braecen The Heartless
  • Phoenix The Ruthless
  • Lucien The Fearless
  • Thran The Usurper
  • Ood The Hardwood
  • Xen The Manipulative
  • Elincia The Cunning


Main article: Scholae Palatinae Military

The military of the Scholae Empire is broken into three elements: the Imperial Scholae Army, containing the clan's ground forces, the Imperial Scholae Navy, containing its ships, and the Imperial Scholae Intelligence, consisting of spies and data analysts. Each branch is highly regarded for their skills in warfare; though, each element is uniquely different in the way it is deployed and managed. As a combined force, they are designated The Military of Scholae Palatinae. Based on Imperial rule and tradition, the divisible elements can be positioned and commanded with greater ease.

Imperial Scholae Armed Forces Ranks
DB Member Army Rank Navy Rank
Elder 3 Grand General Grand Admiral
Elder 2 Moff Moff
Elder 1 General Admiral
Equite 4 Colonel Commodore
Equite 3 Lieutenant Colonel Captain
Equite 2 Commander Commander
Equite 1 Major Lieutenant Commander
Journeyman 4 Captain Lieutenant
Journeyman 3 Lieutenant Sublieutenant
Journeyman 2 Sergeant Ensign
Journeyman 1 Private Midshipman
Novitiate 4 Trooper Trainee
Novitiate 3 Cadet Recruit
Novitiate 2 Apprentice Apprentice
Novitiate 1 Initiate Initiate

Presiding as Overlord of the Legions & Clan Fleet is the Emperor’s Right-Hand: The Grand Vizer. This is the highest rank one can attain within the Military, short of being the Emperor himself, and is seen as the Chief Military Expert and Leader within the clan. The clan military operates two ranking systems, one for the navy and one for the army. The army ranks are identical to the loyalist ranks of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. This provides an equivalence between the Dark Jedi ranks and military ranks.

The members of Clan Scholae Palatinae do not have permanent command of specific units, but can commandeer sub-units of the military for specific purposes in accordance with their rank. For the Army, this begins with commanding fireteams of 3-4 troops at the Journeyman ranks, up to entire regiments at the upper echelon of the Equite ranks. In the Navy, Dark Jedi of the journeymen ranks can take brief command of fighter flights, and command destroyers at the upper Equite ranks. More detail is available in the main pages of the Army and Navy.

Imperial Scholae Army

Main article: Imperial Scholae Army

The ISA comprises of the collective identity of the entire Clan ground forces: the front line soldiers, scouts, special forces, vehicles and heavy armour. The ISA is made up primarily of The Imperial Legion, a versatile fighting force used for both attack and defensive operations, and the Imperial Scholae Guard Regiment, a smaller unit dedicated to the defence of Scholae territory. The ISA works closely with Imperial Scholae Intelligence in operations planning.

The largest unit within the ISA is the Imperial Legion. The Imperial Legion makes up 80% of the army. Mostly stationed on the capital ships of the Imperial Scholae Navy during warfare and in the home territories other times, The Imperial Legion provides both offensive and defensive duties to the clan. The Imperial Legion contains over 5500 military infantry, 20 artillery lines and 18 tank platoons, as well as air support, special forces and scouting units.

The remainder of the Army is placed in The Imperial Scholae Guard Regiment. This regiment is tasked only with the protection of the clan dominion and never venture outside. Formerly, their task was the protection of the entire Cocytus System, with one Battalion dedicated to each of the system's four planets. Due to the instability of the clan's current territory, division of tasks among the Battalions is constantly in flux, but their role of the protection of the clan's assets has never changed. The Guard Regiment contains 1368 infantry and 12 armour platoons.

Mercenary forces will also frequently fight alongside the Imperial Scholae Army. During the Twelfth Great Jedi War, an army of Nayaman Mercenaries were purchased to support the ISA in the fight against The Collective.

The ISN Sidious, flagship of the Imperial Scholae Navy

Imperial Scholae Navy

Main article: Imperial Scholae Navy

The ISN comprises of the collective identity of the entire Clan naval forces: the large warships, starfighters, and accompanying personnel. The ISN is made up primarily of two flotillas, a fleet of ships, which are each comprised of a collection of destroyers, cruisers, frigates, corvettes, assault craft and starfighters. The flagship of the Emperor of Scholae, the ISN Sidious, and the flagship of the Grand Vizier, his right hand, the ISN Vader, lead the first and second flotillas respectively. In addition, a third, smaller flotilla, under the command of the secret House Excidium, disguised as a criminal organisation, is officially unaffiliated with the Scholae Empire and used for infiltration and subterfuge. The Imperial Medical Station, the IMS Tipoca II, falls under the umbrella of the ISN.

The First Flotilla is the largest of the flotillas in the Imperial Scholae Navy, and is primarily tasked with the defense of the Scholae Palatinae dominion. The Flotilla contains the most powerful warship in the navy, the Victory-class Star Destroyer ISN Sidious. The ISN Sidious is the Flagship of the Emperor, and serves to house the officers and top leadership of the Scholae Empire as a centralised mobile command centre. Smaller than the First Flotilla, the Second Flotilla is primarily tasked as the lead spear and offensive unit deployed into conflict. The Flotilla contains the largest carrier in the navy, the Venator-class Star Destroyer ISN Vader. The ISN Vader is the Flagship of the Grand Vizier (Proconsul) of Scholae Palatinae, and the centrepiece of any major attack, as well as a centralised mobile command centre.

Sub-unit militaries

As consul, Elincia Rei sold off some of the clan military to allocate funds for the houses and battleteams to possess their own forces. The sub unit militaries are under the supreme command of their respective unit leader, and do not officially fall within the clan military structure, although can be called upon if needed.

The Imperium force primarily functions as a homeguard unit, with a battalion of line infantry and artillery for a line-holding function and a battalion of scout, assault and drop troopers in a search and destroy unit. They also possess a Raider I-class Corvette for heavy firepower and a Quasar Fire-class Cruiser Carrier loaded with fighters, while each battleteam (Krennic and Pellaeon) operate from a Marauder-class Corvette.

The Excidium forces are officially unassociated with the clan, and perform operations in which the Empire cannot be associated with. They primarily operate from a Raider II-class Corvette, with a Marauder-class Corvette and a Minstrel-class Space Yacht in support. The chaotic Vindictae Immortalis are based upon a Marauder-class Corvette, while the assassins of Tacitus Athanasius make a Raider I-class Corvette their home.

Imperial Scholae Intelligence

Main article: Imperial Scholae Intelligence



Political Borders of Ragnath

Scholae Palatinae Territory

Scholae Palatinae does not control the entirety of the Caperion System in which it resides, but has been expanding its influence from Caelestis City, on the moon of Ragnath. The map above shows the current political borders of the moon.

Adoniram Tower, the Headquarters of Scholae Palatinae, Caelestis City

Caelestis City

Caelestis City is the capital of Clan Scholae Palatinae. Originally built by their main enemy, The Meraxis Empire, it was captured by Scholae shortly after their arrival into the Caperion System. The city was the jewel of Meraxis until it was taken by Scholae, a sprawling metropolis home to 20 million people, the city is famous for its high tech level in comparison to the rest of the space-faring system. Once a commercial hub of Meraxis, the city is now a central trading point for Scholae Palatinae and its neighbours, and since opening to citizens of Elaya, has become a popular tourist destination. Under Meraxis, the city was given extremely little freedom. As Scholae has presented itself as the lesser of two evils compared with Meraxis to gain the support of the people, citizens enjoy slightly more freedom of movement and speech than they did under their former overlords, which goes a long way to keeping the people happy. However, any pro-Meraxis sentiment is still monitored closely by the Imperial Scholae Intelligence.

Massive corporations that once called Caelestis their home have been welcomed into the Scholae Empire as it tries to maintain the thriving economy of the city. The rich and famous who resided in the city have been offered citizenship and political favour in exchange for financial donations to the Empire. The commonfolk typically live in high rise apartment blocks, and benefit from a high standard of living in the city.

Adoniram Tower: Adoniram Tower was commissioned by the Emperor of Meraxis, Adoniram, as a symbol of his rule, power, and the wealth of Meraxis. Since taking over Caelestis, Scholae Palatinae took the building, which towers over the rest of the city, as their headquarters. As an insult to Adoniram, they kept the name, with the only modification being a giant emblem of Clan Scholae Palatinae plastered on the side. Scholae Palatinae uses the building as the offices and personal residence of its top command, and is central to the management of the empire.

The Lighthouse: Located in the harbor of Caelestis City and rising from the tides without a rock in sight, the 250 metre tall lighthouse is a beacon of safety for seafaring vessels. For anyone else, it is a frequent and infamous place to carry out feuds under Meraxis' Code Duello. The most popular choice is the top-level platform, fifty meters wide and open to the elements, save for the tall transparisteel cylinder protecting the torch. There is no barrier around the edge of the platform to prevent a 250 metre fall into the waters below. However, robust Meraxian engineering has hardened the critical components of the lighthouse in such a fashion that the whole building is open for battle, provided the duellists sign off on funding repairs. It has become quite an attraction for the local populace to watch the duels unfold from the harbor or from tall buildings.

Nethal Archipelago

Once home to quiet fishing villages, the Archipelago was torn apart when Scholae Palatinae took over Caelestis and then marched on the islands. Most of the fishing communities have been displaced and are hesitant to return to the islands. As a result, due to its natural beauty, the island chain has been repurposed as a tourist destination, with memorials to recognise the losses on both sides of the battle.

The Caperion System

Main article: Caperion System

The Caperion System has a well-established history of sentient inhabitants and space-faring technology, being home to 5 diverse political groups (6 including Scholae Palatinae). The newcomers to the system, Scholae is still making its mark, seeking alliances and room for expanding its territory.


Isergess is a volatile terrestrial world, composed primarily of large volcanoes along with rivers and lakes of molten lava. Scientific studies of the shifting surface have led to the conclusion that the planet is comprised of over 120 different tectonic plates, constantly in movement along the planet. Of these only 5 are large enough to maintain a semi-stable presence on the top of all other plates, estimated to have been on the surface for over 100 million years. The rest of the plates vary in age from 60 million to as recent as 5 million years.

Ownership of Isergess has been in dispute for many generations by the local population. This dispute has been largely between various corporate entities instead of the major political powers of the planet. While it is rich in many minerals, the ability to easily mine the planet’s resources has been hindered by the planets largely volcanic surface. None of the ruling parties of Seraph have had the resources to invest in building long term mining facilities.

  • Xejtrok - the single moon of Isergess. Totally lifeless, it is most notable due to its unique rupturing approximately 200 million years ago. For reasons unknown, the core of the moon experienced a catastrophic reaction, destroying the tailing side of the moon.


Venenum is a hostile terrestrial world with a poisonous atmosphere, composed primarily of rocky mountainous terrain, along with rivers, lakes and oceans of sulphuric acid. The climate of the planet is influenced heavily by its elliptical orbit. For the majority of the planet’s 276 day year, the temperature is a moderate 10 - 30 degrees. However, as the planet approaches Caperion, the orbital speed and temperature increase, causing an evaporation of the oceans as temperatures soar to 120 degrees. As the planet passes the closest point of its orbit, the temperature rapidly falls, leading to a standard month of intense acid rain.

Venenum was the first planetary step for the people of the Caperion system. Due to its elliptical orbit, and depending on its relation to the orbit of Seraph it can become the closest orbiting planet. In a rare sign of solidarity between the major political powers of Seraph, Venenum was to be home of a cross cultural colonization effort. However, underestimating the extreme environmental shifts on the planet, along with the strength of the acid rains on the planet as it moves further from Caperion, the colonization effort failed, leading to the deaths of over 25,000 individuals from all political parties of Seraph.

  • Ly'palion - the only major orbiting moon of Venenum. It has no atmosphere and there have been no attempts to establish bases on its surface by the citizens of the Caperion system. Its surface has many beautiful colours, but have no real use besides being pleasing to look at.


Seraph is the only planet in the Caperion System ideal for harbouring advanced sentient life. Perfect for life to flourish, Seraph contains a variety of terrains, including desert, mountains, plains, jungles and icy polar regions, as well as large oceans of fresh water and a breathable atmosphere, as well as almost standard levels of gravity. Temperatures on Seraph range from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius, depending on latitude and season, with a year length of 450 standard days. Seraph has a variety of animal and plant life forms, including its own indigenous species and those more commonly seen across the galaxy that have been brought in from off world.

The planet is home to five major political groups that fight over power, and is heavily populated with cities, towns and villages, home to 3.7 billion people, 80% of which are human. The Meraxis Empire and the Democratic Republic of Elaya possess the largest territory, with the Republic being the main thing stopping the Empire from dominating the rest of the planet. The United Corporations of Elaya are a hugely rich independent faction occupying a single city and possess the majority of the wealth in the system. The remaining two factions are the Nayama Dynasty, an arts-facing culture, and The Republic of the Force, a theocracy that worship the Force and those who control it.

  • Ragnath - Seraph's only moon, is much like its planet in that, other than its low gravity, is perfect for sustaining life. Ragnath's surface is approximately 57% ocean. Its landmass, which holds 300 million people across several cities, is split into numerous continents ranging in size. While the natural gravity of the planet is very low, artificial gravity generators (the same technology used on capital ships) is used to provide pockets of gravity to major towns and cities. This technology is provided by the United Corporations of Elaya.

The 5 political groups of Seraph also occupy territory on Ragnath, with similar relations as on the planet. In addition, Scholae Palatinae have chosen the moon as their home, taking the largest city, Caelestis, from the Meraxis Empire and claiming it as their capital.


Albicosus’ surface is largely covered in sheets of ice and glaciers. Its rocky surface does periodically cut to the surface in sharply carved mountain peaks, or in the basins and crags in of the ice sheets. The rocky tectonic plates have rarely shown any movement, but the ice that covers them frequently slides across the plates, resulting in far more movement than seen on the surfaces of other planets. This can result in frequent avalanches on the planets’ sharp mountainsides.

Able-bodied and dedicated martial artists from Nayama ventured to the high gravity planet to train their bodies to be strong, and to endure in extreme environments. To make a living they hired themselves out as honorable mercenaries, primarily employed to police Ulress and maintain the peace between the rival gangs that call it home. Unwilling to subject their families to the dangers of the moon, the Nayaman mercenaries took up camp in the old colony of the planet as a permanent base of operations. Shuttles between the planet surface and Ulress go continually as goods and people are moved to and fro.

  • Ulress - The surface of the moon is simple, rocky and icy. The moon held many great valuable minerals however, leading to centuries of mining on the moon. Over time the entire interior core of the moon was hollowed out, leaving a massive shell. The mining of Ulress goes back centuries, with civilians moving to a small mining colony on the planet, Albicosus, and then traveling back and forth to proceed with mining operations. The moon was rich with natural resources, and all the different political parties on Seraph desired to harvest what they could from the moon. When the interior of the moon had been wiped bare, the civilians abandoned the hollow moon and the mining colony on Albicosus.

It didn’t take long for the city, officially named Ulr Uvi, to become an outlier in the system. The corporations that led to its creation let control of the city slide into hands criminals and gangs. Commonly referred to as the Black Core, security of the moon was left to hired help from the Nayama Dynasty, who took up residence in the abandoned mining colony on Albicosus. House Excidium, the shady arm of Scholae Palatinae, have taken an interest in Ulress, and see it as the perfect home for a house of their specialities.


The nature of the core of the planet is completely unknown. Its gases are thick and heavy. Particles suspended in the gases are charged in the planet’s rapid rotation and the gases stormy movements. These charged particles have left the planet in a perpetual lightning storm. The thick gas however masks the lightning from orbit and beyond, only noticeable once you break the outermost layer of gas.

There have been multiple attempts at better studying the gas giant by the citizens of the system. Early probes faced issues with the planet’s high gravity and lightning storms, rendering most of the data they gathered unobtainable. Later ventures by some of the corporations of Seraph to establish high altitude cities have also ended in failure.

  • Korgollo - Korgollo Major and Minor are the two orbiting moons of the gas giant Myryakur. They are always paired together because they orbit around Myryakur together. As the moons orbit the planet, they also orbit around the center of mass between the two of them. This paired orbit has led to the locals of the system referring to them as the Dancers.


Balaerion is a freezing cold terrestrial world of barren frozen wastes. The surface is 96% nitrogen ice with traces of methane and carbon monoxide. Beneath the surface of frozen nitrogen is a thick layer of water ice. The crust is comprised of two tectonic plates, bordered on a great circle perpendicular to the equator. Frequent earthquakes along this line have been known to shatter the surface down to the crust. Within the crust lie valuable resources essential for artificial gravity generators and electronics.

Life on Balerion dates back a mere thirty standard years, when the Meraxis Empire established the Balaerian Detention Centre, a maximum security prison facility. Largely used as a place to send political prisoners who have spoken out against the oppressive totalitarian regime, the facility is used for mining the valuable resources beneath the ice layer, its prisoners sent there on a life sentence of hard labour. The total planetary population is 100,000, of which 90,000 are miners and the remaining 10,000 are security personnel.

The Cocytus System (Former)

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Scholae Palatinae ruled over the entire Cocytus System until it was destroyed by the Iron Fleet of Darth Pravus and the clan fled to the Caperion System to establish a new home. Its natives were largely primitive and tribal and bent to the wishes of the Empire's superior technology and Force Powers. While the Empire swiftly took control of the 6-planet system shortly after the Exodus, they faced numerous uprisings throughout their rule from the capital world of Judecca. The Cocytus System was home to many Rakatan artefacts dating back to the Infinite Empire which inspired many of these failed rebellions.

Judecca, based in the Cocytus System, is the home planet of Scholae Palatinae and its capital city is Ohmen. It is thought to have been the first planet formed in the System after its star, Imperius, was formed and it has a temperate climate with varying geographic features. The three historical houses of Scholae Palatinae: Acclivis Draco, Dorimad Sol, and Caliburnus, made their homes on the desert world of Antenora, the frozen world of Caina, and the jungle world of Ptolomea respectively. On the outer edge of the system was a gas giant, Iblis, and a desolate mining colony on Vassago, but these planets were not frequently used by Scholae Palatinae.

Allies and Enemies

Due to the Imperial nature of the Clan, it is not surprising that it is largely focused on improving itself and expanding its borders, knowledge and prowess. Thus, the borders of Scholae Palatinae have been less open than others due to the Clan’s natural isolation from outside influence. At present, the clan has just recently set foot in the Caperion System and begun to establish territory on the moon of Ragnath. Due to the complex political structure on Caperion and of the Dark Brotherhood, the clan has numerous domestic threats and those further afield.

Its current primary goal is to expand its territory, which is currently restricted to one city, albeit the technological masterpiece of Caelestis, on Seraph's moon, Ragnath, taken forcibly from Meraxis. Scholae Palatinae will slowly and patiently expand under the same principles as Emperor Palpatine expanded his power across the Galaxy, unafraid to forge false alliances and break them when the time is right.

Caperion System


  • The Democratic Republic of Elaya - An unlikely ally due to the opposing political views between democracy and imperialism, Scholae Palatinae assisted Elaya in its war against the Meraxis Empire, presenting itself as the best way to turn the tides in the war. The two maintain an uneasy alliance, as Elaya appreciates Scholae's support against its long-term enemy Meraxis, but are uncomfortable with another Empire gaining power in the system. Elaya possesses a military strength comparable to Clan Scholae Palatinae but vastly superior territory. They keep themselves well guarded against any opportunistic betrayal from Scholae Palatinae.


  • The United Corporations of Elaya - A supremely rich and wealthy city state, they put credits above anything else. What their territory lacks in surface area, their control of most of the wealth in the system makes them make up for this, making them extremely powerful politically. Their highest profits are currently obtained via an arms deal with the Meraxis Empire. The Empress has tried to establish a trade deal with the UCE, but has been unable to convince them that Scholae is a stable trade partner.
  • The Republic of the Force - A relatively poor theocracy under constant threat of invasion from The Meraxis Empire, the TRF believe in the power of the Force and those who wield it. They have a very weak military and rely on the strength of the Republic of Elaya to keep safe. House Excidium have begun to try to subvert the population by using the Force to help refugees displaced by Meraxis' invasion attempt.
  • The Nayama Dynasty - The Nayama Dynasty harbours a culture valuing skill in the arts - both creative and martial. Their Queen is intrigued by the combat prowess of members of Scholae Palatinae, and has hosted the Imperium summit as they sought to make a positive impression on the royal family. While no formal military alliance has been organised, there is a sense of mutual intrigue and potential for cooperation. While their military strength is mediocre, the widespread combat skills of its people act as a force multiplier in a similar way to Scholae Palatinae's Dark Jedi.
  • The Nayaman Mercenaries - A mercenary group training in the cold high gravity world of Albicosus, the Nayaman Mercenaries joined the Imperial Scholae Army during the Twelfth Great Jedi War and fought against The Collective. While their contract has finished, they would be happy to serve Scholae again if their price is met. However, they would be equally happy to serve their enemies if the price was right.


  • The Meraxis Empire - Ruled by an ambitious tyrant focused on conquering the whole of the Caperion System by squashing all in its way, the Meraxis Empire will never accept Scholae's presence in the system as anything other than an insult, especially after they have taken the side of Elaya. Further, Scholae's only territory in the Caperion System, Caelestis city, was previously the jewel of the Meraxis Empire. Meraxis has allied itself with The Collective on the basis that they both hate Scholae equally as much. Meraxis is similar to Elaya in its military power and territory.

Beyond the Caperion System




  • Clan Plagueis - At one point in the distant past, Scholae Palatinae was aligned with the Clans of Satal Keto and Exar Kun. However when these two units fused into a vastly different Clan, Plagueis, a chasm was birthed between the two groups.
  • Clan Naga Sadow - A once strong alliance was shattered by Scholae Palatinae's betrayal of Naga Sadow and the theft of valuable artefacts from the Red Fury Pirates, most notably the aptly named Shattering. However, as recent as this feud was, the events of the Twelfth Great Jedi war put the clans back on the same side, and the future is uncertain.
  • Clan Arcona - In the past, Arcona was the sworn enemy of Scholae Palatinae. This stemmed from the time when Scholae Palatinae was forced to serve as a unit of Arcona. Even after years of separation this tension continued. However thanks to the dulling power of time, and the focus of enemies like the Collective, these feelings have finally faded. While in a state of half-truce, it remains to be seen if this peace will last.
  • Clan Taldryan - Taldryan was historically the dominant clan in the brotherhood, and Scholae Palatinae always had its eyes on taking them down, but out of respect and not hostility. While Taldryan no longer enjoys such a dominant position, with the dominant clans in the brotherhood being Arcona and Odan Urr, the clans maintain a mutual respect and have no significant history of conflict or formal alliance.
  • Dark Council - While Clan Scholae Palatinae are extremely bitter about the destruction of the Cocytus System at the hands of Darth Pravus, Clan Scholae Palatinae nonetheless belong to the Dark Brotherhood, and does not possess the resources for war with the Dark Council's Iron fleet. They grudgingly supported the council in the fight against The Collective.


  • The Collective - The Collective were Scholae's enemy during the Twelfth Great Jedi War. Scholae suffered heavy losses fighting this powerful organisation that hates Force users of both sides and seeks their utter eradication, inspiring the entire Dark Brotherhood to units its forces against them. They have lent support to the Meraxis Empire in its fight against Scholae.
  • Clan Odan-Urr - The Imperial nature of the Royal Clan immediately soured relations with this Light Side oriented Clan. Both have made it clear through passive-aggressive means, that if given a chance they would gladly clash with each other, however, their only interaction was on the same side as they fought against The Collective in the Twelfth Great Jedi War.
  • Clan Tarentum (extinct) - Neutral in the past, Tarentum delivered a major political blow during the Sixth Great Jedi War. This action sent a shockwave through the Royal Clan and began a time of strife that nearly ripped Scholae Palatinae apart. Due to this, Scholae Palatinae has been incredible cautious in dealing with Tarentum. Efforts to repair relations between the Clans have all failed within days. Clan Tarentum has now been closed by the Dark Council, and some of its elders subsequently joined Clan Scholae Palatinae.

Typical Clan Actions and Reactions



Deeply loyal to the ideals of the Empire, any threat to its stability can begin to turn the gears of war. Historically over aggressive, perhaps due to the roots in being Guards to the Reborn Emperor on Byss, Scholae Palatinae will go to any lengths to define the Empire. Loyal and Strong-headed, these traits have lead to troubles for the Royal Clan on more than one occasion. The overly- aggressive nature has faded over the years, with greater emphasis being put on rational and reasonable approaches to what serves the Clan best, whether that be combat or diplomatically.

Aside from defending the Empire when needed, the Royal Clan is far more prone to sit in haunches and review the current situation of either the Brotherhood or abroad (Imperial Sector, New Republic, etc.). Once a deeper understanding of the situation is obtained and potential weaknesses are found, The Disciples of Palpatine will delve into the conflict with every fiber of being. Nothing is ever attempted halfway; Scholae Palatinae will give its all or not go at all.


Known to isolate itself, Scholae Palatinae has a long history of closing its borders to outside influences at the first sign of trouble – internal or external – and begin the proper course of action that serves the Clan best. During times of stability, the Clan has become far more open to the rest of the Brotherhood seeing that there is strength in having allies, even it is to only advance the continuing security of the Empire.

Once a pact of peace has been violated, Members of Scholae Palatinae react immediately with defensive measures and a retaliatory strike to show they are willing to defend themselves. While seen as over-zealous, diplomatic discussions can prevent the call for full on war. While this has drawn the Clan into direct confrontation several times, the Clan’s history is far more scattered with small retaliation skirmishes then full on conflicts.

Important Figures

These are the former and current leaders, or any influential member who is associated with the Clan. Individuals are delegated to one of these prestigious groups; however their reach, most likely, extends into one or more of these classes.

Sons and Daughters of Palpatine

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The Children of Palpatine are those who have been awarded the Clan Title, a rare and prestigious honor.

Influential Leaders

These individuals have lead Scholae Palatinae or aspects of Scholae Palatinae with the highest level of honor and commitment, forever impacting the workings of the Royal Clan.

Individuals with Impact

These individuals have been involved with Scholae Palatinae, helping change it for the better. Their names should not be forgotten for the great work and example they provided for Scholae Palatinae.

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