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{{Main|Twelfth Great Jedi War}}
{{Main|Twelfth Great Jedi War}}
Plagueis watched as the battle between those who publicly opposed Pravus and the forces of the Iron Throne raged on in what had promised to be a battle for the ages. However, while such tension was playing out, Plagueis, along with the rest of the Brotherhoo,d was surprised by a new force arriving and attacking everything in sight. This assault was led by a former member of the Brotherhood’s forces named Rath Oligard. Oligard and [[The Collective]] desired to rid the galaxy of Force Users entirely and planned to start with the Brotherhood. This ultimately brought on the [[Twelfth Great Jedi War]].
Plagueis watched as the battle between those who publicly opposed Pravus and the forces of the Iron Throne raged on in what had promised to be a battle for the ages. However, while such tension was playing out, Plagueis, along with the rest of the Brotherhood was surprised by a new force arriving and attacking everything in sight. This assault was led by a former member of the Brotherhood’s forces named Rath Oligard. Oligard and [[The Collective]] desired to rid the galaxy of Force Users entirely and planned to start with the Brotherhood. This ultimately brought on the [[Twelfth Great Jedi War]].
While it held no love for Pravus, the Dark Council, or the other clans, Plagueis knew that it would need to fight alongside them to survive. The Collective was tracked to the planet [[Nancora]], and the Ascendant Fleet faced one of its greatest challenges to date.  
While it held no love for Pravus, the Dark Council, or the other clans, Plagueis knew that it would need to fight alongside them to survive. The Collective was tracked to the planet [[Nancora]], and the Ascendant Fleet faced one of its greatest challenges to date.  
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There were some losses, but as the Clan proved victorious in the Shipyards, other Brotherhood forces had similar results. The Collective was routed from the system, and a Brotherhood-wide alliance with the Principate was forged. The Ascendant Fleet then returned to the Aliso system, many of the ranking members of Plagueis receiving medals for the efforts during the war.  With the conflict behind them, the Clan was able to turn its focus inward and strive to grow ever stronger - this time, going on the offensive against remaining Collective splinter cells.
There were some losses, but as the Clan proved victorious in the Shipyards, other Brotherhood forces had similar results. The Collective was routed from the system, and a Brotherhood-wide alliance with the Principate was forged. The Ascendant Fleet then returned to the Aliso system, many of the ranking members of Plagueis receiving medals for the efforts during the war.  With the conflict behind them, the Clan was able to turn its focus inward and strive to grow ever stronger - this time, going on the offensive against remaining Collective splinter cells.
===Code: Dread===
Clan Plagueis didn’t have much time to rest and recover after the events of Discord.  Their new policy of staying on offense against the Collective was put into motion within weeks of their triumphant return to the Aliso system.  Plagueian agents operating from the Anchorage discovered a Collective splinter group lurking just outside the system in the Unknown Regions.  This group was being led by Kel Zar, a Collective agent who had been partially responsible for the slave rebellion that occurred on Aliso the previous year.  Not only was Kel Zar beginning to accrue a small fleet, but it was discovered that Collective spies from this same splinter group were infiltrating Plagueis’ home planet.
The Dread Lord quickly organized an assault to deal with the threat on all fronts, and the operation was dubbed Code: Dread.  The Ascendant Fleet divided its ships to scrub the region clean of Kel Zar’s scattered fleet while also maintaining a strong defensive presence in the system.  Many Plagueian agents, including high-ranking Lords and the Ascendant Legion, took to the streets of Aliso City to root out infiltrators once and for all and gather intel about Kel Zar’s plans.
Kel Zar herself, leading the bulk of her fleet, clashed with Task Force Besh and several Plagueian Lords.  Although she was able to drag the battle out through keen tactics and strength of will, the sheer firepower and ability of Clan Plagueis proved to be too much for the Collective agent.  When reinforcements from Aliso arrived, led by the Dread Lord’s Wrath, the battle was decided.  Kel Zar narrowly escaped death and managed to flee from the battle, utterly defeated.
Meanwhile, on Aliso, the Collective infiltrators were discovered and dealt with before their plans to infiltrate the Pinnacle could become a reality.  Losses had been kept to a minimum and the immediate threat the agents posed was over.  Ronovi’s offensive tactics had proven their value in the success of Code: Dread.  With a relative peace returning to the Clan, she soon would set even grander plans into motion.
==  Vendetta History  ==
==  Vendetta History  ==

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Clan Plagueis
General information

Chi Long (Clan), Alaris Jinn & Muz Ashen (House), Montresor (Clan)


The Pinnacle

Historical information
Formed from:

17 ABY (as Clan Plagueis)


27 ABY (as House Plagueis)


31 ABY (as Clan Plagueis)

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Notable members:

Dark Brotherhood


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Clan Plagueis is one of four Dark Jedi Clans with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. It has two subordinate Houses in the form of House Ajunta Pall and House Karness Muur, units newly formed upon Plagueis's return to Clan status in 31 ABY. Plagueis existed as an independent House between 27 ABY and 31 ABY when, along with Taldryan, it was elevated back to Clanhood.

For more information on the Clan structure, see: Clan Plagueis.



Main article: Dictum of Two Skies

In the year 17 ABY, Clan Satal Keto was attacked by the vicious pirate group known as the Crimson Tide. The Clan was already weak from recent wars and conflicts, and they simply could not withstand an attack of the size and nature that the Tide brought. Clan Satal Keto fought and fought, however even with the Force on their side, the pirates were slowly starting to win after four days of fighting. Consul Selket, not wanting to accept his fate, called for assistance from Clan Exar Kun, Satal Keto’s sister clan.

The Kunians, despite sub-standard relations with the Ketoans, came to aid the dying clan. After another three days of intense and valiant combat, the severely injured Crimson Tide was forced to retreat.

The battle brutally wounded both clans. The Clans of Exar Kun and Satal Keto were in shambles. They went to the Dark Council for help, and the Star Chamber visited and assessed the two clans in their entirety, and concluded that the two clans should be merged into one if they were to survive.

Thus, the Dictum of Two Skies was carried out. New members came to the field, and for a month Jedi fought Jedi in battle for supremacy, and when the dust finally fell, a new band stood together, united by victory and strength, their weaknesses purged and cleansed in a trial by fire. From the ashes of two Clans arose a new one: Plagueis, a new life born of death. Then the Dictum was released, and as their final act, the Elders of the Star Chamber worked a great feat of Force magic - grasping the skeins of reality itself, they wove together the twin fates of Exar Kun and Satal Keto, and merged their powers into one.

The shockwaves of the Star Chambers actions, however, continued to ripple out through the Force, and unknown to all, a forgotten Sith Lord stirred in the embrace of the Dark Side. On the distant tomb planet of Korriban, Darth Plagueis arose from death in the shape of a grim wraith of Shadow and Dust, and called out to those whom had taken on his name.

End of Acarr

Main article: Battle of Byfrost

The newly formed clan settled in the Acarr System, the former home of Clan Exar Kun. As the Force would have it, however, after only a few months did trouble began to manifest itself. The Star Chamber’s amazing feat had twisted reality more than so perceived. Acarr’s sun, Sigil, which had already been dangerously unstable, was shifted out of balance and was rapidly approaching supernova status, increasing its radiation levels by the hour.

Doom was imminent, but the Plagueians had time to act due to the sharp sense of the clan's Elders who had discovered the problem. Moving as fast as mortally possible, the Clan organized and mobilized, beginning to flee the Acarr System. It was in this moment that the Crimson Tide returned, intent on destroying the band of Dark Jedi whom had nearly destroyed their entire fleet. Calliban Crimson launched a full attack on the evacuating Clan Plagueis. The Clan fought valiantly, and was able to hold back the pirate forces until the evacuation was complete. Then, in a final act of malign vengeance, Sarin, Kir Katarn, Jonaleth Isradia, and the most powerful of the clan's members blockaded the system, trapping nearly all of the mercenaries inside, where they were killed by the intense radiation.


Kapsina was Plagueis' HQ in the Jusadih System

With the Crimson Tide severely crippled, Clan Plagueis relocated into the Jusadih System, designated by the Clan Summit. House Exar Kun settled on the planet Aerun, with its counterpart, Satal Keto, moving to the icy world of Morroth. Construction on the Clan’s headquarters, the Dark Tower, began immediately on the world of Kapsina, where the clan leaders and Council of the Wise were to reside. As the Plagueian Dark Jedi established their dominance in Jusadih, they took a local business, Sistros Acquisitions and Holdings as a cover front and to provide a steady flow of credits to the fledgling clan. By early-20 ABY, the clan has finished construction on all aspects on their new home, and started to work on improving other aspects of the clan.

Civil War

Main article: Seventh Great Jedi War

The peace did not last for long, however, as only two years after the formation of Clan Plagueis the entire Brotherhood erupted into civil war. What started with minor disputes among the clans quickly escalated into something much more. When a second Jac Cotelin appeared on Antei, things turned to war, and the clans split apart as each sided with the Jac that they considered to be the real one. Plagueis, specifically, joined the side of what was called the Red Jac.

For weeks the clans fought each other to see who would come out on top, and specifically which Jac would come out above the other. However, Clan Plagueis was still just over two years old, and was still working to rebuild from its previous two encounters with the Crimson Tide. As such, it was weakened further from fighting with the much older and stronger clans against it, and was forced to hang out as long as possible and save as much of the fleet as they could.

Assault on Diadem

Main article: Assault on Diadem

When the war finally started to die down and the true Jac claimed victory over the imposter, Clan Plagueis returned to the Jusadih System to lick its wounds. Yet, the war was not over for the Plagueians, for just as they returned a group of Aerunian rebels, known respectively as ARM (Aerunian Resistance Movement), attacked Diadem Fortress on Aerun, home of House Exar Kun.

Using a treacherous Novice to cut off the power to the defenses, the Aerunians blasted their way into the fortress and started destroying as much as possible. It is unknown exactly what they were trying to do, save for thinking they could actually kill all the Kunians with their small army. Once the traitor was killed and the power brought back online, though, the Aerunians' advantage collapsed.

Despite having several Rogue Dark Jedi on their side, the Kunians were able to fight off the ambush, but Diadem was greatly damaged, and would not be completely repaired for another six months, although with much better defenses.

Rite of Supremacy

Main article: Second Darkness

After the Sixth Great Jedi War, Clan Plagueis entered a brief, yet useful, time of peace, where little conflict-wise happened, and the still young clan was allowed to grow and improve its infrastructure. Despite problems in leadership, the clan improved greatly during this time, and has continued to grow to this day, although not without being interrupted by war.

Specifically, at the beginning of 20 ABY, the Brotherhood had a Rite of Supremacy between the six clans to determine which would have the privelage of guarding the Dark Shroud, and being named First Clan. Much stronger now, Plagueis fought valiantly, and while they didn't win, they were awarded the title Third Clan.

Eighth Great Jedi War

Main article: Eighth Great Jedi War and Invasion of Jusadih

After the Rite of Supremacy, Plagueis took pride as Grand Master Sarin called for an awards ceremony on Antei. Things would not go as planned. As soon as the ceremony concluded, a fleet of epic proportions dropped outside of the Antei system from hyperspace. The Dark Brotherhood had no option but to retreat into The Shroud. Clan Plagueis was assigned to the rearguard. While fighting from within the dark cloud looming over Antei, old tensions broke out between the clans, who were already on-edge.

Part of the enemy fleet in orbit of Antei.

Plagueis, whose fleet was crippled as a result of the week long conflict, tried its best to stay out of the civil battle within the much larger one. Meanwhile, as the Brotherhood fell to its knees at its home planet, the Jusadih system was also invaded by the powerful aliens. Warrior Dismal and Archpriest Scorpius oversaw the resistance effort on Aerun, and performed valiantly for as long as they could before Diadem Fortress, and virtually all of Aerun was destroyed by the might of the invaders. Dismal and Scorpius had almost escaped the carnage in a lone TIE Phantom, but ultimately ended up prisoner on board the alien mothership for three days.

Miraculously, the two Equites were rescued by a recovery team of Archpriest Anochiir Isradia, Knight Galaphile, and Knight Jaden Kyrath, who had stayed in Jusadih for unknown reasons themselves. As the search party returned to Kapsina, Clan Plagueis tried to flee the bloodbath at Antei. Almost simultaneously, Grand Master Sarin returned from the Roche asteroid belt, accompanied by six brand-new Nebula-class Star Destroyers. Immediately, he executed the Braata Option, which was a complete evacuation of Antei.

At the Jusadih system, the invasion force was forced to retreat by the Supreme Commander for taking too long. Clan Plagueis soon arrived, and after a much needed rest, started the monumental task of rebuilding their home.

Jusadih Civil War

Main article: War of Ascension

Aabsdu's loyalty to the Iron Throne was finally rewarded when he was given charge of the Shadow Academy as its Headmaster leaving a void in the Consular position of the Clan. This void was filled with a powerful presence in Braecen Kaeth, the first Proconsul of Plagueis. He began a restructuring of the mechanics and make-up of the Clan almost immediately, appointing Alex d'Tana to the position of Quaestor of House Satal Keto and Yzarc Rellik Kaeth as his Proconsul.

His new view for Jusadih was that of the Military. He, alongside his new protege, Alaris Jinn and the rest of the Clan, demolished the Feudal System in place and created the new Military Dictatorship in its place. The civilians of Jusadih were granted the ability to elect their officials with the Consul as the Head of State and the Proconsul as the Head of Government. The Feudal Lords despised this move and formed the Jusadih Independence Coalition and allied themselves with the Crimson Tide.

The ensuing war strengthened the Clan and the military and it brought around the death of Calliban Crimson and the Crimson Tide.

Ninth Great Jedi War

Main article: Ninth Great Jedi War

After a strong and persuasive encounter with the Grand Master Sarin, Braecen Kaeth led the fleet of Clan Plagueis into the shroud, accompanied by the other clans. Both Braecen Kaeth and his Proconsul, Alaris Jinn showed depth of wisdom and integrity in the presence of powerful officers and influential Dark Jedi. The proposition of such a risky maneuver by the Brotherhood was seen by many as a suicide; however, Plagueis’ depth and proficiency enlightened the members of the Brotherhood as a collective to the larger picture. They entered the shroud to retake the Antei system from the invading aliens' control and regain the Iron Throne.

Alaris Jinn’s new position as Lieutenant Supreme Commander accommodated him well as he traversed the majority of the shroud successfully, albeit in an atmosphere of defiance. This was the case until 36 hours prior to reaching the Antei system, The Victory II-Class Star Destroyer Ballista was being fast approached by an alien frigate and fighter squadron. However, more worrying to the crew was the ease of the destruction of these fighters by the fleet’s VSD-II cannons. Although to no cost on the fleet’s behalf, this brief encounter only framed what was on the horizon for the Plagueians. Eludajae and Impetus M’Nar were ordered to precede the shroud and take their findings to the Grand Master and Admiral Malin. Taking control of the Silent Scream, they shot off from the fleet. After such an anti-climatic rendezvous with the fighters, suspicions within the Clan were high as to the necessity of this mission inasmuch as the already encountered aliens were essentially deceased.

Dark Jedi Alaris Jinn.

Upon the beachhead, the Clan gathered slowly, preparing for the imminent forthcoming battle. Denath’s interruption in the command centre had made Operation Spider grow and the attack order was launched. Callus’ AT-AT troop squadron mobilised, along with Sanguinius’ TIE fighter Red Sqaudron, and were tasked with providing support to the dropships and inhibiting the droid advance on the Dark Jedi positions. Kaira Rohana, along with an injured Koga Kage also joined the frontline to suppress the droid presence; meanwhile, Vivackus Kavon, Kal Vorrac and Mograine were tasked with eliminating the Jedi Communications array nearby. With a reinforced line, Callus’ remaining troop, accompanied now by Jaysun Adumarii, were able to thin the ranks of the prevalent Droid battalion. A fierce battle raged in the Jedi Communication Array as Kal Vorrac, Vivackus Kavon and Mograine battled a Magnaguard and Aelema Noth, a Jedi Knight, both guarding the Jedi encampment.

The demise of the guards was short-lived as Clan Tarentum had seemingly become hostile toward Clan Plagueis. At this point, things began to look as if they were falling apart for Plagueis, as The Victory II-Class Star Destroyer Instigator had been seriously hit, and the ground forces were being overwhelmed by the Tarantae and Droid battalions. Cethgus Kuga took it upon himself to move the damaged VSD-II Instigator closer to the atmosphere of the planet, enabling for quick retreat or extraction, much like Alaris had ordered. After the suppression of the Tarantae hostiles and the last of the Droids drifting north, the injured group Kaira Rohana, Koga Kage and Denath were joined, and aided, by Callus and Jaysun Adumarii, as the overwhelming droid army was mown down in a shower of sparks and molten metal. Jaysun and Callus had come to the rescue of Kaira, Koga and Denath, all three pockmarked with the wounds of battle. During the time the party of rescuers and injured, along with a handful of the 41st battalion were extracted, Vivackus Kavon, Kal Vorrac and Alaris Jinn were closing down on a strong beacon of force energy. This dense energy signal led them into vicious battle with the still-strong droid army, and knowing full well a Jedi threat lay within one of the control centres. In the intervening time, The Instigator’s position acted more to its detriment as the entire fleet was bombarded with a meteor shower. The already ailed ship took another substantial beating; the ensuing cost to the Plagueian fleet was a reduced force upon the ship and Cethgus’ fatal wounds.

Jaek, Mograine, Kal and Vivackus were threatened once more with the onslaught of droid waves closing their position, as they manoeuvred their way to the control bunker. The group, although covered by an AT-AT’s suppressive fire, were hit tremendously hard, Kal suffering substantial injuries in the battle. The AT-AT’s support finally paid dividends as the group led by the House Satal Keto Quaestor, Vivackus Kavon entered the control bunker, battle scarred and fatigued. In the Briefing Kal had asserted the significance of the control centre he currently occupied; Denath, rested, somewhat healed but still significantly drained, headed to aid the Quaestor’s group in the droid command centre, along with Eludajae, Impetus, Yzarc, Koga, Ralph, Jaysun and Jaek. As the battled waged heavily in the fortified control bunker, with Impetus and Eludajae fighting off hordes of droids from the doorway to the misfortune of the situation with Attack Group Two, Sanguinius – now a pilot Ace – patrolled the skies with his depleted Red Squadron and the newly emerged Gold Squadron containing Octavia Kuga, reinforcing Operation Gundark.

As situations deteriorated swiftly within the bunker, similar circumstances were emerging in the space above. The Instigator was heavily damaged and recording substantial losses; its protection was in the hands of The Baron. Koga Kage’s captivity in the Jedi was short-lived; however, the consequences were far more serious, his release sparked him to push his way back to the control base on the beachhead, attempting to exact revenge on past traumas. Upon killing two Journeymen, Koga’s rage was fully inflicted onto Kaira Rohana for his mental scars; however, the Proconsul, Alaris Jinn was hot on his heels. For Koga, the battle had changed from a war in which he was participating to one within himself; however, his destructive path was soon ended by a swift move delivered on behalf of the Proconsul. Back in the bunker, Kal incurred yet more injuries as his apprentice, wounded and exhausted, struck down the Jedi opponent. Operation Gundark, and more importantly, Clan Plagueis, had hit a dead end, physically and emotionally. The entire strike team of the Dark Jedi, worn and mutilated, Kal more than most, managed to defeat the droid and Jedi threat, with Mograine and Ralph, carrying Kal, reached extraction. The control bunkers destruction then ensued, with the remaining Dark Jedi boarding an evacuation vessel, watching the droid forces deactivate, and Vulture droids pirouetting lifelessly from the sky. The decision to resuscitate Kal Vorrac was a hard one to make for the Summit of the Clan; however, deep down, the choice had already been made.

Operation Bloodfin raged in the skies over the Temple Bellseph as Alaris overlooked. The decision to retreat into the temple was not made lightly. Defending the temple, Yzarc and Alaris acted as a barrier to provide cover for the Journeymen to run in, the two di Plagia working as one to prevent the focused onslaught. The battle ensued outside as the eclectic mix of Dark Jedi, including Sanguinius, injured in a fighter crash, Inarya and Anubis Annedu poured into the temple. The battle continued to thunder above, as Octavia fought as part of the Gold Squadron against the droid threat, empowered by seeing Sanguinius crash. The distress signal from within the temple was picked up by the battered Instigator and Cassandra Elsin responded with a small strike force. Below, after a brief rest and regeneration period for those barricaded inside, the droid forces broke through the defences of the temple unleashing a hail of blaster beams; a prism of colours emanated in the dark temple hall as the Dark Jedi, led by Alaris, formed a deflective barrier against the oncoming droids. A mix of telekinesis and lightsaber proficiency provided the injured and inadequate with enough time to remove themselves from the line of battle as the diverse orders of Krath, Obelisk and Sith united as one against the common enemy. The defensive line began to move back as they used the force to reunite the doors. Outside Callus and his small strike force were too late, as the doors shut for the first time; it was their duty to repel the unrelenting bombardment of the droids front line and protect the integrity of Clan Plagueis.

Back at the Clan Plagueis base of operations, the beachhead, Cassandra took her initiative to lead a regiment and three AT-AT walkers to relieve the pressures outside the temple. Within the temple, Mograine and the other Journeymen pushed into the higher levels, only to see the droids attempting to enter from the roof. The Temple on Antei was a sacred place, so for such a historical and necessary knowledge bank to come under threat would be a great loss to the Brotherhood as a collective. Mograine, and his new found counterpart, an Acolyte, took up defensive positions within the middle room of the fourth floor hurling strong and repulsive attacks against their attackers. Five hours into the siege Mograine, having lost his counterparts in the valour of battle and having dampened the attack on the roof, sat in the basement with Alaris, both of which were fatigued and worn down by the epic scale of the war raging around them. Joining the Proconsul and the Journeyman were Anubis Annedu and Sanguinius Tsucyra. With the morale low down in the basement, both the Dark Jedi and the ensign soldiers saw no future. Eludajae, Impetus, Vivackus Kavon, Denath, Jaek, Jaysun and Yzarc were also trapped in the underground tomb. The echoing thud became evermore clear as the droids encroached on their position.

Heavy vehicles in battle with the alien enemies.

Meanwhile, Callus, having lost his strike force, was met by the regiment Cassandra El'sin was heading, and followed suit to change his fate, utilizing gung-ho tactics, as opposed to the guerrilla warfare he had used only hours prior to subdue the enemy. The call to help from Callus to relieve the pressure in the air was met by Octavia’s Gold Squadron who made easy work of the Vulture droids attacking Cassandra’s AT-AT vehicles. The aura of pride was palpable in the basement as the Dark Jedi formations readied themselves for conflict. The following battle became a confused mesh of sabers and blaster bolts flashing and screaming past, inches from their allies and adversaries. The last stand had begun. Back at the base camp Koga had risen from the drug-induced coma, feeling deep remorse for his actions, described to him by the most inanimate of beings – a medical droid. Their connection; however, was not destroyed by the previous circumstances, in truth, they were reinforced. Cassandra, upon arriving at the temple, did not hesitate to start slicing into the rear of the droid flanks, accompanied by her Iron Throne guards and skirmishers. Above, Gold Squadron’s Octavia pockmarked the sea of ominous metal with thick plumes of orange tinges and small grey mushroom clouds. Slowly the reinforcements began to carve into the droid defences, weakening them with every slash, every shot and every explosion; Cassandra, now accompanied by Callus, pierced into the frontline defences, who focused more on the AT-AT walkers – one of the main factors contributing to their disadvantage.

As the battle for existence raged below Cassandra and Callus’ feet, Alaris Jinn, along with the remainder of his fellow Dark Jedi became more and more aware of how necessary reinforcements were in these closing minutes. Fatigue overwhelmed the eclectic selection of battling Dark Jedi. Just as all hope was being lost, an explosion followed by the emergence of the two Dark Jedi and the Iron Throne troopers who systematically tore through the ranks of the droids, saving the lives of their peers. The Dark Jedi filtered their own ways, Cassandra and Sanguinius beckoned by the Rollmaster Cethgus, Vivackus tending to the needs of his apprentice, Alaris reporting back to Braecen; however, their bond, had grown stronger than ever. Braecen's lips blossomed into a tell-tale Corellian smirk. He was not sure what the future would hold for Clan Plagueis, but he knew he would enjoy watching them succeed as a unified clan under the steady hand of the Iron Throne.


Immediately following victory at Antei, most of the Dark Jedi of Clan Plagueis returned to the Jusadih System, as per the orders of Consul Braecen Kaeth. Braecen himself did not follow. He was ordered to remain on Antei for the time being where the new Grand Master, Muz Ashen could keep tabs on him. This left Proconsul Alaris Jinn di Plagia in command giving Jinn the opportunity he needed to continue his ascension to the Plagueian Throne. He began to make sweeping changes to the military outlook of Clan Plagueis.

Finally, after four months without Braecen, Alaris made the most overt move for power by attacking and capturing Cethgus Kuga with the assistance of Arion Sunrider. Jinn declared himself Consul which immediately caused a rift between the two Houses of Clan Plagueis. House Satal Keto, more specifically Vivackus Kavon and Kal Vorrac, were loyal to Alaris, who had once led the House himself. House Exar Kun was, at the time, under the command of Quaestor Yzarc Rellik Kaeth, a member of the Kaeth dynasty and therefore loyal to Braecen.

Jinn sent the prisoner, Kuga, to Morroth to be handled personally by Kavon. Yzarc knew this would be the case, and expected Jinn to be there with them. House Exar Kun began a full sweeping attack of Satal Keto's holdings, eventually capturing the Quaestor, Kavon. At this point, Vivackus Kavon revealed that Braecen had contacted him months before and demanded his fealty. Kavon had given it to him, and it had been requested of him that he act as if he had aligned himself with Jinn, in an attempt to draw the would-be Consul out of his secrecy and declare open war against the Kaeth dynasty.

All chaos broke out. Houses no longer mattered. Dark Jedi were choosing which Consul to follow, Braecen or Alaris. The fighting moved to Kapsina, where those loyal to Alaris attempted to defend him, while those loyal to Braecen were trying to kill Alaris. When the fighting finally broke into the Throne Room at the apex of the Dark Tower on Kapsina, Alaris was already defending himself.

Braecen had arrived back from Antei and was overpowering Jinn. This was until Arion once again stepped into the fight. The battle fell behind the elevated throne and into the office of the Consul of Clan Plagueis. Braecen did not return from that fight, only Alaris and Arion. Alaris declared himself Consul, undisputed, and he appointed Arion as his Proconsul.

The Debacle at Salas V

Main article: Spoils of War

Plagueis was a Clan largely unprepared for the Battle of Salas V. Since the Unification and subsequent Insurrection of Alaris Jinn di Plagia, unrest in the Summits of House Exar Kun and House Satal Keto had plagued the Jusadih System. Thus, the Clan was largely unprepared for the eradication of the planet's native Killik hives and incurred heavy losses. When the other Clans on the planet turned on one another, Plagueis was forced into many hasty retreats and strategic withdrawals. Before the conflict had even ended, the sudden and vicious attack from the other Clans had crippled the Plagueian war effort and forced them off of the planet.

Recovering back to his home system of Jusadih, Consul Alaris turned to his Proconsul Vivackus Kavon di Plagia and long-time Quaestor of Satal Keto Kal di Plagia Vorrac for advice and stratagem of how to survive. While Kavon and Jinn held down the political aspects of administering, it was Vorrac who worked with his own House and Exar Kun to maintain stability. Meanwhile, Vorrac exercised the influence he'd gained in advisory capacity on Alaris to position Jusadih's Stratocratic government and Military to better protect the weakened system. It was then that Vorrac extended his influence throughout the networks of that Military in secret, coercing and persuading many into becoming his agents.


Clan Plagueis and the Jusadih System, though better consolidated and stable, were still met with considerable fractures from the internal Houses of Exar Kun and Satal Keto. The efforts to instigate new training methods, spearheaded by Quaestor Vorrac, were met with opposition by the leadership of Exar Kun. Old policies and inefficient divisions of power left the House floundering, no longer growing weaker but unable to grow strong.

It was this condition, along with similar losses from Salas V amongst every Clan in the Brotherhood, that led to the Iron Throne consolidating the great Clans into Houses. Exar Kun and Satal Keto were merged under one name, one identity, and one set of leaders as House Plagueis. It was under this new structure that Alaris Jinn di Plagia became the first Quaestor of Plagueis, Vivackus his first Aedile under the new structure. It was a system that would not last long.

New Management

Alaris' vision for Clan Plagueis had been a strong one, but the squabbling and indecision of the Clan had long since taken the wind from his sails. Seeing his Proconsul Vivackus, along with Vivackus' former Master Kal, moving to consolidate power only strengthened his decision. Before a coup, power grab, or assassination attempt could weaken Plagueis further, Alaris made the wise decision to step aside as Quaestor.

It was in this void that Vivackus struck out for power, moving to take the natural place of Ascension. It was then that he was encountered by Vorrac and his Military allies, many promised power or better position within Jusadih's ranks. Thus, when entering the Throne Room, a display of armed Dark Jedi and military assets aimed at the lone Kavon persuaded him to nod in assent as his Master took the throne. Thus began the reign of Supreme Commander Kal Vorrac, and the reorganization of the Military into the Jusadih Military Regime.

It would not be long, though, before the Dark Jedi of Plagueis would be tested again.


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House Plagueis, like all the other factions of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, was torn apart by the conflict between the former Orders. Krath were pitted against Obelisk, Sith against Krath. The entire Brotherhood erupted in conflict that transcended House and Council bonds. Plageuis' own leadership was swept up in the unfolding drama, and infighting was rampant, leading to the entire House weakening considerably.

Following the victory of the Obelisk over the other orders, Tra'an Reith di Plagia managed to reunite the fledgling factions of House Plagueis with animosity toward the Iron Throne. Tra'an blamed the Iron Throne for all of their troubles, and was essentially uniting the forces of House Plagueis with their discord and polarization against the Iron Throne. Tra'an secured the power of the House, and began leading it back towards its former glory.


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As has happened many times in the Brotherhood's history, the Dark Lord of the Sith and Grand Master of the Brotherhood, Muz Ashen. decided (with the persuasion of the Dark Council and other influential leaders) it was time to strike a blow to the growing threat of the Jedi. A plan was devised to attack New Tython, the homeworld of Clan Odan-Urr, and to decimate the Jedi and their growing number of allies and sympathizers. The plans were devised by the Consul's and the Dark Council, and the order to attack was eventually given.

Plagueian fighters lining up for an assault against the forces of Odan-Urr.

Plagueis, however, suffered during this period. The apparent disappearance of the leaders of Plagueis left their forces in disarray. Tra'an Reith di Plagia, along with Ronovi, took power while the opportunity was ripe. Plagueis forces saw action on New Tython in various engagements, though their contribution did nothing to sway the battle in any major way. However, the Ascendant Legion had proven it was a ferocious fighting machine and worthy of the respect of the rest of the Brotherhood. It was during this Tenth Great Jedi War that the Ascendant Legion would begin its quick journey to a reputation of deadly ferocity and combat excellence.

Following the War's conclusion, there was much more to come for Plagueis.

Orian Incursion

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The "Summer Invasion" was a plan devised by a fragile alliance consisting of Clan Scholae Palatinae and Plagueis to lay waste to Clan Naga Sadow's holdings. Their goal was to prove their capability and ruthlessness to the Dark Council, and to prove that, as individual Clan's, they could stand as equals among the other Clans of the Brotherhood.

Initially the alliance was a devastating, if fragile force. Naga Sadow was no match for the combined military might and experience of the Ascendant Legion and the Palatinae military. Victory after victory allowed the alliance to keep momentum in their favour, forcing the Sadowans into continuous retreats deeper into their holdings. However, unknown to Clan Plagueis and its leadership, Scholae Palatinae was using Plagueis simply as a resource to achieve their own ends, throwing them deep into battle with Sadowan forces, and in turn weakening both enemies so they were ripe for the taking.

An order, so named "Order 66" similar to that which was issued at the end of the Clone Wars, was issued by Palatinae forces. Plagueis was betrayed and their forces were decimated, forcing them to retreat from the battle. Plagueis was hardest hit during this failed operation, though their former allies also had a bloody nose. Their initial foe, the Sadowans, were never fully defeated and thus lived another day.


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The ambitions of a former Sith Lord, Zoraan, to take the Iron Throne by force was preceded by a deadly plague. Clan Plagueis was the first organization effected within the Brotherhood, though the Shadow Academy and other Clans were effected as well. Primarily infecting Journeymen, the plague specifically targeted Force sensitive beings, first increasing their powers, and then gradual sapping the life force of the individual until a long-winded death overcame them.

Madness swept the Brotherhood due to the plague. Rampant acts of extreme violence, even for Dark Jedi and Sith, were being reported from all infected quarters. From this chaos Zoraan eventually struck, fighting for supremacy across Brotherhood territory, hoping that the weakened ranks of Force sensitives among the Houses and Clans would be enough for him to take control of the Iron Throne.

To the rest of the Brotherhood, Plagueis seemed to have disappeared. However, the Force had guided Plagueis to the Stygian Caldera. There, they found an ancient, derelict space station. Licking its wounds, Plagueis decided to explore the station, and eventually, make it their new base of operations. This would come to be known as The Anchorage.

Dark Crusade

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Though still recovering from their near annihilation at the Battle of Jusadih, the forces of House Plagueis joined with those of the other clans and houses in their combined assault on the SSD Avenger II. As they still wished to remain dead to the rest of the Brotherhood, Plagueian units appeared as agents of the Iron Throne, their true allegiances hidden. Two main teams participated in the assault: one led by Quaestor Tra'an Reith and Aedile Solus Gar, the other headed up by Arden Karn. Both teams managed to make successful landings, but were ultimately stymied in their advances by overwhelming enemy opposition. A team made up primarily of forces from Naga Sadow broke through first and ended up taking the fight to the ship's bridge. The Plagueians were left to fend off wave after wave of enemy reinforcements, keeping the way clear for the Sadowans.

Though some in Plagueis viewed their valiant fight a small victory, in the eyes of Tra'an, it was an abject failure. It was a lost opportunity to prove their worth to the Brotherhood. The fact that they had been shown up by Sadowans was also not lost on the Plagueians. Tra'an vowed that it would be the last time Naga Sadow would humiliate Plagueism, and he would avenge their past transgressions. It would not be long before his chance came.

The attack from Archibald Zoraan leading into the Horizons Crisis sent the Brotherhood reeling, and when the Iron Throne called for retribution and issued a campaign order to seize the Sith Worlds, Tra'an saw it as a chance to bring Plagueis back into the fold. Its military might now rebuilt after their raid on Ord Pardron, the Ascendant House set out for Nfolgai. The Sadowans were there as well, much to Tra'an's delight. In a brazen show of force, the Dread Lord drove his ships straight at the Sadowan fleet and revealed Plagueis to the Brotherhood at large as a force to be reckoned with.

Fading Light

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Following the Dark Crusade, One Sith Forces occupied a number of key planets. The entire Dark Brotherhood, including Clan Plagueis, united against the Sith Lord Darth Esoteric and his One Sith followers. In particular, various members of the Clan alongside their unlikely allies fought to retrieve valuable artifacts that would aid the Dark Brotherhood in its war against the pretending One Sith. They even went so far as to lay siege to Esoteric's stronghold on Nicht Ka, though Esoteric could not be harmed during the battle.

Though the artifacts retrieved on the various worlds were valuable in and of themselves, the Brotherhood found that the war with the One Sith would rage on for quite some time. Clan Plagueis, therefore, had to discover various other means to increase their military might in order to secure their place among the Brotherhood, and against their One Sith foes.

Sphere of Influence

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During and following the conflict with the One Sith, Clan Plagueis sought to solidify itself as a strong, independent unit of the Brotherhood. To do so they would need more financial power and an influence spread across the galaxy in a shadow empire of sorts.

Under the command of then Consul Aabsdu Dupar, a plan was devised to take over a wealthy ship-manufacturing company named Hyperdyne Industries. It would provide the Clan a financial base with which to acquire new assets, as well as an industrial base with which to support any war effort Plagueis may need to undertake in order to grow its base of power. Its location on the massive world of Cadinth was also a bonus, located near Plagueis's current base of operations, The Anchorage, in the Stygian Caldera.

Lethra City, the capital of Cadinth.

The Clan leadership covertly infiltrated the company over a period of a few months, gaining followers at various levels within the company, including those close to its current President and founder, Corbin Zexx. Concurrently, Plagueis also assembled forces in the capital of Lethra City to be deployed when the Clan Summit confirmed the company was ripe for its aggressive takeover. The Summit also monitored progress of their covert operations from this base in Lethra City.

Months of hard work paid off, and the attack against Corbin Zexx was launched. A small strike force comprising of the Clan's brightest minds and battle-hardened warriors successfully infiltrated Hyperdyne headquarters, allowing Teylas Ramar and his strike-team to directly confront President Zexx. Zexx was defiant until the end, hopelessly trying to outrun his enemies. Eventually Zexx was eliminated on the top of what was formerly his own company's headquarters, and the process of bringing Hyperdyne firmly under the control of Clan Plagueis was initiated. Plagueis now had a reliable means of generating wealth and material for their new endeavours.

Anchorage Event

Learning the secrets of their new base of operations was not as easy as first expected. Though nothing is when dealing with an old Sith starbase.

Trouble Brewing

Intending to explore the depths of the ancient space station, the Anchorage, Clan Plagueis had sent in exploration teams under the guidance of Marduss. However, after over thirteen hours of no contact, Teylas Ramar and Furios Morega led a six-person team in search of their missing comrades. They were to discover the source of their assumed disappearance within the bowels of the station. Ramar and Morega split up, and unknown to Furios or the higher chain of command of Plagueis, Ramar was attacked by Sithspawn and cut off from the rest of his team.

Aboard the KSD Transcendent, former Consul Vivackus Kavon di Plagia, along with Furios Morega, Kz'set, Taranae Rhode and Callus Bo’Amar were dealing with a situation. Vivrackus had sent Ramar to The Anchorage, once again to discover more of the vast hidden secrets the ancient station had yet to reveal. However, Ramar hadn’t reported in on time and had seemingly gone missing. Knowing this was uncommon for Ramar, Vivrackus ordered they all take small search parties to the station in search of him.

Survival of the Fittest

The Consul himself, Vivackus, was exploring the station with Selika Roh, one of the many teams Vivrackus himself had ordered to search the station for Ramar. The two parted ways after a short conversation, though Vivackus was set upon by the Sithspawn. Six hours later he awoke, his leg broken and located in what appeared to be some sort of arboretum. Quickly getting on the comms, he was joined by Selika Roh, Kul’tak and Taranae Rhode. Though they had regrouped, they felt the Sithspawn nearby. Not knowing what it was, the four kept cover, awaiting the inevitable evil about to pounce on their position. While they waited, they sent out transmissions to the other teams, notifying them of their location and situation.

Furios Morega found an injured though alive Teylas Ramar wandering the depths of the Anchorage. Ramar, though injured, had learned invaluable information about the Sithspawn, including their tactics and capabilities. Explaining to Ramar that the Dread Lord and his team were located in this arboretum, Ramar made the group hurry. Ramar explained the arboretum, specifically the flora in it, acted as a recharging station for the power of the Sithspawn, meaning that the Dread Lord and his companions were in great danger.

The two Dark Jedi found themselves looking at the Dread Lord and his companions from a distance. Teylas explained that, based on his experience with the Sithspawn, they had walked into a trap on the other team. Teylas, knowing that a head-on assault with the beasts would prove fruitless, stressed caution and patience to Furios. They let the Sithspawn reveal themselves from their position, and when they were fully committed, the two joined the battle, helping the Dread Lord and his companions cut down the dangerous beasts.

In the aftermath of the battle, the Dread Lord pulled Teylas aside. Pleased with the Teylas’s performance, regardless of him being lost, Vivackus explained he needed Teylas to prepare for a new, brewing war.

Great Jedi War XI: Plagueis Civil War

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Consul Vivackus and Proconsul Kz’set were aboard the KSD Transcendent, discussing the current conflict within the Dark Brotherhood. Kz’set was expressing his reservations to Vivackus about entering into an alliance with the One Sith, specifically their leader, Darth Esoteric. The latter topic was of specific importance and concern for Kz’set, who felt that the Dread Lord was making the wrong and illogical choice in the matter. Vivackus explained, as a show of trust, he left his personal files available to Kz’set about the alliance with Darth Esoteric and the One Sith, hoping though not confident to alleviate the Verpine’s concerns. They parted ways on opposing sides of the matter.

The Dread Lord heavily suspected Kz’set would turn on him thinking it was for the good of Clan Plagueis. In due course, he contacted Teylas Ramar, hoping to gain his allegiance in the coming Plagueis internal conflict, as well as his proven ability as a master strategist. Teylas agreed, for his benefit and for the benefit of the Clan, to stand beside the Dread Lord. Together, they began readying their forces.

Elsewhere, Proconsul Kz’set began gathering his own allies. Dralin Fortea and Selika Roh were chief among them, lending their support to a Kz’set who saw the One Sith as a threat to Clan Plagueis’s and, overall, the Brotherhood’s survival.

Battlelines Drawn

Darth Esoteric and his military advisors were aboard the ISD Vanguard, discussing the implications of becoming involved in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood conflict being waged over Korriban. Esoteric made it clear to his advisors that they were entering the fight, but they were waiting for the entirety of the Brotherhood forces, including the late-comers Clan Plagueis, to become involved in the battle.

Kz’set and Selika Roh found themselves traveling down to the surface of Korriban together. Kz’set had been tasked by the Dread Lord to take a specific objective with limited resources and troops at his command. Though the chance of success was slim, even with the addition of a second Dark Jedi to his arsenal, Kz’set was not about to fail and be eliminated by the Dread Lord from a distance. However, en route to the surface, their shuttle came under attack by the Transcendent. Specifically, former Admiral Brimstone had overseen the Verpine conspiring with his allies and had decided to take action himself. The Dread Lord was most displeased, killing an officer in a short rage to make an example for Brimstone. This also led the Dread Lord to accelerate his plans to eliminate his Pronconsul. Continuing to make an example of Brimstone, the Dread Lord commanded he hunt down Kz’set and his allies, killing them once and for all since he had failed using the ship’s weapons systems.

Journey for the Holocron of Ajunta Pall

The relic hunter, con-man and Dark Jedi Connor Grey contacted both Teylas Ramar aboard his flagship, and the surviving Kz’set on the surface, telling them of a rare artifact found in the tomb of Ajunta Pall. Both Teylas, along with the Dread Lord, as well as Kz’set agreed to meet with Grey, understanding the huge benefit any artifacts could be to their individual and collective goals within the Clan and greater Brotherhood. He departed for the surface, while the Dread Lord and Dralin Fortea departed on their own shuttle, discussing the Proconsul’s defection from the Dread Lord and leadership of Clan Plagueis.

Korriban, the location of the Tomb of Ajunta Pall.

Around this same time, Kz’set and Selika Roh, joined by Furios and a bulk of Clan Plagueis forces located on the surface, were reunited. The Verpine Proconsul had a considerable backing, and he took his companions and troops toward the Tomb of Ajunta Pall, trying to be ready for any outcome.

The two forces faced light resistance on their journey towards the ancient Tomb. The Dread Lord’s group arrived first, proceeding through the entrance of the Tomb even though they conveniently could not contact Connor Grey. However, within moments the Dread Lord loyalists were cornered by Kz’set’s companions. A brief stalemate ensued, with both sides passing insults attempting to stall the inevitable battle. Finally, the stalemate was broken by Dralin, who exposed his loyalty to Kz’set against the Dread Lord, notifying Kz’set that Teylas was attempting to proceed toward the holocron while they were distracted. And thus the battle commenced.

Plagueis Used

The battle commenced, with the Dread Lord and Proconsul engaging directly in combat. The rest of the Dark Jedi, soldiers and droids engaged each other, creating a chaotic conflict in an enclosed space, fighting for the ability to survive and escape with the holocron and its invaluable knowledge intact.

The duel between the two leaders was especially fierce, proceeding back and forth between the master Dark Jedi. However, taking advantage of a distracted Vivackus, who began to realize his true enemy was not Kz’set at all, Kz’set eventually struck his former Dread Lord down and ended the battle. It was at this time, though Kz’set had realized he was being played from the start, that Esoteric revealed himself to the remaining Plagueis forces. Moments of gloating were followed by Esoteric’s fleet bombarding the surface of Korriban, attempting to destroy as much of Clan Plagueis that was assembled as he could, helping to further the rise to power of the One Sith.

Esoteric’s attack united the formerly divided Clan Plagueis, with its leadership on the surface barely escaping the reign of death called down from Esoteric’s fleet.

The Plagueis leadership attempted to regroup on the surface, coordinating among each other to confirm what resources they had left at their disposal to begin planning a way to take the fight to Esoteric.

While the Tomb of Ajunta Pall was unoccupied following the orbital bombardment, Montresor attempted to recover the body of Vivackus for a master not-yet-known. Sensing a slight fragment of the former Dread Lord’s essence remaining, he retrived to the body to be taken back to his current master for their devious purposes.


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The Plagueian Clan leadership and their companions found themselves licking their wounds following the assault on Korriban by One Sith forces. Their resources were depleted, their fleet was nowhere to be found, and their Dread Lord was, as far as they knew, dead. A chance communication from Admiral Ranin informed the remaining Plagueis leadership that their former base of operations, The Anchorage, was under the control of Xander Drax. Furthermore a large portion of their forces were under Drax's control. With this information in mind, a plan was devised to take back the Ascendant Fleet and their unique headquarters.

It was a three phase plan. The first involved retaking key ships, part of the Ascendant Fleet, in order to re-establish a base of power and create an ability to assault their former space station. The first phase was wildly successful, and the Plagueian leadership won the majority of their ships back. The second phase of the plan was an assault on the station itself, and with the help of members of the Dark Council formerly of Clan Plagueis, their assault was successful. The third phase of the plan was to hunt down Xander Drax himself, though the station and its malevolent depths swallowed Xander before the Plagueian leadership could get to him.

Plagueis had successfully retaken their base of operations, and though still weakened, its leadership looked forward to re-establishing their hold over the galaxy.

Forged Alliances

Vivackus Kavon di Plagia found himself on Kamino, following a vision he had had many times before. Though he was not sure of the reason for his being there, he knew it was a part of the rough transition he had since his essence had been placed in a Miraluka body. A combination of learning to see through the Force without eyes, and the missing memories and essence of the body he now occupied was leaving Vivackus mentally unstable and many believed unfit to lead Plagueis.

A Change at the Top

Tra’an Reith followed Vivackus to Kamino, intending to duel the current Dread Lord into a submission of some form of defeat, forcing him to relinquish the title of Dread Lord to someone else more worthy of it. A fierce duel ensued on the planet, with both combatants coming close to death. However, Reith found himself the victor, forcing his will upon the former Dread Lord. Vivackus surrendered, and Reith spared his life, departing to take a message back to Clan Plagueis to help instate a new Consul.

Haunted by the Dead

Teylas Ramar was meeting with the Consul and Proconsul of Clan Tarentum, hoping for assistance in dealing with an imposing, powerful and shape-shifting menace aboard The Anchorage, and through their assistance, hoping to strike an alliance with the Clan of Death. Though the meeting was briefly interrupted to have the Plagueis leadership inform Ramar he was the new Dread Lord of Clan Plagueis, it didn’t change the plan in the slightest. In exchange for assistance in dealing with the shape-shifting threat aboard their ancient space station, Plagueis offered the assistance of their military and political might to the Tarenti as their first token of a growing alliance.

Sometime later, the new Dread Lord and his Tarenti delegation arrived on the Anchorage. Acting quickly, the Dread Lord assembled a team to lead the Tarenti delegation down into the lower depths of the station, hoping to satisfy the curiousity of the Tarenti and guaranteeing their help to resolve the matter. They encountered the form of Xander Drax, though it was only Drax physically. The being, powerful in the Dark Side of the Force, didn’t directly engage the Plagueis and Tarenti forces, simply showing itself and fading back into the shadows. The Sith masters from Tarentum were highly intrigued.

The Bloodstone

The Tarenti delegation, in cooperation with the Plagueian forces, devised a plan to trap the ancient being hounding the residents of the ancient space station. They acquired an ancient Sith artifact known as a Bloodstone, which Bloodfyre assured the Plagueian Dread Lord would help capture the ancient being within its eternal depths. Teylas and Farrin performed the ritual, trapping the threat inside its depths and freeing the Anchorage of yet another evil keeping them from furthering the development and repair of the station.

With the ancient being intact and the help provided by Tarentum invaluable in the use of the Bloodstone, the two delegations parted ways. Sometime later they contacted each other, when the Tarentum representative asked about the status of the Bloodstone. Ramar replied that it was in the possession of Tarenti forces, not Clan Plagueis. A quick back and forth led the two Consul’s to realize that the artifact known as the Bloodstone was currently lost, and the being or beast trapped inside it along with it. Its location at this time remains a mystery. But the alliance between Plagueis and Tarentum had begun.

Between Light and Dark

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Clan Plagueis was stewing from the shadows. The Ascendant Fleet was mostly restored, their armies were prepared for battle, their coffers were full due to their control of a major galactic company, and their leadership was hungry for blood and power. The example set by Darth Pravus provided ample opportunity for Plagueis to prove themselves in the eyes of the Brotherhood leadership. In the name of the Grand Master of the Brotherhood, Clan Plagueis would hunt down the Jedi and their undesirable kin to the planet Florrum, seeking to vanquish the Jedi and their armies, and take the undesirables as slaves to fuel the well-oiled machine that was Plagueis.

Attack on Athiss

The Sith's plans began on Athiss, where a host of undesirable soldiers and refugees sought protection from the Brotherhood that had cast them out. However, the Ascendant Fleet was aware of their location and darkened the skies with their ships. Defenses on the surface were not fully operational, and the Sith fleet made quick work of most resistance.

However, an Arkanian by the name of Thrax Kolzaar managed to successfully dispatch a message to Clan Odan-Urr, warning them of Plagueis's actions on Athiss and their further hunt. Selika Roh, the Proconsul of the Sith Clan, arrived too late to stop the message, but early enough to aggressively convince its sender to tell her the message's content.

The Road to Florrum

The Grand Master had dispatched the Inquisitorius to aid the Plagueians in their conquest, while Odan-Urr had passionate undesirables bolstering their ranks. The Jedi had fled to the planet Florrum, using steep terrain and unpredictable Weequay pirates to their advantage.

AT-TE's assaulting Odan-Urr positions.

The surface of Florrum was volatile at best, making it difficult for Plagueian forces to land. Furthermore, the element of surprise had been lost while allies of the Sith searched for the location of the Jedi, which is what led them to Florrum in the first place. The Dread Lord, Teylas Ramar, had a crucial battle ahead of him against a well entrenched Jedi force. Though Plagueis had the numbers and the resources to mount an assault, it was still a major risk. However, the order was given and the Ascendant Fleet secured the space over Florrum. Once they had a window of opportunity, they began landing troops.

Though the fighting was fierce, Plagueian forces managed to push back and eventually break the lines of Clan Odan-Urr. Their fleet was dispatched and their troops were scattered, though the Sith clan had suffered some major losses themselves. Plagueis didn't manage to catch or kill many, if any Jedi, though they were successful in acquiring a massive amount of slaves to fuel their growing ambitions. Those undesirables and Odanites that managed to escape successfully slipped through Plagueian lines, licking their wounds. Following the battle, the Dread Lord made it clear that he was keen to continue the mission set out by the Grand Master: hunt the undesirables. And he would do just that to the ends of the galaxy if need be.

Journey to Aliso (Plagueis Pro Bowl)

No matter where the undesirables ran, Plagueis was intent on finding them, no matter the cost. With the help of mercenary and bounty hunter named Laren Uscot, the undesirable remnants from Florrum were tracked to an uninhabited system in the Unknown Regions. Their location was pin-pointed, and the Ascendant Fleet gathered in orbit above a planet known as Aliso.

Race to the Bottom

The consul knew resistance would be light, and he relished in the opportunity to hunt down the remaining undesirables. Upon further investigation of the planet, Teylas and Selika realized that the undesirables were holed up in a massive superstructure built into the side of a mountain. Teylas then divided his forces, with himself leading a frontal assault on the structure, while Selika led a second assault on the adjacent spaceport for the facility.

The might of the Ascendant Legion was ordered to land on the surface, as the Dread Lord wanted the formidable building left intact. Neither Teylas nor Selika met stiff resistance, with both easily dispatching the passionate though hopeless resistance standing in their way. The structure itself was more of a mystery, and quite dangerous.

Trading Places

Upon infiltrating the gargantuan facility, Teylas and Selika ordered the majority of their forces to capture or kill the remaining sentient lifeforms left alive in the facility. The two leaders took the time following the hunt to inspect and learn more about the abandoned CIS base, both its purpose, it's true size, and the reason why the former Galactic Empire never utilized the facility. The Dread Lord's interest in the facility was immense, as it was a potential new base for the Clan.

A few weeks after clearing out the undesirables, the Dread Lord called a meeting. The entirety of the Clan's leadership arrived. After weeks of research on the facility, it was functionally operational and began revealing its secrets. As a former CIS prison, it had been intentionally kept off the various records of the former Separatist database. Though it wasn't exactly known what kind of facility it was beyond a prison, it was clear that whatever had been going on was not for public eye, whether Separatist or Loyalist. The Dread Lord announced that the base was to be the new Plagueis command centre, and the planet Aliso was to be their new home. The Anchorage was to be towed into the system as well, acting as a support base for the Ascendant Fleet and an option of retreat for the Plagueians on the surface, if ever the need arose.

With a new home in the Unknown Regions secured, and a means of putting their massive number of new slaves to work, Clan Plagueis was left in a secure position far from the prying eyes of the Iron Throne and the other Clans, as well as the greater galaxy at large. Nothing, of course, lasts forever.

A Call to Arms

The weeks had passed uneventfully, and the majority of the Clan had set to work on the monumental task of settling their new world and exploring their new headquarters. The Ascendant Clan assumed that beyond their allies on the Dark Council and in Clan Tarentum, they were hidden from the more active machinations of Galactic affairs.

Crandl Lorne, a high ranking member of the Inquisitorius, arrived on the Plagueian homeworld of Aliso with little warning. His intentions were unknown, even to the reigning Consul, Teylas Ramar. But due to his status and standing within the Brotherhood, Lorne was given free reign. Though the hands of the Plagueian leadership were tied, everyone concluded that there was something amiss.

Hit and Run

With the majority of personnel located on the Alisian surface, the Ascendant Fleet was lightly manned by skeleton crews and droids. This would prove to be a fatal miscalculation, though no one could forsee a surprise attack.

A small, Imperial-type fleet dropped out of hyperspace near Aliso and engaged the unprepared Ascendant Fleet. In a conventional engagement, the latter would have had the upper hand, but the precise coordinates utilized in the enemy assault, and the undermanned crews of the Plagueian fleet made resistance utterly futile. The Ascendant Fleet was torn apart, and once there was nothing battle-ready remaining, the enemy fleet turned and jumped into hyperspace.

The Plagueian leadership was utterly stunned, but the leadership of Ramar and Selika Roh kept the rage of the Clan focused. Calling in favours from allies on the Dark Council and Clan Tarentum, Plagueis had the necessary ship strength to launch an invasion of their enemy's homeworld. With intelligence provided by Lorne, they also knew exactly where to go.

Swift, Sweet Revenge

Plagueis's enemy was known as the "Order of Vader". They were a fledgling Imperial remnant located in the Unknown Regions, with a fanatic loyalty to the fallen Empire and grandiose dreams of returning to Galactic domination. Based on the intelligence provided by Crandl Lorne, the Ascendant Legion would be able to crush any of their resistance.

Under the direct command of the Dread Lord, Plagueian forces landed on the terrestrial world of Capis, with no notable resistance in the space over the planet. A landing zone for ground troops was quickly established, and a battle plan drawn to quickly dispatch their archaic foes.

The majority of the Ascendant Legion would comprise the centre flank, pushing hard and fast toward the suspected location of the Order of Vader's main base. The two Houses, Ajunta Pall and Karness Muur, were located on the flanks, screening the primary advance, and eventually flanking around the enemy's headquarters to cut off their avenue of escape. It was a simple but effective plan, and for awhile it worked.

As Plagueian forces were drawing close to the Order of Vader's main base, their advance came to a halt. Yet again, a surprise counterattack by their Imperial enemies took them off guard, halting the advance and putting Plagueis on the defensive. The Houses took the brunt of the enemy assault, holding back wave after wave of Stormtroopers, enemy armour, and even some artillery.

At the same time, Ramar and the rest of the Plagueian Summit came to the conclusion that there really was a traitor in their midst. And following the abrupt absence of Crandl Lorne, it was easy to determine who it was.

While Plagueian forces focused on repelling the Imperial assault, a team comprised of Taranae Rhode, Silent and Tra'an Reith was sent after Lorne. They succeeded in capturing and terminating the Inquisitorius agent, while Teylas and Selika led their ground forces to victory over the Order of Vader.

Questions remained about Lorne's uncharacteristic betrayal. He was, and had been for some time, a zealous and loyal member of the Inquisitorius. He was fiercely loyal to the Dark Council and the Iron Throne, willing to take on any task in their name. What would turn a man against his allies? More importantly, did he even betray the Brotherhood, or was this part of some greater vendetta against the Ascendant Clan? With his death, only uncertainty remained within the clouded Force.


In late 34 ABY, Teylas Ramar and then Consul of Tarentum Frosty Romanae Tarentae came to an agreement that Pravus, whose loyalists Ramar had suspected to be behind the attack on the Ascendant Fleet and was suspected by Tarentum of ordering an Arconae to kill one of the Tarenti, had to be deposed. Plagueis prepared to gather what remained of its fleet while Tarentum, too, prepared for retribution.

Arcona came across the amassing Tarenti fleet as it sought to hand over the killer of the Tarenti to preserve the peace between the two clans. It was then that Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae offered Arcona the opportunity to join the Ascendant Clan and the Clan of Death in their strike on Pravus. Arcona’s Shadow Scion accepted, and the stage was set for a brutal confrontation.

Plagueis and Tarenti forces arrived in Anteian space to confront a force loyal to the Iron Throne, hoping that Pravus would helm it himself. The remnants of the Ascendant Fleet and the forces of Tarentum took a battering, allowing the Consuls of the clans to make it aboard the flagship containing the enemy commander.

The commander turned out not to be Pravus, and this incensed Romanae, who tore through a series of officers in anger. However, the worst was yet to come, as the commander of the Iron Legion’s forces had sent out a distress beacon and reinforcements were coming.

As the Throne’s reinforcements arrived, all looked lost, but then came Arcona. The Shadow Clan had arrived with their Consul and their flagship, along with some reinforcements of their own, though their intention was not to get into a slugging match with the forces loyal to Pravus. Using the arrival of Arcona as a distraction, Plagueis and Tarentum were able to retreat back to the Yridia system, where Arcona would soon join them.

The assembled Consuls each stood firm in their opposition to Pravus, but they failed to come up with a satisfactory means of enticing the other clans to work together, and the clans went their separate ways.

The Enemy Below

While peace in its purest sense would never truly find Plagueis for more than a fleeting second, something similar settled over the clan for a few months. The members of the Clan had time to properly explore Aliso and its neighboring space and began establishing their dominion over it. During this time, the Clan’s two houses determined and instituted their headquarters: House Karness Murr put down roots at Korada Monastery while Ajunta Pull acquired a former Separatist outpost designated Supply Station Omega. It was also during this period of time that Selika Roh ascended to the position of Dread Lord, succeeding Teylas Ramar.

The thorough exploration of Aliso soon produced some unexpected consequences. A series of tunnels underneath Aliso City, previously thought empty, was revealed to house hundreds of thousands of Geonosians. The bug-like aliens, roused from their stasis, swarmed the tunnels in an effort to defend themselves, even utilizing Clone Wars-era droids in their efforts. The attack quickly spread into the city itself, which prompted a near-immediate response from Clan Plagueis.

While the battle was not particularly long, the suddenness of the attack and its location, a population center, certainly brought about casualties. Several high-ranking members of the clan took charge of the situation, some leading task forces into the Geonosian enclave themselves while others took point in defending the city. While not every effort could be considered a success, once the Plagueis summit discovered the details behind the attack and the individuals behind it, the Dread Lord herself descended into the tunnels with a detachment of soldiers.

The assault was a success, as the Dread Lord’s unit ignored most of the fighting and made directly for the Geonosian Queen. The Dread Lord’s Wrath, who had been taken captive earlier in the battle, was successfully rescued, and Roh came face-to-face with her target. This particular hive, the Valneikian hive, knew that they were likely the last survivors of the Geonosian species. Therefore, the Dread Lord was able to use the threat of genocide via orbital bombardment to bring the queen under the control of Plagueis. With the queen came the entirety of the hive, and the battle was brought to an end.

While Aliso City began its recovery from the attack, the Clan made it a priority to find a place for the Valneikian hive to relocate to; they couldn’t have the Geonosians living underneath the city if they needed to make true on their threat. It only took a matter of weeks for the Geonosians to find a satisfactory home outside the city and begin their migration to it. They would quickly begin construction on the Valneikian spire, but with the Geonosian threat now over and dealt with, the Clan could return to more important matters.

War Approaches

War Games

In mid-35 ABY, Selika Roh suspected that war was imminent. The recent attack by the Geonosians had shown that Plagueis hadn’t been prepared for war. Thus, she arranged with her Proconsul Abadeer Taasii and Rollmaster Arden Karn for Plagueis to carry out a series of exercises designed to increase the readiness and effectiveness of the Ascendant Clan’s armed forces.

As a result, Plagueis was in a much better position than it had been for the coming conflict.

The Collective

Main article: Twelfth Great Jedi War

Plagueis watched as the battle between those who publicly opposed Pravus and the forces of the Iron Throne raged on in what had promised to be a battle for the ages. However, while such tension was playing out, Plagueis, along with the rest of the Brotherhood was surprised by a new force arriving and attacking everything in sight. This assault was led by a former member of the Brotherhood’s forces named Rath Oligard. Oligard and The Collective desired to rid the galaxy of Force Users entirely and planned to start with the Brotherhood. This ultimately brought on the Twelfth Great Jedi War.

While it held no love for Pravus, the Dark Council, or the other clans, Plagueis knew that it would need to fight alongside them to survive. The Collective was tracked to the planet Nancora, and the Ascendant Fleet faced one of its greatest challenges to date.

The preparations done by Plagueis paid off, and the Collective was driven from Nancora. However, that was not the end of the matter. The Collective struck out against all of the clans, and in the case of Plagueis, Dracaryis was dispatched by Pravus to ensure the survival of the Ascendant Clan and its fleets.

Relative Stability

Mysteries of Aliso

Safe from The Collective, at least temporarily, Plagueis ventured across Aliso, hoping to find new places and people of interest to the clan, either in a financial sense or as part of the war machine the Ascendant Clan had to repair and improve post-Nancora. Among the discoveries were Cordana Valley, a potential site for military exercises; the Pearl Islands, the largest of which was home to the questionable resort of Djeri’s Retreat; and the Isle of New Raxulon, a potential source of raw material and technical expertise. As its newest Consul, Arden Karn planned to bolster trade efforts and military campaigns with their planetside discoveries.

Song of Discord

Plagueis wasn’t going to have it easy for long, and Karn would have his crisis to deal with as Dread Lord. Someone intended to sow the seeds of dissent in the Plagueian slave caste. The first signs were shown by a rebellious slave at the D&D Construction Yards, igniting a minor explosion in the factories. The Dark Council offered aid in the form of the Inquisitorius but was bluntly rejected by Karn. He was determined that under his leadership, Plagueis would be able to take care of itself without what he saw as outside meddling.

Plagueians were under incredibly strict orders to watch out for further signs of unusual behavior, and security was tightened around key locations. Slaves that were noticed to be defective were sent off to The Pinnacle, where they were interrogated, tortured, and reconditioned. Plagueis’ best and brightest medical personnel would seek to uncover the cause of the malfunction, while the people behind it were subject to intense investigation.

Ultimately, it was discovered that Sevrin Arce, a personal enemy of the Dread Lord’s, had been collaborating with The Collective. Arce’s brother was a slave on Aliso, and the Collective had told Sevrin that if he agreed to help them, he would be reunited with his brother. When Sevrin was brought before Karn, the two struck a deal: Sevrin and his brother would be free to leave Aliso if Sevrin gave Karn information on The Collective’s operatives. Karn injured Sevrin, and ordered him to be taken to his brother, who was working as medical personnel. Both men remained true to their word; the Arce brothers left Aliso, and Arden gained valuable information on Collective personnel. With this, those responsible for the potential slavery insurrection withdrew, knowing that they would soon be discovered by Plagueian forces.


Main article: Rite of Supremacy: Meridian

As 36 ABY drew to a close, several Dark Council vessels came under assault by the Collective. One such vessel, an Inquisitorius Listener Ship, managed to transmit vital intelligence on an objective by the name of “Meridian” before it perishes. Under the current circumstances, the Dark Council decided to call upon the aide of the Clans of the Brotherhood. Karn chose to assist the Dark Council alongside the other Clans in rebutting this new Collective assault and acting on the newly received intelligence.

Meridian was soon revealed to be the Meridian Prime space station, a research station run by the Technocratic Guild, an arm of the Collective. Plagueis assisted Brotherhood forces in hunting down the station, eventually aiding the Brotherhood in taking control of it. The Brotherhood proved victorious in the conflict, and the Collective was driven back for the time being. With their pledge to assist the Dark Council fulfilled, Plagueian forces were able to return to the Aliso system.

Clan Plagueis once again entered an era of growth and development, with little interference from outside sources. While the group could not be considered “at peace”, they were able to devote time to cultivating the power of the clan in preparation for whatever conflict might come next.

Operation: Antiquity

Main article: Operation: Antiquity

While scouring through some of the leftover Confederate databases that were slowly being merged into Plagueis archives, a notable discovery was made. A planet, code-named ‘’Reliquary’’, was positioned not too far away from the Aliso system. Said planet was rich in resources and remained relatively unplundered, and Karn decided that securing the payload that this planet provided was necessary, so the clan wasted little time in putting together a task force to do just that.

When the Plagueian summit and their retinue arrived on Reliquary, they discovered that several high-ranking members of Clan Naga Sadow were also laying claim to the planet. After a tense confrontation between the two summits, a verbal accord was quickly drafted: since Clan Plagueis sought only the material wealth of resources that the planet provided while Clan Naga Sadow sought ancient Sith secrets and relics, they would work together in a joint operation to scout, pacify, and plunder the planet. This joint venture was dubbed Operation: Antiquity.

While there was certainly some friction between the operatives of the Clans, they managed to avoid any major incidents. Their cooperation persisted against pirates that had settled on the planet, as well as a fairly large army of battle droids seemingly left there by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Despite the enemies they faced, the two Clans working in tandem were able to handle themselves for several days, completing their objectives without any major tragedies or casualties.

Once the Clans felt their surveys and extractions had drained Reliquary of what value it held, Operation: Antiquity was dubbed a success and drawn to a close. The time spent working together left Plagueis and Naga Sadow closer in relations, but they were still far from staunch allies. Regardless, they parted on good terms, each taking what they came for and departing Reliquary. Clan Plagueis returned to the Aliso system to take stock of the successes and failures of the operation. With this new influx of resources, they were able to accelerate the process of growing their power and securing their hold on the Aliso system.


Main article: Thirteenth Great Jedi War

Clan Plagueis encountered its first major shake-up in a while when Arden Karn stepped down, leaving his Wrath, Ronovi Tavisaen, to assume the throne. Surrounding her ascension to Dread Lord, a slew of other leadership changes also took place, including multiple non-Force Users coming into positions of power. These sudden and rapid changes would sow some unrest and contention within the clan, especially among purist Dark Jedi members. The new status quo had barely settled before the Dark Council was calling on Clan Plagueis, along with the other Brotherhood clans, to assist with their attempted alliance with the Severian Principate. While there was still some uncertainty within Plagueis about its future, this call to action would bind the Ascendant Clan together under a common cause for the time being.

While the Dark Council, along with emissaries from each of the Brotherhood Clan’s, was negotiating with the Principate, the Collective had carried out false-flag attack posing as the Brotherhood. This threw the Lyra-3K-a system into chaos, which the Dark Council needed assistance in suppressing. They also hoped to clear their name and forge an alliance with the Principate while keeping the Collective from gaining a valuable ally.

The Ascendant Fleet arrived at Thuvis Imperial Shipyards, where they planned to ally with the Principate forces and eliminate the Collective presence. The Collective was playing ally to the Principate but had plans to install an AI that would allow them to take control of the Shipyards. Plagueis was able to acquire proof of the Collective’s plan, winning the Severian Principate over, and the two fleets allied to eliminate the present Collective forces.

Even though some Principate personnel sided with the Collective, refusing to believe the Brotherhood’s innocence, the battle was won quite handily. Unfortunately, however, while the new Dread Lord’s Wrath, TuQ'uan Varick, was aboard the Principate’s 5th Fleet flagship negotiating with its commander, an attempt was made on his life by a Collective spy. He managed to escape unscathed; however, the Dread Lord herself would not prove so lucky. A separate assassination attempt was carried out aboard the Ascendancy, where Ronovi was in command. The attack had many casualties, one of which was the Dread Lord’s left arm.

There were some losses, but as the Clan proved victorious in the Shipyards, other Brotherhood forces had similar results. The Collective was routed from the system, and a Brotherhood-wide alliance with the Principate was forged. The Ascendant Fleet then returned to the Aliso system, many of the ranking members of Plagueis receiving medals for the efforts during the war. With the conflict behind them, the Clan was able to turn its focus inward and strive to grow ever stronger - this time, going on the offensive against remaining Collective splinter cells.

Code: Dread

Clan Plagueis didn’t have much time to rest and recover after the events of Discord. Their new policy of staying on offense against the Collective was put into motion within weeks of their triumphant return to the Aliso system. Plagueian agents operating from the Anchorage discovered a Collective splinter group lurking just outside the system in the Unknown Regions. This group was being led by Kel Zar, a Collective agent who had been partially responsible for the slave rebellion that occurred on Aliso the previous year. Not only was Kel Zar beginning to accrue a small fleet, but it was discovered that Collective spies from this same splinter group were infiltrating Plagueis’ home planet.

The Dread Lord quickly organized an assault to deal with the threat on all fronts, and the operation was dubbed Code: Dread. The Ascendant Fleet divided its ships to scrub the region clean of Kel Zar’s scattered fleet while also maintaining a strong defensive presence in the system. Many Plagueian agents, including high-ranking Lords and the Ascendant Legion, took to the streets of Aliso City to root out infiltrators once and for all and gather intel about Kel Zar’s plans.

Kel Zar herself, leading the bulk of her fleet, clashed with Task Force Besh and several Plagueian Lords. Although she was able to drag the battle out through keen tactics and strength of will, the sheer firepower and ability of Clan Plagueis proved to be too much for the Collective agent. When reinforcements from Aliso arrived, led by the Dread Lord’s Wrath, the battle was decided. Kel Zar narrowly escaped death and managed to flee from the battle, utterly defeated.

Meanwhile, on Aliso, the Collective infiltrators were discovered and dealt with before their plans to infiltrate the Pinnacle could become a reality. Losses had been kept to a minimum and the immediate threat the agents posed was over. Ronovi’s offensive tactics had proven their value in the success of Code: Dread. With a relative peace returning to the Clan, she soon would set even grander plans into motion.

Vendetta History

Summit Chronology

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Clan Plagueis
Consul Proconsul Service Dates MM/YY
Chi-Long Braecen Kaeth 6/9/05 - 6/28/05
Chi-Long Lucien 6/28/05 - 7/26/05
Lucien Warhunter 7/26/05 - 8/15/05
Lucien Ethran Sayre Isradia 8/20/05 - 9/22/05
Lucien Virulence Bezatyne Isradia 9/29/05 - 11/28/05
Kir Taldrya Katarn Aristan Dantes 11/28/05 - 1/23/06
Aristan Dantes Salth Khan 1/23/06 - 8/18/06
Aristan Dantes Aabsdu Dupar 8/24/06 - 11/11/06
Aabsdu Dupar Valerian Orzon 11/11/06 - 2/20/07
Valerian Orzon None 2/26/07 - 3/1/07
Valerian Orzon Dante Armand 'Sunflash' al'Tor 3/1/07 - 3/13/07
Valerian Orzon Dacien Victae 3/14/07 - 4/10/07
Dacien Victae None 4/10/07 - 4/14/07
Dacien Victae Scorpius 4/14/07 - 5/18/07
Aabsdu Dupar Scorpius 5/26/07 - 7/6/07
Aabsdu Dupar Kharon Daragon 7/6/07 - 8/1/07
Aabsdu Dupar None 8/1/07 - 8/26/07
Aabsdu Dupar Ethran Sayre Isradia 8/26/07 - 10/1/07
Aabsdu Dupar None 10/1/07 - 10/7/07
Aabsdu Dupar Ky Terrak 10/7/07 - 1/12/08
None Ky Terrak 1/12/08 - 1/24/08
Braecen Kaeth Ky Terrak 1/24/08 - 5/29/08
Braecen Kaeth Yzarc Rellik Kaeth 5/29/08 - 1/06/09
Braecen Kaeth Alaris Jinn 1/06/09 - 5/13/09
None Alaris Jinn 5/13/09 - 5/20/09
Alaris Jinn Arion Sunrider 5/20/09 - 6/25/09
Alaris Jinn Vivackus Kavon 6/25/09 - 7/22/10
House Plagueis
Quaestor Aedile Service Dates MM/YY
Alaris Jinn Vivackus Kavon 7/22/10 - 7/26/10
Kal Vorrac Vivackus Kavon 7/27/10 - 9/15/10
Kal Vorrac Sarak Shai 9/15/10 - 4/6/11
Kal Vorrac Jaek Kaeth 4/6/11 - 4/17/11
Jaek Kaeth Tra'an Reith 4/17/11 - 6/25/11
Tra'an Reith None 6/25/11 - 10/06/11
Tra'an Reith Sarak Shai 10/06/11 - 02/29/12
Tra'an Reith None 02/29/12 - 04/21/12
Tra'an Reith Kal Vorrac 04/21/12 - 12/16/12
Tra'an Reith Solus Gar 12/16/12 - 3/23/13
Tra'an Reith None 3/23/13 - 3/28/13
Tra'an Reith Ronovi Tavisaen 3/28/13 - 06/07/13
None Ronovi Tavisaen 06/07/13 - 06/18/13
Ronovi Tavisaen None 06/18/13 - 07/03/13
Ronovi Tavisaen Ka'Hava'Ve 07/03/13 - 07/19/13
Ronovi Tavisaen Arden Karn 07/19/13 - 09/02/13
Montresor Dacien Victae 09/13/13 - 02/19/14
Clan Plagueis
Consul Proconsul Service Dates
Montresor Dacien Victae 02/19/14 - 05/01/14
Montresor None 05/01/14 - 05/19/14
Aabsdu Dupar None 05/19/14 - 06/06/14
Aabsdu Dupar Koth Rai'Hakk 06/06/14 - 08/04/14
Vivackus Kavon Koth Rai'Hakk 08/04/14 - 09/25/14
Vivackus Kavon Kz'set 09/25/14 - 03/12/15
Vivackus Kavon Teylas Ramar 03/12/15 - 08/31/15
Teylas Ramar None 08/31/15 - 09/06/15
Teylas Ramar Selika Roh 09/06/15 - 01/23/17
Selika Roh None 01/23/17 - 01/30/17
Selika Roh Abadeer Taasii 01/30/17 - 09/26/17
Selika Roh Laren Uscot 09/26/17-04/16/18
Arden Karn None 04/16/18 - 04/22/18
Arden Karn Ronovi Tavisaen 04/22/18 - 07/04/19
Ronovi Tavisaen None 07/04/2019 - 07/13/19
Ronovi Tavisaen TuQ'uan Varick 07/13/19 - Present

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