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While the Covenant provides a basic outline for all structures within the Brotherhood, the details of the daily process for running the Brotherhood are outlined by the leaders of the Brotherhood through various policies that are not contained within the text of the Covenant. This category of the wiki contains links to Brotherhood policies

Policies are created under the authority of the Grand Master, whose authority to create policies may be delegated to members of the Dark Council. Policies may be freely created and changed by the Grand Master and his delegates provided that the policies (i) do not conflict with the Covenant; (ii) are clearly delineated and posted for the membership’s reference; (iii) are of general application, not targeting a specific member or unit; and (iv) are announced to the membership.

Documentation of Policies

All policies must be documented and publicly available to the membership. Policies that are intended to be permanent must be posted in a reference location outside of the news page (such as through a link on this wiki category), but short-term policies with a duration of no more than sixty days may be announced on the news page. In the event that a policy is not properly documented a member may object to the policy or its application as set forth in the Covenant.

Once a policy is established, it will be applied uniformly to all members where the facts and circumstances of the application are substantially similar. Policies are not intended to cover all facts and circumstances, and leaders of the Brotherhood are able to interpret the application of policies based on (i) the intent of the policy, (ii) prior precedent, and (iii) the unique circumstances faced.

Dark Council Policies

The Grand Master has authorized each of his Dark Councilors to create policies specific to their office. Those policies, which are official policies sanctioned under the Covenant, can be found at the sub-category links below.


Not every detail in relation to the running of the Brotherhood is an official policy. Some information contained on the wiki is more in the form of "guidelines." In particular, there is one central tenet that separates a policy from a guideline: a violation of a policy can result in punishment whereas the violation of a guideline typically does not result in a punishment on its own.

Some forms of guidelines include:

  • Unit rules/regulations - These are "unofficial" guidelines, meaning they are not sponsored by the DC.
  • Information about specific positions and their duties.
  • Guides such as the Codex
  • General Brotherhood Information pages.

Guidelines can be viewed by going to the Brotherhood Guidelines page.