Calindra Hejaran

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Calindra Hejaran
Biographical Information

Tepasi II, Alderaan Sector

Date of Birth:

1 ABY (age 42)

Physical Description

Alderaanian (Human)




1.75m / 5'8"


65kg / 145lbs







Personal Information

Tatjana Vigihan


Anaxagores Hejaran III


Alzander Hejaran (younger brother)




Raiju Kang (deceased)

Fighting Style(s):

Hapan, Dulon

Chronology & Political Information

Grand Admiral


Scholae Palatinae

Known apprentices:




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"So let me get this right, you wanted to impress me by using a protocol droid as a doll in order to get us better acquainted with the local predators on a first date...?"
―Calindra Hejaran

Calindra Hejaran is a noble woman from one of Alderaan’s remote colony worlds, Tepasi II. An avid card player, she is always ready for a game of Pazaak, and will purposely seek out tournaments to compete in.

Recruited by Scholae Palatinae, she has served mostly in House Imperium since her indoctrination into the Brotherhood until very recently. While in Imperium, Calindra founded Battleteam Pellaeon, which was to become House Imperium’s primary intelligence unit. She later abandoned Imperium, and served House Excidium within Vindictae Immortalis. Her detractors claim that she had in fact defected and espoused a life of crime, but within a year the Clan's Grand Vizier met an untimely fate and Calindra was appointed Grand Admiral. When asked about the timing of Raiju Kang’s demise and her new appointment, Calindra stated that the events were simply a coincidence.

Calindra currently serves as Scholae Palatinae’s Rollmaster, and detains the rank of Grand Admiral.

Character History

Early Life

Born into the Alderaani nobility during the tumultuous years after Grand Moff Tarkin destroyed Alderaan, Calindra was raised to question and challenge authority. The constant reminder of their homeworld’s destruction had given all surviving Alderaani a deep mistrust of the concentration of power, especially when complete and undeterred power was being concentrated into one person's hands. According to most, the true evil was a cold and uncaring organization like the Empire that allowed figures like Tarkin, Vader, and Emperor Palpatine to amass massive amounts of power and were often cited as primary examples of people who had been corrupted by it.

As a consequence, Calindra has been taught from a very young age that “never again” could such power be held by one person; that people had to be ever vigilant as to not to allow too much power to be enmeshed with positions of authority. In fact, those with authority had a duty to the people they served and governed.

In contrast however, Calindra's mother was far more accepting of the accumulation of power. According to her, it was in fact a noble calling. After all, a wise ruler could make wise decisions and rule with their subjects' well-being in mind, but her father often counterargued that such a concentration of power should be limited with checks and balances that would eventually take such powers away. Her parents would often quibble over the New Republic's checks and balances against the concentration of power, which according to her mother, made the Republic infective as a decisional body.

Serving the Iron Throne

Unknown to Calindra and most of the Hejaran family, her mother’s lineage can be traced directly to the Tipani noble house of Mecetti. A house that valued the concentration of power and whose relatives had served countless of Sith lords over the millenia.

Both the Hejaran and Mecetti lines are strong in the Force, which was why the Dark Council allowed the pairing of the two lines, despite House Hejaran's disappointing support for the Jedi order. It was secretly hoped that the Hejaran children would espouse more imperialistic values.

Luckily, their father had accepted that the children be schooled in warfare and martial arts, as much as business management, galactic trade and planetary economy, which would see his children serve in leadership positions within any organization.

Fiction Writing

Physical Description

Calindra’s face is often hidden behind a silk-woven scarf that is rolled over her head, forcing people to look directly into her dark brown eyes. Hints of golden locks, pale skin and delicate brow peek out from under the silk; the rest of her clothes are dark and brown, tight fitting, molding and caressing an athletic figure: dark leather boot trailing up an athletic leg, giving way to torn fishnet stockings that caress her thighs who are themselves cut off slightly before the knees by a dark billowing duster coat that hugs her lithe and petite frame.

Everything she has on her serves a distinct purpose and an observer can easily distinguish her weapons. Her blaster is plainly visible; as is an electronic device attached to her right wrist, but people are quick to note that the fingers of her right hand are delicately curled around an unlit lightsaber’s shaft.

Pushing back the dark scarf reveals her delicate and friendly face, full bodied lips, and slender neck; freeing by the same opportunity, her unruly golden tresses which are hastily tied together into a ponytail.

She is elegant, attractive, youthful, and she moves with a grace that is both mesmerizing and alluring.

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