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=== Joining the Brotherhood ===
=== Joining the Brotherhood ===
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[[Category:Odan-Urr members]]

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Azha Mos
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:

17 ABY (age 21)

Physical Description



1.82 meters


72 Kilograms


Red Brown


Bright Hazel

Personal Information

Zara Mos


Torval Mos

Lightsaber Form(s):

Form Zero


Lightsaber, Synergy WLD-5 Peacekeeper Blaster Pistol

Chronology & Political Information

Private Detective



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Azha Mos is a young investigator who has found himself in an area far from his expertise. He is currently a Jedi Ranger working with Clan Odan Urr, more specifically the House Hoth Battleteam Knights of Allusis. His experiences as a Private Detective have lead him to be come a very bright and cheerful person, holding back his own doubts about his path. He is an avid investigator, powerful Jedi, and someone who won't let a case grow cold.

A Brief Summery

"Come on now, we both know that you can't survive that!"

Azha Mos is a young man like few others. Having a natural affinity for investigation since he was a small child, he was raised to tap into those talent by his parents. Both his mother and father work for the Nar Shaddaa Police Department, and were perfectly suited to teach him about his talents. From a very young age he was tested with puzzles, and after many years has become a very prominent investigator. With talent unnaturally honed for his age, many consider him a joke or a cheat, despite the fact that investigation is one of his few talents.

Early Childhood 17 ABY-23 ABY

Mos was born with an unusually keen eye and mind. While many who turn to investigation have had something bad happen in their life according to holovids, its almost as if he was born into his life. He was born on the twenty third day of the third month of the year too Torval and Zara Mos, two sergeants in the Nar Shaddaa Police Department. As soon as little Azha could walk and talk he became part of the police family surprising both his parents. While he did not understand a lot at the time, he was quick to learn, and was able to recite the law at the age of five. He grew too admire his parents and their profession, believing them to be heroes. He grew to want to become one, and his parents were happy to oblige.

A Young Investigator 23 ABY- 30 ABY

Starting at the age of six his parents began to set up fake cases for their kid to solve. They would use his toys to create murders, kidnappings, and all other means of crime and had Azha go through and solve them. They would leave common clues at first, and as Mos grew up he began to have to deal with more and more difficult cases. When most kids were running around playing tag, or hanging out with friends Mos was investigating the kidnapping of his stuffed Kryat Dragon. When he finally left the house at the age of twelve, his honed skills set him apart from the other kids, something he was quick to become aware of. Using everything he had learned, he began to develop interpersonal skills focusing on learning how to understand others emotions, how to lie, and even how to leverage others to do what he wanted though the last one he found disturbing.

When he hit puberty at the age of twelve, his dad took him to learn how to use a blaster pistol. His dad told him it was "too protect himself from the crazy ladies.... and perps", and even explained what was going to happen. As Mos grew over the next two years he began to realize exactly how good he was, as his parents began to not be able to put cases together that could halt him by more than a few days at most. Hanging out with the other kids never helped either, as he could see though their manipulations and games, and began too realize that he wasn't happy.

Fallen Heroes 30 ABY- 32 ABY

"Now Azha, you must remember a few thing when working a missing persons case. First, never assume the victim is still alive. This is a sad reality in the galaxy, and unfortunately there is rarely anything we can do to help."
―Sergeant Torval Mos

On Azha's fourteenth birthday he was brought along on his first real case. This case was a simple missing persons case, and should have been easy for the police to track the girl down, but after six days Mos found himself stunned at the apparent incompetence in the police force. The Arias case took way to long, and it seemed that other than his parents, no one would listen to him when he noticed evidence simply disappearing from lock down, or in one case, evidence being tampered with. When the girl was finally found, Mos had traced her to a Hutt slave compound when he found three other missing girls from other cases. He brought the girls home to their families, and turned in the Hutt along side his parents, only for the Hutt to be released a day latter.

Mos didn't understand why, and spent the next two years working on cases with his parents as supervisors while diving into this obvious misuse of the law. His love of the police force diminished day after day as he saw that more and more of them were on the take of several different crime lords. Yet even this did not stop him. He was convinced that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and saved up all he was paid for his work. A month after his 16th birthday he found the straw that broke the bantha's back. He discovered that his parents were corrupt as well, and had been tampering with evidence he had gathered. Disappointed that they simply could not remain above the corruption, he took his money and left. He bought himself a GX-1 Short Hauler and started up his own company, which he called Mos Investigations. He paid to take a Private Investigators test, passing with a 96, and left the planet far behind.

Mos Investigations 32 ABY- Present

As a sixteen year old working in a dangerous and skill based profession Mos was quick too become sidelined for the most common cases. Police departments wouldn't hire him as a consultant, most adultery cases never even got near him, and for several months he spent his life in poverty. This changed when a old human woman contacted him about finding her granddaughter, who had previously been kidnapped. Mos soon found himself investigating a cult devoted to something called the Force. He had never actually heard about it before, and it seemed that these people who called them selves Sith worshipers were crazed and deranged. They, according to information he had gathered, performed human sacrifices along with praying to ancient deities who seemed to be based off of the infamous Darth Vader, as they all had Darth in their name. He was able to get the girl out as she was to be sacrificed, in the process awakening something with in him.

From then on he started to delve further into this occult lore, where he learned about the Jedi. They made little sense too him, but he started to learn about the Force, and realized that as he did, he had some latent Force Ability of his own, though he didn't know from where. He started training these new abilities to help with his cases, learning to sense the presence of others and even touching on some peoples surface thoughts. These helped as more and more of his incoming cases delved into what he thought was the occult, Force "Sorcerers", lightning blasting cult leaders, beasts that are created from infected people. As he continued to develop his powers to face these threats he became known as one of the top occult investigators, though no one would know it by looking at him. They all expected a grizzled warrior. These cases lead him further and further from Nar Shaddaa until he landed in the Kiast system around the same time it was wiped off most maps.

Joining the Brotherhood

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