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ACE Shipyard Assembly Bay XI

The Arx Capital Exchange, or ACE, is the financial and industrial apparatus of the Arx System and the Dark Council as a whole. While the ACE is considered a relatively new operation, in truth the nascent Arx Capital Exchange has been a functional arm of the Iron Throne since the beginning in various forms. Initially, the ACE was a small investment holding company used to siphon funds in and out of the Iron Throne's coffers. However, due to the growth and maturity of the financial assets and capital holdings under the Dark Brotherhood territories' authority, a truly galactic scale corporate entity has grown up in its wake. The ACE has many branches and off-shoots that fuel the industrial and economic capacity of the Arx System and the Dark Brotherhood as a whole.


The Arx Capital Exchange is headed by its Chief Executive Officer and President, Rhent Ghosan. CEO Ghosan is assisted in his day-to-day administration of this massive corporation by the various Executive Vice Presidents of the various operating units that make up ACE. Specifically, the EVPs of the ACE Shipyard Division, ACE Financial Services Division, ACE Holdings Division, and ACE Limited Division make up the Corporate Steering Committee. This cadre of entrepreneurs, industrialists, and financial bankers are the best and brightest civilian minds within the Arx System. While it may at first appear these men and women are responsible for running a major corporation, in truth they are the brain-trust entitled to manage the economic viability and financial performance of the Dark Brotherhood territories in general and keep the Iron Throne financially solvent.

The ACE's Corporate Headquarters is centered within the ACE Shipyards. Each of the operating Divisions have an office suite embedded within the ACE Shipyard as well as their own operations hub located across the Arx System and indeed across the galaxy at large depending on the scope of their business holdings. The total workforce of the ACE is known to few, but it is known that at least 50,000 civilians work for the ACE either directly or through the ACE's holdings and ownership in various other business entities. It is often joked that all residents of the Arx System work for ACE, they simply do not know it yet.


The pseudo entity that became the Arx Capital Exchange began at the very start of the rule of the Iron Throne. Credits are supply are the life blood of any organization, and the Iron Throne and the Dark Council recognized this from the onset. Starting as a small support staff responsible for raising taxes and stocking critical material, it rapidly became apparent a major professional staff of accountants, stock experts, financiers, and industrialists would be needed.

The first step in this direction was what became the ACE Shipyards. While the Iron Throne always had some industrial capacity at Antei and beyond, the scope and capacity was always somewhat limited. Owing to the need for financing, the next unit established was the Financial Services operating arm. Once this organic off-shoot became fiscally self sustaining a need to invest the flow of credits was necessary. As such, the ACE Holding Corporation we developed to send agents across the galaxy to invest in companies and slowly acquiring ownership and majority stakes without arousing suspicion. The final piece of the portfolio was bringing online the Commodities Limited branch. This Division was needed as recent events such as the assault by the Collective made it clear the Arx System must be self sufficient as possible to feed the industrial might of the Iron Forces.


The Arx Capital Exchange has several main programs in its business portfolio. Each operating segment makes up a distinct Division under the purview of its respective Executive Vice President reporting to CEO Ghosan. The major operating division and the central hub of Arx Capital Exchange is the ACE Shipyard. The first business unit, all other units were organic off-shoots of operational or administrative units either developed or acquired to support the shipyard's operations. The next major unit under the ACE umbrella is Arx Capital Exchange Financial Services, which serves to fund the shipyard and acts as a major banking house within the region. With the additional funding and capital growth the next business unit in the portfolio, ACE Holdings Corporation serves as the shell company for investing funds outside of the Arx System and the companies either owned fully or in part by the Iron Throne. Finally, to ensure the ACE is self sufficient and is fully vertically integrated, ACE Commodities Limited was spun up to provide the raw materials needed to fuel the industrial output of the group.

Arx Capital Exchange Shipyard

The Arx Capital Exchange Shipyard is the flagship enterprise of the corporation and the most recognizable asset under management. Employing tens of thousands of employees and capable of building two Imperial-II class Star Destroyers and an entire support fleet simultaneously, the ACE Shipyard is the most technologically advanced and costly industrial works within the Arx System and the Dark Brotherhood territories as a whole. Owing to the technical data shared with Kuat-Entralla, Corellian Engineering Corporation, and Sienar Fleet Systems and ample funding from ACE Financial Services the Shipyard is truly a marvelous piece of engineering that allows the Iron Throne to build and sustain its war machine internally.

Arx Capital Exchange Financial Services

ACE Financial Services is a full fledged banking house with hundreds of offices throughout the Mid and Outer Rim. Major operating hubs exist within the Corporate Sector, Hutt Space, and as far afield as the Deep Core. ACE Financial Services serves as the main financial clearing house to fund the internal production of the ACE Shipyards to build warships and support vessels for the Iron Forces as well as providing loans and startup capital to outside enterprises. Specifically, ACE Financial Services has opportune arrangements for easy financing and access to capital for companies owned part or wholly by ACE Holding Corporation to sustain growth and spur development.

Arx Capital Exchange Holding Corporation

The ACE Holding Corporation is the shell company that acts as a clearing-house for the investments of the Iron Throne. To this end, the ACE Holding Corporation buys stock in hundreds of organizations and either owns fully or seeks majority stake. The holdings are fully diversified across the known galaxy, although specifically heavily vested in minerals, pharmaceuticals, research and development, and military industrial firms. While the full extent of the corporations owned or heavily invested is unknown, some premier firms such as Kuat-Entralla, Corellian Engineering Corporation, and Sienar Fleet Systems have a member of the ACE Holding Corporation or a proxy sitting on their Board of Directors.

Arx Capital Exchange Commodities Limited

Arx Capital Exchange Commodities Limited, or ACE Limited for short, is the organization's resource and logistics brokerage arm. ACE Limited directly mines and sources raw materials that feed the industrial capacity of the Arx Capital Exchange Shipyard as well as stockpiling critical war material for the Iron Forces. ACE Limited is uniquely positioned for this function, as the segment owns mineral rights for doonium on Lothal, Umbara, Samovar, and the Socorro Asteroid Belt. Likewise, ACE Limited is heavily invested in the exploration and extraction of kyberite veins in order to mine and utilize kyber crystals. Between this stock of doonium and kyberite, whose stock is only known by CEO Ghosan and the Dark Council, ACE is prepared to be self sufficient if need be in keeping the military industrial complex operational even if Arx was under a full-scale blockade.