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|name= Anduriel
|name= Anduriel
|homeworld= [[starwars:Ord Mantell|Ord Mantell]]
|homeworld= [[starwars:Ord Mantell|Ord Mantell]]
|birth={{Birthyear and Age (legends)|ABY|16|}}
|death= N/A
|death= N/A
|species= Human
|species= Human

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Biographical Information

Ord Mantell

Date of Birth:

16 ABY (age 29)

Date of Death:


Physical Description







175 lbs




Dark Brown



Personal Information




Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

K'tara, Kartranin

Chronology & Political Information

New Jedi Order Era, Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Obelisk, Arcona, Galeres

Personal Ship:


Known masters:

Kalon Dane



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Anduriel is a young new Journeyman walking the halls of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, seeking to be the greatest warrior ever to exist in the galaxy.

Character History

Early Childhood

Anduriel doesn't have much to remember about his parentage or background; his first memories are of him waking up on the Worlport streets day after day , begging and stealing for whatever scraps he could find to eat. His own name was a mystery to him. It had been given to him by some cloaked lady who seemed to take pity on him for “looking like muck”. Having to survive on his own was never easy, but he didn’t know how else to live and he grew up fighting. It wasn’t much of a life, but it was his life to live. He learned from whatever gossip people had on the streets and whatever holovids people left out, picking up on any knowledge he could as fast as he can. He learned to fight, tooth and nail to survive, and even in the harshest of conditions, he learned to survive. He’d become that street urchin that was “too stubborn to die”.

One day, as a young ten year old, he stumbled upon his first holovids of force users and lightsaber duels. He became fascinated with these lone warriors, able to take on thousands alone. His felt like being among these warriors was where he belonged. These men were the ideal for him, strong, tough, and powerful. He gathered as many as he could, watching with infinite passion and curiosity. Observing how they moved, and stealing holovids on K'tara and Kartranin, Anduriel taught himself to fight, training his mind and body in the hope that one day he might become a true warrior. And as he grew, he became strong in mind, body, and will.
Anduriel as a young man on Ord Mantell

Even as a youngster Anduriel was well liked, despite his antics and thievery, he had a good heart, and had stood up on multiple occasions with the vendors against muggers and extortionists. Even when he got beat down he’d stand back up and fight again, and as he grew stronger and tougher with each passing year he became a friend to them. One even gave him an old relic; an old katana some old man had pawned to him a long time ago. It became Anduriel’s most prized possession, along with a silver ribbon given to him by a young girl long ago when he shared his food.

Joining the Dark Brotherhood

" You are determined, even in the face of impossible odds. That's almost enough to impress me."
Kalon Dane

One fateful day a when he was twenty, a man in Mandalorian combat armor came to Worlport looking for a ship, and the streets were abuzz about the Mandalorian with the lightsaber on his belt. With a few other people, he observed the man walking around looking for a ship to buy. Prodded by his friends, Anduriel couldn’t resist the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to hold an actual lightsaber, just like the Jedi and Sith of old. However, he didn’t realize that the man he was trying to steal from was none other than Kalon Dane of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

The attack that came at Anduriel was relentless and punishing; as soon as the first blow came Anduriel knew he was well out of his depth. Still, he couldn’t give up, and moved as fast as he could to avoid the attacks, trying to avoid the weak spots before being beaten down again. The cycle of “stand up” and “beaten down” repeated itself multiple times, but every time, Anduriel forced himself up. This happened again and again, which Kalon took note of. Seeing the potential in the young man, he offered him a chance to be a part of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. After some thought, Anduriel accepted and said goodbye to those on the streets. He left with only his sword and his ribbon; the first two things he’d ever owned.

Anduriel was accepted into the brotherhood and excelled in his studies, reaching the ranks of Acolyte in a short period of time. He always looked to better himself as a warrior and so he continued his training, earning the notice of his superiors.

Early Training

Anduriel excelled in his initial studies, partaking fanatically in all the knowledge of combat and history now available to him. He quickly climbed the ranks of the brotherhood, garnering the senior’s attention. Upon hitting the rank of Proselyte, Kalon Dane became Anduriel’s official master.

The training was brutal from the start. Between the standard brotherhood training and being trained by a Mandalorian, Anduriel faced punishment and strain unlike anything he’d felt before. Early morning wake ups, late nights spent training, and little free time forced Anduwraith to push himself to the limits, and then expand his limits. Kalon was brutal as a teacher, punishing even the slightest mistake during sparring sessions, but his methods were effective. Anduriel grew stronger and faster, and learned to adapt to all kinds of combat scenarios. Blaster fire, ambushes while sleeping, attacks during dinner, all kinds of scenarios were put to Anduriel during his training under Kalon. It exhausted him, but he kept going, because he could see the results of the training for himself.

Even mentally Anduriel became stronger. He was taught Mandalorian code and culture, learning the values integral to the Mandalorian warrior. While he couldn’t accept them wholly, he took them in, and made them a part of himself, and who he was.

If there was any respite during these tough times, it came through Kalon’s master Sanguinius Tsucyra, who would often come to their sparring sessions. His quips would spur Kalon into pushing Anduriel harder. Despite the extra bruises, the Quaestor’s humorous demeanor mixed well with Anduriel’s wiseass attitude, and the young apprentice was happy to get to know him. Sanguinius even began to teach Anduriel informally, showing him how to fight with saber in the Makashi and Soresu forms, although Anduriel still had no formal or useful mastery of these forms.

Physical Appearance

Lean and muscular, Anduriel built himself to move quickly through the streets, focusing on endurance, speed. He stands above average for a human, at 6’7. Having grown up in the streets where haircuts were not the norm, he kept his hair longer than most, with his long black hair going down to his neck. His dark eyes, are observant, always surveying the surroundings around him. A scar runs down from the edge of his left eye to his left nostril, an injury that once ran deep but has softened with time. A silver ribbon always remains tied around his left arm, if not being used as a bandanna for his hair.

DJB Facts

Outstanding Achievements

Dark Cross - As a Novice


  • He earned his first Dark Cross within 4 hours of having joined the Brotherhood
  • Within 4 hours of joining, Anduriel had already completed the requirements to be promoted to Proselyte
  • He's a fast learner, preferring science and technology over other things
  • Anduriel has become well versed in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Bioorganic Chemistry, Medicine, and Computer Science
  • His name is the derived from a Denarian