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=== Revenge ===
=== Revenge ===
Despite the years that have passed, Alara still yearned for her parents to be brought to justice. When Alara discovered that her sister [[Shadow Nighthunter]] had married [[Brandon Tarsus]], it enraged the eldest sister right down to her core. When the two newly weds went on their honeymoon and visited the Nights, it only led to their parents' demise. As soon as the couple left the planet, Alara decapitated both parents in their bedroom as a way of avenging the childhood she never had.  
Despite the years that have passed, Alara still yearned for her parents to be brought to justice. When Alara discovered that her sister [[Shadow Nighthunter]] had married [[Brandon Tarsus]], it enraged the eldest sister right down to her core. When the two newly weds went on their honeymoon and visited the Nights, it only led to their parents' demise. As soon as the couple left the planet, Alara [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Lmth9VFLH1Am_WZXFW4C8OfXpqbWDB8f-DKtjdyerjw/edit?usp=sharing| decapitated both parents] in their bedroom as a way of avenging the childhood she never had.  
When Shadow found out about her older sister's crime, she tracked her as far as the forests of Myrkr where the two sisters had a massive [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/acc/acc_battles/640| battle].
When Shadow found out about her older sister's crime, she tracked her as far as the forests of Myrkr where the two sisters had a massive [https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/acc/acc_battles/640| battle].

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Rise of the Brotherhood eraExodus era.New Order era.
Alara Deathbane
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

11 ABY (25 years old)

Physical Description

Human, Half Sephi




5 foot 10


140 lbs


Dirty Blonde





Personal Information

Shadow Nighthunter, Gregryck Thunderbreath, Rasilvenaira Kaeth StormRaven Jorm "The Jester" Na'trej

Lightsaber Color(s):

Dual bladed, yellow

Lightsaber Form(s):

Juyo and Sokan

Fighting Style(s):

Teras Kasi and Shadow Step

Chronology & Political Information
Known masters:

Shadow Nighthunter Braecen Kaeth

Known apprentices:

Lazex Ironlocke, Jae'lle Miqaz



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Alara Deathbane is a Dark Jedi in Spectre Cell, House Galeres, Clan Arcona. She has previously served as Rollmaster, Quaestor, and Aedile of House Excidium in Clan Scholae Palatinae, and held great pride in her relationship with Tacitus Athanasius. She started training with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in early 34 ABY and transferred clans late 36 ABY.

Character History

Alara's home planet named Coruscant

Early Life

Alara Deathbane was born in 11 ABY to her parents Devon and Crystal Night. Back then, she bore the name Alara Night. Her Sephi-mother worked a local cafe, while her father worked as a smuggler. When her father wasn’t working, he trained Alara very fiercly in combat. She grew to be incredibly strong at an extremely young age. She had an emaculate knack of tapping into her emotions when fighting, and her father was rather proud at her tenacity. Life was steady and all seemed to be well.

Due to her father not being honest enough in his work, some mercenaries showed up in 14 ABY. They offered him two options only: one, to give three shiploads’ profit to them, or two, give them Alara as payment. Due to greed or carelessness, it is not known which, Alara was quickly kicked to the curb without even the gift of goodbyes. She was only three years old at the time.

For six long years, Alara slaved after the mercenaries day and night. She wasn’t exactly sure where they took her or where she was. She was forced to cook for them, clean up for them, and whatever else they didn’t feel like doing. Most children forget about their parents when they are taken young, but not Alara. The anger and hatred towards her parents grew every year. With this bitterness added to the anger and hatred towards her captors, she grew strong in the Dark Powers of the Force.

When she was nine years old, Alara devised a plan to be rid of her captors. She concocted a special form of sleep tonic, a special soup she learned through trial and error to make, and fed it to the mercenaries. That night as they sat down to their meal and grew weary from their dinner, she grabbed a kitchen knife and slaughtered every single one of them; slicing throats one by one. She dangled the keys to one of their cruisers in front of their faces as they died.

Becoming Alara Deathbane

When Alara finally left all the mess of slavery behind her, she landed rather abruptly in the jungles of planet Onderon. She barely didn’t make it due to a horrible spinal/neck injury, but the Force kept her alive and made her hold on. In a vision, a Jedi appeared to her and told her he would come to her aid. He also told her to find it within herself, and the Force, to choose to live. She managed to pull through, and when she awoke, the Jedi was before her. He said she conquered death when it was impossible to do so. Thus her name was changed to Alara Deathbane: for she fought against death and won. She was miraculously healthy, if not healthier and stronger than she was before.

Alara's bed while staying in the Jedi Temple

The Jedi who who watched over Alara was named Aor-Shun. He decided to take Alara as his new apprentice. Their connection made Alara feel safe. She was able to begin combat training again, but she was incredibly restrained. She soon found that the Jedi teachings of serenity did not sit well with her. She was always accustomed to using her rage to fuel her in battle, and she could not fathom going without it. Her rage became a part of her. Despite her inner feuding, she pushed herself to do well in training. Aor-Shun was intensely proud of her, but he had no idea of her secret. She soon learned how to hide her rage, and lash it out late in the night when her master was asleep. She would sneak out every night she needed to and allowed her rage to take over. Afterwards, before the sun was too high in the sky, she would sneak back into her room and continue her training the next day. She did this for 5 years.

Alara started to realize she could no longer stay at the Jedi Temple.


Her powers grew stronger with every year she trained. Despite her hardships in controlling her rage, Alara was an excellent student. Eventually though, Aor-Shun began to sense the coldness in her heart. He soon grew suspicious of her and watched her more intently. One night as he was meditating, he caught a flash of light in the corner of his eye. As he looked out the window of the Jedi Temple, he spotted Alara. She was at the sparking point of her rage and was preying upon a tree nearby. The youngling lunged, kicked, punched, and used Dark Force Lightning against it. Her powers scared him immensely and he immediately alerted the rest of the Temple.

Aor-Shun, as well as the rest of the Jedi Knights, approached her the next morning. They discussed what to do with her and all agreed that she should be put in training with another Master; Another Jedi Knight, an Ewok by the name of Gregryck Thunderbreath, confessed to a past with the Dark Side. He offered to train her, but she refused. She fled the Temple that night in fear of being reprimanded by death for her refusal.

Alara the Scavenger

Alara quickly took to the jungle of Onderon. There she befriended the animals inhabiting the region, including a handsome male Ruping. This Ruping helped her find the tallest tree in the Jungle and helped her build a tree hut on it for them to stay.

A Ruping

With her strength and agility, Alara was able to quickly adjust to this lifestyle. When she wasn’t gathering food or training in combat, she would scrounge the jungle for other fallen ships like her own. Whatever she couldn’t use for her hut she would immediately bring to the nearest town and sell it in the marketplace. Some people grew accustomed to her visiting and learned not to ask too many questions. Some, however, Alara learned to stay away from. They would get far too suspicious and usually report her to the local guard. With her skilled agility however, she was never at risk of getting caught. If a stranger came too close to her hut in the jungle, they’d learn their lesson rather quickly at her hand.

Alara portrayed by DeeTheArtist on deviantart.

A Found Friend

Once Alara had been settled in the jungles of Onderan for quite some time, Gregryck Thunderbreath discovered her survivalist home. Upon discovering her, he reassured her he was not going to take her back to the Jedi. In fact, he revealed himself to be a Sith Krath Adherent and was only at the Temple to serve as a spy. He offered to train and raise Alara to ensure her safety. The pair soon became very bonded, and Gregryck eventually took on the role of Alara's father.

Young Alara and a Younger Gregryck Thunderbreath. Portrayed by BoneziProxy on Deviantart.

Joining the Dark Brotherhood

As the Force grew stronger in Alara, she began to feel a tug in her soul to leave the planet. After four years of living in the jungle, she decided to go for it. She reluctantly left her beloved Ruping behind, and headed to the local village. There she became a castaway on a local transporter. While in hiding on the ship, she soon discovered she was on her way to Ohmen; the capital city of Judecca. When she landed, the Force protected her in the giant strange city and led her to her sister's clan. There she found her long lost sister Shadow who was born shortly after Alara was taken by mercenaries. The two became close friends rather quicky.

The closeness, however, was growing far too fast for Alara. As she discovered more about her sister, she grew too afraid to open up about her past. She still hated her parents, and soon envied Shadow for how great her childhood seemed to be. Alara fled a few days later to the Black Jungle.

Alara's home in the first layer of the Black Forest

Alara stayed there for five more years, living in complete solitude from human life. She and most of the animals of the jungle became friends. There was the occasional animal that she would have to get rid of, but for the most part she lived in peace.

When Alara was 23 she had a vision of her sister Shadow. In this particular dream, Shadow was calling her back. Shadow told her that she missed her, and she felt as though Alara would grow so much stronger if she were to come back. She woke up immediately and made her way to Ohmen.


Upon immediate arrival, Alara began studying fervently. Shadow was chosen to become her master, and the two became good friends once again. Shadow taught her how to tap into her rage and use it towards her studies; something Alara never thought Shadow would understand. Alara discovered that she too, was taken away from their family at a young age. She learned that Shadow also was trained by Jedi. The two were so thankful to be together again. Within a matter of days, Alara was promoted from Initiate to Neophyte in the clan Scholae Palatinae.

Sergeant Alara Deathbane

In mid 34 ABY, Shadow Nighthunter along with Alara founded the battle team Tacitus Athanasius due to uprising enemies against House Excidium. The pair successfully assassinated the Quaestor Rosh Nyine's threats. In efforts to protect the Quaestor and House from future threats, the trio agreed to create the secretive assassin guild. Now under Quaestor [[Braecen Kaeth]'s service, Alara holds the title of first honorary Sergeant for Tacitus Athanasius. Kylex has taken her place as active Sergeant due to her ascension as Aedile.

Alara shortly after being promoted to Hunter. Picture made by Elincia Rei


Despite the years that have passed, Alara still yearned for her parents to be brought to justice. When Alara discovered that her sister Shadow Nighthunter had married Brandon Tarsus, it enraged the eldest sister right down to her core. When the two newly weds went on their honeymoon and visited the Nights, it only led to their parents' demise. As soon as the couple left the planet, Alara decapitated both parents in their bedroom as a way of avenging the childhood she never had.

When Shadow found out about her older sister's crime, she tracked her as far as the forests of Myrkr where the two sisters had a massive battle.

Alara and Shadow Nighthunter fighting after their parents' death. Portrayed by Q-Arts on Deviantart.

The younger sister ended up winning the fight and knocked her sister out. This gave herself time to leave the planet with her husband who arrived shortly on the scene. At that moment, Shadow completely abandoned and disowned Alara. When Alara eventually returned to Ohmen thanks to her beloved Forren, Shadow allowed her to live simply because the Force obviously deemed it necessary. The two would only then consult on business affairs for Tacitus Athanasius.

An Awakening

After her sister disowned her, Alara felt as though she had nothing left for her other than her ruping and her titles. On one lonely walk among the streets of Ohmen, Alara ran into a half-Hapan named Wyndel Tyris, the younger, more mischevious brother of Marick Tyris. The two ended up dancing the night away in each others' arms. As they fell more and more in love as the night progressed, the two devoted themselves to eachother. Insanity's fire that once consumed Alara's heart began to cool. She regained confidence in herself, and touched the Light side of the Force once again.

As Alara's life began to further change due to Wyndel's love, the Force began to use her in more marvelous ways. As Alara slept during one of Judecca's famous thunderstorms, the Force awoke her and told her to visit her sister. The Mystic quickly left her dormitory in the Shadow Academy, called Forren, and rode him to her younger sister's cabin in the nearby forest. She found her sister completely heartbroken due to her husband leaving without a trace.

Alara and her sister Shadow Nighthunter reunited.

Making a Vow

Seeing her sister in such defeat, the Marauder knew it was time to do what she had always planned to do: ask for forgiveness. She fell to her sister's knees and vowed to forever protect her whether Brandon Tarsus came back or not. When she found out her sister was pregnant, it only further confirmed that she must serve Shadow and the unborn Deus as protector and family. She tended to her sister for the rest of the night, feeding her and keeping her warm as it continued to storm outside.

Alara Deathbane portrayed by Zehsaa Hysh

From Apprentice to Master

While on the hunt for bounty at the planet Mirial, Alara came across a young Mirialan within the wreckage of a ship. Unaware that the boy only found the wreck himself, she quickly came to his aid. When the boy revealed himself as a newly abandoned Damaper Sunhunter, Alara felt an odd tug in the Force to welcome him back with her to Scholae Palatinae. The boy agreed and served the Aedile for only a week until he disappeared once again to become a Rogue.

The Fall of Judecca

Alara's pet tusked cat Artemis.

Upon the events that unfolded due to Reconciliation, Alara unfortunately witnessed the fall of her beloved planet Judecca as well as the entirety of the Cocytus System all due to Darth Pravus and the introduction of his new era. Details can be found here.

Her life on Judecca in Ohmen, her beloved pet Forren, and the Silent Death Citadel of Tacitus Athanasius were forever lost. Thankfully Brandon Tarsus was taking care of Artemis, Alara's tusked cat, at the time and managed to save her along with the rest of her clan.

Star Crossed Lovers

A sudden love sparked between the Jester Jorm "The Jester" Na'trej and Alara during a battle with a Geonosian coliseum. While they fought against both monster and Geonosian, the pair recognized how compatible they were; in battle and in personality. Because of this fateful day, the pair fell in love and vowed to fight alongside each other no matter the course ahead. A small chain link attached to a strand of leather was given to Alara by Jorm that day. It symbolizes their relationship to be that of intrepid devotion and ascendancy in whatever the couple ventures to accomplish together. Alara keeps this on her person quite regularly.

Ignus Manus

After the events which occurred after The Collective's attempt to reign supreme and wipe out all Force Users, Alara Deathbane first made her home within the moon named Ulress in the Caperion System. This was her home during her Quaestor days for House Excidium up until she stepped down to serve the Clan as its Rollmaster to the Empress Elincia Rei in late 36 ABY. Because of the Twelfth Great Jedi War and other battles that followed, the Force stirred within Alara and began to call her the name Ignus Manus.

As time went on and Alara claimed the role as Rollmaster, it was discovered that the other leaders of Scholae Palatinae were secretly rivaling against her. False pretenses about Alara's plans in harshly training recruits. Assassination was being planned because of the horrible rumors. Alara fled for her life from the Caperion System and rendezvoused with some contacts within Estle City of Selen in the Dajorra System. She spends most of her time either at the famous librairies in the Huascar Ring, or at the Shadow Club within the Sinchi Ring.

Personal Information


Alara, much like her sister Shadow Nighthunter, is a very hard-working, serious woman. She prefers the solitude of a bed chamber, or the company of animals over human interaction. Despite her seriousness, Alara has grown to be an extroverted butterfly when the circumstance arrives for it. Alara continues to practice small efforts of the Jedi such as meditation. In combat, Alara can be excruciatingly intimidating. She uses speed, strength, agility, as well as Dark Force Lightning in most, if not all, her battles. Her cunning intellect and survival instincts make her a great warrior and a great battle planner.

Physical Appearance

They say that injustice treats the skin poorly, but it is not so for Alara. Her chiseled, pale face holds not only beauty but sternness. The rage inside her heart continuously flickers in her fiery, enlightened golden eyes. She stands at 5 foot 10 but intimidates all she passes by. Her muscular figure and air of confidence give her further height. When trying to keep focused, she usually wears her long, dirty blonde hair in a braid. When angry, and when in Dark Force combat, she has her long waves down by her waist. Half-Sephi like her sister, Alara’s pointed ears stick through her locks. Her muscular, athletic frame maintains feminine proportions that have been honed for survival rather than for "show". She sticks to wearing neutral colors to better blend in with her environment. She is most commonly found wearing combat boots, a tighter jumpsuit, and a cloak.

Graphic made by Cyris Oscura.


Alara spends most of her time in a forest when she can. She has made many forest friends and enjoys spending time with them. She also likes to keep her combat skills pristine and trains frequently. Alara is a serious student in the Shadow Academy and is ranked XII there as well as with the Inquisitorious. The half-Sephi likes to keep her priorities in check. She enjoys the occasional scavenging/hunting trip as well.


Alara has very high skill when dealing with animals. Once she became an Acolyte, she was gifted a baby male Ruping which she named Forren by a friendly Kiffar mercenary. She discovered Artemis, her tusked cat, as a small kitten that was being attacked by a Chiss black market worker in early 35 ABY. Forren, unfortunately, fell in the loss of the Cocytus System without a goodbye. Artemis was saved by Brandon Tarsus, which mended their struggling friendship.

The Marauder's first experience with her new pet Forren.

DJB Facts

Alara currently serves the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as a member of Clan Arcona. Previously, she served as Rollmaster to Clan Scholae Palatinae, House Excidium's Quaestor and previously the House's Aedile under Braecen Kaeth's reign. Alara also used to serve as honorary Sergeant to Shadow Nighthunter with the Battle Team Tacitus Athanasius.

Alara's Leadership Roles
Previous Clan Leadership Role Rollmaster of Clan Scholae Palatinae
Previous House Leadership Roles • Sergeant to Tacitus Athanasius from February 34 ABY - December 34 ABY • Aedile to House Excidium from March 35 ABY - August 35 ABY • Quaestor to House Excidium from August 35 ABY - December 36 ABY

Trivia Facts

Shadow Nighthunter and Alara Deathbane are the best of friends in real life, and have been so since 2008.

Alara’s other identity (Amber) is a gamer, entrepreneur, singer/music student, and author from Canada.