Aidyn Wolfwood

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Aidyn Wolfwood
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8/4/26 BBY

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12/17/32 ABY

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Dark Grey/Black



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Clan Tarentum, House Tridens, Bas-Tyra



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A former Colonel in the New Republic Military and a revered Lieutenant General in the Southern Arkanian Army, Aidyn Wolfwood is most known for his services during the Second Southern Arkanian Revolution which resulted in an Alliance with the Arkanian Dominion bringing a 7-year war to its close. After the end of the war, Aidyn took the position of Chief Commander over the Zachar Territories and began the first reconstruction efforts since the region fell under attack by the Dominion, and Zachar City was completely destroyed.

Aidyn was previously a Colonel in the New Republic Military, and the Commander of the Rebel Squadrons Commando Division, and a highly known Jedi Knight. His career was cut short years earlier however; when his brother Vivoil Zyzen, or better known to the Jedi Knights of the Bethlamore Jedi Temple as Drake Malone. tricked the New Republic into believing that Aidyn had orchestrated a recent attack on his own command base on Salsasia IVb. At the same time; a distress signal was intercepted by Aidyn from his former Apprentice Nirai Kanai, a Kushiban Jedi Knight on the planet Bethlamore. Upon arriving on Bethlamore, Aidyn was ambushed by both Vivoil, Nirai, and a team of Jedi Knights from the Bethlamore Temple and a short battle ensued, though Aidyn was defeated by his brother.

Though Vivoil intended to sever Aidyn from the force and eliminate him, a Sith Knight known only as Ethran intervened and saved him. His powers had been greatly diminished and his skills almost none existent, a scar that would follow Aidyn for many years to come. Guising himself as a Light Side Jedi, Ethran took advantage of the weakened Aidyn and slowly crafted him with his Dark powers. Beginning training under Ethran, Aidyn quickly regained a strong majority of his skills; becoming far more powerful than he had been previously. But despite his new training, his downfall to the Dark Side was secured when Aidyn failed to save his daughter Aaeryn from Nirai who murdered her at an abandoned weapons factory just outside of Bela Vistal on Corellia. Since then, his life has been torn...and little has helped him.

Before he could exact his full revenge however, his life was cut short after being mortally wounded during a mission on Yridia IV. Despite attempts to save his life, it was reported by the Deputy Grand Master that he was unable to be saved and passed away.

Character History

Aidyn was born in 26 BBY in the Southern Arkanian City of Zachar on the planet Arkania. A strong majority of the population were mainly scientists, however select groups studied secretly in the force without the Arkanian Dominion knowing. His father, La'Koole Zyzen was a famous Arkanian General, who served under the central hierarchy in the southern reaches of Arkania in the city of Zachar, the capital city of the Arissi Tundra and the Zachar Territories. Shortly after Aidyn's birth, La'Koole was given command of the Zachar Territories by the Arkanian Dominion. His mother, Kai'nei Synestria-Zyzen, is believed to have died shortly after his birth, due to internal complications. La'Koole began Aidyn's training at the early age of 3, teaching him the Arkanian ways, the history of Arkania, as well as the galaxy before the Republic, and during the time of the Republic.

The Southern Arkanian Revolution (18BBY-9BBY)

The Imperial Invasion (18BBY)

Three months after Aidyn turned 16, an Imperial Fleet under the command of Admiral Michel Harper attacked the Arkanian Homeworld and after a fierce fire-fight, Zachar City fell to Admiral Harper. After the capital was taken, Aidyn was rescued just mere minutes before being found by the Imperials, by a small resistance group that had previously been against his father's rule. After the attack was over; Aidyn's father never returned from the war-torn capital, and was believed to be dead.

Nicholeb Gheils, the leader of the Arkanian Resistance viewed Aidyn as an asset, where as the other resistance leaders viewed him as nothing more than a miniature version of his father. Six years would pass, and numerous battles would continue to happen between the Resistance and the Empire. During one attack, however, one of Nicholeb's spy's returned with information that would allow Zachar to be infiltrated from the south; allowing them a direct shot to the Shimmering Tower, the capital building of Zachar City, where Admiral Harper had been confirmed to be residing.

Aidyn joined with Nicholeb to plan an assault on the capital to try and finally end the war with the Empire, and retake what remained of their homeland. Infiltrating the southern gate with a small group of soldiers, they quietly worked their way up the towering capital and marched on the Presidential Offices where they found not only Admiral Harper, but also standing in their way was none other than Aidyn's father General La'Koole Zyzen.
The Zyzen Family Crest.

La'Koole reveiled that he had planned the entire war from the very beginning, even having allowed the Empire easier access into the city when it was first invaded; in exchange for a position in the Empire. He also had made a deal with one of Nicholeb's soldiers, to get Aidyn into the resistance to keep track of their movements. Aidyn then had learned that because of his mother he had a connection to the force; as well as to the Synestria Sith Line. Before Aidyn could react however, Nicholeb forced Aidyn and the others to flee, while he stayed to give them some time. In both anger and sadness Aidyn obeyed Nicholeb's order, and as his last order made Aidyn the new leader of the Arkanian Resistance. As they fled the tower, gunshots could be heard which confirmed their worst fears; Nicholeb Gheils, was gone.

Events had changed dramatically, as well as the entire course of the war. Now, it was more than just freeing his, it had become revenge. A revenge that would forever change the course of his life for the better, and the worse. This was the beginning, of the Southern Arkanian Revolution.

The Southern Arkanian Revolution (12 BBY)

Aidyn's acceptance as the leader of the Arkanian Resistance was not very much liked; however the officers chose to accept it since it was Nicholeb's last wish. The first several months after Nicholeb's death, La'Koole's forces vastly outnumbered Aidyn's, however word had quickly reached, that La'Koole had not only killed Nicholeb during the escape, but he also murdered Admiral Harper; who apparently was a puppet of La'Koole's, and other factions who were against his rule, joined up with Aidyn. Over the next several months, Aidyn trained profuciously in preparation for what he knew he would have to do.

Aidyn knew eventually, the fate of his entire homeworld, would come down to a battle between him, and his father La'Koole. Three and a half years passed since the beginning of the Southern Arkanian Revolution, both sides suffering heavy casualties. Several lucky victories placed the Resistance within battle-distance of Zachar, and in the middle of the winter-season, Aidyn planned a final assault. On the Arinel Plains outside the city, Aidyn gathered the entire Resistance together, about roughly 20,000 people, and began his march towards the city. La'Koole had anticipated this; however, and awaiting them was a mixture of Imperial Stormtroopers; and Arkanian Soldiers, about 27,000 in total.

The battle that ensued; was one that is long remembered by everyone on Arkania even to the current day, though many historians claim it never happened. The battle itself, was one of Aidyn's darkest hours as a Commander due to his overconfidence and drive for revenge. The battle continued on for over 10 hours after it began, blood splattered everywhere as well as limbs and corpses. By the end of the night, the Arinai Plains looked like the remains of a slaughterhouse. Not a single soldier from either the Resistance, or La'Koole's forces was left standing, no one except a severely wounded, and barely conscious Aidyn. Somehow, not knowing how, Aidyn had survived the battle, though after seeing the ruin around him, he felt deep inside that he shouldn't have been allowed to live. Aidyn felt disgraced for what had happened; especially since he knew he was the reason they were all dead.

As he crossed the Arinai Plains he saw the bodies of close friends, both friend and foe whom had fallen during the battle, remembering fond memories they had, the families that they would never return to, the ones who had given their lives to help him. As much as his body wanted to give out and collapse into the snow; he knew, because they had gave everything they had, even their lives, to fight against La'Koole that he could not let their deaths rest in vain.

"Why did it have to come to this..? Why so much bloodshed; why?" he asked himself as he entered Zachar. Several soldiers advanced on him, however stopped several feet before, standing there in silence as they saw the condition he was in. La'Koole sent orders for them to kill Aidyn, however as he moved through the central part of the city, not a single guard made a single intimidating glance at him. Aidyn knew they were doing it purely out of respect for him, managing to stand his ground against his father; who betrayed them all. Reaching the Capital Tower, Aidyn is stopped by several of La'Koole's guards who are quickly taken down by several of the Zachar Soldiers that Aidyn had passed. Aidyn thanked them as he advanced into the Tower, and made his way to the Presidential Chambers, where La'Koole awaited him.

La'Koole and Aidyn discuss what happened, and why he turned on the Arkanians like he did; even betraying his own son as well. He agrees to answer his questions; only if he can defeat him in combat. Not really looking forward to it, Aidyn agrees, knowing it is the only way. Already severely injured; Aidyn was at a disadvantage, however during the battle, he was able to slightly see his father's movements, just mere seconds before he made them, probably the only thing that saved his life. After several minutes of fighting; Aidyn saw an opening, and with a quick suttle move, took down his father.
Aidyn shortly after the Southern Arkanian Revolution, wielding his father's lightsaber.

La'Koole, in his last breaths, told him the truth about everything. His true intent; was to test Aidyn, to see if he could unlock the abilities that he gained through his mother, Kai'nei. Because of her; Aidyn was the first in the Zyzen bloodline to acquire midichlorians; the connectors to the force. Because of his force-sensitivity, he was able to foresee his attacks, due to his emotional and spiritual connection he had at the time. He also told him, that his mother was not dead, however was kidnapped by his brother, Vivoil Zyzen after she had given birth to Aidyn. La'Koole in his last breath, asks Aidyn to save her, as he knows she is still alive, somewhere.

Aidyn sits there, regretting what he has done...but also knowing it was the right thing to do. With the Southern Arkanian Revolution finally at an end, peace returned to Southern Arkania. In 7 BBY, two years after the end of the war, Aidyn leaves Arkania without saying a word, abandoning his position, and leaving in search of his mother.

A Hero's Journey (7BBY-13ABY)

Reeksa the Hutt (7BBY)

After leaving Arkania Aidyn already ran into his first of many problems. Because of Arkania's natural darkness, it quickly became difficult for Aidyn to see during the daylight hours on most worlds as well as in space when anywhere near the suns. He traveled to Nar Shaddaa where he knew of several of his father's previous contacts and underwent extensive eye surgery to darken his eyes and lower his sensitivity to light.

Word got out however of his arrival however, and an assassination contract was filed with a young Bounty Hunter named Elline Misai by a Hutt Gambler named Reeksa the Hutt, who had previously had a negative encounter with Aidyn's father La'Koole. Shortly after departing the clinic, the building went up in a huge explosion. Aidyn knew he had nearly overstayed his welcome and had to find some way off of Nar Shaddaa, but just recovering would make it impossible for just himself.

As he left the area towards a local bar; another person followed him. Entering the bar, Aidyn was ready to take him down however blaster shots quickly take down 3 other people around him. The person was a Mandalorian named Morone. Firing shots at others as they left; Elline watched from above like a hawk. To her, this was certainly one of her more interesting hunts.

Aidyn learned of Morone's connections to an Alliance faction, as well as his previous encounters with Elline.

The Path of Enlightenment (4ABY)

Coronet City

Several years would pass and Aidyn and Elline would face off head to head multiple times with neither being the winner. In 4ABY their battles came to a head however when during their final battle in Coronet, word reached of Reeksa the Hutt's death. Both of them were at a standstill. Her vibroblade at his neck; and his lightsaber at her chest. They knew then despite the battles they had fought, the anger and grief exchanged...they had fallen in love.

Celebrations rang through Corellia with the destruction of the Empire and the death of Emperor Palpatine. On the same night; Aidyn and Elline were married under the famous Crystal Fountain of Vreni Island, southwest of Coronet.

For the time being Aidyn ceased his search for his mother and settled down with Elline on Corellia. Just barely a year later twin daughters were born named Aaeryn and Jen Zyzen. For the first time in his life, Aidyn could never have been more pleased or happier than he was then.

New Jedi Order (5ABY)

A Son of Liberty (5ABY)

Raising his daughters and living with Elline, Aidyn was happy. Nothing could be better at all for him in this time period. While he lived there however, a Jedi Knight known as Randy Starkiller came to visit him; after detecting his force signature when he was on the planet previously on business on Vreni Island. Recognising his potential, he convinced him to join the Bethlamore Jedi Knights, a group which had stayed quiet and hidden until just recently and operated under the Rebel Squadrons, a sect of the New Republic.

Feeling the need to reimprove himself, should anything happen that way he can protect his family; he agreed to Starkiller's ideas and joined up with them. Together, they traveled to Bethlamore which had just fallen under attack by an Imperial Remnant force from a nearby region. They met up with several other Knights and through the underground aquafers below the Temple, they managed to infiltrate it and catch them from behind bringing the battle to a short end. A year later after completing his Knight trials, Admiral Boid Reeves; Fleet Commander of the Rebel Squadrons Commando Division; convinced him to join up with them after watching him in action during a training session. Reeves and Aidyn hit it off as good comrades immediately afterwards and worked together personally.

Two years would pass, and he would climb through the ranks as a Unit Commander, Division Commander, and ultimately sit as Reeves' Second Officer. After that promotion, Aidyn spent most of his time on Salsasia IVb; the Headquarters of the RSCD; as Chief Tactician and Battlemaster. Being able to remain there allows him to stay in constant contact with Elline and his children, who were growing up at a quick rate...though were rather short, like he was. He started to become homesick, and spoke with Reeves about possibly resigning and returning to Corellia. Reeves however, had other ideas after seeing Aidyn's potential and after making a deep hearted decision; decided to resign from his post as Commanding Officer.

As his final initiative, however, he named Aidyn as his successor. Shocked and surprised, Aidyn accepted the offer; and became the new RSCD Commanding Officer.

Infiltration (9ABY)

One year after his promotion to Commander, Aidyn had but only returned to Salsasia IVb when an Imperial Remnant force launched a sneak attack on the Knight Spire. Confused and caught off guard, the Commandos took massive losses from both it's Jedi and Military personnel. By a stroke of luck and faith the Remnant Forces were forced out of the Tower and captured shortly there after.

This was the first major attack on the Knight Spire since Aidyn's rise to power just 1 year prior. The Captain of the Remnant Force committed suicide however, by forcing a dagger under his tongue up into his skull. The true motives and reasonings behind the attack were never found out. Because of his services and with how he handled the attack, Aidyn received a full promotion to Colonel. A position was offered to him on the Rebel Squadrons Executive Command Staff, however was turned down so he could remain with his Commandos. These actions, plus his full protection of them gained him the respect and admiration of the entire Commando Division.

Death and Chaos(10ABY)

With his continued training in the force and his amazing skills, abilities, and knowledge Aidyn was bestowed the honor of becoming a Jedi Sentinel. Through years of hardship and training, he had finally reached another of his goals that he had dreamed so much of. Despite his ascension however his real devotion and loyalties still remained with the Military, which worried many of the Temple's Masters.

Aidyn however, felt he finally had everything he could want. It was then however, that everything changed. Upon his return from an Outer Rim mission, he heard of an attack that had occurred just outside of Coronet by Arkanian soldiers. Confused and worried, Aidyn quickly returned back to Corellia and found the one thing he feared the most. His home; burned to the ground. Nearby was Elline, heavily burned and wounded. Jen and Aaeryn were nowhere to be found. Attached to what was left of her arm, was a note engraved into her flesh. With anger in his eyes, he slowly read the note.

Your time has come, brother. Like the rest of the family, it is your turn. Now you will suffer, as I have suffered. ~Vivoil.

It was his brother. Not once had he seen or heard from him his entire life, but he knew that he was responsible for his mother's disappearance. Knowing there was still a chance to save her, Aidyn transported Elline to the Medical Center inside the Knight Spire on Salsasia IVb.

Keeping a close eye on Elline in the Knight Spire's Medical Center, Aidyn spent most of his days there after the attack on her life. As her condition continued to worsen, command was temporarily transferred to his second-in-command, Lieutenant Commander Warren Treize so he could remain there with her at all times.

Despite his best efforts and doing everything he and the doctors could, both of them knew that her time had come. In her last breaths, she reassured him that what happened was not his fault; and that she loved him forever, and would always be with him. Those were the last words Elline ever spoke, as she died moments later. This was the first major blow Aidyn had taken in many years, and Aidyn was never the same after this day. People who did not really know him never noticed it. The Commandos however, could distinctly tell something was different.

The Path of Darkness (13ABY-19ABY)

Betrayal (13ABY)

Aidyn would serve as the Commando Division Commander for 3 more years after that, still feeling the sadness and grief from losing his entire family. Despite the love and fame he had within the Commando Division; certain people were displeased that Aidyn was still in power. His skills as a Jedi Knight; and a Fleet Commander would prove to hinder them in the near future. They knew something had to be done, and with Aidyn at his weakest they decided to take the best opportunity they had available to them.

In 13 ABY, a distress signal was received from Bethlamore, the planet where Aidyn trained as a Jedi. What was strange about it though, is the message was sent by Aidyn's former padawan, a small Kushiban known as Nirai Kanai.

Unsure what was going on, he took a leave of absence from the Commando Division and returned to Bethlamore. It had been 4 years since he had been back, after his ascension into Knighthood. Aidyn traced the distress signal to the Tomb of Sha'do Issai, southeast of the Black Pit in the Evil Forest. Feeling something was wrong, Aidyn made sure to land his ship far out of sight and hidden, grabbing strictly his beacon and his lightsaber, running towards the Tomb. Arriving at the tomb, there was no one to be found, no signs of a battle or anything else like that.

As he reached the entrance he was greeted by Nirai's Lightsaber flying past his head. What awaited Aidyn next surprised him as behind him stood his former apprentice Nirai, a small group of Jedi Knights from the Bethlamore Jedi Temple, and his brother Vivoil.

It was then that Aidyn's world came crashing down around him. Nirai informed him that because of his crimes against the New Republic and the murder of his second-in-command in the Rebel Squadrons Command Division, that he was under arrest. Despite his attempts to try and explain things, Nirai and the other Knights attacked Aidyn.

Refusing to injure his friends and especially his former Padawan, Aidyn was quickly defeated. After being defeated, Vivoil turned on Nirai and the other knights using a powerful Force Storm and knocked all of them unconscious. Instead of allowing Aidyn to be arrested, Vivoil had entirely different plans for him. Vivoil then attempted to sever Aidyn entirely from the force, entering his mind and slowly started to tear everything apart.

Despite his best efforts; Aidyn was completely helpless. However, a mysterious figure quickly intervened and threw Vivoil away from Aidyn. Severely weakened, Aidyn passed out after getting a small glance of the man's yellow eyes.

Aidyn later awakened back on the Ryvius, with his knowledge of the force almost non-existent as well as his ability to feel or sense the force. The mysterious man introduced himself as Ethran and proceeded to explain what had happened. Aidyn had become a fugitive of the New Republic, wanted on the charges of Conspiracy, Murder, and Betrayal. He also explained that with his help Aidyn could once again regain not only his previous abilities, but become much more powerful than he ever had been before.

Reluctantly Aidyn agreed; however this move would push him further away from everything he once believed, and held strong. Even though Ethran had good intentions, he kept his true intentions and powers hidden from the weakened Aidyn. Esca, was secretly a Dark Jedi...and his ultimate goal would become the downfall of the once honorable Knight, no matter what he would have to do.


Aidyn began his training under Ethran, and as promised had began to regain much of his abilities. He still remained unaware of the Jedi's true form and intentions as he was slowly being crafted into what Ethran wanted. Despite his new training, he proved resistant to Ethran's brainwashing and still continued down the path to returning as a Light Jedi. Ethran's plans took a sharp turn as well when word reached Aidyn that his daughter Aaeryn was still alive, and living on Corellia.

Against Ethran's wishes, Aidyn departed for Corellia to try and find her. Ethran knew if he was to turn Aidyn, he would have to do it now. Otherwise he would become a strong liability, one that must be taken care of. Several weeks later; Aidyn had traveled almost all of Corellia with no luck on finding Aaeryn. His luck changed however when he ran into an old comrade of his known as Michael Morone in Bela Vistal; a small, neutral-based city on Southern Corellia.

Morone informed Aidyn of an old abadoned weapons depot that had once been used by the Empire just several miles outside Bela Vistal that had become the home of several Jedi Separatists that had taken a disliking to the New Jedi Order, and one of them was a spunky young girl who had a strong adaption to the force; much like Aidyn in his earlier years. Together they traveled to the depot, however finding it heavily damaged and half destroyed. Many of the traps inside were still active and waiting, several of them pushing both Aidyn and Morone to their limits. After getting past the traps, Aidyn decided to go towards the Command Center while Morone continued on deeper into the depot.

Before Aidyn reached the Command Center however, Ethran was already inside attacking Aaeryn with the force; holding her in the air choking her. Nirai dropped out of the air ducts, enraged at what Ethran was doing. Nirai finally realized everything Aidyn had said was true. Before he could charge Ethran however, Ethran stabbed Aaeryn through the chest with his lightsaber; dropping her to the ground. Grinning evily, Ethran closed his eyes and faded into the shadows quietly whispering ', it is complete.' At the same time, Aidyn walked into the Command Center and spotted both Aaeryn, and Nirai.
The City of Bela Vistal

Nirai approached Aidyn attempting to apologise for his past actions, however is quickly attacked by Aidyn. Despite what really happened, Nirai's apology quickly became his own mistake as it looked like he had killed Aidyn's daughter and was apologising for that instead. With no way to convince Aidyn, Nirai fled into the air ducts after a short battle. Aidyn knelt down holding his daughter's corpse crying, as Ethran walks in through the main doors.

With everything he held dear to him lost, Aidyn submitted fully to Ethran's training. He truly believed the Republic had turned on him as well as all of his friends, and the only path to salvation is to become more powerful than he dreamed imagineable which Ethran promised him. Henceforth, Aidyn was no longer the Jedi Knight he once was...but had become a Sith. All he cared about now was salvaging what he had left and exacting revenge on those who had wronged him.

Ascention (16ABY)

Aidyn quickly rose in power within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, his latent abilities rising much quicker than most of the newer apprentices who where there. Because of his previous training, it created a strong advantage for him. Despite his advantages however, many of the Elders and Masters held a strong grudge against him because of his previous service to the New Republic, and his connections that lead to the death of several key members of the Brotherhood many years before.

Guardian of the Brotherhood(19ABY-26ABY)

The Second Southern Arkanian Revolution (19ABY)

On top of the trouble Aidyn faced with many of the Brotherhood Elders, a transmission was received from Zachar City on Arkania from Aidyn's appointed Commander, Xandor Heiru. The Arkanian Dominion desired complete and total control of the planet for many reasons, and their first target was the Zachar Territories. Furious over this, Aidyn returned to Arkania despite warnings from Ethran. Still refusing to obey, Ethran left Aidyn to his own terms and severed the Master/Student relationship between them. He was certain that Aidyn was walking into a trap; one that he would not return from.

Directly after his arrival, there was little chance to get updated or re-acquainted as the Dominion launched a full out assault on Zachar City. Just force numbers alone placed Aidyn at a disadvantage and quickly ordered a full retreat into the Plains.

Wondering how they can win against the Dominion Forces, Aidyn and the Zachar Forces come across an unlikely ally. Aidyn's brother, Vivoil. He reveils the Dominion's true plans, as well as what they had done to him many years before. La'Koole had given him to the Dominion for experimentations and they placed his original mind into a deep sleep; implanting a new more evil mind. When the seal around his mind had broken; the Dominion made its move on Zachar hoping to recapture him. Knowing he would never earn Aidyn's forgiveness, he does not bother to ask for it.

With the two brothers reunited, Vivoil adds the remainder of the Imperial Troops that had lived on Arkania since the first Revolution. Seven years would pass, the Dominion and the Zachar Remnants facing off many times with both sides gaining wins and losses over and over. On the eve of the seventh year, the Remnants have just barely able to match the Dominion's forces. Having the strongest chance they have had thus far, they march onto the Arinel Plains just outside Zachar City. They knew if they could retake the city, a foothold could easily be established against the Dominion. Quickly engaging in battle outside the city, the Dominion seems to gain a strong advantage until a secondary force lead by Vivoil marches on the city from the north. Caught off guard and double-sided, the Dominion Forces are narrowly defeated and forced from the Southern Regions.

Concieding in defeat, a treaty is signed between the Zachar Remnant and the Arkanian Dominion pronouncing peace between them. The way things stood, the Dominion could easily be destroyed in its current state if a march was made for the Arkanian Capital. Refusing to let personal feelings get in the way, Aidyn accepted the treaty.

In the Throne Room of the Shimmering Palace in Zachar City, Aidyn and Vivoil stood face to face. They both knew this day would eventually come, despite Vivoil's reawakening. The two brothers go all out in a duel, neither side giving or receiving any leinency. Though many wondered who would come the victor, it had already been decided before they even fought. Before he delivers a fatal blow, Aidyn stopped inches from Vivoil. Even through he did not ask for forgiveness, Aidyn forgives him right then. Surprised, Vivoil accepts his forgiveness.

After the signing of the treaty and the end of the Second Southern Arkanian Revolution, Aidyn names Vivoil as his successor to the Zachar Territories until he return. Honored and privileged, Vivoil returns the favor by giving Aidyn a new official title. Chief Commander of the Zachar Territories. Shortly after, Aidyn returnes home to Arcona.

The Guardian (26ABY)

With the Second Revolution brought to an end, and his relationship with his brother repaired; peace had finally come to Aidyn after so many years. Over the next several years he would help the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in its battles, continuing to rise in strength and wisdom as a Guardian of the Brotherhood in its battles against the Force-devoid Alien invaders. When the war reached Arkania however, Aidyn quickly left his post with the wishes of the Grand Master and joined in the fight for Arkania.

War Reaches Home (27ABY)

Aidyn commanded the Southern Region Forces during the Battle of Arkania in 27 ABY when the Aliens began their first assaults on the Arkanian Homeworld. Still partially under Dominion Command, he worked directly alongside other Dominion Commanders in the battle that would eventually lead to become the most fierce battle ever fought over Arkania. Barely forcing off the invaders, it seemed everything would finally be ok at least for that time.

However, the Arkanian Dominion had other plans. With the threat of the Force-devoid Aliens over for now and the Southern Region Forces nearly crippled from the battle over Arkania, the Dominion turned on and seized control of Zachar City and Aidyn was arrested for treason crimes against the Dominion.

Already severely weakened from their battles with the Aliens, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood stayed neutral to the near Civil War that had broken out between the Zachar Remnants and the Arkanian Dominion. It seemed as if this was this end, with little hope for escape. Both his cell and his bindings were created specifically to resist Force energy which kept him confined with little trouble.

In a matter of weeks the Zachar Remnants had been destroyed entirely and the Southern Arkanian Regions were brought under Dominion Control. Even with little hope, Aidyn resisted the Dominion's torture. Over the next two years Aidyn was beaten, mauled, and placed under many other forms of torture and experiments.

On the eve of Aidyn's execution, a Sith Force comprised of his Master Quejo, his former Master Ethran, and other Brotherhood members broke into the Dominion Stronghold and rescued him. Months would pass before Aidyn was anywhere near able to even begin to recover, his wounds and injuries having been so severe and horrible.

After his recovery, Aidyn spoke no word of what happened to anyone. Exact details of what happened during his time in captivity are still unknown, even in hacked Dominion Disciplinary Files.

The Final Downfall (30ABY)

Three years passed since his rescue and now Masterless, Aidyn transferred to his old home; Clan Tarentum; where he had rested quietly inside Castle Tarentum. Since then he gradually opened back up to how he was before; though he still never spoke about Arkania during the Force-devoid Alien Invasion years prior.

Suddenly without warning late in 32ABY; after a mission on Yridia IV where he was critically injured he disappeared without a trace. Brotherhood records do not specify what happened, however it has been communicated that he did not survive his wounds. Immediately after his disappearance however, a Powerful Kushiban Jedi Hunter known as Kragok appeared within Tarentum and filled his spot within the Clan.

His time however was honored, and a Memorial was erected in the destroyed Zachar City on the spot where the Shimmering Tower had once stood. Though there was not much left, it was his home once and always. Strangely enough, Kragok was in attendance even though he did not know Aidyn.

His fathers lightsaber, was placed on his grave as a final farewell from the Brotherhood.

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