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=== Return to the Brotherhood ===
=== Return to the Brotherhood ===
''37 ABY to Present''[[File: Nebulaclass.jpg|200px|thumb|left|For the second time, Aabsdu's home was mobilized after invasion. Here, the ''Ascendancy.'']]
''37 ABY to Present''[[File: Nebula_SD2.jpg|200px|thumb|left|For the second time, Aabsdu's home was mobilized after invasion. Here, the ''Ascendancy.'']]
[[Nemo Dupar]] remained in captivity of [[Clan Plagueis]] and the greater [[Crimson Tide]] still pirated at large. If Gaidal still lived, he likely sought the Tide, so Aabsdu returned to the [[Jusadih System]] prepared to retrieve the information he sought from Nemo. Upon arrival, he found [[Kapsina]] not only emptied of Brotherhood and Plagueis existence but barren of all life. Distress, he worried what had become of his former home and the invaluable captive he sought. Deep in meditation and studies, Aabsdu had blocked out warnings the Force had presented from Brotherhood space. Now, living in his new tranquil state, he opened himself up to the empty space around him and felt for familiar signatures.
[[Nemo Dupar]] remained in captivity of [[Clan Plagueis]] and the greater [[Crimson Tide]] still pirated at large. If Gaidal still lived, he likely sought the Tide, so Aabsdu returned to the [[Jusadih System]] prepared to retrieve the information he sought from Nemo. Upon arrival, he found [[Kapsina]] not only emptied of Brotherhood and Plagueis existence but barren of all life. Distress, he worried what had become of his former home and the invaluable captive he sought. Deep in meditation and studies, Aabsdu had blocked out warnings the Force had presented from Brotherhood space. Now, living in his new tranquil state, he opened himself up to the empty space around him and felt for familiar signatures.

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Aabsdu Dupar
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

5 BBY (39 years old)

Physical Description





1.7 Meters


150 Pounds





Personal Information

Crimson Tide

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Lightsaber Form(s):

Jar'Kai Niman

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Known masters:

Gaidal Dupar

Known apprentices:
  • Jaden Dupar
  • Dacian Corsair
  • Galaphile


[ Source ]

"To Survival...A Dying Art"
―The Punisher

Aabsdu Dupar is a long-serving Elder member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, having served in leadership roles in nearly every chain of command within his native Clan Plagueis. Born on Onderon to parents who sought to hide his connection with the Force, he spent his early years as an amateur bounty hunter and fledgling apprentice to a wannabe Jedi. He learned little but sought more, so he sought out a new community within which to grow and, in 23 ABY, discovered the Brotherhood.

Joining mere months before the Dictum of Two Skies, Aabsdu moved quickly through the ranks and leadership of then-Clan Plagueis. He served loyally during the Seventh Great Jedi War and led Plagueis as Consul during the Invasion of both Antei and the Jusadih System. During the Brotherhood’s exile, he seized an opportunity to join the Dark Council as Headmaster of the Shadow Academy. He led the Academy during the Reclamation of Lyspair and spent four years building a new, strong Academy system. Accomplishing his goals, he stepped down to study the Force privately under House Revan in 33 ABY and ultimately distanced himself from the Brotherhood completely. For four years, Aabsdu wandered the galaxy, seeking information about his past and guidance towards his future until his path brought him back to the Brotherhood in 37 ABY.

Aabsdu considers himself a scholar and intellectual but identified strongly with the teachings of the Sith Order when growing up in the Brotherhood. He quickly learned that knowledge can be as sharp a weapon as a lightsaber and sees the Brotherhood itself as a similar tool towards greater depth in the Force. Amidst his personal journey of discovery, Aabsdu is immensely loyal to those who support him and considers friendship a strong bond, albeit a weakness in the eyes of some Sith. During his pilgrimage, his knowledge of both his history and the Force’s expanded until he could no longer ignore the draw of Krath teachings. Upon his return to the Brotherhood, he sought refuge not from his Sith allies but Krath, but he has always placed more weight on individual relationships than broad theology. He returned a changed man ready to begin anew.



5 BBY to 20 ABY

Aabsdu was born five years before the Battle of Yavin in Onderon’s capital city, Iziz. His parents were both involved in Imperial and New Republic politics, but their unmarried status meant Aabsdu’s birth was kept a secret to everyone but close family and friends. Thus, he grew up publicly as his mother’s son and had infrequent contact with his father throughout childhood. Like other children of Onderon, he went to school and garnered friendships. He constantly sought the approval of his father, knowing he could never be publicly acknowledged. This would create a lifelong desire of Aabsdu to be liked by those closest to him, so he cultivated a sense of intellectual strength he saw fitting to accomplish such a goal.

Aabsdu grew up in an ancient city of Onderon

In his teens, Aabsdu became a quick thinker, well read, and skilled with a blaster. His father hoped to teach him the ways of diplomacy for a career in politics. That hope would, in a way, be achieved years later as Aabsdu rose through the ranks in the Brotherhood, but his father’s early desires were tainted when his son showed a connection to the Force. While the Empire had fallen and the New Jedi Order begun, his parents remembered well the Imperial treatment of potential force-users. Iziz had been one of the largest Imperial military centers in the sector, and the site of the First Battle of Onderon only a year prior to Aabsdu’s birth. Thus, they were cautious towards allowing their son to join what seemed a volatile religion.

The years of teenage angst were poor for Aabsdu has his parents distanced themselves and instructed him to push down his feelings towards the Force. His friends noticed a change no one would talk about openly and Aabsdu found himself growing apart from those around him. His efforts to follow his parents’ wishes turned into disgust as he felt himself becoming a pariah.

One late night in 20 ABY, a fire broke out in their apartment. His father attempted to carry Aabsdu out of the building, but he fought to remain until his mother was found. He raced downstairs in time to witness her disappear beneath the collapsing roof. The rest of the night’s events are forgotten even by Aabsdu, but his father’s body was discovered in three pieces, charred. Aabsdu only managed to retrieve a citrine jewel ring belonging to his mother; a ring he continues to wear.

Jedi Knight Genako Haofae

Searching for Light

20 ABY to 21 ABY

Knowing his actions that night suspicious, Aabsdu spent several months roaming the city streets of Onderon until one day he felt himself drawn to a stranger nearby. The sense he felt to this man was new to him, and thus Aabsdu fell in league with Genako Haofae, who claimed himself a Jedi Knight (Aabsdu would discover during his later pilgrimage that Haofae was a fraud). Haofae claimed to have felt Aabsdu’s potential the night of the fire and wished to help him hone his potential in a non-lethal way.

Desperate, Aabsdu took the opportunity. Haofae taught him how to access the Force on his own as well as basic handling of a physical sword, but his teachings’ shine was short-lived. Aabsdu soon found himself bored and increasingly arrogant as to his own strength. He decided himself worth more than his old and exiled Jedi teacher could provide, so Aabsdu struck Haofae down so swift the Master hardly acknowledged the betrayal.

Falling to Darkness

21 ABY to 23 ABY

At the time, Aabsdu thought himself to have slain a former Jedi and found his confidence boosted. He also found Haofae a poor representation of the supposedly godly Jedi Knights and decided the so-called darker teachings a faster and more assured path towards greater understanding. Still, he knew himself still a student stranded on Onderon, but Haofae’s passing left in his possession a small ship, basic weaponry, and a contact with the local underbelly with leads on small bounties.

Aabsdu spent the next two years taking on small bounties along the Inner Rim, building a financial chest while honing his patience and ability to rationalize situations. His travels brought him in contact with two Jedi, a Master and apprentice, who had irritated the wrong gang leader on Myrkr. The young apprentice was easy to pick off from a distance, Aabsdu having acquired workable experience in masking one’s presence. The Master, too, was a short combat. Lacking the means to acquire or build a lightsaber, Aabsdu was easily repelled. The closest he got was in receiving a medium-sized scar down his left cheek. Escape into the jungle was the only victory that day.

His defeat was distressing. Aabsdu needed proper training in both the mysticism and physical awareness the Force offered. Until he could find such a teacher, his understanding and strength would never suffice.

Rebirth Within the Brotherhood

23 ABY to 25 ABY

In 23 ABY, Aabsdu discovered the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He joined shortly before the Dictum of Two Skies but was too young to grasp the politics of the situation and accepted his position within House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis. While knowing his potential, he forced humility as an Apprentice and trained to a Protector under Braecen Kunar who would become his Master and guide him towards his first lightsaber. His first year in the Brotherhood taught him how little he truly knew while showing him how awesome an individual could become.

Braecen would be removed from Clan Plagueis for reasons still classified, and Aabsdu’s second master, Aerick, went missing only a month later. Aabsdu was left without a master and started to question the Brotherhood’s future for him. Then, Dark Jedi Knight Gaidal Dupar, who had trained alongside Aabsdu for parts of his career, took the fledgling Hunter as his first apprentice. Gaidal proved to be one of the most influential people in Aabsdu’s life as they trained together, became friends, and brothers when Gaidal offered Aabsdu the Al’Tor Family name.

Aabs' first lightsaber was covered in some of his fondest memories and early teachings.

It was during this time that Aabsdu began his rise through the house and clan leadership. Gaidal, the Aedile of House Exar Kun, offered Aabsdu a position as Battleteam Leader of Battle Team Exar's Shadow. Aabsdu excelled in his position and took pride in his team even as he left the ranks of journeyman and was knighted and awarded his first lightsaber. Over the months, Aabsdu would be promoted to Sith Warrior and offered the Dupar Family name by Gaidal, sealing their lifelong bond.

Things soured when House Exar Kun was attacked by the Crimson Tide and Gaidal went missing. The House prevailed, but Aabsdu had lost a friend. Recognizing the opportunity, however, he gained the newly opened Aedile position and rose to Quaestor shortly thereafter. Life was satisfying for Aabsdu Dupar Al’Tor as he led his house and gained prestige with the clan summit. Things went well, but the Sith teach that peace is a lie. The Brotherhood is true to its heritage.

Going Through the Cycles

Great Dark Jedi War

The conflict was like nothing seen since the Exodus. While Clan Plagueis remained separated from the infighting at first, Aabsdu soon found he and his house allied with the Red Jac. Suddenly, Gaidal Dupar returned to Aerun. Aabsdu was pleased to see his brother again, but the Aedile knew things were suspicious; too many questions were unanswered. In the midst of the War, Aabsdu left the Jusadih System against the will of Quaestor Scorpius and followed Gaidal. He pledged to discover his brother’s secrets, but when word reached him that Diadem Fortress had been attacked he sacrificed his vendetta and returned home.

The battle had been won, but the war still waged and Clan Plagueis found itself a full participant. The clan prepared for war, but Scorpius had gone missing and Aabsdu was given a wartime promotion to Quaestor. The war ended as Jac Cotelin defeated his clone. The departure of Proconsul Salth Kahn on a classified mission left the position vacant, and Aabsdu was picked by Aristan Dantes to fill it. Together, they worked to rebuild a clan damaged by war.

Sense of Leadership

25 ABY to 27 ABY

Sarin Dantes would soon leave Clan Plagueis to become the Deputy Grand Master and Aabsdu was elevated into the Consul position. He worked to strengthen and prepare the clan against future attacks. He worked for nearly a year but found himself unsatisfied with the results. The stresses of leadership were wearing at his personal growth and understanding, so Aabsdu stepped back from leadership for the first time in three years. He fueled his studies in both theoretical and practical knowledge, but still he felt an emptiness. After assisting the Master at Arms as Praetor for a time, he returned to his Consulship of Plagueis.

The Face of Death

Things were quiet for a time, but the last Great Jedi War had proven peace never lasts. During the Rite of Supremacy, Aabsdu led his clan to earn the title of Third Clan and shared in the excitement of his brethren, but the award ceremonies say the first attack by an unknown alien race. Clan Plagueis’ fleet, like many others, was stationed at Antei, so Aabsdu ordered them deeper into the Shroud for he knew their strength insufficient to this alien threat. Commanding from the deck of the Vengeance, Aabsdu fought to maintain control of his ships, never having thought he would find himself in charge of a fleet and not loving the experience. When Plagueis finally escaped the Shroud and returned to Jusadih, they found a system ravaged by the aliens. Aerun, home world of House Exar Kun, had been wiped clean, but Aabsdu set out with his brothers and sisters to rebuild once again.


The mobile Shadow Academy, the Arcanum

28 ABY to 33 ABY

In the chaos that followed the Incursion, the Headmaster of the Shadow Academy Anshar Kahn Tarentae stepped down to return to his native clan and help rebuild. While Plagueis also faced serious reconstruction, Aabsdu had been involved with the Academy for several years, showing great admiration for the knowledge it held in its vast tombs. He once again seized an opportunity and put forth his name as the next Headmaster. Aabsdu Dupar was a member of the Dark Council at last.

Yet the Shadow Academy was in no better state than the clans. The aliens had rooted the Brotherhood from Antei and the Academy from Lyspair. Studies were moved to the Arcanum, and for the next two years Aabsdu worked to rebuild and restructure the Shadow Academy into a state stronger than ever before. Courses were reorganized into a departmental system that awarded degrees after satisfying sets of requirements. The Academy was thriving, but at its core homeless.

In 30 ABY, plans were formulated for the return to the Antei System and culminated in the Ninth Great Jedi War. The Dark Council and clans stormed the system but were met with resistance from the forces of Jedi Master Omancor Crask. While Grand Master Sarin, one of Aabsdu’s early supporters in Clan Plagueis, lay siege to Antei Aabsdu and the Arcanum supported the fleet in orbit, but a surprise attack by Crask’s forces ripped into the Academy’s home and forced the Headmaster and staff to abandon the ship that had been their home for three years.

Aabsdu retired to House Revan, the first Independent House in the Brotherhood.

Aabsdu watched from the bridge of the FFC Firefox as acting-Grand Master Muz Ashen steered the Arcanum towards Crask’s flagship. The vessel jumped to lightspeed at the last moment and erupted into a ball of fire and debris, taking at Crask’s fleet in the process. Antei was reclaimed, Crask was defeated, and the Shadow Academy returned to its Lyspair temples.

The Shadow Academy found itself in another period of rebuilding, but moral was high and Aabsdu continued as Headmaster for another three years. In 32 ABY, recognizing the Academy to be operating in a state of stability and active learning, Aabsdu sought the recently vacated Deputy Grand Master position beneath Muz Ashen. When the title was given to his old Master, Sarin (Aristan Dantes), Aabsdu felt his current trajectory coming to a close. He retired as Headmaster in 33 ABY, leaving the Academy in the trustworthy hands of his close friend and partner Taigikori Aybara and joined the recently formed Independent House Revan.

For a time, Aabsdu remained in House Revan, helping to develop Aurek Cell. During the War of the Orders, Aabsdu fought alongside his Sith brothers. On the battlefield, he had a vision of Sith Lords of old ending in a view of Korriban. He pushed aside the image in the moment, but as when he stepped down as Consul would slowly find himself lacking. This time Aabsdu chose to seek fulfillment outside of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Boarding a small vessel taken into his possession while Headmaster, Aabsdu fled to the outer fringes of space never thinking he would see the friends, enemies, teachers, students, and brothers he had come to know over the past ten years.


During childhood, Aabsdu had traveled little beyond Onderon and the Japrael System and his brief adventures with Genako Haofae and bounty hunting had expanded his galactic experience only a fraction. The Brotherhood put the orphan on more planets than ever before, but always within the Shroud of secrecy required to survive during the New Republic’s extermination of dark Jedi. Thus, when Aabsdu took leave from the Brotherhood he intended to travel far and wide with only the Force as his guide.

He operated as a nomad for a time, jumping from planet to planet, system to system intending only to see a galaxy previously unknown to him. His successful political career in the Brotherhood offered him a sizable credit chest to fall back on, and he never shied away from breaking a few bones for a meal. Yet some say the Force intends paths for those who choose to follow, and Aabsdu followed his sense back to his homeworld, Onderon.

Home for Holidays

33 ABY

The planet had prospered in the years following the collapse of the Empire, but Aabsdu had no contacts to reach out to. Spending several weeks in the archives of the Unifras libraries around Iziz, he started seeking information regarding his father and mother and largely confirmed the few things he already knew: his father had been a Representative and his own existence was still hidden. Both had died during an accidental apartment fire; the matter was left there.

Onderon major cities had declined since Aabsdu's childhood.

His past was to stay that way; Aabsdu had no desire to connect with biological relatives or reestablish himself as an heir. Yet he had been drawn to this planet and he did not yet know why. He reached out to an old contact of Genako Haofae, thinking of his first so-called Master for the first time in a decade. He discovered Haofae to have been a fraud, a degenerate so unskilled in the Force even the Empire had not thought to bother. He made a living collecting small bounties, but his lack of sanity showed in his belief that he was stronger than he was. Aabsdu learned his acceptance as a student was through Haofae’s twisted sense of his own mastery of the Force, but in the end he had only been smart enough to learn basic sword stances.

The realization proved shocking for Aabsdu’s motivations had been driven by his sense of early victory over a trained Jedi. While still confident in his abilities after training under the Brotherhood and serving as high as the Dark Council, he nonetheless started to question his deeper motivations. Aabsdu had craved a sense of power and completion in his understanding of the Force. He had, as Sith teachings encouraged, sought political power as a way of subduing those around him. He had accomplished many political victories, but found himself questioning what strength came of it. Removed from the Brotherhood, he felt powerless and alone.

Finally, the Force had shown Aabsdu his path towards cultivation. He craved what the Brotherhood had not offered: revenge for past mistakes, and in the deepest meditation one figure emerged in his mind’s eye as the source of his inner rage. The Jedi who had defeated him so many years before.

Hunting a Jedi

33 ABY to 35 ABY

Aabsdu started at the source, tracking down the gang on Myrkr that had posted the bounty twelve years prior. While gang leadership had expectantly changed several times since, there existed lore, thought myth by many members, of an old feud surrounding exiled Jedi. The store was bolstered as all were concerning so-called Jedi during the Dark Times, but Aabsdu seized the lead and travelled to Dantooine.


Recognizing himself in unfamiliar territory, Aabsdu used his years of Brotherhood teachings to mask his true intentions and seek our libraries of the New Jedi Order. He desired only information concerning an old ally thought lost to the Empire. Sentiments from the Galactic Alliance colonists were well received; he was granted access to records but knew his stay to be short. His experience in the Shadow Academy had helped hone his research ability, so the five days granted before the Alliance grew cautious to the stranger’s presence were enough to give him a name of a Jedi attacked on Myrkr: Killum Creel.

Over a year would be spent tracking Killum Creel’s journey since his first unknown encounter with Aabsdu Dupar. While gifted in the Force, his travels were well hidden during the Empire’s rule and even after the return of the Jedi Order sparse. Creel kept to his own path, never officially joining the new Jedi. On Eriadu, Aabsdu came upon his great revelation. Local leaders could not remember Killum Creel crossing their paths, but they did host another Grey Jedi with a name already familiar to Aabsdu: Darius Dupar.

Family Feud

Darius Dupar was the father of Nemo Dupar, a member of the Dupar Family, ally to the Crimson Tide, and sworn foe of Gaidal Dupar and his adopted brothers. Dupar history within the Brotherhood had known Darius to have been taken under the wing of a supposed Jedi, Spiro Ozarrio Vacul, but both were thought dead. The connection was almost unbelievable - Aabsdu’s biggest bounty, his greatest failure, belonged to the same family Aabsdu had been adopted into by Gaidal Dupar.

The Jedi was holding residence with the local governors, nearing seventy years of age and wounded during the alien Invasion. Bounty aside, Aabsdu wanted answers. Despite the disappearance of every true Dupar, he still held to the name proudly. Darius was the biggest lead yet.

The confrontation was heated. Darius immediately recognized Aabsdu for a Sith and tried to fight back despite his age. He was a wise man but no true Jedi, except Aabsdu needed him for answers before death. Once again, his Brotherhood training in interrogation came into play. Darius had been forced into hiding after an Imperial Inquisitor discovered them and slew Spiro Vacul. Darius had had no connection with his son or brother and thought the Dupar line to be dead. When Aabsdu revealed that both his son and at least two nephews still lived, Darius was joyful, but quickly silenced upon learning of Nemo Dupar’s vendetta against his kin.

Hope restored, Darius pleaded for Aabsdu to spare him. They were kin, regardless of blood, and it was their responsibility to the family to save Gaidal and Nemo, but Aabsdu had his answers. Many questions remained, but none concerned his dilapidated Jedi captive. In the dark recesses of an Eriadu apartment complex, Aabsdu removed the head of Darius Dupar. The bounty, after all, was still an active one.

Seeking the Secrets

35 ABY to 37 ABY

The secrets of the Dupar Family would be found with the pirates of the Crimson Tide.

The payday of Darius’ bounty, for which the Myrkr gang included a bonus out of sheer joy over the myth becoming truth, sent Aabsdu on another journey. He returned to collecting bounties, this time intelligent and powerful enough to carry himself among professionals. He kept a low profile, however, making sure not to attract the attention of anyone of influence. Knowing Nemo Dupar to be a prisoner of House Plagueis, his primary goal remained discovery the fate of Gaidal Dupar. He kept his ears to the ground and his mind to the Force, listening for direction.

After months of searching, no solid leads could be found. Gaidal’s last known sighting seemed to be when Aabsdu had seen him during the Seventh Great Jedi War. This also meant no record of his death existed, and Aabsdu was certain his friend still lived. Lost, he was reminded of his vision in his final months with the Brotherhood - Sith Lords of old, Korriban. He abandoned his detective adventure and travelled to the home of the Sith, entering a deep state of meditation. His body disappeared as the dark energies of the Force flowed through him, and he felt a calming strength he had been lacking since leaving the Brotherhood.

Yet after weeks of meditation and personal training, Aabsdu still sought a wholeness he could not find. He started spending days within the ancient vaults but could not deny the reality that the Sith teachings were no longer guiding him. Knowing his lifelong interest in knowledge and his present quest for answers about his family’s history, Aabsdu took a bold step and sought out information from the Krath Order. He traveled to Empress Teta in the Deep Core, knowing his presence as dangerous as an Dantooine.

The system, heavily controlled by the Galactic Alliance and terraformed into an ecumenopolis since the ancient days of Satal Keto and Aleema, nonetheless had an extensive library on the history of the planet. While the Jedi Order restricted access to specific Krath teachings, the history of the Order and its now defeated followers was open to all. Aabsdu spent months soaking in as much knowledge as was available, learning about the Krath Order and general galactic history and philosophy. He found his mind wandering to new planes of understanding that brought about focus and clarity he had lost on Korriban. The clashing waves in the Force that had distracted his quest for so long, throwing him from place to place, subsided. While the Teta System held no answers for his Dupar brothers, he knew his next step. Four years prior, he would have balked at returning to the Brotherhood, thinking his answers lay outside the Shroud. Now, having found a new sense of inner calm, strengthened in his resolve, he knew his pilgrimage over.

Return to the Brotherhood

37 ABY to Present
For the second time, Aabsdu's home was mobilized after invasion. Here, the Ascendancy.

Nemo Dupar remained in captivity of Clan Plagueis and the greater Crimson Tide still pirated at large. If Gaidal still lived, he likely sought the Tide, so Aabsdu returned to the Jusadih System prepared to retrieve the information he sought from Nemo. Upon arrival, he found Kapsina not only emptied of Brotherhood and Plagueis existence but barren of all life. Distress, he worried what had become of his former home and the invaluable captive he sought. Deep in meditation and studies, Aabsdu had blocked out warnings the Force had presented from Brotherhood space. Now, living in his new tranquil state, he opened himself up to the empty space around him and felt for familiar signatures.

He succeeded and started to follow the path taken by the NSD Ascendancy for several days. Then, quite suddenly, he was hit with a wave of energy flowing from a far off system yet distinctly colored in the hues of Plagueis. He traveled to the Loro Babis System in Sith Space and found the Ascendant Fleet in orbit around Athiss. Boarding, Aabsdu was welcomed back to the now House Plagueis yet found his home in the midst of a prolonged conquest against the One Sith. Confident in his search for Gaidal, Aabsdu put aside his journey and pledged to assist Plagueis in the final push against both the Sith and Clan Arcona. He was back at war yet felt calmer and more prepared than ever before.

Positions Held

Positions Held
Before Position After
Kalen Aquillarum Master at Arms
38 ABY - Present
Montresor Consul of Clan Plagueis (Third Reign)
37 ABY - 38 ABY
Vivackus Kavon di Plagia
Kz'set Rollmaster of Clan Plagueis
37 ABY
Taranae Rhode
Teu Left Hand of Justice
37 ABY - 38 ABY
Various Staff Magistrate to the Master at Arms
37 ABY - 38 ABY
Various Staff
Various Staff Professor of the Shadow Academy
37 ABY - Present
Various Staff
Position Created Commander of Aurek Cell
33 ABY
Elad Cirith
Various Staff Professor of the Shadow Academy
33 ABY
Various Staff
Various Staff Magistrate to the Headmaster
33 ABY
Various Staff
Various Staff CoJ Appeals Panel Member (second term)
31 ABY - 32 ABY
Various Staff
Various Staff CoJ Appeals Panel Member (first term)
Late-28 ABY - Late-29 ABY
Various Staff
Anshar Headmaster
28 ABY - 33 ABY
Taigikori Aybara
BubbaX Consul of Clan Plagueis (Second Reign)
27 ABY - 28 ABY
Braecen Kunar
Kraval Novir Praetor to Master at Arms
27 ABY
Halcyon Rokir
Various Staff DJBWiki Staff
26 ABY to 29 ABY
Various Staff
Aristan Dantes Consul of Clan Plagueis (First Reign)
26 ABY
Valerian Orzon
Various Staff Eclectic Pedagogue
25 ABY-30 ABY
Various Staff
Salth Khan Proconsul of Clan Plagueis
25 ABY
Valerian Orzon
Scorpius Quaestor of House Exar Kun
25 ABY
Thran Occasus Aedile of House Exar Kun
25 ABY
Drodik Battleteam Leader of Exar's Shadow
24 ABY - 25 ABY
Vasily Zaitsev
To Survival...A Dying Art